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5 thoughts on “Melania was AMAZING at GOP Convention. WATCH

  1. Southern Belle

    Did she accompany him on Epstein’s plane?

  2. Robi

    Dr.P, I wholeheartedly agree with you. Ms.Trump was just lovely. English is my second language and even after years of delivering briefings, workshops, and trainings, it is still a bit intimidating standing before a large group of people and speak in a language which is not your native one. I do not think that most people understand how difficult that is. She was fantastic and so genuinely proud of her husband. What an elegant and smart first lady she would be…

    1. Steve

      Agree. Yet, some people can’t even grant her that….I suppose that’s their problem. Here is a great personal example how petty, small thinking many so-called “liberal democrats” are. In my small town, we hosted a very classy “meet and Greet” for two local DEMOCRATIC candidates that will have tough races against very well funded Republicans. My sig other (REGISTERED REPUBLICAN) funded and organized a super turn-out for these two candidates that she praises because they are on the RIGHT side of environmental issues. Even while guests were eating delicious free food and drinking free wine and beer they snubbed her because she was a “republican” with a Trump sticker on her car. Same car that carried the food, wine/beer and flowers to the event. Same car that she drove to the Hall everyday for 5 days to set up and take down the event. The team that put on the event, she was one of 4 people was a mix of both parties but it didn’t matter BECA– USE smart people care about the issues. Smart people are informed and look at the candidates record and where their FUNDING comes from (in this case GOP candidates were FUNDED by BIG mining, BIG timber interests). My sig other used to be considered a BIG DONOR to Hillary back in the early 2000’s,,,,,,but after repeated disappointments and new knowledge, she is a staunch Trump supporter (much more than I am). So there you go…..anyone that says Melania didn’t give a great speech last night is small.

  3. Chia Cha

    She is nice, i hope Trump will not allow class based health care. USA at least have mediaid (if you sell everything and go poor), but Canada is hell on earth. People cannot buy chemotherapy and they die.

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