Melania Trump! Jealousy runs Amuck Among the Clinton Machine.

Melania Trump! Jealousy runs Amuck Among the Clinton Machine.

Jealousy Runs Amok After the Amazingly Beautiful, Articulate Slovenian, former Fashion Model, Mrs. Melania Trump, Dares to Break the Arcane Feminist Barriers in front of 33 Million Viewers at the Republican Convention!
When beauty and brains strikes at the heart of a stereotypical vision of the feminine politician –be she Michelle Obama or Hillary Clinton—then jealousy raises its ugly head the next day in the media.I have never attended a Republican/Democratic convention because,for me,they are simply a symbolic presentation of an antiquated system of nominating a presidential candidate.


Instead, I prefer to select out the one moment of yesterday’s Republican circus that completely captivated me: Melania Trump’s speech.I have to honestly state that I was far more interested in watching “Blackboard Jungle” on TCM then watching a bull ring of shouting men trying to make a point in Cleveland. “Blackboard Jungle” was a seminal film that brilliantly depicted the reasons why our pathetic education system was and continues to be a complete disaster thanks to the disinterested Washington Officials like Clinton, Bush Jr and,of course, our emotional stunted POTUS, Obama.

At the proper moment [when the film was over] I switched channels to watch Melania Trump articulate in perfect English the reasons why she had become an American and why she had married her husband, Donald. First and foremost, I must admit that she was completely stunning. There is a certain type of beauty that is prevalent in the Slavic countries: high cheek bones, penetrating eyes and a svelte tall body. Yet, beauty without elegance and savoir-faire is a complete waste.

In contrast, Melania exuded a charm that was both infectious and judiciously applied with care and transparency that appeared to be quite genuine and extremely appealing.Her speech had all the elements of a personal history that we had to know. Whether she was inspired by Michelle Obama’s speech is problematic at best, and quite absurd, in its extreme.


I don’t want to attack Obama’s nor Clinton’s family. The simple notion that one can place either  Melania or Ivanka anywhere near the Clinton’s progeny is simply a matter of blatant jealousy.

Not surprisingly, I expected  some type of media attack the next day a la Hillary Clinton.The comparison of the two is the equivalent to the tale of the beauty and the beast.

Melania is comfortable with herself and her personal/professional accomplishments across a broad spectrum of achievements [business, motherhood, and world affairs].In stark contrast, Hillary is a sad story of self-loathing and self-debasement. She has always had to demean herself in order to rationalize the myriad reasons why her philandering husband, a man of little talent and great sociopathy, [Bill Clinton], has to be remembered in the best possible light.

It was necessary to keep the myth of Bill alive so that Hillary could eventually bask within his nefarious ascendancy up the slimy pole of American politics.Hillary is a poor excuse for a woman and a politician.She neither nurtures nor exudes any charm other than self-aggrandizement.Her presence bespeaks a constant effort for her to prove herself one way or another; despite the fact, that she is genetically wired to self-destruct.

Whatever happens in this election, I am certainly glad that for once in my life I was able to witness the wonderful product from the former Communist system that which had been exported to the USA: Melania Trump.

Thank you, Donald, for introducing us to your amazing wife and children. And thank you Slovenia for producing such an elegant beauty.

In the words of the lead character in  “Blackboard Jungle”, Richard Dadier [Glen Ford as a teacher], who is cornering a knife-wielding thug in his classroom, he says the following:

“What’s the matter, West [HC]? You need help? You’re holding the knife. Come on, you’re the leader [HC]. You supposedly are the tough guy [HC]. You can’t cut it alone, huh? You’re not so tough without a gang… seven people against two… that’s about your odds isn’t it?”

This whole monologue can apply to the incredibly jealous, ruthless,murdering thugs of the  Clinton Mafia from the politically/financially corrupt state of Arkansas.


Arkansas is replete with CIA, MI, and covert operations. It was started by Captain Sam Walton [Walmart],a WWII intelligence officer; as well as, the commanding officer of the Italian/Japanese/German internment camps in the USA.

Clintons: you have just met your match: two savvy, sophisticated business people–Donald and Melania Trump!
Let’s see how tough you can be, now!

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13 thoughts on “Melania Trump! Jealousy runs Amuck Among the Clinton Machine.

  1. Iggy A

    I mentioned before that thinking about Trump’s lack of support in Congress got me to looking at prior times a President has been threatened with Impeachment. And I’m reading a book New World Order: An Ancient Plan of Secret Societies. — I quoted from a part that explained that – while the Washington Post and other outlets were cranking up the heat to help Congress move, the Sec of Defense and head of the Joint Chiefs of Staff were working the military channels behind the scenes to make sure nobody would follow an order from the White House that didn’t go through them — even getting to the point of working out with the leader of the 82nd Airborne to rush to Washington in case the unreliable head of the Marines – considered a Nixon-loyalist – decided to obey orders given by the President…

    The last part of the book says that another route the powers that be were working on at the time was a call for a Constitutional Convention — where they started convincing the states that such a drastic move could be limited to specific issues – rather than trying to rewrite much of the Constitution….when in reality, it was more like Pandora’s Box…

    That led to a quick Google of the News which led to:

    We live in interesting times….

    1. Iggy A

      The book is dealing with the removal of Nixon.

      The rough parallels to that time and now are interesting….

  2. Chia Cha

    Yep this is brutal, imagine that I would go also to build capitalism with her. I guess I am overwhelmed by Oculus maximus effect of confronted, and visually conbined alternatives. No, no, who rules, he rules, and no one rules by accident.
    That is it.
    Only nuclear war, pan continental flood, african bees, Putin polishing nails of King Kong, of course, dressed in anaconda overalls, can maybe make flock to partly detour in direction of needed hardship of Siberian hunger games.
    And I invested all in to my gulag + beauty cream.
    Gulag is deep thinking yoga gymnasium. Imagine having yoga in gulag. That is only way to get over this. Small people cannot do anything here.

    1. Chia Cha

      Bleached non-racist Tom&Jerry cartoon in reverse. Very caucasian expression of 1st lady, which would work, just not near Melania. HA HA.

  3. Chris Christie Delivers EPIC TAKEDOWN of #CrookedHillary Clinton at GOP Convention #RNCinCLE #LockHerUp

  4. Iggy A

    Here’s my prediction: If Trump wins, he’ll be out within 18 months of his inauguration. Pence will be President.

    If I were to go really wild, I’d say Obama will be UN Ambassador within 24…

    Larry Nichols has long said that the plan the Clinton’s had him and crew come up with in 86 was to get Bill in the White House followed by Hillary and she’d make Bill the UN Ambassador and then he’d be made the UN head. — That would make some sense out of the Clinton Foundation.

    One of the problems with a potential plan to Impeach Trump would be that Hillary still won’t be President… With a Gingrich or Pence in the big seat, the powers pushing globalism might be satisfied enough…?

    Some had been saying that Obama was the biggest threat to the ambition of the Clintons… But he doesn’t have his own war-chest and will soon be out on his ear (unless the unthinkable were to happen…)

    But, who would the powers that be prefer — Hillary or Obama? —- Well, Hillary got tossed aside once already, didn’t she? —- Bill looks like he’s on Death’s doorstep… And the world community sure wouldn’t rally around him in the UN like they would Obama….

    We know the big players behind the scenes like to play both ends against the middle (us being the middle)…

    This could be the Win-Win game plan… If Hillary wins, it’s Bill in the UN. If Trump, he doesn’t have the support in Congress to survive if they want to take him out, and its Obama in the UN…

    Wouldn’t that be something to witness?

    With cops being hunted across the land. BLM and other Shock Troops willing and able to turn the streets into chaos at any given signal. Lots of potential for this election cycle to be as bad as 68 or worse. The nation already on edge.

    Couldn’t marching Obama into the UN be sold to millions as a the big healing moment we were supposed to get out of 2008? — He’s already got the Noble Peace Prize…. He’s got the Muslim creds. — Having him nominated by a non-Democrat President would be big too, no…?

    I thought it made sense when some said they were going to have Hillary run against Jeb Bush because it would be a easier win. But, that clearly didn’t come about…

    Knowing that they try to arrange a Win-Win contest — the fantasy above does fit the bill…. Wouldn’t it be incredible to watch it come about….?

    1. Chia Cha

      I do not get it, Bush had 130M for campaign, and he was not spending it. Had Bush started spending that money he would have won nomination.
      In capitalist democracy you can put duck without wings, or monkey which inherited 3-4B from Barbara Bush, monkey would win over Melania.
      Guy would say monkey had better tits.

  5. Patriarch

    A series of Arkansas executives testified against the CLINTONS Tuesday night.

    Begin@ 3hr5min.

  6. Patriarch

    Scheduling delay omitted this video on Tuesday night

    1. Steve

      worthy watch, TY Patriarch.

    2. Iggy A

      Watching the Press this election will be thought provoking. If they don’t go all out for Hillary like they did Obama in 2008, it’ll be interesting.

      Why? — Because the amount of outright hatred of Trump = the amount of love they had for the idea of having our First Black President…

      I also can’t think of an election in my lifetime where the Press did not favor the Democrat nominee. I can’t think of a single other time that they were not at least a minor wing of the Democrat party for a presidential election.

      They hate the idea of a President Trump as much as they creamed over the idea of a President Obama. —- If they don’t put forward at least 2/3rds the effort they did for him in 2008, I’ll have to wonder why….

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