Melania! the Beautiful FLOTUS!

Melania! the Beautiful FLOTUS!

Melania Trump Recites the Lord’s Prayer in Melbourne, Florida.

I just heard the Lord’s prayer recited by our gracious,most beautiful first lady, Melania Trump. I was moved. I was particularly touched by the fact that she was willing to go in front of countless millions of strangers all around the world and with a charmingly-accented English, she spoke her peace.

Whoever she is and whatever she does will be transcribed in history from the very beginning of Trump’s ascendancy to the White House and hopefully for the next eight more years. I have written about her before. Even now, I can say that she has not disappointed me in anyway. She has risen above the contentious fray created by our ‘fake/real/news/ crap’ to become the First Lady of America.

For those of you who do not live in Christian rural areas, the Lord’s Prayer is always invoked before any official meeting of the county commissioners or anyone else acting in a capacity which warrants respect and reverence. It does not mean that everyone in the room is Christian or that non-Christians are unwelcomed. It simply means that those of us who participate in local politics [particularly in the south], or simply attend an official meeting, have to accept the fact that both the pledge of allegiance as well as the Lord’s Prayer are both recited as a matter of respect and national pride.
This invocation does not in any way preclude Muslims, Jews, Hindus, or Atheists from fully participating in the subsequent meeting. It simply means that whatever grievances or complaints that will be proffered cannot and will not take precedence before the official opening invocation.
For me, the presence of Melania on the steps of the WH or on a Trump quest for support, signifies that we, former refugees from eastern Europe, as well as other parts of the world have been accepted to represent the highest offices of this great country. In complete contrast to contrived mainstream media hysteria, I see another side of the Trump family narrative.
When the liberal media accuses Trump of neo-fascist tendencies and jingoism, I wonder how can they rationalize the fact that both Donald’s first wife, Ivana Trump, was a Czech-born citizen; and  Melania was a Slovenian by birth and education. As someone who was intimately involved in the ‘regime change’ of the Soviet Union as well as Eastern Europe, I find it incredibly arrogant for anyone to expound about Trump’s ostensible xenophobia when both of these incredibly charming, educated women encountered a former life of repression and deprivation.

Let us start with Ivana. She was born under the Soviet rule in the Moravian town of Zlin, Czechoslovakia [Wikipedia]. She was an excellent skier and used her remarkable talent to attend McGill University in Canada. Along with her then husband, Trump, she worked on the renovation of the Grand Hyatt Hotel in NYC; the construction of the Trump Taj Mahal Casino in NJ; and the Trump Tower in NYC. BTW, Ivana was named Hotelier of the Year 1990.

Ivan gave birth to three extremely talented, attractive children who went to work for their father in the real estate development business. Not too shabby for a former “cellmate” of the Soviet Union.

Melania was born in Novo Mesto [New Place], SR Slovenia, then part of Yugoslavia [Wikipedia]. Her father worked for a state-owned enterprise which made cars and motorcycles. What is important to understand about both of these women was that they needed/wanted to leave a country which was under the rule of homegrown Communists and the Soviet Union.

For those of you who have never had the misfortune to live in the Soviet Union, or it’s equally repressive satellite countries, then let me give you an idea what it was for these women growing up:

  • You are never free to go wherever you want and whenever you want.
  • Food is rationed.
  • If you want to buy food you must barter, steal, or do whatever you need to do in order to feed your family.
  • Loyalty to Communism and the state [as well as the Soviet Union] was absolutely supreme. No religion, faith, belief, or idea could supersede your loyalty to the state.
  • If you wanted to start a business or go out on your own… forget it! The state would take precedence and you worked in conjunction with and for the state.
  • You must accept an unwarranted knock on the door anytime in the night to inform the elite security units where you had been and what you had been doing.

In order to leave this type of repression, it took these two women, guile, wit and intelligence to arrive into America and become a successful citizen.

Place such history in contrast with the gilded lives of the major journalists and TV personalities. You can easily see the absurd contradictions inherent in the faux accusations that anyone in the Trump family could be anti-immigration or anti-Muslim. Both of these Trump women were and are immigrants who were fortunate enough to come to the USA in order to make something impressive of themselves.

Can we say that Maggie Haberman of the NY Times born into a liberal journalistic family ?She never underwent the same hardships, having attended the tony private schools– Fieldston High School/Sarah Lawrence.

Can we declare Anderson Cooper, scion of the Vanderbilt fortune and a Dalton School, Yale/CIA graduate, a man born/raised from misfortune and destitution ?
We have a major discrepancy where the entitled ruling elite of America has decided to act as if they were defending the rights of misfortunate immigrants when in fact two of these foreigners went from rags to riches without the assistance of family wealth or connections.

Welcome Hypocrisy! for you have finally found a home in the liberal American media which had nothing to do with helping any of us change most of the countries cradled within the penumbra of the Soviet Union.
The great American playwright, Tennessee Williams wrote the following:

“The only thing worse than a liar is a liar that’s also a hypocrite!”

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12 thoughts on “Melania! the Beautiful FLOTUS!

  1. Chia Cha

    Beautiful, we all think she is darling. Here is video from SR Slovenia in 1989 under communism. It was so oppressive that 40% of people lived in public housing (we see such horrible buildings in back), and you had to wait for 5-10 years (depending on needs) to get such free flat. 60% lived in houses we see also back there on video, those were family houses, and 25% families had vacation house first row on sea. Salaries were 3200$ monthly net. in today dollars, or 1000 germans marks from 1987. and state pensions were 80% of salary. Full free medical care without waiting lists because private business were forbidden so all doctors had to work in public. Only workers coops were allowed.

    1. Chia Cha

      One year fully paid maternity leave, unlimited sick leave, free colleges, 3,5 months paid vacation, free workers hotels on coast, 35 working week. On other hand USSR was government capitalism where workers were not able to decide about profits they made, they were much more capitalist so everything was gray. In Slovenia you needed 10 worker (equal partners) to go register coop called OUR (Organizacija udruženog rada) – organisation of unified labour, and then you would get full support of government, free land and machines to start, from bigger organisation called SOUR – Complex organization of unified labour. This is AP report from 1980.

  2. atra hasis

    what i want to know steve, are your buddies in the intelligence services winning, cause on the surface its looking bad.

    the left are committed and unified in their non-stop assault flynn gone, milo gone alex just had an ad-service blackball him, the health ranger threatened destroy alex or else, there have been arrests in the child abuse networks,, curt wheldon ready to go public jerome corsi seems well connected. o’keefe ready to release more stuff.

    i just want assurance that you, your buddies are aware of what the left is up to and will not sit idly by

  3. atra hasis

    Very classey we have turned our back on God as a society, that is a shame

  4. Embrey

    Very proud to have a strong Slav as our First Lady. I must admit, I was almost in tears as I watched her deliver the Lord’s Prayer. Although this is a subjective opinion I felt that this country was beginning to repent. God knows we need to.

  5. Thank you for your refined, sensitive, touching and respectful evaluation. The hardships of reality in the Soviet Union cannot be underestimated, as some cynical comments above may challenge. Who can forget those agonizing tales from behind the iron curtain! How we agonized thinking of people who were unable to find food, and had to stand in line for hours on end in the Russian cold for a loaf of bread! Only top party members counted. If we in Europe were so affected by this awareness, your description so eloquently describes the true value and character of President Trump’s choices. He calls Melania his ‘ROCK’. We now understand why. Her steely strength has indeed been forged by the hardships to survive with her value system intact notwithstanding all the trials, including voracious and often demoralizing NYC demands! Her unexpected Prayer touched us profoundly since it affirmed her true understanding, high standards, great value and quality of existence. The Lord’s prayer is invoked “At the Start of a Difficult and Important Task”. By electing to recite it when introducing her leading role as the First Lady, she involves us all to help her succeed, and it brings shivers of knowing we stand in front of greatness. Her humble call for strength leaves us with a deepening bond of trust and belief. I experienced that rarest gift of all: AWE. I will never forget!

    1. Chia Cha

      Americans are geniuses in hiding their poverty and lying about others for domestic propaganda. Fox news made reportage about leftist professor from St. Joseph college and they went shooting on Harward asking students there, about that professor, and of St. Joseph then they shoot only sign, like St. Joseph, to present that St. Joseph looks like area of Harward. Any street in Sevnica (town of Melania) is more wealthy then 80% (50% is parity) of streets in USA, even today Slovenia is 2-3 times poorer. 38% of US population are homeless (must rent only place to live).,+Slovenija/@46.0151182,15.2963557,1211m/data=!3m1!1e3!4m5!3m4!1s0x47645557e323d15f:0x102d55e340217bd4!8m2!3d45.8010824!4d15.1710089

      1. Sorry, Chia Chia, I remember those days of extreme poverty in Russia. An iron curtain imprisoned them: they had no chance to leave the system except by extraordinary means. People were totally oppressed, and killed if they tried to climb the wall dividing Germany. They had no recourse but to starve or to stand in line for bread for hours (especially mothers!), often ending up with nothing since the supply finished before they could get one. I think your statements are mostly anti-Communist cynicism, and I understand why, since you propably cannot have the freedom to dream your own thoughts in Mainland China. And probably and hopefully by now, Sevnica is a prosperous town and Melania did not have to suffer the worst of Russian communism. Yes, America’s population (not the elites…same as in Russia) has become impoverished under Obama, but thankfully we have president Trump who says it as it is and works for the people. It is a concept your may have heard a lot about but I do not know how it is working out with Chinese Communism since we have no or little internal news from there. (Could you contribute these facts, in lieu of cynical retorts? ) He does not hide the US facts, as you noticed on the news! However, thank you for contributing often some highly educated statements.

        1. Chia Cha

          We here had american style communism, so it was very nice for us, so i am sure america would also have american communism if america adopts communism…. Judeo-Christian west is west. Beside communism is western invention of Hegel, Marx and others, and western capitalism, while capitalism is not invention of west because capitalism is continuation of slavery, and slavery is from Babylon and Egypt. Capitalism is slavery put on paper. But in reverse, meaning lack of it. The less paper you inherit the more slave you are.

          1. Embrey

            And on and on.
            Chia, please show me a non-collectivist (individualist) system that you would find acceptable and we might be able to communicate. As of now, all of your solutions continue to be a mob taking down the people at the top. Yet, you never acknowledge that all collectivist movements have an understood upper class that will rule (post revolution) already baked into the cake.
            Long ago, Americans have chosen to have 1 tyrant thousands of miles away instead of thousands of tyrants one mile away.

  6. rockpicker

    Astounding. Acknowledgement of Prime Creator, admission of inadequacy and a plea for Divine intervention all beautifully phrased in one humble gesture. “…deliver us from evil.” Amen.

    I hate to use this forum to ask a question, but , finding no contact info on these pages, I must avail myself of this opportunity.

    Two questions. Why did Pence and Trump recite differing oaths at inauguration? And, (2), If patriotic elements of the intel community are responsible for Trump’s ascension, how is that this same community is now trying to take him down? I’m not too clear on the lyrics.

  7. Petra

    Another real obvious observation is that these Journalists are stomping and mocking the Lords Prayer… It shows their total and complete allegiance to destroy purity. Thank God truly for Truthers… I hope we will continue to realize that the Lords Prayer is truth.. I am grateful for a First Lady that continues to show elegance each time she goes out in front of the wolves and swine. Rabid wolves and swine as they are.

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