Mayor Pete Buttigieg Great Choice for DNC!

Mayor Pete Buttigieg Great Choice for DNC!

Democrats: Please Choose 35-year-old Pete Buttigieg as the Next Chairman of the Democratic National Committee [ DNC]!

The Millennials want another Millennial to lead them. This openly-gay mayor of South Bend just may be the right guy. I have been urging the Democratic Party to eviscerate the old guard from its leadership if they have any hope of becoming a credible adversary to the new Republican Party.

I was impressed when I heard Bernie Sanders address the concerns of the millennials in Warner N.H. over one year ago. I predicted, as did Trump himself, that if Bernie did not run against Donald, the Dems would lose the 2016 Presidential race, and then some.

In a recent NY Times article [2/11/17] entitled “DNC Contenders Agree on One Thing: Resistance to Trump” by Johnathan Martin, clearly delineates the problems that the Dems have in choosing a new leader for the DNC.

“The surge of liberal activism in response to President’s Trump election has transcended the divisions that some Dems. feared would cleave the party…

… Representatives Keith Ellison of Minnesota, one of Sander’s most prominent surrogates …. and Thomas E. Perez, the former labor secretary who backed Mrs. Clinton received consideration to be her running mate, have emerged as the leading contenders.”
The article went on to pinpoint the one person whose profile best fits someone who will represent the millennials— Mayor Pete Buttigieg of South Bend, Indiana.

Pete correctly pronounced the following words to his party compatriots [NY Times]:

“Why not go with somebody who isn’t a product of one faction or another faction, but somebody who is here to deliver a fresh start our party needs…. I don’t know why we’d want to live through it [HRC fiasco] a second time.”
His point is simple. Let a millennial represent the swelling ranks of the millennials within the Democratic Party. Clearly, any Dem. would be quite suspicious of my recommendation because I was/am an ardent Trump supporter. Yet, I would like to remind those who might question my professional ability to hand-pick a winner to remember that I and the rest of America were ready for a change of any type and immediately chose a ‘credible outsider’.


Why do I favor Pete Butigieg [Wikipedia]?

  • He has been an effective Mayor of South Bend, Indiana, a major rust belt state.
  • He was Phi Betta Kappa at Harvard College [no mean feat].
  • He became a Rhodes Scholar and received first class honors degree in Philosophy, Politics, and Economics at Oxford University.
  • He was commissioned as a Navy Intelligence Officer in 2009 and deployed to Afghanistan in 2013.

I have not seen that type of resume in any party for several decades. Let’s compare it to the two other contending candidates [Wikipedia]:

Thomas E Perez is a distinguished Brown and Harvard College graduate. He worked for the Montgomery County Council [Maryland] serving as President. That is a particularly prestigious job in a wealthy community outside of Washington D.C. His parents were from the Dominican Republic. His father served in WWII and then became a medical doctor in the VA system [Buffalo, NY].

Nothing shabby here, either!

Finally, we have Raymond Buckley the N.H. Democratic Chairman. Mr Buckley is an openly gay professional politician who has spent most of his entire 57 years in N.H. politics. I understand that he served N.H. quite honorably. However, he has no other credentials either in business, academia, or in the military. His resume cannot compete effectively against the two aforementioned candidates.

Sorry! No Go For Buckley !

If I were a Democrat, the two viable choices for me would be Buttigieg or Perez.

As professional who can affect regime change without any formal kinetic action, I would definitely pick Mayor Pete Buttigieg because he represents an entirely new generation of millennials who have served our country and his state with honor, dignity and effectiveness. A Hispanic candidate like Perez is also a credible contender. Unfortunately, his background has been completely tainted by the Obama/Clinton smallpox disease of yesteryears.

Good luck Mayor Pete!

Let me quote an honorable adversary whom I have always admired, Prof. Susan Estrich [Dukakis Campaign]:

“I can’t begin to count how many times I have warned politicians and candidates to worry as much about the bad, because the more air they put in your balloon, the bigger the target they start shooting.”

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11 thoughts on “Mayor Pete Buttigieg Great Choice for DNC!

  1. Chia Cha

    Now every gay in world serve USA (left – right) no matter which one, as they are international. They serve their own international. And every gay knows which system gave them their social rights. It was USA and capitalism. Even I must admit they work hard in fight against another capitalisms – meaning local non-US capitalists governments. But I do not see how he would revitalize families of USA and their economic interests. And we knows that public interest is interest of parents. Others does not exist nor they should, gays should have their rights only from aspect, of, because they can be child of some parents.

    1. Jerald Coleman

      Adding Rep. Tuulsi Gabbard to his team would be highly constructive.
      His required reading to bring the DNC back from the brink and marshal Dems around the nation would be the MLK speeches at Grosse Point in 3/67 & Riverside Church in 4/67.
      The were the foundation of his mission against the Vietnam War.
      His effort & world view were so incisive, the Govt. killed him on 4/4/68.

  2. Chia Cha

    I would rather nominate respected leader. Because he is able for free stuff to pop out all over, so much, US together with Chinese capitalists would nuke him soon. Capitalists cannot tolerate that. In USA such popping theme imagined could be imagined only by Spielberg, but even he, would have to invest 5B dollars building those flats as fake props only, as something unbelievable even for his brain. But because US central propaganda authority would deem such movie as very dangerous, Spielberg could shoot that only in N. Korea and then illegally distribute back as heavy artistic SF only before they take him out.

    1. Chia Cha

      There are two obstacles for such scenario to develop. 1.After Spielberg would come to N. Korea, he would again demand building them as fake props, explaining Kim, he wanted to add more reality to his movie because he was not amateur, because, he knows, free stuff always looks ugly and can exist in distant future utopia only, therefore those flats Kim built are not real and do not exist 2. WAR council of NK would be too afraid to shoot movie presenting such popping happening on US territory, (confronting plan of escaped Spielberger, as he would not understand such thing is declaration of war toward USA).

  3. Patriarch

    State dept cleanup timelibe:

    Jan 20 – Trump takes office, and DoD officials are expecting him to be more willing to approve dangerous missions
    Jan 26 – Rex Tillerson visits State Department headquarters prior to his confirmation, and either terminates or forces the resignation of many existing State Department personnel
    Jan 29 – The botched Yemen raid is executed, resulting in the death of Navy SEAL Owens
    Feb 1 – Rex Tillerson is confirmed by President Trump as Secretary of State
    Feb 2 – The Awan brothers are terminated on suspicion that they accessed congressional computers without permission
    As Mad World News previously stated,

    “…it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to connect the dots. The firing of the Awan brothers is linked to the Yemen raid where al-Qaeda knew we were coming, and it tragically ended with Navy SEAL Owens being killed in action.”

  4. Eileen

    I was itching to see a Trump – Sanders contest. I wanted to see them debate and really try and sell themselves to the millennials. As far as who is to lead the DNC, Butigieg is strong enough to lure me back to the Democtratic Party; Perez is a little too Obama/Pelosi for my taste. I hope the Democratic leadership will acknowlege their loss, stop supporting the leftists, tell Soros to go take a hike and go back to being credible opposition instead of loudmouths with no agenda other than hating Trump.

    1. Chia Cha

      Trump went bezerk because of Sanders, once, even saying how poor Clinton under pressure from Sanders had to start promising free stuff. Therefore such debate was dangerous for system as It is always question of control. Without Sanders, Trump would be monarch without opposition, killing Clinton and democrats for ever. Only by having Trump and Sanders, but also in same time distant while not talking, system can operate intact, having people energy split and blocked, putting faith on something between them (and that is system – rich who protected their property again).

  5. Furtive

    Brennan is darth Vader, not Bannon.

    BRENNAN (shadow govt) has bugged the White House!

    & TOM Clancy is no longer with us.

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