Maximum Vigilance: Why I Wrote It

Maximum Vigilance: Why I Wrote It

Maximum Vigilance: Psycho-Political Thriller!

Over the thirty or so years that I served our USG, there have been instances when POTUS has been severely mentally or physically compromised.

In the case of Richard Nixon, we had a president who had suffered a severe thrombophlebitis that resulted from the stress of his impending impeachment. Ronald Reagan had developed dementia sometime during his tenure as POTUS. In both cases, someone had to take over the mantle of government.

In the case of Nixon’s disability, it was Dr. Henry Kissinger and his cabinet colleagues who effectively created what we term in the intelligence community as a ‘soft coup’ [no outward presence of military personnel]. Ronald Reagan’s astute wife, Nancy Reagan [the daughter of a neurosurgeon] had James Baker III take over the reins of the White House without any formal announcement of illness [even after he was shot].

My novel, Maximum Vigilance, entertains the scenario where our president is mentally incapacitated and the protagonist has to decide what to do. Meanwhile, all US military is preparing for a real coup where they literally take over every aspect of civil society while imposing martial order. This particular scenario is not very far-fetched considering that only a few years ago, one of our more prominent Secretaries of Defense warned me and other former and extant military personnel not to attempt a military coup.

During the Bush Jr administration, there was a real possibility that many of the neocons, including the Vice President and his coterie of accomplices, would have been rounded up and subjected to the rules of military justice because of the untoward/illegal activities regarding 9/11 and the subsequent Iraq/Afghanistan Wars.

Maximum Vigilance is a fictional warning to any future president as to what might happen if that person were to override the mandates of his/her office.The only time we have had an effective military/civilian leader who knew how to control the rapacious military/industrial complex was former five star General/President Dwight David Eisenhower. He knew precisely how to pre-empt any untoward military incursions that the Pentagon might have wanted to initiate.


This book is dedicated to those military officers like Eisenhower who understand that war is not the province of civilian rule or political whimsy a la Bush/Cheney/Condi/Rumsfeld.Those civilians who dare defy the tenets of military sensibilities are placed on a status I term “Maximum Vigilance”. One step beyond that leads the country into internal unrest for some time period of time.

I have a few hardback copies of Maximum Vigilance that are in mint condition. I will sign and dedicate personally. Enjoy the novel and allow your imagination to conjure up many other alternative scenarios where POTUS is mentally/physically ill [a la Hillary Clinton].

go to the Vintage Vault section of my website and order, you will receive it in a couple of days.

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11 thoughts on “Maximum Vigilance: Why I Wrote It

  1. Embrey

    Nice interview on InfoWars today Dr. Steve.
    I have several questions:
    First, you have alluded to Nixon’s condition, the quiet coup that occurred, James Baker, etc…
    What was Nixon’s condition?
    Who determines if POTUS is unfit?
    Who watches the watchers?

    Second, when you allude to the CIA versus the Army as battling for control of the country, who does the Army represent? Who does the CIA represent? Why can’t you people that purport this just get the truth to all American citizens and let us throw these morons out?

    What bothers me is that guys in the know seem to think you need to do all this intrigue secretly. How can we verify that you are trustworthy? I am not challenging your honor but I don’t know you. I know who you purport to be. The only thing that doesn’t lie is the truth.

  2. Chia Cha

    So when you are going to set server for Obamacars and Obamahouses? I am working on communist demoratic class formula and I am planning to become very annoyed if you do not do what I tell you to do, when I finish formula. I mean, it is game over. You cannot reinvent capitalism, price of information products is falling to zero. Whole credit system does not work. You give credit and that money worth less in future, because information is copy paste…

  3. Embrey

    The only thing worthless is fiat currency. Tangible assets are still valuable. What throws it all off is when people try to buy tangible assets with worthless fiat that the collectivist, global class has made the entire world accept. Once we throw the collectivist, globalist money changers out we will get back to production and you can get back to whining.

    1. Chia Cha

      Only worse then fiat currency is “real” currency and sound money. That is even worse. Fiat money is better there is less fantasy about it. Gee you are getting dangerous.

  4. Embrey

    What about the Constitution Dr. Steve?
    Nancy Reagan decided?
    Henry Kissinger decided?
    What about the Constitution decides?

  5. Dr Steve I ordered a copy about a month ago and am waiting on its arrival. I can’t wait to read it.

  6. dew

    I would like to see the reply to those questions above myself.What about the Constitution.We shall have one again.I will see to it .Just need to replace a few key judges that have not law degrees ,but are learned patriots /sovereigns .

  7. Bruce Gibbs

    I can understand the need to keep the public calm under very stressful situations. The President being disabled to the point where he can\’t effectively perform the duties of his office is certainly something that could cause a great deal of stress. However, Constitutionally, the proper course of action is clear; the Vice-President is the man who takes over the office of President when the the President can no longer perform his duties. From what Dr. Pieczenik is relating regarding these past Presidents, it seems that people with great political power made decisions that are CLEARLY Unconstitutional. I don\’t believe that Dr. Steve is condoning these events, but rather is setting the historical record straight. I don\’t like what happened in those cases, and if it were publicly known, I would have joined the protest marches. Our country was conquered via \”A soft coup\” several times and no one even knew until now. I get chills just thinking about how these things came about. It can\’t be allowed to happen again. Our nation has been captured by the New World Order via the Council on Foreign Relations, a Rockefeller, Carnegie foundation, Ford Foundation organization which also controls the United Nations. It\’s time to take our nation back and lock up the criminals who have taken over, surreptitiously, and destroyed our economy.

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