Mattis! Bombs for Brains!

Mattis! Bombs for Brains!

Bombs for Brains!
Why We Always Lose All Wars.

On April 12, 2017, DOD dropped a 21,600 pound GBU-43/B on ISIS tunnels in Nanghar province, Afghanistan. The bomb is officially titled: “Massive Ordinance Air Blast [MOAB]” It is informally known as the “Mother of All Bombs” and was used in the fifteen year war in Afghanistan.

Once again, I maintain that neither our generals/admirals/civilians in the air force, navy or army including Sec Def James Mattis have any idea of how to defeat anything other than cockroaches lurking underground in Iraq, Syria, and Afghanistan. Our leaders of all the branches have shown a consistent lack of intelligence, effectiveness, and a major paucity of intellectual gravitas.

This is particularly true of our “Mad Dog” or self-described ‘Monk Warrior’, ex-Marine General James Mattis. Had Mattis or McMaster really studied aerial bombardment during WWII over Germany, they would have learned a simple but powerful lesson. Aerial bombardment including massive bombs and saturation bombing does not work! In fact, it was discovered by General Curtis LeMay and Robert MacNamara that this type of bombing increased enemy resistance in Germany.

This MOAB bomb has a wide blast radius of about 1000 feet, it was used in Vietnam and the Iraq War to clear mine fields as well as instill fear into our enemies. When it was developed, this useless explosive vehicle was touted as the “most powerful non-nuclear weapon ever designed”. [All above and below information –Wikipedia].

This “mother of all bombs” is supposed to have a major psychological effect: intimidating the enemy and eventually convincing him/her to retire from the scene of battle and surrender.

Absolute nonsense!
This useless bomb has cost us American taxpayers billions of dollars. It was created by Albert L. Weimorts at the McAlester Army Ammunition Plant [Oklahoma] in 2003 in support of the failed ‘shock and awe’ strategy of the Iraq War.
There is no amount of firepower or new bombs that will make any of the CIA/MI created Taliban, Al Qaeda, and ISIS groups recoil from anything other than that they have been funded and nurtured by ourselves, the Saudis, Jordan and our best ally in the Middle East—Israel.

We must end this farce of battling our own creations which we are witnessing over again. Seems like none of our civilian or military leaders have the courage or the brains to call for a halt to the nonsensical ‘war on terror’ initiated by Bush Jr/Cheney on 9/11.

If one carefully checks the records of both ‘highly decorated faux generals, Mattis and McMaster, one can see that they too were very much a part of the military collusion with the neocon USG in 9/11. Both men were very eager to go into Iraq and fight this useless, poorly thought out war. Despite a chest of nonsensical ribbons for deeds that neither brought peace or security, both these generals are doing what they do best—FUBAR!

There is a reason I refused to accept the 07 promotion when I was a DAS at State Dept. It meant nothing to me! Unlike the military sycophants who need to have a regimented life so they do not suffer a ‘midlife crisis’ a la Mattis comments, I, like most other real American entrepreneurs, decided to go out and make my misfortunes and fortunes on my own.

It is not an accident that our ex-four star Marine Corps General James Mattis who retired in 2012 has received over $1Million Dollars from the $30B USD playground: General Dynamics [DOD contracts]. Here is how Mattis, sterling risk taker and sagacious leader, made his multimillion dollar net worth over the past five years [International Business Times/12/02/16]:

  • Mattis received $594,369 in cash.
  • Mattis garnered over $900,000 in General Dynamics stock .

DOD provides, thanks to Mattis and other non-risk taking “retired” generals, over $250 billion of spending to private military contractors.

Mattis was one of the more independent thinkers who graduated from the National War College [where I taught occasionally]. He stated the following in front of congress [2015]:

“No foe in the field can wreak such havoc on our security that mindless sequestration is achieving”.
Yet that is not the most pitiful pandering ex- General Mattis has committed. Here is one for any you start-up mavens:

“Mattis also mixed business interests with his military career. Emails disclosed by the Washington Post Friday show that in 2012, the year Mattis left the military, he personally intervened to help the highly controversial blood testing company Theranos secure approval for military field tests.”

Mattis went even further in this conflict of interest and joined the board of this highly corrupt company. Theranos eventually went bankrupt for creating products that never existed. [IBT, 12/02, 16].

Mattis, no fool be he, divested his thrice increased General Dynamic stock and due to loophole created for our military, postpone capital gains taxes while selling the stocks to comply with conflict of interests laws.

Unfortunately, unlike his heroes, Generals Eisenhower and George Marshal, Mattis will never win a war. Sadly, he has tarnished his own reputation and that of our military for a few lousy shekels.
I too made a serious mistake by wishfully  thinking that Trump, McMaster and Mattis would keep their promises to the American public —not to go to useless overseas wars. I am sorry to say I am very wrong!

POTUS Ronald Reagan once said the following which is still true today:

“We’re in greater danger today than we were the day after Pearl Harbor. Our military is absolutely incapable of defending this country.” 


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68 thoughts on “Mattis! Bombs for Brains!

  1. Chia Cha

    How can one yes sir man have such house? Military is to serve not to rule, same with military industrial complex. Paul Mason said that capitalism is in long term crisis because every new product in capitalism have higher % of information in it selfe. Because every information is copy paste, that means that price of that new products falls down very quickly (you just copy paste information, copy paste is two clicks), therefore workers must be payed less and less (austerity programs and cuts), for capitalism to work, and even to delay new products. Because there are no profits for new investment cycle. To enforce payment you must have full army of lawyers enforcing intellectual property. If laws are unable to enforce profits, real army will ( good old pillage).

    1. nelly2004

      Trump has said he gave the military full authorization. The blew off that bomb in afganistan without getting the commander in chief’s explicit say so.
      Trump has to realize he can’t delegate the way he does in business. We elected him to make better decisions than the people before him, not to give the people before him full authorization.

      1. Granny sue

        I did not vote for Trump to do this. I voted for a man who said he did not support the Iraq war, that he would bring the troops home. Trump has lost 80% of his support and is likely to face impeachment charges if he continues down the path of being a neocon. Bombing another country without the international communities go ahead is a war crime unless your nation has been attacked by that nation. So, these people authorizing these attacks are guilty. Steve, tell the American people what we need to do. We do not want war, we want peace.How in the world can the military industrial complex be gotten rid of?

        1. Chia Cha

          you americans are going to impeach president of United States of America … aaaaaaarhhhh ha ha ah ah a h ahaha h h ahhaha HA HA HA HA arghhhh,, a haha ah ah ah ah aaa ha haha…

          1. Chia Cha

            hm, it would be possible only if you would protest in front of every masonic lodge in country, something like Occupy Lodge movement, so they in lodge can call CEOs of every corporation from fortune 500 and tell them they cannot park their cars in lot normally any more. Yes it is possible.

        2. Greyskiesahead

          Violation of , international laws , , U.N or even our own laws, are not really considered too much anymore.. look at the history . We have been called, on the carpet by other countries for a level level of disregard to laws. Do you recall the movie Brady Bunch, where Greg is dating a girl and he tells her straight out, I can date whoever I want, whenever I want , and you can only date me! The girl responds with well that doesn’t seem fair . It is sort of like that LOL

  2. Petra

    A true leader knows how to maneuver and stay out of war.

  3. Ben J. Verdina

    MOAB developed in 2003 and used in Vietnam?

    1. Chia Cha

      This model recently used was developed in 2003. While first MOAB was used in Vietnam war? Everyone understood that.

  4. Much too much testosterone being displayed by the boys in charge. We need more of
    them in their 70’s or 80’s to have more balance. It’s pathetic and unending, from ancient
    times to now.

    1. Chia Cha

      Dr. Pieczenik under siege by Franco-Russian spies. 😀

  5. Embrey

    There is a difference between non-intervention and anti-war.
    Trump supporters can be described as the former. The media is attempting to make us believe that Trump has turned on us because we are anti war? We are not against defending ourselves. ISIS and N Korea are threats to us. Assad is not. ISIS & N Korea are not interventionist policy. Deposing Assad is.
    The entire exercise by the media is an attempt to make Trump call a rally and have nobody show. Then, he cannot go around the media.

  6. Fivi Zogbi

    The military has always ruled. In ancient kingdoms and pre-modern “civilizations” the king was both leader of the military (commander in chief) as well as the deity’s representative on earth. Often they became equated with god itself.
    So Mattis is merely continuing humanity’s eternal stupidity – to allow and to follow and supplicate themselves before those who claim to be omnipotent and omniscient.
    Pity there are not more men like you, Pieczenik, in positions of influence. You removed yourself from a role where you might have been able to exercise more sanity on the all those who’ve become depraved by lust for power and money.

  7. Dear Dr. Pieczenik,

    “I too made a serious mistake by wishfully thinking that Trump, McMaster and Mattis would keep their promises to the American public —not to go to useless overseas wars. I am sorry to say I am very wrong!”

    Congratulations, you are moving slowly but steadily forward towards the truth. I am eager to see how long it will take for you to reject the idea of saving the rotten republic of America and resort to more eternal ethical values that will be more adequate to your intelligence which is now hampered by the utilitarian desire to save the republic, while “das Kind ist bereits in den Brunnen gefallen” (the child has already fallen in the well, a German saying).

    1. Chia Cha

      Yes I agree, you Bulgarians needs to get under Ottomans, not soon, but right away,… So you and your families can start practicing eternal ethical values by practicing them with ottomans again. Your Bulgarian rotten republic really need to practice universal values little more. I am working on it.

  8. Fivi zogbi

    It is not Mattis nor Trump nor McMaster that should be blamed. They are protecting their families. I know how Israel’s MOSSAD works – they threaten the person’s family, including grandchildren.

    1. Petra

      If you are going to be president you better learn how to threaten back and your family better know not to cave. The Mossad was given power by the US now they have got to keep their hands in their own pockets.

  9. Fivi Zogbi

    Israel started infiltrating US institutions during the Wilson era and it culminated with Truman when Louis Brandeis arranged tons of cash to be handed by Felix Frankfurter to Truman.

  10. Fivi.Zogbi

    Truman voted for to recognize Israel after Canada’s communist coward Lester Pearson as head of the UNGA voted for partition of Palestine.

  11. Fivi.Zogbi

    Meanwhile, Ivan Rand who was a student at Harvard Law under prof Frankfurter who took Rand to Brandeis. Together they indoctrinated the ultra-christian Ivan Rand who became an ardent Zionist and head of UNSCOP who recommended partition to the UNGA.

  12. Fivi.Zogbi

    Ralph Bunch, as the replacement for the butchered Count Folke Bernadotte as the first UN mediator in Palestine, complained in memoirs that Rand harangued and hassled members of UNSCOP in favor of partition.

  13. Fivi Zogbi

    George Ignatieff lobbied heavily at the UN, along with Maurice Strong protege of Paul DesMarais at the UN, also lobbied UN members to vote for partition. Ignatieff was father of humiliated Michael Ignatieff when Liberal party Zionists lured him to Canada to punish the family lineage for crimes by Count N.P. Ignatieff/Ignatiev.

  14. Fivi Zogbi

    Count Ignatieff had been called the Sultan’s Rasputin when he tried to persuade the Ottoman Sultan to go to war with Russia as the Tsar refused. Count Ignatiev was a panslavist and worried for Chrisitian Orthodox slavs under the Ottomans.

    1. Fivi.Zogbi

      Today’s irony: Hungary’s Victor Orban wants to shut down Central European University whose chancellor is disgraced Michael Ignatieff. In the past CEU grad students did excellent research revealing the role of Count NP Igntiev in establish the Pale in Russia and how Igntiev tried to extort protection money from the Jews of St. Peterburg because of the Pale Ignatiev established in Russia.

      1. Chia Cha

        Orban is right, eastern-orthodox religion is bigger problem then their muslim spiritual overlords, Crusaders were right when destroying Constantinople.

  15. Fivi Zogbi

    In the Zionist infinite agenda revenge has no beginning and has an infinite punitive end against all remote family members. Once Americans yielded to the Zionist agenda the U.S. BECAME modern Zion’s weapon of mass destruction.
    Any president or member of government at any level, including NGOs, and all military are merely cannon fodder for Zionist globalism. Trump et al are not to be blame. They too are victims albeit by their own actions.

  16. Fivi.Zogbi

    It has been thus since the beginning. The only enemy equal to Zion’s Jews are ancient Arabs. They excel at sneaky treachery. Both doom and salvation will be found in the desert Arab kingdoms. HaShem Jordan, and crypto-Muslim Saudis are really still Shemayim. Scratch the surface and they’re both allies and enemies of Israel.

  17. “[All above and below information –Wikipedia].”
    As a writer and editor, I can say this is a very poor form of citation. It leaves the reader picking and choosing what text “above and below” is cited from Wiki and what text is the author’s. I’m afraid to say it’s what we call sloppy and leaves doubt as to the authenticity of the statements. As one commenter already mentioned, there’s a discrepancy between the MOAB born in 2003 and used in the Vietnam War.

    At the author’s level of education, he should be versed well enough in citing sources to do better and not insult the intelligence of his readers..

    1. Chia Cha

      I am sorry, back to kitchen russian spy. MOAB is family name of many bombs used from the time of Vietnam war. But this particular MOAB, bomb was born in 2003. Have you ever heard for Toyota Corolla from year 2003. You know it is different model then Toyota Corrolla of this generation.

  18. Fivi.Zogbi

    Don’t know how accurate it is. Pieczenik would likely know its legitimacy. But worth hearing before it’s taken down. This info fills-in some gaps in the progression of this (only latest) attempt at globalism.

  19. Fivi Zogbi
    At the time of this proposal the Sheikh would have been killed. Today, Saudis have totally repressed resistance.
    Churchill and Chaim Weizmann hatched many plots to take over Palestine as door to ME oil and gas. By now value of oil was recognized. They probably met when Weizmann worked for Brit navy as petrochemical engineer and Churchill was head of Admiralty.

  20. Fivi Zogbi

    Was MOSSAD responsible for his mysterious death? He’s the man who directed Bunche during negotiations to prevent Suez crisis progression:öld
    Bunche got the Nobel prize that should have gone to Folke Bernadotte:
    Bernadotte was murdered for his daring peace proposat to keep Jerusalem and Bethlehem under international supervision.

  21. Fivi. Zogbi

    moderate this too: Was the Vatical always a tool of the MOSSAD?
    This Jewish Cardinal was/is one of many in Vatican history:
    Aaron Jean-Marie Lustiger was a French cardinal of the Roman Catholic Church. He was created cardinal in 1983 by Pope John Paul II. Lustiger infuenced Vatical policy at crucial times.

  22. del stead

    And yet the UK Daily Mail proclaimed this latest action as ” hell unleashed ” but only killed upwards of 92 people! So take a guess at how highly effective this mother really is! My guess is it probably hit the seal team six that killed Bin laden but I digress…I’m disappointed with Trump and my own government as off we go headlong into harm on very poor evidence whilst the mainstream media package it up as some mercy mission all in a style of bubble gum pop soap opera…cards on the table time let’s see who has the balls to press the button for “thermo” nuclear guess is none of them and let’s not forget the country that’s pontificating most about stopping such action were the only country to detonate one! The hypocrisy and contradiction is just too much and its ordinary Joe that pays the price! The quote ” lions led by donkeys” springs to mind

  23. Raymond Howard Carlson

    Dr. Pieczenik what will happen in Syria, if our Generals do not know what they are doing????

    1. Chia Cha

      Do not worry CEO s of our corporations decide everything. Luckily. Only what I do not get, why they do not just kill Putin. He has now stopped playing their game. He is capitalist but he started to play own game, he needs to be killed.

      1. Chia Cha

        CIA / MIT Michael was right, we had to kill all commies. They are total drag on human evolution. Only capitalist class is able to produce working class. Bureaucratic caste cannot create working class. Capitalist class cannot be supplanted, it only can be automatized. War between Russia and China is solution. Only problem is you cannot let Chinese enter too deep into Siberia.

  24. Raymond Howard Carlson

    As to the comment that you (Dr. Pieczenik) erased, I believe THE F.B.I., along with “WEED AND SEED” and THE C.I.A., are trying to solidify my new and completely fabricated identity! THE F.B.I.???? How are they going to do this??? The stated computer usage last week that did not show at my Bank of America checking account! They (THE C.I.A., F.B.I., and “WEED AND SEED”) are trying to put in a Federal prison for using my own bank account to pay for computer time; and this is because my current stated completely fabricated identity shows my as someone else other than the stated name on my bank account! Basically, I am not Raymond Howard Carlson anymore, as to my said completely fabricated identity; and the only way that I can get my BIRTH IDENTITH back is a lawyer that is willing to go up against THE C.I.A. and THE SYSTEM “pro bono;” and this is impossible!

    Since November 22, 1963, after J. Edgar Hoover (former F.B.I. DIRECTOR) “stood down” over the planned assassination of President John F. Kennedy, THE F.B.I. has been “in bed” with THE C.I.A. (created and controlled by SKULL AND BONES in association with KNIGHTS OF MALTA for THE CITY OF LONDON, England (BRITISH EMPIRE))! Why would former F.B.I. DIRECTOR J. Edgar Hoover “stand down” as to the said planned assassination of President Kennedy??? Because, former UNITED STATES Attorney General Robert F. Kennedy had Marilyn Monroe assassinated over the threat of a RED DIARY that she (Marilyn Monroe) possessed!

    I know that THE F.B.I. is actually “in bed” with THE C.I.A.! How do I know this??? Between 2002 and 2009, I frequently visited THE F.B.I. field office (Civic Center Drive and Flower Ave. Ana, California) over the illegal modification of any and all of my OFFICIAL RECORDS (especially THE S.S.A.)! At one point, during 2009, I was thrown-out of said F.B.I. field office by an obvious C.I.A. AGENT posing as a F.B.I. AGENT; and this was after he admitted that THE F.B.I. is actually “in bed” with THE C.I.A.! All he wanted to do was to see what kind of evidence in my possession; therefore, they could assess whether or not I stood any chance whatsoever in prevailing over their plans!

    1. Raymond Howard Carlson

      [minor corrections] I know that THE F.B.I. is actually “in bed” with THE C.I.A.! How do I know this??? Between 2002 and 2009, I frequently visited THE F.B.I. field office (Civic Center Drive and Flower Ave. [correction] Santa Ana, California) over the illegal modification of any and all of my OFFICIAL RECORDS (especially THE S.S.A.)! At one point, during 2009, I was thrown-out of said F.B.I. field office by an obvious C.I.A. AGENT posing as a F.B.I. AGENT; and this was after he admitted that THE F.B.I. is actually “in bed” with THE C.I.A.! All he wanted to do was to see what kind of evidence in my possession; therefore, they could assess whether or not I stood any chance whatsoever in prevailing over their plans!

  25. jayne

    So, is it safe to assume u won’t be back on alex anytime soon?

    1. Chia Cha

      If that is going to be case then Alex to stay interesting can only call people coming from political spectrum of this gentleman, but because from that political spectrum only this guy is interesting, then this guy must be his future guest all the time, because if he calls anyone else from spectrum he would have left, he would have become less interesting then Chris Matthews Hardball. Webster Tarpley, David Icke, who is next? Although I would still give Trump chance, because if is good in wars, maybe wars are solution, because only wars are solutions for economic crisis, inside slavery/capitalism/fascism/nazism/communism.

  26. Chia Cha

    It is very good Bill Clinton gave nuclear technology to North Korea, that way Kim can nuke Beijing and Shanghai if Chinese capitalists attack Peoples democratic republic. Chinese capitalists cannot stand that Kim is building free flats for people according to peoples needs. Even in capitalism in Europe in the time of Cold War, western governments were building free flats, when ever price of homes would go to much up because capitalist class intentionally rise prices of land and flats by stop building them so price can always stay high. As needed collateral for financial sector. It is duty of government to lower price of homes on market even in capitalism. In 1970 UK was full of council houses.

  27. patriot

    The dual citzens in the government and their Israeli friends are going to strip America to the very bone with their wars and we were all fools for believing Trump would change things.
    The real capital of America is Tel Aviv and congress is the lower house of the Knesset and we are forced to fight Israels wars in the Mideast.

    1. Chia Cha

      Oh shut up you commies, it is WASP capitalists who rules… Commies want to seduce WASP to go commie. So they do not attack directly WASP. Let see how long Gordon Duff and veterans today would be able to exist by attacking WASP.

  28. Doug

    As the late great George Carlin said. America likes to bomb sh*t.

  29. LB Zopa

    Is it really reasonable to think that Trump alone could reverse a 200 year old deceit? It was a great show but all false albeit entertaining. The U.S. never was what it appeared to be where “all the world is a stage” and the U.S. offered a great stage show.
    Trump alone cannot undo what is so deeply entrenched and entangled. If Trump refuses to cooperate, he’ll be easily replaced by a pant suit who’s willing to go along and Trump’s death will be meaningless. What did JFK’s death change? Nothing.
    It’s time to prepare for what has always been inevitable in our lifetimes.

  30. Furtive

    Your rant is projection. You speculate. & you are completely incoherent.
    You have no evidence just circumstantial hearsay.
    Get your facts together & present a concrete case .
    I can see why anyone would shut you down with your OUTRAGEOUS ACCUSATIONS.

    1. Furtive

      Sorry that was meant for another website!

    2. Furtive

      This is what I intended to post here:

  31. Chia Cha

    When interior minister of Serbia (Russia, Belarus, Syria, Egypt…) is calling on phone Belgrade (Moscow, Minsk, Sofia, Cairo…) patriarch, (orthodox “christian” bishop) to tell him what he will tell to people on next mass, patriarch gets very very nervous. Putting phone more close, and repeating all word he wrote on paper to not say something wrong. Although he have also one young boy writing down for him.

  32. Chia Cha

    Communists and capitalists have anti-theist policies. Capitalists because they needed hippi people to be easily drafted, and pharmaceutical industry needs more venereal disease and cosmetics to be sold. Capitalism is not always anti-theist, sometime capitalism will use religion for instance in cold war, or will use young unfinished religions like muslim one to manipulate them for manufactured wars. Anti-theists can make gains on uneducated people. And they are now doing job in all sectors of society, very planned and coordinated.

    1. Chia Cha

      Hippie movement was decision by governments to create zombie (crabs&mumps united) army with rotten testicles able to have only one child. So in case of planned world war sergeants can put them in line much easily and draft can go without any problems. There were no need for planned world war, but evil is morphing in to US policies of sexual liberties, where government promotes, go get everything moving on two legs (everything they say to you you will like)… Or if you do not like that then you will watch commercials on TV selling you refinancement of your debt, so you can be happy and beautiful like family you see on that commercial.

  33. Dr. Pieczenik,

    Thank you for being an intelligent voice in the wilderness. I have found it frustrating to watch as my fellow citizens are unable to decifer what is going on.

    However, there is an old but very reliable question which can clarify this confusion. I say “Qui bono?” Who benefits?

    Who does benefit from all of this, shall we term it, ” The Greater Middle Eastern Plan, ” so as not to hit the 3rd rail which no one identifies in public, but only in forums such as this for fear of reprisals.

    To answer, I would like to leave a few bread crumbs here…..Genie Oil of New Jersey. This company has a contract to drill in the Golan Heights, a Syrian territory, but the contract was granted by another nation’s leadership. And to accompany this incursion into a land which is not their own, our president and his generals are going to make a big distraction, so this other country can illegally drill in Syria’s territory, stealing their oil, a mirrior image of the Iraqi theft, and the Yemeni theft, and the Libyan theft etc.

    As for the mouthpiece that will never tell the truth concering this issue, despite my own attempts to inform him and Paul Joseph Watson, I have to say, even the alt-media is now a promotional arm of the Globalist agenda evidenced by the Swamp growing ever larger by this president, a treasonous Congress in a continous bent to foil the progress of our nation and ignore the will of the people, an ex-president plotting a coup, an ex Secretary of State who literally is getting away with murder, and most recently, her own doctor was found dead, and the FBI Director who himself is part and parcel of the vast fraud also impeding justice, I say, if we want our Republic back, we need to stop talking and pleading with those who enter the halls of government in DC and swiftly turn against our expressed wishes.

    You are an expert in regime change, so I ask…for the sake of the Republic, use your expertise!

    As for the trading platforms and printing facilities in North Korea, used by our own government to manipulate the world’s financial system, I would not shed a tear if it were destroyed. But insteadof being honest about why we need to go into NK, we just lie about what a threat they are to their neighbors. Kissinger most likely set all that up, and all the other players fed that game.

    1. Embrey

      Possession is 90% of the law. Who possesses the Golan Heights?
      Should the Amrican Indians be entitled to all the petroleum production in the United States because they once possessed the land?
      Conquest cannot be ignored.

      1. Chia Cha

        That is right Embrey, countries does not have right to exsit, they only have right to defend them selfe.

  34. Chia Cha

    Trade unions are bad for cosmetic industry, because then workers would buy more stuff from cosmetic and pharmaceutical industry, what they want is more political power, they want more of your free attention in % toward owners of corporations. They want relative power over you, not money. Money is not value. They less money you have, the more % you will give them. They want to make your kid active s…..y with other kids (no matter by who) plus atheism by 12 so corporation will have more political power. They want extra profit, and it must go to 3rd world also. Meaning political power is necessity for extra profit, and that is %, not money. Would you rather rule or be rich.



    1. Petra

      All due respect but, Read his resume. Trump gets all this information. Dr. Pieczenik has worked for 5 presidents… He knows how to reach the POTUS.

  36. Chia Cha

    Because I am extremely smart, and very intelligent. I was able to conclude that Bannon when worrying about rich US capitalists for not being nice any more to USA is some kind of morality question. And that I am smarter then Bannon and that I should inform Bannon that capitalists class had to rule worker class until 2008. by using aristocrat caste, bureaucratic caste, clergy caste and military caste, (cultural hegemony) simply because there are less of them compared to working class. Because capitalism does not want to share power with them they are going full forward without them, introducing anti-theism against clery, putting bureaucracy on market (destroying their autonomy, for instance with private prisons, making them corrupt), drug dealers are new aristocrats, and military is under direct control of wall street. $$$$$, not question of morality. Only way forward is rule of working class by automating capitalist class.

  37. Unnamed Disappointed Patriot

    I have followed the events of the last week with concern and ultimately with serious misgiving. The debacle in the Middle East is the most disappointing. There in so question that the U.S. military is working on behalf of the Israelis. Apparently, we are sticking to that profoundly disjointed “America in the 21st Century” Plan, you know the one that called for Increasing the Israeli real estate in the Middle East. Yeah, that one. Most assuredly, “never let a 9/11 go to waste”. Utter madness. America needs America!

  38. Chia Cha

    If we lose, opposition is over. Comment section of AJ is under attack by government bots. And that is while David Knight is right about private-public partnership explaining pillage. Right wing is wrong right now only about healthcare, that means right wing is 60% wrong. I do not know why AJ wants to lose this war. Start talking about Rand Paul solution which is only real free market solution. Everyone can have healthcare even more with free market. He must soon adopt that point.

  39. alissa

    But Mr. Piecenik, the point of these fellows is not to win a war or protect civilians, it’s to profit the military industrial complex by channeling tax payer dollars away from programs that benefit the people and into the hands of the military industrial complex.

    They are unchecked, unaccountable and doing a brilliant job of enriching and empowering themselves while weakening and diminishing the rest of us politically, economically, psychologically, intellectually – well, in every way possible – from education to healthcare to employment!

    If you assess them on their measures of success – they’ve been doing an incredible job for decades now. The question is – how do we stop it?! Can you write on that?

    1. Chia Cha

      Conservative way (to go back to capitalism) to stop them would be to get them back to balance. You would have to channel more money to clergy, put taxation on hollywood movies for youth (sodomy promoters), also on cosmetic industry and pharmaceutical industry which invests in medicine for venereal diseases (they are promoting sodomy also), you would have to start promoting and cherishing veteran war heroes on national level, punish cheerleaders in sports, ban hidden commercials inside movies and on TV, put taxation on commercials, for instance 500% of tax. Ban g@y propaganda. Put taxation on rentiers (for instance who have two houses he must pay 10 times bigger property tax on second house then one who have only one house)… You can do 1000 more things, but it will never happen…

  40. Chia Cha

    This is GMO USSR. Corporations are communist invention. Only trick is that americans are keeping competition among their corporations while USSR had only one in which whole economic activity had to be. Problem is that in USA from 2008 every bank is filled with government money, that means it is communist economy. That means you will love any product corporations put on market and you will not be able to say word. You like GMO, kids putting make up, you like those feminine bestias like Chris Cuomo. Putin banned that cancerous GMO. Now what.

  41. Chia Cha

    No mercy in USSA. Glenn Beck was eating whole world, everyone was watching Glenn Beck on FOX news in whole world, but they removed him, because of will of corporations (they say, advertisements, meaning will of few owners of whole economy). Now they will remove O Rilley (even he was watched 10 times less then Glenn). Glenn was explaining to people political processes of establishing communist economy, it was people s education obviously showing too much. Comment from comment section: O’Reilly is defecting too?” A) Soc.…t Daily Worker B) Stormfront C) O D) Contributes to all of the above plus a podcast E) Retires and is seen dating a loofa

  42. Rosman V. M. Patterson

    I suspect….no….I believe and therefore predict that President Trump has about 4 and a half more moths of putting his foot down around the world – then he will pull back and moderate his military objectives.

    As I recall President Trump promised to bomb Isis. I do however also recall his promises to cease America’s headlong leaping into and engaging in nation building or pointless wars. One such as I cannot concisely know very well what plans are made behind the scenes. In as much as I am well isolated and marginalized at present, my projections are without the certifiable proof. Mr. President could very well have notions and fomented stratagems that the little people (myself) cannot verify nor dismiss. Still I see the need for peace. Or at least, as both Doctor Paul’s say rightly : “Let them fight their own wars, and let us stay out of it.” That is wisdom. Beyond that is profiteering and thousand forms of foolishness which the shortsighted do covet as desirable.

    I support slapping around our mosquitos. Granted we created them all, but isn’t then the onus on American to rectify and rebuke?

    I believe it is.

  43. Steve

    Just by the picture i can tell you his adrenals are down, kidneys are not filtering, some major hypothalimus and thyroid issues.
    Could be why he is not thinking straight if his lymph is stagnant, with chronic systemic acidosis within these organs and his brain.

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