Manchester False Flag!

Manchester False Flag!

Manchester by the Sea … of Massive False Flags!

Thanks to the inevitability of politicians’ distress and their collective infamy; citizens of the free world are witness to the falsehoods of failures. Nothing befits a waning popularity more than a requisite false flag.

Witness 9/11 or Sandy Hook or any of the nonsensical scenarios which Eric Holder and his BFF Obama/Clinton arranged in Orlando, San Bernardino and an assortment of other imaginary events that Americans have become inured to as a continuous farce. Now we peddle these faux tragedies in England, France and elsewhere.

Take a mediocre talented ingénue, Ariana Grande, born in the nadir of gauche culture: Boca Raton Florida. This is also the home of the Sandy Hook bereaved parents. Lets allow this MK Ultra starlet to script a false narrative that will probably cost her a not-too-promising career as an entertainer/singer.

Lets’s hire the same girl, Georgina Collinder, who has a photo of her cheeks aligned with Ariana’s and rename her as Jessica Pierpoint. Claim that she has been killed in a Manchester, England suicide bombing by a non-existent British born Libyan terrorist arbitrarily named, ‘Salman Abedi’. Apparently, this benighted individual ostensibly blew himself up in the Manchester Mall, conveniently leaving only his ID intact???.


Once again, the world has to confront the falsehoods of different nation states who resort to the most base, despicable acts of terror by creating artificial/FAKE scenarios of terrorist attacks in order to justify some venal political initiative. The gig is up, those of us that know the truth will shout it out loudly.

At first glance, I could admire Prime Minister Theresa May and Queen Elizabeth. Now, I find them to be pathetic, intimidated characters hanging from puppet strings in a highly contrived “Punch and Judy Show”  orchestrated by the perverted MI6, MI5, CIA and the once lauded British soldiers/bobbies. Nothing befits the waning western powers like England, France, or America more than idiocy conflated with incompetency.

In an age when the media has been relegated to the sidelines of attention and concern, the political elites of those countries are still in search of a meaningful destiny. Truth has become the enemy of the western world.

Lie after lie has been propagated in order to maintain a fake narrative of self-aggrandizement to perpetuate a world domination that no longer is applicable, except in a self-delusional mind. America falls by the wayside of lost and costly wars fought in vain to maintain the exoskeleton of a military industrial crime syndicate. This grand Ponzi Scheme will eventually eviscerate this great country once and for all.

Brexit, like much else of England’s evaporating financial and political clout is at best vaporous, if completely non-existent. Once the UK was a Grand Dame of moral courage during the travails of WWII. Now, England is no longer relevant. Theresa May has brought England down to the level of a barstool where this inebriated country can no longer articulate its goals and raison d’etre. Like America and France, Britain must rely on ersatz bombings and faux atrocities in order to garner sympathy and courage from their surrounding world and to keep up their crime machine of drugs, sex and weapons.

There is within this Manchester tragedy a lesson to be learned. If a country is willing to orchestrate so audacious a false flag as this one, then the country will stop at nothing to really assassinate its own inhabitants as America did in 9/11 [3000+ innocent victims]. There is an epidemic of false flags that belie the underlying desperation of the nation-state confronted by the inherent contradictions of apathy and political involvement.

Apathy begets rampant acts of true violence.

The involved citizens of a country will always recall the traces of hypocrisy and cowardliness of its indigenous protective forces like the military, the police and the intelligence units. In turn, the citizenry will exact a certain undisclosed price for this collective collusion. America fell into a stupor of insolence when it defied the deep state and its diktats regarding whom and what to vote for.

If Trump has not yet awoken to the necessity of veracity and its natural partner: competency of action then he too will befall the fate of a Theresa May. She was once a competent political leader, but now lost in her own desperation. My prayers are that Britain will awaken to their moment of truth and demand an accounting for this false flag, always to be known as, “Manchester By the Sea of False Flags”.

In the words of a savvy Dr. Kevin Barrett [PhD, Arabist] :
“Man, 22, kills 22, on May 22”— spells only one phenomenon: False Flag…lies… lies… and more lies!!

In the words of the defeated WWII Japanese admiral, Isoroku Yamamoto, concerning the nature of truth and war:
“In the first six to twelve months of a war, with the United States and Great Britain I will run wild and win victory. But then, if the war continues after that, I have no expectation of success.”

Props to @surfinwav Zach Wells 4 giving me a heads up!  Follow him, he is wise.

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33 thoughts on “Manchester False Flag!

  1. Petra

    This won’t stop until we get those that are robbing our governments are out of the government.
    This talk of impeaching Trump is talk of impeaching the will of the American People. Congressmen and Senators beware. You will not be elected again. Especially you Paul Ryan who is conspiring to be President as I write this post.

  2. Excellent! My first clue was a very long line of ambulances driving in nearly bumper to bumper…. they had to have come from a staging area a parking lot very near by, one by one nearly 20 or more! Also seeing patients who had been treated, their pant leg cut and bandages being WALKED away! No first responders would walk a patient away with now they say 60 ambulances were there immediately! The ID was 9/11 magic!

    1. RegretLeft

      Quite right – seems to me one definitive marker of a hoax is civilians (rather then emts) escorting apparently wounded victims from the scene – saw lots of that in Orlando – famously in Boston – the man in the straw hat wheeling the amputee away – and again in Manchester – of the 2 photos widely broadcast – the girl was helped by ordinary police officers (didn’t they look quite bemused?) – and the 50 something man was being helped by civilians

  3. robert martin

    fake fake fake

  4. Chia Cha

    Maybe this is another operation Gladio to not elect Corbyn, well who is guilty to “left” that they are anti-national, anti-cultural, anti-theist, anti-religous, pro-muslim… One left wing noun nicely said, if church and nation are given to right, people will go right.

  5. patriot

    To understand why the world is as it is, google and read THE PROTOCOLS OF ZION. America is under the control of Israel and the dual citizens in the American government.

    1. Fivi Zogbi

      Can you turn off your autoplay? “The Protocols” have been around for >two centuries. It’s no longer a mysterious, nefarious deep dark global secret.

      Quick! Hide under your bed. The Zionist bogeyman might get you!

      1. Bill Rollinson

        ” “The Protocols” have been around for >two centuries. It’s no longer a mysterious, nefarious deep dark global secret.”

        Surprisingly, they are too quite a number of people.
        Ir was the Zionists who used Hitler in 1932 to transfer all Jews back to Palestine, when they didn’t want to go, ‘work camps’ were erected, but by who, Hitler or the Zionists?
        It’s the Zionists that are pushing NWO, One World Government, who drive nations thru their Rothschild usury Central Banking system. It’s called ‘The Economy’ a numbers racket ran by bankers in Wall St.

  6. Fivi Zogbi

    Steve Pieczenik: I just listened to the twitter video posted by so-called Zach Wells. He is a Muslim who speaks Arabic with the correct pronunciation of the heavily aspirated H that is so hard for non-Arabic speakers to pronounce. The pix used in his video could just as easily be a fake, a hoax just as he asserts the whole incident is a hoax. However, his Arabic is flawless and he starts off with the Islamic “bism Allah…Rahim…” which clearly indicates he’s not just a Muslim but a religious Muslim. The fact used as, presumably, his photo also looks like a a westerner or even a Scandinavian. The contents of his video merits a great deal more skepticism and his assertion the whole incident is a hoax would require deeper scrutiny from a man with your credentials.

    SP: You are become a bit of a paradox yourself.

    1. Chia Cha

      You have to operate in time, for higher good, in order of alghoritm. In the interest of all kids of the world. All kids of the world are split in self-indentfied groups. If they were not, it would be communism which is on earth even worse, although in space travel and habitation, only communism can work. Communism cannot work on Earth because dear leader of communism can survive without having all departments working without starving. Also you cannot operate lemonade stand in hall of enterprise and collect profit to privatelly own warp department.

  7. I was questioning this myself today whether it was real. I’m glad you put it Dr. Steven.

  8. Raymond Howard Carlson

    The WESTERN INTELLIGENCE COMMUNITY (mainly THE C.I.A. and BRITISH INTELLIGENCE) are responsible for the “ATTACK”! The C.I.A. needs to be effectively dismantled A.S.A.P.!

  9. Raymond Howard Carlson

    To Dr. Steve Pieczenik M.D. Ph.D.:

    Please see my recent comments at your BOLG!

    From May 10, 2017 to now (May 26, 2017), at said Vons Grocery Store (3650 S. Bristol St. Santa Ana, CA 92704), and at two (2) CVS Pharmacy Stores (3911 S. Bristol St. Santa Ana, CA 92704 and 2330 S. Main St. Santa Ana, CA 92707), “WEED AND SEED,” THE C.I.A., and support have been trying to fabricate “SEX CRIMES” (mainly sexual assault against a female (“HE TOUCHED ME”) to “FINISH ME OFF”!

    Today (May 26, 2017), between 2:50 p.m. to about 4:20 p.m., “WEED AND SEED” OPERTIVES stole the last of my “EVIDENCE” showing, mainly, 11CF0028 (violation of California H & S Code Sections 11350(a) and 11364(a)) was actually my CASE! They (“WEED AND SEED” OPERTIVES) stole two (2) black backpacks (black Everest backpacks) from my campsite; and my said campsite is located at the back door of G.G. Check Cashing (Warner Ave. (230 W. Warner Ave. Santa Ana, California))!

    There was a video camera pointing down at my campsite, however, conveniently, has not worked for a week! I saw on May 26, 2017, at about 4:00 a.m., the “red light” lit within the said video camera; therefore, the said video camera was obviously working as of May 26, 2017! This means the personnel at said G.G. Check Cashing is obviously lying! “WEED AND SEED,” THE C.I.A., and support had the personnel at said G.G. Check Cashing (Warner Plaza (230 W. Warner Ave.)) give “false information” concerning the said video camera located at the back door; therefore, “WEED AND SEED” OPERATIVES obviously stole my two (2) black Everest backpacks on May 26, 2017 between 2:50 p.m. and about 4:20 p.m.! Santa Ana Police need to check out (on at least May 26, 2017 between 2:50 p.m. and 4:20 p.m., when my said two (2) black Everest backpacks were stolen) the video camera pointing down at said G.G. Check Cashing’s back door!

    There were at least two (2) “WEED AND SEED” OPERATIVES located 2401 S. Broadway (part of a small business mall) that saw me leave my said campsite; and later (May 26, 2017, at about 5:00 p.m. or so), one (1) of the said “WEED AND SEED” OPERATIVES (about 30 year old Caucasian male, facial hair, short (about 5’11”), and about 200 lbs.) stated (“SARCASM”): “You have to get another place to live.” Therefore, these said two (2) WEED AND SEED” OPERATIVES, in a black car with no license plate, either stole my two (2) said black Everest backpacks from my said campsite between 2:50 p.m. and about 4:20 p.m. or involved with the individual(s) involved with stealing my said two (2) black Everest backpacks!

  10. Raymond Howard Carlson

    To Dr. Steve Pieczenik M.D. Ph.D.:

    Please see my recent comments at your BOLG!

  11. Raymond Howard Carlson

    Dr. Steve Pieczenik M.D. Ph.D. please get back on The Alex Jones Show A.S.A.P. to discuss mentioned “FALSE FLAG” and other relevant and prominent issues, such as, the attempted impeachment of President Donald J. Trump by THE BRITISH EMPIRE and support (including “Traitors” in THE UNITED STATES CONGRESS)!

    1. Chia Cha

      Maybe England rightly thinks they are protectors of western civilisation as they are, (but of old system)? So they are doing mistakes. LOL. Let s hear about nationalized central bank systems.

    2. Fivi Zogbi

      What’re you talking about? The Brits have no authority to ‘impeach’ Trump! If the British empire – that no longer exists but is a much diminished facade – wants to remove Trump they’ll have to assassinate him and then deal with the fallout from Americans.

      1. Chia Cha

        West never ever solved problem of Persia, in history… Alexander did it militarily, but he had no religion to keep it. Same happened to Mongols.

      2. Petra

        It all happens through purchasing politicians

        1. Petra

          Remember the story of Esau it speaks volumes of how desperate man can be.
          Integrity is the most valuable thing on the planet. It is worth living and dying for.

  12. Fivi Zogbi

    Seriously, Pieczenik, are you basing your assertion that this is a false flag based on the
    1) twitter video posted by a Muslim whose a religious Islamist and
    masquerading as a westerner with a Scandinavian looking male face used on the twitter account;
    2) uses video in his twitter that could itself be a hoax, fraud, or screenshots lifted from anywhere, anyplace and anytime;
    3) there’s no verification of any of this Muslim, possibly pseudo-expert on terrorism, who might be doing disinformation?
    Should you not investigate the credibility and legitimacy of the video examples he uses? I expect amateurs to jump to conclusions so quickly but not from someone with your reputed credentials and experience.
    Please review the video more thoroughly before arriving at a conclusion for those of use who rely on your expertise.

    1. Is there a link to said video? Thanks.

      1. Fivi Zogbi

        DISINFORMATION TAKES MANY FORMS – as long as it confuses some people all of the time and all the people some of the time – then it is successful.

        The link is no longer available so it’s presumably been removed as I’m likely not the only one to question the reflexive “false flag” assertion. What is Pieczenik’s true role in all of these events?

        Where are the multiple coups and counter-coups that SP claimed were operating to save America? What is the point to SP even engaging in any dialogue intended to make people doubt what they’re told.

        The link to the video with the so-called expert is no longer available on the twitter page for Zach Wells. Clicking on the main photo now only renders a series of still photos, while the video link is no longer there.

        1. Fivi Zogbi

          From the beginning I questioned SP’s role as possible disinformation. Then I relented and took his claims of authoritative knowledge at face value. Now I again entertain that likelihood. SP’s contradictions only add to the confusion, uncertainty about whom to believe and what should be done in response.

          Even before CGI and other digital manipulations, the wise always said: “Believe none of what you hear and only half of what you see.” Today, everything must be questioned and even distrusted, including the self-promotion of SP. Who can verify his claims of authoritative inside knowledge? Anyone?

    2. Bill Rollinson

      The ‘perps’ father once worked for Gaddafi security forces, he was turned by MI5 when they went after Gaddafi, when he was exposed he had to flee to UK.
      This was an MI5 controlled False Flag in order to bring in Martial Law, under which we have no rights.
      It also allows May to use the Royal Prerogative, just two days before this attack, UK troops along with US & Jordanians, were pushed back at A- Tanf in Syria. They are there illegally, as Parliament was never approached about this, in fact May and Boris, on two separate incidences, have asked to send troops without asking Parliament?

  13. Chia Cha

    RIP. Great, huge, lose for west. I say also that any attack on Iran should be done together with France and UK. If not, then nothing. Pass it. Horrible lose. He said also that there must be factories for workers or it cannot end up without bumpy road. And that nation building in Afghanistan is also possilbe, you enact draft and send 2 million soldiers to Afghanistan. Great man. In 1998 he said US was hyper power, but later, few years ago, he said not any more, USA must share it. 1999 was peak. Problem with reaching peak is that any way of moving is walking down. Bill Clinton was right when he said he had to conserve that model with Swedish model. Buy many are refusing.

  14. MRW

    How can they be the same girl? Hairlines completely different.

  15. Ron Sanderson

    “Strange days” Jim Morrison ..It makes me blue. It makes me sad. It makes me angry. PSYOP CODA. Our lives have a divine light that serves us and we will not allow ourselves to be sacrificed by those that would use our murders as their reason for existing. This is a serious mental illness that some elites possess practice and spread among themselves. I guess it serves them well. What can a peaceful people do to put a halt to this current state of affairs. Counter PYSOPS ? but without any violence. No to Global terror in all shapes and forms.

  16. Ron Sanderson

    Why can’t people see? It really happened. Real people were murdered. These other comments are lost in the woods at night. I guess Government run PSYOPS does have it’s desired effects or they wouldn’t use them. I am no genius but I have friends that say I am the wisest person they are friends with. Keep going Doc. YOU ROCK. (“GOD SAVE THE QUEEN “) WE MEAN IT MAN. SEX PISTOLS .

  17. Marvin Sandnes

    Ya gotta wonder who believes this stuff. i think the media may be their own audience. the hero from the roseburg, or shooting (“are you christian?” and a bullet in the head for a “yes” – 14 dutifully christians took their turn and refused to deny Jesus, like the fink, Peter, in the garden, and took a bullet) got $800 k from a go-fund-me campaign. these events got some legs, yet!

  18. patriot

    War is peace, and peace we shall have, the peace of the grave , courtesy of the ZIONISTS.

  19. Andrew Cullen

    I had never heard of Grande until this atrocity. I had heard of Steve P.
    But this is lazy and incoherent piece of writing; I hope it was not from Steve’s own hand because I have respect for the majority of what he says during his interviews with Infowars.

  20. Tuorila

    I did a search on Georgina Callander (not Collinder) and Jessica Pierpoint. The former died and the latter gave an interview about the attack. They are clearly different people. (Their glasses are similar, but still different.) I have no clue what you smoking, Steve, to lead you to claim they’re the same person.

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