Mainstream Media is Dead!

Mainstream Media is Dead!

The Self-Destructive Media: Gluttony and Greed Lead to Demise!

By now, most of you have seen the amazing salaries that the so-called mainstream media personalities make. These “reporters/journalists” make from $1M to $10M a year!!??

Because they can!
However, as the alternative media arises on the internet, these highly paid actors/actresses are in the process of self-immolation. For the most part, Cable TV/ News have been co-opted by many of us in the ‘alternative media’. Those of us who started reporting since 9/11 do not get paid; many of us pay our own money to be part of the truth movement.

We do it for one simple reason.

We want to inform whoever is out there that our USG has acquired a nasty addiction of compulsive lying over and over again. The official mouthpiece for this Obama administration is not the WH Press Secretary, Josh Earnest, but the ancillary money-making machinery of CNN, MSNBC, Fox News, Comcast etc.

This conglomerate of pretty pictures and soundbites amount to loud noise signifying the opposite of reality. If one wants to really understand the events of our time, one must troll the internet for a compilation of impressions, both verbal and pictorial, which have a modicum of veracity. The “truth seeker” or conscientious teacher must work at extracting the truth. Yet, once established, those active in seeking the truth receive much cooperation from their fellow truthers around the world. Working for truth is not for everyone and let’s face it, some people are just too scared or too lazy or both.

Now that the official media has determined that there is ‘fake news’ outside of their purview, one is morally obligated to persist in triangulating; as well as vetting out the different impressions acquired throughout the cluttered internet. We are in a revolution as to what constitutes viable news.

EX: Was Sandy Hook a false flag? Or did real people die there? That is something that you, the audience, has to decide. Challenge yourself to review all the evidence that both the media and alt media have presented.


There is no doubt that the large corporations have co-opted any sense of expertise in journalism. Just commenting on any domestic/foreign real/imaginary crises has no more legitimacy than a paperback novel. Yet, when correspondents are paid large sums of monies, the invariable question arises as to who really profits [literally and figuratively] from a particular narrative.

Is it the multi-million dollar entertainer whose words are less important than the aesthetics of their appearance? Examine the incestuous relationship between Obama’s administration and corporate news media. This allows the private sector to influence the president’s narrative [and vice versa] along mutually agreed upon guidelines.

In a Breitbart article by John Nolte, he writes about the following relationships:

[1] David Rhodes, current president of ABC News, is the brother of Ben Rhodes, WH national Security Advisor.

[2] Jay Carney, former White House Press Secretary, is married to Claire Shipman, a senior correspondent for ABC News.

[3] Ben Sherwood, Pres. of ABC News, is the brother of Dr. Elizabeth Sherwood-Randall, a special advisor to POTUS.

[4] Virginia Moseley is a CNN VP married to Tom Nides Deputy Sec. of State.

Nepotism between the media and the WH has never been as rampant as it is presently. Such nepotism combined with greed makes for an unholy alliance. The American public expects some aspect of truth in their media [these airwaves do belong to the citizens]. Sadly, mainstream media has failed to deliver and its now becoming more obvious to more people.

The alt media has only one meaningful relationship. It’s between the truth and their respective audience. Whether POTUS or a presidential candidate [HRC] denigrates the alt media is not as relevant as the fact that the alt media has created a massive revolution. This revolution opened the eyes of smart citizens who now know that cable/TV networks,newspapers and other forms of so-called legitimate news is moribund. Stick a fork in it, DONE!

There is an old Portuguese saying that suits the present condition of the mainstream media:

“News [law] go were the dollars please.”

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17 thoughts on “Mainstream Media is Dead!

  1. Chia Cha

    To all those people who does not understand yet, if you are not on net you do not exist. If you are not binary you do not exist. Same with media. CNN does not exist on YT, CNN is dead.

    1. Chia Cha

      When you are dead, your only chance to be remembered for few generations more, is you facebook account. If Zuckerberg decide to snoop, unless you give password to someone.

      1. Embrey

        Poor Chia,
        It is the exact opposite. There is no reality in Facebook, Twitter, virtual reality goggles, etc…
        If you want to be sovereign, never establish an account on any of these phony systems. Among the greatest currencies of the future will be privacy. Do you really want your great-grandchildren to know everything about you? Some thoughts and opinions are supposed to be private.
        Your premise that these propaganda/spying networks will be the only way you are remembered is false. How about you have a family, raise some kids that will be able to take care of themselves and help other people.
        All of these phony premises assume there is no God.
        God is.

        1. Chia Cha

          Wrong, being sovereign is propaganda, definition of human is that human is social being, not inidvidual, try be inidvidual for awhile to see for how long you will stay sane. Medically it is impossible. In a way i agree that as communist you must democratize everything (house building, medicine, knowledge, and that every individual must have own needs fulfilled) but only society can build you as individual.

          1. Embrey

            Definition of human being is ‘one who is self-aware’.
            What do you think homo sapien means?
            You must view humans as animals.
            Dogs are social.
            Horses are social.
            Fish are social.
            You confuse everything by adding politics. Nature doesn’t give a damn about your politics.

        2. Chia Cha

          Human is half artificial, half natural. On animal part of brain add human part, technically, and you get human. That is why human is problematic as such. Capitalism wants reduce humans just to animals (nature) by idol-worshiping of money created by few capitalists, by making it only measure of reason, by politically abolishing concept of human needs.

      2. Chia Cha

        When you do not fulfill human needs, individual die, 20 days without food, and individual is gone. Same with living on street. Capitalists are trying to say that society is natural and that economy is natural, to kill artificiality off economy (and science) to proclaim that people dying on street is natural, not connected with facts that they are holding means to stop people from dying.

        1. Van Hovey

          Chia, you are insane. What are you preaching? Confusion? Non-existence? Society is a construct, but man does not need society to exist. When society is gone, man will still be here, starting over again.

    2. Van Hovey

      Chia, once again proving your idiocy. Why not show your face? Who are you really? Trolling Pieczenik? Don’t like what he’s saying? Trying to confuse people?

      It is not my physical OR digital existence that make me exist, it is my connection to spirit that does. Without THAT there would be nothing. Everything else is a temporary construct. Only spirit is eternal.

      1. Chia Cha

        Do not be scared, material and scientific world goes much more beyond what you now think is spiritual only, for other worlds we can believe they exist or not. But it is idol worshiping thinking they exist. How many times many people die in some specific building, and people think those are spirits. But that was because building private entrepreneur mixed concrete with transformer oil which are super cancerogenous and even more expensive to get rid off.

  2. jim

    that 1-10 million in salary is for left wing media, the real money is in the right wing media where 10 million is the bottom just ask oreilly who is at 17 million

  3. Furtive

    Merry Christmas & Happy Chanukah to allthose who CONTINUE to do their cultural litetacy homework!
    Here is why Donald J. Trump became our Gift from God….

  4. Timothy J. Wulff

    Dr. Pieczenik,

    Thanks for not posting my previous comment. I hope you don’t post this one either.

    I wonder if there is anything in the works with you guys to help people like me who who would like to either create or be part of online teaching centers, and if you guys view the possibility of developing systems of online empowerment of effective individual thought processes as a viable concept.

    It seems to me that this idea ought to be congruent with your decentralized power concepts proven to be so effective in these recent events.

    I know others who have knowledge and want to teach.

    We have a world of intellectually dis-empowered and propagandized individuals desperately in need of a way to get a more real grasp on the actual nature of history and also how to understand current information and unfolding events. People need to understand that it is their own understanding that needs to be nurtured and that their own process and methods of thought that need to be refined through education and brought to awareness.

    We have people who desire to share what they have worked so hard to attain – the knowledge of what-is-so.

    Anyway, regardless of these expressions, thanks for all you have done and shared and to all those for whom you are seen by me as but the tip of the iceberg.

    This is a time I never thought would occur, and I am amazed. Thanks for your tolerance of my not necessarily appropriate or helpful comments.

    The gift you all have given to us is incomparable as you know, and now I realize that we shall never know the names and identities of those who have actually saved us from the doom I had viewed as so certain.

    With profound respect,

    I am,

    Timothy J. Wulff

    1. Chia Cha

      Gee you are talking like there is no science called sociology. You sound like horse without 4 legs on race track… Time to learn about world.

  5. Bill Marshburn

    Sandy Hook School Address 1956

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