WATCH LIVE: Donald Trump vs Hillary Clinton

WATCH LIVE: Donald Trump vs Hillary Clinton

Watch as presidential nominees Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump discuss US national security and military issues at the the Intrepid Sea, Air & Space Museum in New York City.

The CIC will be the first time that both candidates have participated together in an event since the 2016 election began.

This should be good.

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8 thoughts on “WATCH LIVE: Donald Trump vs Hillary Clinton

  1. how perfect is that. i can listen from southern china to my two favorite news sources, dr. pieczenik & infowars!!!

  2. Ron Sanderson

    We will never submit to the muslim brothood and the grand Jihad

  3. Hia Ha

    Hillary is going to tax top 10%, she said there is money. I recommend to vote for Hillary. If you are not in top 10%. Take calculator and count. Also if you are sick then I recommend also to vote for Hillary and if you have history of cancer in family, in that case even if you are in bottom 96%. Because she will lift ban imposed by capitalists that people can have their own health care, where rich parasites give back to poor part of what they stole to poor to get cured. Even if she is rotting Tim Kaine will take over, so no worry there.

  4. Full Duke

    Yeah, even with 18 hours of sleep per day, Hillary apparently had an earpiece – with someone feeding her answers last night.

  5. Full Duke

    Am I detecting a hint of sarcasm CHIA_CHIA?

  6. Jerry Jay Thomasson

    Dr. Steve Pieczenik is and has been such a great addition to the list of America’s most experienced top analyst of current domestic and foreign affairs. Speaking out against and revealing the politicians who have taken corruption – treason to a whole new level level in this country.

  7. Patriarch

    Paul Wolfowitz has endorsed Hillary.
    Ray MacGovern:
    “The now viral video shows McGovern being dragged out, which is when he utters his first words “So this is America?” McGovern’s silent protest was intended to shun Clinton, who he criticizes as someone who “never met a war she didn’t like,” citing her support for the invasion of Iraq, for the war in Afghanistan, and for her present leading role in beating the drum for an attack on Iran.

    Clinton’s cheet sheet answers in her prepped interview with Lauer were fed through her “Girl with the pearl earring” earpiece.

    She is a complete fraud, she failed the DC BAR EXAM IN HER 20’s.
    She had brain damage even then.

  8. Sherry

    It is so ironic that Hillary’s bad health was exposed at Ground Zero. Yes, there is a God.

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