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14 thoughts on “Listen to Trump NOT the NeoCons!

  1. Iggy B

    Something is going on. Like I wrote in a prior post. Something is up…

    There must be a reason the Democrats are dragging the nation through this circus + it likely involves cooperation with the Deep State Elements on the Right.

    I do not believe at least the Big Money behind the Left is blind enough or stupid enough to think what they are doing right now — will help them in the Mid-Terms… It’s clearly going to hurt.

    So why…?

    This one Supreme Court seat is not worth the damage they are doing to the party this close to the election.

    The Dems are most likely falling on their swords for some perceived greater gain down the road…. And Republicans like Lindsey Graham have been tapped to step up to take on the national spotlight…

    Why? What comes next….?

    They have both Patriots + Far Lefters —– hopping mad and ready to take it to the streets in violent clashes. Then what?

    Is this in anticipation of Future Indictments coming down for Big Names in the Deep State — Comey, Strozk, Paige — and perhaps even Lynch — with the snowball building toward Hillary and Obama….?

    Are they going to try some type of Whiplash after a Republican Victory in the Mid-Terms…?

    Give the Republicans a greater margin in Congress – so when the FISA and other evidence of the illegal use of Government Power against Trump comes out — Republicans will have an easier time initially getting arrests going — which will further enrage the Antifa-wing of the Left —- and then they’ll be given their marching orders to create violent havoc…

    ….but unlike other times when violent protests were kicked off the past few decades —– Patriots will be angry enough to join them in the struggle —- and we’ll have 2 hands clapping this time instead of the usual one…

    Then a Lindsay Graham-type can fully take center stage and call for a return to Normalcy…. and an end to “Witch Hunts” and a “let’s move on” attitude…. leaving the bulk of the evidence unpublicized and the criminals to get off free (as always happens)…?

    Ford pardoned Nixon to “get things back to normal” after the money behind the Deep State took him out…

    — A quiet Red Wave of Republicans gaining seats in Congress would be the Worst Case for the Dems right now…. with the threat of Trump declassifying the evidence against them…. If Law & Order are allowed to take a Constitutional Course, and Trump is serious about publicizing prior crimes…. the Dems are Finished for a generation or two……

    …and any witch hunt against Deep State Democrats is going to find quiet a lot of Republicans have been flying around on brooms as well…

    So, maybe the best bet on both sides is —- get things stirred up….

    Get the Patriots as angry as Antifa is at the drop of a hat… Then throw the nation into chaos should indictments and arrests start rolling…. and have a few Republican Deep Staters carve out a Middle Ground to Save the Nation…?

    I don’t know…

    …..but something is up…. Something explains why the Dems are doing what seems like political suicide just before the elections….

    1. Chia Cha

      Lindsey is wondefull for center stage. How many ladies would kill to look like having make up all the time without having any. But we must congratulate Lindsey for being just. Must for every rule is to fill centre of power with such around. Only then you have government.

      1. Ed Kirchner

        I sent Lindsey Graham an email letting him know we were very disappointed and shocked when we saw him hugging Huma at the Mcstain funeral but I also said his speech at the Kavanaugh hearing was one of the most inspiring speeches I have ever heard. What a difference a day makes.

    2. Chia Cha

      McCain knew one thing, that he starting to suddenly wear wig would not make him look authentic. I mean imagine Stalin crossing London Bridge with briefcase. That would be full blown slap to sheep’s face, something not even most powerfull can allow to overlook. Sheep can be important.

      1. Ed Kirchner

        Yes, you need wool to cover the sheep’s eyes

        1. Ed Kirchner

          To Maverick Troublemaker,
          You have peeled back the curtains of the secretive world of government operations and for that we are grateful. But, with all due respect as you are more intelligent, better educated, and have more hands on experience than us average citizens , all of this talk of coup and counter coup is irrelevant. Until the Fed is shut down and the control of the money supply returned to the american people and the congress, it doesn’t matter which side of the coup wins. The FED bankers don’t care who makes the laws so long as they control the money. The Fed can cool down or heat up the economy by increasing or decreasing the money supply or increasing or decreasing the interest rate.

          Good Luck and thank you for your time

      2. Ed Kirchner

        Chia Cha,

        I look forward to you posts. Although, I have to read between the lines your insights
        are valuable. Here is one for you:

        Get off the merry go round
        Opposite sides of the same coin.
        Chi Coms beware
        There is no right or wrong answer
        Common sense is not so common.
        Jesus came to criticize religion . Then they created a religion around him
        The obvious makes no sense.
        369 tesla

  2. Ed Kirchner

    To Iggy B,

    There is always something going on. Would Military tribunals and the repeal of Roe vs Wade be an incentive to drag their feet?

    1. Iggy B

      Who is “they”?

      The Dems are pumping up the rage on both sides of the aisle now in a way that will hurt them in a big way in the Mid-Terms.

      They have no hope of preventing Trump from filling that open SCOTUS seat (barring killing him).

      So, what explains the first?

      1. Ed Kirchner

        There is something wrong with the system. I think I am being blocked

        1. Ed Kirchner

          They kill their own kind {abortion} what makes you think they won’t kill people people on your side.

          1. Ed Kirchner

            Many american citizens are concerned with the increased surveillance of the population by the american government. There are some religious groups that believe there is a higher power that is watching our every move and that we will have to answer for our actions at Judgement Day. Will the american citizens be judged for the actions of our government?

            Phalanx warrior

  3. Ed t Kirchner

    From what I can remember, Iraq under Sadam, had a population of about 3 million .
    Iran with a population of about 30 million was held to a standstill by the Iraqi military.
    Now our chickens are coming home to roost. Would an EMP attack be effective if we were
    to go war with iran?

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