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50 thoughts on “Listen to Rex Tillerson!


    Tillerson was awarded the friend of Russia award so obviously he knows that Russia is not Americas enemy but has not stood up for the truth that he knows about Russia and so has let us America who are oppose to unjust wars and a cold war with Russia down.

    George Orwell said , that telling the truth in a world of deceit is a revolutionary act , and Tillerson knows the truth but has kept silent in regards to Russia.

    Martin Luther King said, a time comes when silence is betrayal, Trump has betrayed all of us who voted for him and he was our last chance.

    1. Petra

      Desert Fox – you continue to come out with all these accusations. Without follow up or facts. Any administration consists between 4,000 and 7,000 personnel. It is not just the President. It is the movement behind him. Trump has ousted the old regime that still have the congress by a noose. You can look at the top layer and call Trump a betrayer. But, you really need to look at several layers. You essentially have the same comments from weeks but, they don’t have any substance. Which is contrary to the intellect that Dr. Piecezenik puts out on this site. So, back your self up with details and experiences or realize that we all have read your thoughts on Trump being a controlled Zionist. And leave room for others that can match the Dr. comments and generous posts. You know he does not have to do this.

      1. DESERT FOX

        Check the site

        1. Petra

          I know that site. They are OK but, they do not have the full truth. Esp. on 9/11. Otherwise they would acknowledge that it was a gold heist.
          Bottom line Trump is not a murder to keep power and remain in power. Like the Bushes and Clintons… Once again an administration has 4-7,000 jobs. There is much more to this than Trump. Like it or not we have save our republic with him right now….. saying we throw in the towel because he is a Zionist is irreverent.

          1. DESERT FOX

            Trump has been beholden to the Zionist bankers of wallstreet all of his life and they call the shots.

            911 was done by Zionist Israel and the U.S. deep state and it was an in our face deal because they know that the Zionists control America.

            Check the site Dr. Judy and Henry

      2. “The WHOLE is GREATER than the SUM of its parts!!”

        1. What I mean is tthat Jesus the Spiritual King allowed SOME of the Deep State to be HONORABLE like Dr Steve R Pieczenik stated in his video. GOD doesn’t need superior numbers. Just because SOME of the political factions in America are evil or misguided, there is still a plan for USA!

          1. There is a pivot WITHIN our country who see this SPIRITUAL BATTLE for what it is.!

          2. You can hear In the tone of Rex Tillerson that he caught a whiff of the foul stench from DEVIL WORSHIPING cartels. They too are enslaved by BAAL they will be defeated! They are devil worshippers, human trafficking, child murderers.

    2. Chia Cha

      Yep I reported month ago that serbs said that Tillerson wants to dig arctic with russians 🙂

    3. Desert Fox, I hear you bro, they’re coming for us man, stay in your foxhole!

        Published on Jul 29, 2017
        Stephen Sizer: Leaked Zionist ‘Hasbara handbook’
        1) Persuade, ingratiate and befriend the Zionist critic
        2) Private written & spoken attacks, often anonymous
        3) Smear character to friends, colleagues, bosses and/or in
        4) Report criminal ‘hate crime’ allegations to police

        Hasbara is a form of propaganda aimed at an international audience, primarily, but not exclusively, in western countries. It is meant to influence the conversation in a way that positively portrays Israeli political moves and policies, including actions undertaken by Israel in the past. Often, Hasbara efforts includes a negative portrayal of the Arabs and especially of Palestinians.

        The Hebrew meaning of the word Hasbara (הסברה) is “explanation” (the term “propaganda” has a different word in Hebrew – תעמולה). I believe that the popular use of this term also reflects a widespread public notion that a better effort of explaining Israel’s actions to the world will generate better understandings of Israel’s policies, and more international support. A less common use of the verb “to explain” (להסביר), which has to do with welcoming someone, was used in the past by the Tourism Ministry in campaigns urging Israelis to show a hospitable approach to tourists.

        Palestinian Christians attacked for challenging Christian Zionism

    4. Donna E Turner

      Putin is not our friend. Putin bought uranium from Hillary Clinton (and gave money to the criminal Clinton Foundation) the leader of the leftist front attempting the destruction of America.

      1. Chia Cha

        You can trade with enemies, why not. Those who does not want to trade with Russia are just lying they do not trade with enemies. Such will trade your house, kids and jobs to communist chinese right away. You all must prepare to be ready to go on streets in one moment and yell support to US military. Demanding removal of bureaucracy as dangerous caste.

      2. RUTH


    5. al

      Tillerson has won the friend of Russia award.

      As such he CANNOT be trusted. He is already psychologically compromised.

      Dr. P……you know better ! please stop the nonsense.

      This guy is a the typical corporate doofus who finds him self at the top………

      and yes that he is white, tall, male, and a “good ole boy” were all essential to him getting to the top ! …..

      All he has is a BS in civil engineering !!!

      can you imagine a black or woman being CEO of a company like Exxon and only having a bachelors degree ????? are you that delusional. They would have to have PHDs/ JDs, MBAs minimum.

      1. Chia Cha

        Only total retard believe that PHD/JP and NBA s are measure of knowledge and ability to make profit. You discredited your self.

    6. RUTH



    Our Lady’s Peace Plan, Over Atheistic Communism…Family Rosary
    The Triumph of Mary Begins With President Trump the Great!

    1. Awww, Lawrence, you are referring to the Divine Feminine. That is so sweet and tender and benevolent. I love that.

  3. Furtive

    Kafka in he USA: THE TRIAL

    ” Rosenstein has paymasters?

    Yer darn right, he does. Rosenstein didn’t make the decision to appoint a Special Counsel by himself. That’s baloney. He got his marching orders from someone else higher up the foodchain. That’s obvious. Does anyone seriously believe that a second-string attorney at the Justice Department would launch a full-blown attack on the president of the United States unless he got the greenlight from the deep-state fatcats who operate behind the scenes?

    No way. If the big boys weren’t on board, the media would have blown Rosenstein out of the water 5 minutes after he made the announcement. As it stands, the witchhunt is going forward without a shred of solid evidence, without any eyewitnesses, without a hint of wrongdoing, and without any probable cause. It’s like a novel by Franz Kafka only everyone already knows how it ends.”

    1. Furtive

      Mueller is a “sting entrapment operator”. He taught Comey everything he knows.
      Trump’s lawyers have to entrap Mueller & sting him. Exposing his use of illegal surveillance as FBI director is a great start..
      Sidney .Powell is a great witness for this exposé.

      His only way to end this nightmare.

      1. DESERT FOX

        Mueller help cover up the true perpetrators of 911 while he was at the DOJ and that makes him an enemy of the American people.

        1. Petra

          So if Mueller and Trump are both Zionist why is Mueller going after Trump? Please explain in detail.

          1. DESERT FOX

            The big picture is that the Zionist Neocons want a war with Russia and they felt Trump was trying to seek better relations with Russia and so they are going to destroy him and the war with Russia will destroy us all.

        2. Chia Cha

          Desert Fox, you are real muslim turk.

          1. DESERT FOX

            You are insane.

          2. Chia Cha

            I never met more stupid person then you in my life. You are muslim inbred. I saw your picture online. Turk.

      2. Petra

        Desert Fox they want wat with Russia because they have dropped the petro dollar it is more about the petro dollar and fiat currency than Israel.

  4. I just listened to Alex Jones on Infowars and he has been talking to Roger Stone. Their sources are mentioning that Kelly has shut off back channels to Trump and there may be a coup to take out President Trump. The question for me is whether Kelly and McMaster are going to protect Trump or whether there will be a double cross. This is extremely disconcerting to me.

    I just watched Pence’s speech to the Western Balkan states at the Adriatic Council. I’m glad he went to reiterate, in more detail, the overarching message POTUS gave at the July 6 speech in Poland. I like Pence and he is calm, measured, sober eyed, but he is a career politician. He makes a great Vice President, but I would not want him as POTUS.

    It is EXTREMELY important that the Republican base be continually awake, alive, invigorated so they will continue to go to the polls and vote. Under President Trump, they will do that. However, if someone like Pence became POTUS, the entire base would begin, over time, to lose its vivacity, interest, and vigor that translates into showing up at the polls. I cannot overemphasize the importance of having Trump remain as POTUS, for so many reasons, and this is just one very important one that I’m unsure many grasp of its significance and importance.

    As I read My Beloved Tallyrand, I see this shrewd, intelligent statesman had only one allegiance and that was to the upholding of what was in the best interest of France and her people, and not to any one particular politician, even if that meant the King himself. It’s very indicative of the agenda of the French Foreign Legion. France first and foremost, and any leader or faction which compromises France is expendable. I understand that and laud it. In the case of Trump, I just hope that there are people behind the scenes and in front of the podium who support President Trump and understand the extreme importance of having him remain in power. Many of his supporters would unequivocally stop voting at the polls and this critical movement, this Second American Revolution, would lose steam. That is just how important having President Trump remain as president is. Surely there are wise and intelligent minds (both wisdom and intelligence are required) who are in the background who realize this and adopt this view. The American Republic and Western Civilization are at stake. The stakes are extremely high.

    1. Chia Cha

      America is trying to unite “western balkans” with romania, bulgaria, moldova and greece, economically, so american capitalists can invest, american capitalist when he hear how many governments he must call to invest in to region, he goes bezerk… Slovenia (of Melania) will be given to Germany. I am proposing united Hungary, Croatia and Slovakia… But american capitalists are not informed, they will try put catholic croatia with orthodox subhumans again. That will make us go to Russia again for protection from american cultural r@pe.

  5. Chia Cha

    Rich people (those with planes) are all muslims. Every rich person is muslim. This is typical muslim behaviour. Plus liberal capitalism will not take his property, because girl was worker’s class person (damage is low). Sick system. Trump must reform judicial system so convicted criminals lose their property even when they harm workers. I know that is too much but we can hope. Rich soccer player of course protected rich who could have land on sea.

  6. MrTuvok

    Paul Craig Roberts now paints a very dire picture of Trump’s position in relation to congress and the effects of the constitutionally questionable sanctions bill. He also refers to Trump as “alone” in his cabinet.

    This is somewhat at odds with your recent commentary on Trump and his generals. It seems that there has been a widespread purge of Trump’s loyalists even if some of the ousters have been accepted by his advocates in the new media (McFlynn, Scaramucci).

    I believe Trump’s agenda will prevail, but that there need to be serious pushback against people like McMaster and the attempt by congress to hijack the foreign policy in relations to Russia.

    I look forward to hearing your comments on these developments on youtube/infowars when time permits.

    1. I am wondering if Scaramucci wasn’t brought in to fire Priebus with the intention of Scaramucci leaving right after the firing—-all so that the media would not attack Trump for firing Priebus and so Priebus wouldn’t seek revenge on Trump. Stranger things than this have happened.

      There are so many covert chess moves going on, it is dizzying.

  7. I sense something is going on here. Trump is said to spend 17 days in New Jersey while the White House is being renovated. I suspect the bugging and wiretapping devices are finally being removed—–which should have been done day one.

    Here is a theory: Lots of covert chess moves going on and the public is intentionally being kept in the dark about some prosecutions that may be in play for people from the Obama administration, but in order to not tip those people off and in order to, literally, prevent some people from being murdered who are testifying, all the news about the Obama administration prosecutions are being intentionally withheld.

    I watched a Judicial Watch video a few days ago titled, A WILDERNESS OF MIRRORS. Sometimes, when opposing factions are fighting for power, this wilderness of mirrors can be part unintentional and, sometimes, it can be intentionally created, to achieve an objective. If this is part of what is going on, people like Dr. Pieczenik with his background in the State Department and his current connections would not be able to disclose these things. Yet, when he talks, I listen. Lots of covert chess moves going on outside the public purview. I’m hoping to hear “Checkmate” from Trump. Alot is at stake.

    1. Jen Benson

      Wanda. I like your thinking. In fact, I hope that you are right about the chess moves. That Steve is somewhere in the strategies to me is important at this point.
      I also wondered about the renovations and I do think there is more that just debugging. There are implants for reasons that Mr T is very aware of. Thanks for the insight Wanda.
      As an Aussie, it came to me today that our PM is a globalist plant: a member of parliament who replaced an elected Leader under our system. Probably a Goldman Sachs put in. Not the first time in the world has this occurred. I now realise the whole debacle of a party leader being able to be replaced by a majority vote of the Members of parliament of that party is a sleight of hand that enables CIA influence to take place behind the scenes.

      1. Chia Cha

        America leads waves from 1865. Therefore removal of anti-western globalists will follow later in outer area of empire. Why do not you start working in your country also to remove them.

      2. Hello Jen, There are always layers of things going on.

        Ruses are part of psycho-political strategies and tactics, and have been since time began. I’m sure they are going on. What people read about in the news can either be a truth or a ruse by either power faction. I try to connect dots as to what is going on underneath all the hype. Sometimes what is printed and said is the most important issue, however, sometimes what is NOT printed or said, is what is the most significant.

  8. Chia Cha

    He is hero, Steven Miller plus president who do what he says. I was really afraid one year ago USA had become muslim/pagan/minority/3rd world/2nd world (same thing) country for ever. Unable to count profits.

    1. Chia Cha

      I must say that liberals are more successful version of communists. Other then that there is no any other difference. Oh, or yes, there is, communists who called them self liberal, lasted longer, until 2016. Every liberal/communist is working against own people, for imaginary global people (read, rich elite). Of course that system cannot have foundation. But if foundations are not tackled it can last for ever. Long live those who tackle.

  9. Redwan

    Rex Tillerson is a very intelligent person who ran Exxon-Mobil very well. There is a real he rose from a low position to CEO

  10. Furtive

    Oliver Stone responds to the criminal government operatives hypnotizing the citizens into MISPLACED cold anger

  11. Patriarch

    Are Trump’s attorneys representing him…orvare they compromised?

    “What stands out most during then-FBI Director Mueller’s term in office is the two-tiered system of justice, when obvious crimes and scandals involving government officials and private-sector elites were ignored or even covered up by the FBI. What Mueller failed to do to protect our country says more than anything he did…

    If Mueller failed to do anything to stop these obviously corrupt and criminal practices during his own 12-year term as FBI Director, it’s hard to believe that he will conduct a fair and impartial investigation into the politically-charged assumption of “Russian interference” in the 2016 presidential election.

    Mueller isn’t the one to investigate the swamp—Mueller is the swamp. He is a dirty cop who never should have been appointed Special Counsel, and he should be fired immediately.

  12. Chia Cha

    People does not really understand, but THEY really are MUSLIMS. Communists (meaning = all liberals) are MUSLIMS, they are muslim AGENTS, all of them… They want ISLAM. Bureaucracy (they all are communists) wants ISLAM. Every guy whos existance does not depend on providing services to other peoples, but only on will of guy above him IS communist (bureaucrat). Hyrarchical monolit = satan. Democracy is only cure.

  13. Francesca

    Thanks Dr. Steve for your valuable input, it clarifies a great deal on foreign policy. I hope the President will prevail, all of his enemies are revealing themselves maybe that is the point. I hope Alex Jones is not right this time he speaks of a coup being carried out by his generals and a great purge of patriots by McMaster , and the POTUS being isolated. I hope this is not the case. I am very concerned about recent developments.

  14. Chia Cha

    I said right away that this homo is face of everything what is wrong in western civilization. Homo bureaucrat resposible only to his bureaucrat above. Not even one democratically elected institution inside USA can fire him. Power of unelected mafia hierarchy. Total communism.

    1. It was the IMAGE of the BEAST that was deceiving people. The supposed Goddess of Liberty like in Homer’s ILLIAD. They are really fallen angels professing to spread “Freedom” but in fact slaughter masses of people to gain dominion.
      The bureaucrats were only serving their own interest second to the interest of their Babylonian masters.

  15. Chia Cha

    What is happening here, those libtard communists are still on HfP and CNN, how many arguments they can falsly manufacure without any ANY connection to truth, what idiot can listen their stinky propaganda any more. This is brutal attempt via bureaucratic and communist measures of old media to keep their positions. What kind of brain damage / or corrupt deal you must have to not be for Trump in this moment.

  16. James

    Let this play out. Sit back and allow them to expose themselves. The new SCotUS will weigh in, most likely in favour of the sitting president. That is if things go truly awry. Trump is trying to turn an oil tanker, it is slow and requires a lot of space. This hole has been dug during 40 years of incompetent leadership; it will take half as long to fill it back in!

    1. James, I agree with you. The task is enormous and seems formidable. I believe there are covert forces who assist Trump more than some believe, however, I do not doubt, for one second, the powerful forces which counter his agenda.

      We must remain supportive of President Trump.

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