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27 thoughts on “Lets Get Strategic! Shall We??!!

  1. Chia Cha

    Policy of opening toward China was done to start war with China, why should now this closing be something different? It is always same, trade is done only to spy on your enemy before war. Plus chaos for working class existed from time of Reagan. Plus forces to be see this as oportunity to crash all those who supported openning to China, because new policies always have to go in totality, simply for others to follow. Wall Street intentionally destroyed youth by knowing they will fail by choosing wrong courses (communist education – female studies, freedom of choice etc…) after they made sure to earn even more by having them fail in returning credits. Plus Wall Street says that missing money in pension funds is problem, and that pensions will have to go down drastically, but missing money they stole (some other funds, even bigger hole) is not problem. Wall Street as tool of capitalist class learned all wonders of soci@lism for them self. All market laws and rules are made for rich. Therefore chaos is only solution. Class interest of Wall Street is not connected with interest of 80% of society. Therefore everything which goes against Wall Street in new policies is good. We can only hope there will be more innocent victims among top 20%. FINALLY. There must be victims and next american generation cannot be trapped in Gig-Casino-Gulag economy with Phillippino salaries is not option if this country does not want to sell only incomeing people they have and that is this generation. No one is listening me but killing top 20% of western whites would be the best move anyone could done. It maybe not internationally wise, and geopolitically wise but it must be done as example to youth. Dr. P is right, this is also path toward war. Just this time not those controlable by rich any more, only by pure chaos 🙂 FINALLY. Only way to stop it is control inside own borders by respecting rules toward working class. That is now only way for rich to get in to their uncontrolable episode of wars.

    1. Chia Cha

      *not get … Also I agree that thinking with hot head is not good thinking, and that there is posibility that they will think they will start practicing globalist free market capitalism inside own borders only as way to survive. Which would be even worse (model of Mexico and Brazil), but we can hope in that case that american workers will then be able to remember that they once lived better then filipino workers therefore they would know that they can get money by starting mutiny and that entrepreurial spirit is problem. CNN at least is not promoting entrepreneurial spirit and free markets and now is supporting Trump policies of tarrifs therefore there is chance Brian Stelter will be able to teach new generation how to rebel. Culture and Soros is there. Therefore we can hope american spirit will win either way unlike in broken capitalist countries of south america.

  2. Jason

    Where were these so called allies during 9/11?

    1. Jason

      Reverse psychology? Perhaps this is Dr. Steve’s way of warning our fake allies what is at stake while appearing to be the voice of “conventional” reason. America’s new trajectory is both non-conventional and counter-intuitive to those that play with blocks. As a Lego-man myself who understood gear ratios and planetary gear systems before kindergarten, but lacked the skills of stacking blocks that could easily be knocked over by bullies (which happened enough to teach me some important lessons at the age of three), I fail to see the reason to legitimately protest these tariffs. Conventional wisdom leads to a conventional life and a most conventional death.

    2. Petra

      Well, how were these allies to know that a faction with in the White House and CIA were going to do 9/11. It was an inside job! And a bank robbery. All the gold in the vaults at the bottom of the twin towers was stolen taken away in the clean up trucks…… this was a bank heist among many other things.

      1. DESERT FOX

        911 was done by Israel and the Zionist controlled deep state in the U.S..

      2. Jason

        This is Dr. Steve doing his occasional rope a dope. Dr. Steve is not a conventional wisdom sort in my book. He is a pioneer. American. I just think he knows better and am desperate to hear the words “plundered” used when referencing the last few decades. Perhaps I am just impatient with the rate of chrysalis that we are experiencing.

        1. Chia Cha

          American capitalists are insane, they really believe that euroepans will agree to eat GMO and let more of capitalism in healthcare. Right now what Germany is doing, Germany is now subsidising private healthcare sector for rich only with money of taxpayers which are against that sector existing nor they want to use it. That way every german see america as enemy No1 for survival of own kids, then same government which is doing that privatization calls russian firms to invest in that sector and german government can start importing all raw material directly from russia while people support that because they see america as danger… Same with GMO, same with liberalization of labour laws. America is rightly seen as sources of leprosy, and cure is russia, while leprosy spreads. America cannot dictate terms of TTIP to EU. That is impossible. It can be done only via my solution.

  3. Petra

    Excellent! On point.

  4. Embrey

    Force foreign markets open to US goods and services.
    People are confusing what has been the status quo with free trade.
    Trump is only moving in a ‘protectionist’ direction relative to the status quo.
    That status quo has included foreign countries who have been allowed to sell into the American market with little or no barriers to entry.
    The current American philosophy is weighted heavily towards the consumer only.
    If America is to reestablish its role as a producer nation, Trump’s policies are going to be necessary.

  5. Chia Cha

    There are too many rich people, they are too big drag on workers. If you have some retarded idiot inheriting some property, when he sell that property we workers must support all that money he got… He must get all resources we workers are producing for all that paper he got even he is retard and never workerd one day in his life. Free market capitalism simply is not sustainable. Let see private pension funds. Only total retard can invest in such, only total moron can think that giving money someone in private (privatly owned company) is better then giving that money to government (owned by bureaucracy). Just compare social security and private pension funds. Only total retard can think that someone else will take care of your own money. He will rather chance laws so he will go bust, take money from you can then get recovered by tax payers money. HA HA HA. And you all pay that… HA HA HA.

    1. Chia Cha

      Wall Street functions because it is casino subsidized for minority by us majority. If majority would start using wall street, or even more then 20% of people, then wall street would go bust right away. And they would invent again something special for them self and explain us again why this time again we all cannot be part of that, and why they can live without work and why we must have less money when we retire. That is done after bail out and we call that reforms in capitalism. That is because they always writes laws for them self. They take how much they can.

      1. Embrey

        You are a collectivist.
        I am an individualist.
        Other than that I find you pleasant and informative.
        I owe you nothing.
        You owe me nothing.
        Mind your own business.

        1. Chia Cha

          Collective solution done by government in this case military is only solution for collective centrally planned rape done by liberal capitalist fascists. Wall Street should be allowed only to old people, as some kind of tombula or bingo, but to have that as something serious or not taxed with 99% is insane collectivist terror done by minority. In my model from local Bingo you would be able to get more money to buy ice cream to nethpews then from Wall Street.

          1. Embrey

            Collective = NO DEAL

            Americans are not collectivist by nature.

          2. Chia Cha

            Oh cmon you would earn much more money via my product based Wall Street.

        2. Chia Cha

          It is impossible to have Wall Street and not have sick, feminized, degenerate, criminals and old (those who cannot work any more) destroying society on grand scale. You cannot support both. It is impossible. Rent seeking vampires always must suck until bones because Wall Street is nothing else then removal of money from wealth producing sector to parasite sector. It is machine invented by ruling class for petit capitalists around world to join in and start sucking world majority together. Of course americans were sucked most because that is where Wall Street had most of control. Communism for parasites on steorids. Luckily that model is over. There is no more of profit in that. Games is too old, now it is time to throw all users of that model in biological waste. And start some other scheme. Which is going to be less inclusive for effete and lazy white shoe boys.

  6. Chia Cha

    If everyone is having real estates, then that is not good for free marketiers. By the forces of free market you remove jobs from one area, (close factories), so that workers have real eastates which are not usuable (Rust Belt) and you create cheap workers, making real estates where minority lives, more expensive and more needed to survive (those in ocean cities). What they hate is most is everyone driving Mercedes. That is totally subversive. Luckily in USA many people still are driving pick up trucks no matter how much money they have and are still having guns and are not driving Mercedeses. Such can be tolerated even when they have little more.

  7. Donna

    I support Trump’s tariffs 100 percent. Canada has had its cake and been eating it too, for too long, doing nothing militarily, run by the Throne, with the U.S. protecting Canada every inch of the way. Canadians are the spoiled rotten little brother, they lick ALL the icing in the bowl, all the time and never share. Trudeau is another NWO puppet, just like his mean and nasty pedophile father was.

    I’ve been reading that the quality of steel being imported to the U.S. is inadequate and has been for years. You want quality, you have to pay for it. We were able to build ships in WWII quickly because we had the raw materials, like steel to do it. We can’t do that with China and Russia

    I’ve been watching Peter Navarro for years, he’s a smart guy and I was hoping for a long time, Trump would be smart enough to employ this guy, Trump did. Jared Kushner on the other hand along with Princess Ivanka need to go.

    Get real, Steve. Most of the farms in the U.S. are now run by corporations, a lot of them foreign corporations. The real problem here, is that ALL the people for ALL these years, who have been making money and making themselves rich with their hands in the NWO cookie jar, won’t be able to do it anymore.

  8. Chia Cha

    Capitalists think they can pillage workers and that workers will not demand effete communist godless revolution with intention to put terror of bureaucracy on power. And they are right about that. BUT they forget that there is Syrian model for every society. When they are terrorising domestic people too much, then foreign powers can start carving country along racial and tribal lines and start helping victims of terror to overthro free market capitalist yoke and remove their terrorist liberal-capitalist strangle over their throats. Capitalsits are strangeling and terrorising people via injust laws intentionaly in their face because openly terrorized people (injustice in your face) in their attempt to protect own kids will not try demand justice over crime done in sector of economy.

    1. Chia Cha

      Who would have known bureaucracy & and liberal free market capitalsits are so capable. They almost destroyed whole mobilization mass of west. This datas are horrible.

  9. Brian Colley

    That would be Mr. President to you mr. p. After todays anouncment i expect you will be eating a little bit of crow.

  10. Chia Cha

    Everything has been written in japanese newspapers in 1930es and before end of WW2. 🙂 To start world war you just need documents. I personally would like to have all people using Wall Street killed and their families sold in slavery (to return every dollar they stole) but we cannot do it because they are saying that they lifted people of China and India up and created there middle class. Therefore what to do now, to kill them or not?

    1. Chia Cha

      Communist/(free market-liberal) capitalist Equality for females starts to spread, in Europe. By new capitalist / communist reforms, females will retire by the age of 67, just like males. Before it was 60 for females and 65 for males. HA HA HA.

  11. Chia Cha

    French mobilization for WWII was obsolete, engineers were sent to units instead to factories. That was old fashioned mobilization. Russia did not make that such mistake under Putin, obviously.

  12. Thank you for your blessings and precious reply Carolanne. My heart was happy because of the prophetic implications within your story not only for your daughter and you, but for the daughters of our King and for the mothers in His kingdom even for the manchild. How the One Who is the great nutcracker (He Who cracks open the meat of the word) is alive in us with each kick letting us know He’s coming forth! That your daughter’s spirit even before birth, let you know she was aware and excited about her destiny is amazing. Oh yes, we who are in the womb of God KNOW our destiny by the Spirit even when our mind can’t put into words what we know, eh? The world is waiting to see us to dance the “Great Dance” moving together in step as ONE and when as individual dancers, we move in grace, love and beauty manifesting His perfections and glory. Ah, we are on tippie-toe in our pink ballet slippers waiting for the grande finale. Yes, indeed we are “in the pink”- in the embodiment of perfection because we are IN HIM (in the “no longer I, but Christ” state of being) and we are like your daughter rejected by this world but beloved of the Father and will shortly display the FULL glory of God that surpasses anything this world has. Your daughter shall shine like the sun in the role ordained for her-.. not a tiny role but a big one that fits her size and so shall we! Hallelujah! I’m kicking to be sure. God bless you Carolanne and your beautiful daughter. 🙏❤️ my customer essay

  13. groschenphilosophin

    Thanks You are so good person I love you bro

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