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5 thoughts on “Lawyer Michael Cohen is a DUMB*ss wannabe

  1. Chia Cha

    Some of them are real “Lemmings” from that game.

    1. Chia Cha

      Americans corporations like FOX news, and Facebook are using wrong ideology. They are afraid to admitt openly that they are american, even from plane you can see that. Well then change your own design and stop punishing americans for not being too communist enough. They are cutting their own fundation. Facebook should use that light UN blue, while being more american. FOX news should look more like Bloomberg in design, then even americanism can pass. How Bloomberg channel and look much international even they are totally american and not communist. Maybe because they want to be more international. Typical projections. Everything is up side down. I am not saying Hitler should be new ideologue of american corporations instead of Stalin, but I could.

  2. Chia Cha

    Seems that only communists can conserve and preserve number of white minority relative to their savage muslim/atheist/pagan replacement, free market capitalsits of NAZI Adolf Hitler/Ron Paul style are preparing. Americans still do not understand that they are totally incompatible with modern free market capitalism. Capitalism is nothing else then ability to lower wages (rise efficency) and everything which stands against capitalism will be crushed. Just how native american indians were as they were too expensive (how much open space there were using). Nazi innovative corporate model just swtiched race, and will not any more use camps, but will go right away toward final soltion with pagan/atheist Aztec and pagan/atheist Muslim colonists united with their right wing pagan/atheist and left wing pagan/atheist intelectuals. Those are trends and were money has been invested already. Now just investments will be repayed. Every organized structure fighting for higher wages will be brutaly crushed under any possible price.

    1. Chia Cha

      When Varoufakis was talking with EU atheist=pagan NAZI capitalists, they told him that it is not important to repay debts, but it is important that one who does not return debt feel pain. Unless +1000NAZI EUROS not equals joy while -1000NAZI EUROS (debt) not equals pain (real one) then 1 NAZI EURO does not have any value. Negative value is more important. Bankers and free market capitalist wants and US army to learn what means debt. Now question will US army accept to feel chinese pain free market capitalists are preparing for them. Seems US will accept because US army is playing same EURO NAZI innovative, efficency and productivty driven model like Chinese and Russian are. Imagine trying to defeat enemy while playing same game like your enemies are. How insane you must be. Higher productivty means less produced goods, if your concept is innovative. We see how strong innovative concept US if following, because US capitalsits banned factories from territory of US. China is in better position because chinese communist model will never allow immigrants and will never allow closing of factories, they have both now, innovation and production. Chinese communist party is able to ideologically accept existance of working class on own territory (risk of soci@list revolution), while US democracy abolished working class by introducing classless society (one without risk of soci@list revolution = without working class =factories). Americans are new american indians. Something like Moghul Empire before british came with factories. Every capitalist now is agent of chinese communist party. Because capitalists to be capitalist needs factory, even if it is in China.

  3. Camus

    Dear Dr. Pieczenik,

    Cohen is filled with the dark spirit of `ressentiment’. This seems to be as clear as daylight, or as obvious anything that strikes you right in the face.

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