Laureate University Another Clinton Cash Scam!

Laureate University Another Clinton Cash Scam!

Laureate International University [LIU]: An Educational Financial Trough Paid Bill Clinton $16.5M to be “Honorary Chancellor!

Other corrupt political swine feeding from the same LIU slop include:

  • Robert B. Zoellick [ex-World Bank president]
  • Judith Rodian [Pres. Rockefeller Foundation]
  • George Munoz [Investment Banking House]

It must be said that financial chicanery and political corruption have no boundaries for financial investments nor limits on political affiliation.

I have never heard of this Laureate International University based in Baltimore, MD. Clearly, I have no idea how or why some of the major names on Wall Street became involved with this ersatz virtual school.They included Henry Kravis, George Soros, Steve Cohen and Paul Allen –all Jewish financial mavens whose past histories are replete with questionable investments involving public money [IPOs] as well as SEC violations. Is this just another giant washing machine for Clinton Cash?


Apparently, LIU is nothing more than a paper mill factory which enslaves potential students with excessive debt burdens that they cannot and will not be able to pay off. Of course, like many of these new for profit universities, they are created in order to suck up the overarching federal grants for private education. Pigs created this educational money trough and pigs slurp from it.

Let us examine some of these snooty animals of this piggish institution.

[1] Robert B. Zoellick – a longtime acquaintance and loyal Bush family supporter who as the former President of the World Bank made a $150 million equity investment in January 2013 to this virtual university with our hard-earned tax dollars.

[2]  Arizona-based Thunderbird School of Global Management created a partnership with LIU in March 2013 to provide capital support to Thunderbird in order to open multiple overseas sites and online programs. For those of you who are not already acquainted with this rinky-dink school, I would strongly advise you to see how many useless CIA operatives were trained at this nondescript desert school.I know of several of them, whom I will not name.

[3] Next we have the illiterate, all time hustling African American liar— Ms. Condoleeza Rice of Stanford University –our very own pathological Obama in drag receiving “speaking fees” from said university.  Also, did I mention that Turkey’s president, Recep Tap Erdogan, was also paid big bucks for speaking fees.

By now, you get the idea.
Garbage in/garbage out!

Unlike the more prestigious Baltimore-based Johns Hopkins University, LIU spends over $200 million per year to advertise on TV, radio, and billboards alongside ‘strip clubs’ located in downtown Baltimore. At one time,I had a few hotels in Baltimore which I had to give back to the bank because the Mayor, police and local government officials were completely corrupt and inept. Baltimore city is a desolate/riot-ridden area in which one can create a worldwide financial scam without any local, state, or federal interference.

Once again,we are witnessing the phenomenon where both Democrats and Republicans and the so-called non-profit sector of our society have been subsidized by our taxes; directly or indirectly. It’s time that these types of universities and their ersatz investors/teachers went to the finest institute of learning that Mike Milken and Bernie Madoff have experienced: The Federal Penitentiary.

As for the Douglas Becker, the financial father of this corrupt institution [receives $3.2M], he is without any noticeable education credentials.Yet, the Clinton phoenix arises out of the trash of ignominious slanders to revive its reputation as family without honor, decency, or any moral code.


I think that Hillary would do well following in the footsteps of her husband, Zoellick, and Condi.

They all follow the basic dicta:

  1. Screw America
  2. Lie about it!
  3. Rape our impoverished education system!

Hillary will certainly do justice to the precepts of Laureate International University.

Demum Veniunt Porci!

“At last, here come the pigs!”

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  1. Chia Cha

    When everyone wants to be capitalist, it is normal that those who are not yet one, pays to those who are already. Expenses public, profit private. And that is 100% capitalistic because profit is then maximum. 100%. Very efficient system :D.

  2. Cha Chia

    Hey respected Dr. Pieczenik, what is happening here. People wants explanation! I thought this world have 7B people, not 10, namely, You, me, Trump, Hillary, Alex Jones and 5 members of Bush family … LOOOOL.,,, :)))))

  3. Raymond Howard Carlson

    Hi Dr. Pieczenik.

  4. Raymond Howard Carlson

    I am trying to leave a large comment; however, it is not posting.

  5. Raymond Howard Carlson

    Dr. Steve Pieczenik M.D. Ph.D. see additional comments that I posted at your Facebook page concerning the assassination of U.S. Ambassador Christopher Stevens as to the assassination of Vincent W. Foster on July 20, 1993!

  6. Cha Chaa

    Turkey attacks Syria, I hope Russia will show some fighting skills. I am emotional, Syria was foundation of United Arab republic, UAR, and pillar of non-aligment movement. India, North Korea, Columbia, North Korea, Bangladesh as members should help Syria to protect democratic order and human rights kept by Assad.

  7. Patriarch

    8-21-16 Admiral Ace Lyons speaks in Los Angeles California

  8. Cha Chaa

    Capitalists are good people. They are very patriotic, and they have good sense of solidarity. They are good Christians and they are not going to burn in hell for ever. Beside it is proven that capitalism is only possible system which can exist on this world. Who would create jobs if there would be no rich people? This video is for people of German origin.

  9. Furtive

    Hillary’s payment to play.

    An indispensible device.

  10. Patriarch

    Well well a student of Leo Strauss wants revolving door war!

    Who knew it you be so?

    columnist Alan Bock:

    “The most important difference between Reagan and the neoconservatives is that Reagan was both temperamentally and politically an optimist, convinced that freedom would eventually triumph. The neoconservatives impulse – read the more substantive stuff – is deeply pessimistic, Hobbesian, seeking perils everywhere and turning to an ever-enlarged state apparatus to protect the clueless citizens.” (In The Orange County Register, March 6, 2005.)

    Whether Leo Strauss would favor a war such as that fought in Iraq, supported by neo-conservatives,isdoubtful – it is more reasonable to speculate that he would have wanted liberal democracy defended by means of vigorous example and diplomacy, not out and out force.

    1. Cha Cha

      Oh, look right wing capitalists, thinks that Jew infested USA is problem, for not functioning free market capitalism (for now just down there in comments)… Damn… And they are right… Free market capitalism would be much more free without Jews. And look that graphic, showing how that negro is guilty also for adopting Obamacare. Graphic is written by some ramirez, he is also some private entrepreneur without steady salary, something like workers of AJ.

  11. ChiaChia

    Oh, look, world is getting even smaller, from my first post up there.

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