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5 thoughts on “Ladies: Listen Up! Its not about Sex, Its about Power!

  1. Chia Cha

    If you are wife of Saudi prince, you are not opressed. Plus you both are wearing skirts. Liberalism = lie.

    1. Chia Cha

      Liberlism is death, but of you. We should send Hillary down there to be empowered.

  2. Petra

    Weak men are the men that are the perpetrators… They feel that they can take at will. That is so base. That is how men act during wars. It takes strength to actually ask, be thoughtful, be intellectual win a woman’s heart. Years ago I went to Africa. I was amazed at the attitude towards Sex and how I heard a man say when asked how many kids he has? ‘He did not know because all he and his friends did when they were young was go around getting women pregnant.’ The west has moved in that direction except they hide it by abortion. A man that is restrained and thoughtful on how he wants to be thought of, who he wants to actually BE is a man that is very, very strong. Weak men are barbarians. Men live up to what works for them. This base behavior has worked for them for a long time. Let’s see is women start expecting more or women move into fear. I choose to expect better behavior.
    I also am disgusted at the MEDIA for lying about this for sooooo Long. May the MEDIA that has silenced so many women rot in Hell.

  3. Chia Cha

    My analysis was right. German social-democrats are refusing to not let nationalists to have open free space to go up, as only possible force of future able to stand against global free market liberal capitalism. SPD is refusing to form coalition government with Merkel. And their greens cannot have pro business liberal FPD even close. Will Trump be able to get grip over new forces forming in Europe.

  4. Chia Cha

    Peter Schiff is wrong, from time of bank bailout after crash of 2007/2008, it is impossible to have market crash. Banks (corporations) are filled with government money and will get all money they would need in any moment. And there would be no inflation because money cannot trickle down any more at all to peasants. There is no worry at all. Everything needed to protect system will stay stable. Economy among regular people is not important any more at all because they are small part of economy. Even price of megayachts will not go up, because workers will be cheaper (rich will get more money/tools/political power to be able make workers cheaper) 😀

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