Kelly Boots the Mooch!

Kelly Boots the Mooch!

Chief of Staff Ex-General Kelly Boots “The Mooch” Out of the WH!
Don’t mess with Marines! There is an old saying in the Marines that I absolutely adhere to: “I can be your best friend or your worst enemy! You choose!” Now that is a pretty effective way of sifting out unwanted personnel.

No sooner had I hailed the presence of General Kelly then he immediately started to clean house. I would hope that the next person to leave would be the penultimate weasel: Orthodox Chabad Jew Jared Kushner! The trouble in the WH lies right at his feet! I said it day one and now day 186!
There is no question in my mind that Jared is not mentally equipped to handle the complexities of running a sophisticated system like the WH or any other institution to which his father or grandfather [NJ Jewish Mob] did not bequeath him. It’s simple. He never really earned his keep.

He was born. He went to Hebrew High School where he was not too bright. So, what does a wealthy Jewish mob-related father do for a spoiled rich son? He donates $2million USD to Harvard. SURprise! Jared gets into Harvard. Again, he fails to perform in any way that might indicate a stellar mind or a creative soul. He’s just a chip off the old block. Borrow an immense amount of money and buy apartment complexes in Cambridge/Somerville Mass. Nothing new here!

In fact, he is so good at borrowing that he placed his real estate property, 666 Fifth Avenue NYC, in foreclosure. He asked the Chinese/Russian Mafias for help. Repeatedly,  Jared fails to comprehend psychological or political dynamics outside of his own narcissism. Jared is the one who chose Anthony Scaramucci who disappointed me with his vim and vigor using in appropriate tweets regarding Reince Priebus [who is not a ‘paranoid schizophrenic’].

Some background…No informed man in the 21st Century believes that a former Parisian engineer could become the Messiah of a major orthodox Jewish movement, Chabad, such as the Lubuvatcher Rabbi Mendel Schneerson. Jared is not capable of learning his own anti-Semitic history. [Read “Hitler’s Jewish Soldiers [100,000 ]” by Bryan Mark Rigg]

Jared and Ivanka should read about how Schneerson was saved from the Warsaw Ghetto by Nazi Abwher [intelligence] agents who were paid by Chabad to scurry him and his family out of the impending death camps in Poland. When Schneerson came to America, he pronounced the following inane statement: “We, Jews, deserved to die and perish in the Nazi Camps because we had not followed the teaching of the Torah!”

That was the great intellectual and supposed empathic man who decided to take out 30,000 hardback books and no people when he fled with the Nazis out of the ravaged Warsaw Ghetto. For that he will always be remembered as the devil borne of the flesh of disgust and disgrace! No love lost here!

Back to today’s subject…the next person that must leave the WH has to be Jared Kushner. He has spent too much time wasting our hard-earned taxpayer dollars with his amateurish mind and sycophant behavior.

It’s time for the General Kelly to make his Iwo Jima stance against the real enemy of the American people: baby-faced, Jared Kushner. His religious orthodoxy belongs in a deli somewhere in Brooklyn or the Catskills… Not in the WH!

Chutzpah and stupidity are not ingredients for a successful career for any young person, irrespective of his/her religion or beliefs. The Mooch is gone and the next one to go will be Chabad’s finest moochers: the Kushners [preferably husband and wife].

POTUS Trump must now rest his fate with General John Kelly and the other great military servicemen who are now running the National Security Council, DOD, and the WH.

Finally, we have a modicum of professionalism!
POTUS Trump: listen and learn!
Focus on building infrastructure, reducing taxes, and increasing jobs! That’s why you are in the WH!
General Kelly said the following in his confirmation hearing for Director of Homeland Security: “I have the responsibility to speak TRUTH to the commander-in-chief!” 



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52 thoughts on “Kelly Boots the Mooch!

  1. Chia Cha

    Bureaucrats are caste which should be abolished. We do not need them. You will always need force (military/police) to break head of someone who break head of innocent person. But bureaucrats are not needed. Bureaucracy can be westernized (meaning automated and under direct democratic performance index and any bureaucrat must fired in every moment by those who they serve) then that caste by definition is over. Then they are working class. Bureaucrats are there to say: yes results of pillage says you are richer that person you “legally” pillaged. That is all. They can be fired only by bureaucrat above or president him self (only one).

    1. Embrey

      Bureaucrats at their current extent in the United States grew out of the New Deal and the Great Society. These two eras that have been generally revered historically are a big reason are to blame for the swamp leviathan that we experience now.
      Where I differ from you Chia is that I do not support a mobocracy. If our Presidential election had been decided on a national democracy (mob rule) basis, we would be experiencing the Hillary presidency.
      I admit, I have some problems with the electoral system. It was obvious that the go-along, get-along Republicans were attempting to keep Donald Trump from being recognized as the nominee at the convention. I would like much more transparency and accountability in the electoral process.

      1. Chia Cha

        Grow of bureaucrats was good, that is why you won WW2 and Cold War against russian and german nationalism. But now we must make them to become working class… Democracy is not mob rule., Good bureacrat not removed by people should have own little caste. Bad one (one fired online) should live in standard housing unit. That is only way how to get rid of corruption.

        1. Embrey

          Democracy is exactly mob rule.
          If we cannot agree on definition of words then there is no point.

      2. Chia Cha

        Bureaucracy, good one, best you can get is needed when you must have relationship based on rules among friendly countries of judeo-western civilisation among them self, in process of ending arstiocracy and building up working class. But those processes are over. Now it huge obstable in colonization of pagans and savages (like Russia, china, India)… Bureaucracy froze everything in that sense. Smart empire must get rid of bureacracy and return feudalism (democratic and online) back.

      3. Chia Cha

        I will not go colonize Africa if I do not get back my rights, I need apartheid back and bureaucracy gone. I need Bible only. Good thing is things are going in good direction, back. Do you know that little black african in africa is always tought to hit white person s head with stone in head, if white person is not of high status (not protected). They are same like muslims. Muslim terrorist will only kill innoent on street, never military barack or rich person, or some politician. They all are monsters.

  2. Helen stronach

    I have a concern regarding General Kelly’s close friendship with Comey. Will it get in the way?

  3. vesna

    Wow. Them’s pretty harsh words. I have no way of knowing whether what you say is true. Why do YOU think President Trump has Kushner at the White House? There must be a very good reason. What is it?

  4. Furtive

    If Kushner goes, then Ivanka severs ties with dad. won’t happen. Jared will just learn on the job, he answers to Kelly now.
    Would you fire your son in law?

    Trump needs monthly fireside chats to calm the public anxiety.
    On Russian sanctions “catch 22” vengeance bill:
    “Trump no longer can normalize relations. The bill prohibits that. And he has no real alternative to signing it because it’s veto-proof. If Trump doesn’t sign it, the media will use that as proof that he is working in favor of Russia and that would probably lead to his impeachment.

    So what Russia does, I don’t know, it depends on how much they wake up, how much they give up this illusion, this delusion actually, of reaching an accommodation. It is a serious situation for Russia to have the United States committed to a path of conflict with Russia. And that is precisely where the United States is. That is the precise effect of this bill and that is the intention of one (LINDSEY GRAHAM) of the two main sponsors of the bill – to further the conflict, to raise tensions, because this is essential to the power and budget of the military-security complex.”

    1. I understand the psychological reason why President Trump brought in Jared and Ivanka. With all those snakes in the sewer in D.C., it must have brought Trump some level of psychological comfort. If Kelly brings methodical thinking and analytical sobriety along with discipline and focus, then perhaps within a few months, Jared and Ivanka won’t be so needed. It is imperative for Trump to surround himself with more experienced, seasoned, disciplined, goal-oriented thinkers, planners, tacticians, and strategists.

      I am convinced that Trump has an overall strategy, but he needs effective, competent tacticians around him who can also assist with competent planning and execution of that strategy. Trump probably is being rather tight-lipped about specifics of his overall Trump Doctrine, but I think he can start to share that with Kelly. Hopefully, Kelly will be loyal to that Doctrine, contribute to its success and effectiveness, make analytical, tactical, and strategic contributions and suggestions, and then ensure everything gets effectively executed and with minimal leaking.

      As for the Russia vote, I do see that Trump is hamstrung by Democrats and these RINOs like Graham and McCain. I cannot imagine that Trump would not have discussed in private with Putin at the G20 meeting last month an in depth report on how difficult it is for Trump to execute on rapprochement with Russia. Putin is an extremely intelligent and shrewd man and statesman. Surely he knows what is going on. I cannot help but think there are covert chess moves going on with this situation, as well as others. For instance, by Trump being forced to sign the Russia, North Korea, Iran sanctions bill, look at it this way. EU has already reared its gargoyle head when Juncker sneered about how he would not stand for the U.S. to violate international law and hamstring European businesses by Trump signing the bill. Alright, so how can signing the bill actually boomerang and end up benefitting the world? I say, maybe it will hasten the dissolution of that evil EU and the decimation of the Euro. Good riddance to bad rubbish! Of course, the economic effect on America is something I am less insightful about, although I do read where Trump and Pence have begun forming trade deals with Central European countries. Now, there has got to be more reasons than economic factors for forming alliances with Central Europe, and I am confident those covert reasons are, in part, related to the advancement of Western cultural values.

      1. Chia Cha

        America wants 20% of capital in EU to be american, and I say why not. 20% is perfectlly enough to have full control and ability to control any market.

      2. Jen Benson

        I will never forget the way Trump said Good Morning to his daughter when he was on the stage taking to a group of people. the tone told me a lot.
        He knows he has to keep Ivanka and her sill hubby close by and under some sort of purpose as otherwise they would run amok. It is a one balance between letting them loose and not knowing enough about their moves. He loves his daughter but he has to keep tabs on her and the Jew.
        Wow. This could almost be more intriguing than a Shakespearian play.

    2. Michael H Goldman

      POTUS can veto S-722, since it is unconstitutional= can take it to the Supreme Court. Sanctions are but a unilateral Treaty. Treaties are the power of POTUS, not Congress, T- rhis is a professional view from a retired Patent Examiner.

      1. Michael, thank you for sharing. I think you are correct. I’ll have to pull out my pocket U.S. Constitution, but I believe you are correct—-POTUS signs treaties. I have no problem with sanctions against North Korea, but I do against Iran and Russia, for entirely different reasons. Of course, the Demo-rats in Congress have put all 3 countries in the bill for Trump to sign. If he vetoes, however, I suspect Congress will override his veto. There is so much “you pass this bill and I’ll pass your bill” type behavior in Congress. Surely Republicans are holding out for their most upcoming battles in Congress—–when Kennedy resigns from SCOTUS and another constitutionalist will be nominated and when the debt ceiling is reached in the Fall and getting funding for the border wall, tax reform, and infrastructure. I would hope these are the top priorities for Republicans. So far, I’m very disappointed in the Republicans because they are going to ruin it for Republicans in the 2018 mid term elections unless they pass some meaningful legislation which the Trump supporters want passed. They are shooting themselves in the feet unless, as I mentioned, their strategy is to hold out for negotiating with Democrats on these bigger priorities.

        Regarding Iran, I have a dear friend who was born in Iran, actually he is from the bloodline of the royal Safavid family of Persia dating back several centuries. I won’t disclose alot, but suffice it to say his family was quite connected, to say the least, during the years of the Shah of Iran. He is a Mensa member, extremely educated, intelligent (IQ off the charts), cultured and sophisticated, Christian. At any rate, I’ve learned alot about the Persians from him. Iran has not fought a war in several hundred years and Persians have a very long history of being tolerant of all religions, even protecting Jews in centuries past. The Iranian people do not want war with Israel or anyone. These are Aryans and have a long history of cultural, architectural, and scientific achievements. They are a very proud people. It is the Neo-Cons and their idiotic, dangerous, and ineffective Oded Yinon Plan that has targeted Iran. It would be a staggering blunder of a foreign policy if America ever went to war with Iran. I suspect Russia would side with Iran on that, and America and Israel would lose. The profound stupidity of American foreign policy under Clinton, Bush Jr. and Obama has wrought such devastation to America and Europe, in general.

        As for Russia, I believe intuitively and based on what I’ve been reading, that Russia holds a key to saving Western civilization from what I consider to be the psychopathological religion called Islam and their psychopathological followers. Based on what I’ve read from a number of former Muslims, there is not enough time to wait for “reform Muslims” to reform Islam AND the probability factor is not in favor of the effectiveness of that so-called “reformation” process because the fertility rate of Muslims and the pathology of the religion itself (which is from the psychopathology of its founder) stack the deck considerably against an effective reformation in time before the barbaric loons destroy Western civilization. I think if one does alot of reading about the religion and about Islam and the demographics of Muslims, a statistician would likely arrive at my conclusion. Certainly, Douglas Murray has. He is a brilliant thinker (what a sexy brain, in my opinion), political analyst and commentator, and author of The Strange Death of Europe: Immigration, Identity, and Islam.




        Europe on the Edge with Douglas Murray

  5. desert fox

    Kushner due to his wifes influence with her father will be there until the day Trump is voted out as POTUS and thus this combo will be an ongoing wrecking ball in the White House.

    In addition kushner is a zionist and a friend of Netanyahu and thus is a messenger boy for the zionist neocons who are destroying America via the wars for Israel in the mideast that are bleeding America dry.

    1. Chia Cha

      You are anti-christian, that is your problem.

      1. desert fox

        You are insane.

        1. Michael H Goldman

          POTUS can veto S-722, since it is unconstitutional= can take it to the Supreme Court. Sanctions are but a unilateral Treaty. Treaties are the power of POTUS, not Congress, T- rhis is a professional view from a retired Patent Examiner.

    2. Jen Benson

      Desert. You speak riddles and made up stories from your own love of invented conspiracies. It must be hard for you to read a bit wider and have to know that you do not know so much.

  6. Politijim

    Your anti-Semitic obsession is getting tiresome. We get it. You hate Jews.

    There is absolutely no reason to bring his faith (or ethnicity) into the discussion unless – like radical Islam – it has a strong correlation to the poor performance or character traits with which you are disparaging him. Just stop it. Saying “Orthodox Chabad Jew” as an epithet is beneath you. Unless of course you are truly deluded that their faith or ethnicity have some bearing.

    Perhaps you should look at secular humanists like yourself and start correlating the offensive immorality and policies that come from such a nihilist perspective.

    The statement you cited, ( “We, Jews, deserved to die and perish in the Nazi Camps because we had not followed the teaching of the Torah!”) is nothing different from other biblical texts from Deuteronomy and Isaiah. To the Jewish people, they have a choice to obey the law or be cursed. And in case you missed it – these are the same ancient texts that correctly predicted the reestablishment of the Jewish nation – something laughed at and derided for thousands of years.

    I truly appreciate your analysis and opinion – even with your calculated manipulation and arrogance – but do the world a favor and start being a bit more accurate and less racist if you don’t mind.

    1. I understand why you say what you say. I guess, for me, I perceive Dr. Pieczenik’s comments relating to the extremism of Orthodox religion, and not to Jewry itself. For example, I suspect Dr. Pieczenik has no problem with Reform Jews. So if he has no problem with Reform Jews, but does with the extremities of Orthodox Judaism, that would preclude racism as the factor for Dr. Pieczenik’s strong sentiments. Of course, I’m making assumptions based on intuition, but even assuming I’m not reading him correctly, then the point I’m trying to make remains valid.

      Just my two cents.

    2. Struth

      Steve has never expressed ‘anti-semetic’ views.
      He HAS however, expressed ‘anti-zionistic’ views, for a reason… he knows history and the zionist control over many ‘western’ governments through the control of the currencies via the privately-run central banks.

      Zionists use the label of anti-semeticism to shut down their critics. They control the media, the financial systems, and ‘own’ the majority of politicians on both the left and the right.

      “If you would know who rules you, ask who it is you cannot criticise.”… Voltaire.

      1. Struth

        What do JFK, Gaddafi and Adolf Hitler have in common?
        They circumvented zionist control of the money supply and died as a result.

      2. That’s exactly what I perceive. Anti-Zionism is not Anti-Semitism. There are many Jews who are against some of the agenda of Zionism. I think Dr. Pieczenik has been quite open about some of his Anti-Zionist views. Additonally, isn’t Dr. Pieczenik Jewish? I think his mother was Jewish, so that makes him Jewish. Yes?

  7. f reps

    Please ignore for a moment any references to Mr. Kushner’s background and religion. Look only at the crappie business dealings he has been involved with. For these reasons alone….he should be dismissed.

    1. For me, it’s not only the unsuccessful business dealings of Jared, but it is the political framework which informs his political views. From what I read, he leans Left. That, alone, does it for me. His views are contrary to the Trump supporters’ political views. That makes him unpopular among Trump supporters and detracts from President Trump’s image of the archetype of a champion for the political Right.

  8. MRW

    Why isn’t this site taking my posts? Anyone know?

    1. we can see your question, so I think you are able to leave comment.

    2. Embrey

      FYI, if you are attempting to leave a long post, you might have problems. I have in the past.

    3. Hello MRW, I know there are times when I have attempted to post a comment and the site rejected it and would not show it. I assumed it has to do with certain “key words” that are rejected by the Boardrunner. That is quite common with public posting sites. Just a thought.

      Keep trying to post! My intuition tells me that Dr. Pieczenik probably desires dialogue and discussion, even opinions which vary from his. Most intellectuals delight when someone shares differing informed and intelligent opinions because it is not only intellectually stimulating, but it provides an opportunity to either change one’s own view or bolster one’s original position.

  9. Bill C

    The military involved in day to day running WH communications s bad news. Trump is now a complete puppet

    1. Petra

      Puppet of who? If he was a puppet congress would step in line with him…. Please don’t through out accusations without follow up sources or ideas. If this is how you think then educate us. So your comments can be looked at with the intellectual mind. But, he will have to make alliances to stay alive by breath or policy…. puppets are those that don’t have a mind. Trump thinks for himself. If he had masters he would have a hard time being controlled. Ask his wives.

      1. DESERT FOX

        Trump is a puppet of the Zionists who are in control of the U.S. and these Zionists take orders straight from tel aviv.

  10. R Storm

    Let’s not forget Dana Habib-Powers.

  11. Embrey

    Jared and Ivanka were fired with the hiring of Kelly. They just haven’t figured it out yet. The President has the cover of needing less chaos and more discipline as the media has been chipping away the public’s confidence with their insinuations and innuendo.
    Albeit fired in an indirect fashion. Jared is of no use if he doesn’t have access, regularly, to the President. I believe Ivanka will continue to be an unofficial ambassador or first daughter. If Jared threatens to quit he will be viewed as a spoiled brat. If Trump emasculated Kelly’s command by allowing Jared to circumvent the chin of command, Kelly has the power of resigning as CoS which would cause a media wildfire.
    I saw what I thought was a very thoughtful bit of advice for Kelly last night: He needs to be more available as Chief of Staff to the staff than a general might be to those he outranks.

    1. Natasha

      I totally agree with you.
      Jared and Ivanka have been running their own game with no accountability.
      Let’s see how long they last working for a no nonsense General.
      Any General will not put up with Jared’s arrogance and “I know everything” attitude.

      Ivanka will be disappointed that she won’t be able to use the White House as her Socialite/PR command center. 8am Daily Meetings won’t allow Ivanka to do her daily ‘bought and paid for” fashion features for the Daily Mail or plan out her Instagram posts. Ivanka wants to be a socialite/model. General Kelly doesn’t have time for Ivanka’s antics.

    2. Forever Free

      Good post Embrey.
      Good thinking.

  12. desturbfan17

    i hope gen kelly will do it but you can kick out jared and ivaka but trump is a family guy and trust hi family do you kick out baron trump and the frist lady too he needs support system around him
    lets be in agreement he has leackers around him and few people that he president trump can ttrust i know 9 or13 people in white house i know is in hs corner but in previous 44 president thay sume decorum in the white house even nixon had support that funny to me and sad at the same dame time in closing do you whant his support gone he is takeing out or you whant president trump to be successful or whant him to fail i let you decide thack you have good day

    1. Embrey

      I appreciate all of those thoughts. Let’s not forget that Donald Trump achieved many, many things before Ivanka and Jared were even born. My point: I don’t think he NEEDS their support although I am sure he is glad to have it.
      As crazy as this may sound, I believe Trump succeeds as President when he acts as a servant of God. When he strays he is knocked back down. He is human, like the rest of us, but I recognize it and feel it when he acts selflessly for the people of this country.

      1. DESERT FOX

        Trump is a TROJAN HORSE for the SATANIC ZIONISTS whose goal is a NWO and as such Trump is not a Christian.

        1. Embrey

          Agree to disagree

  13. Allan V

    Steve said, “I would hope that the next person to leave would be the penultimate weasel: Orthodox Chabad Jew Jared Kushner! ”

    If Jared is the penultimate weasel, pray tell us who is the ultimate weasel is.

  14. al

    But who is Kushner but an younger version of Trump himself ??

    1. Forever Free FAIN

      No way! Have you seen the furtive looks of Jared in every photograph of him? He smirks to the camera with a sleazy grin and pretence as if he a major player. he is quite weirdly pursing his check bones. His body language is not that of an Alpha male like Trump and more or a sissy boy who hides behind skirts. Is this not consistent with the Orthodox Jew in Israel who will not work and is a burden on the state.

  15. Allan V

    So, is Steve saying that Kushner is the penultimate weasel and Trump is the ultimate weasel? This does not seem to follow from the context.

  16. MrTuvok

    Very disturbing that John Kelly seems to give McMaster a free pass to continue to subvert the President’s agenda.

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