Jon Huntsman will be a Great Addition to Trump Team!

Jon Huntsman will be a Great Addition to Trump Team!

Jon Huntsman Jr’s Resume includes Ambassador to China and Governor of Utah. Excellent Choice For Deputy Secretary of State!

I knew Jon Huntsman professionally. He was the ambassador to Singapore [1992-1993] when I was Deputy Assistant Secretary of State for East Asia under POTUS Bush Sr. He was also the youngest appointed American ambassador over the past 100 years. He was extremely competent as an official representative of the USG.

More importantly, Huntsman spoke fluent Mandarin Chinese, which he learned when he was sent to Taiwan as a Mormon Missionary in 1987-88. He comes from a distinguished line of Mormons who have been extremely successful in business.

Jon eventually became the CEO of his family’s   multi-billion dollar Huntsman Corporation [chemicals]; as well as, the Chairman of the famous Huntsman Cancer Foundation [2009].

Here is the abbreviated list of Huntsman’s accomplishments as he rose through the Republican Party [Wikipedia]:

  • Reagan Admn: Deputy Assistant Secretary of Commerce.
  • Bush Jr Admn: as Deputy US Trade Representative. John launched global trade negotiations in Doha [2001–2003]. He guided the accession of China into the World Trade Organization.
  • Governor of Utah [2004]; re-elected in 2008.
  • Chairman of Western Governors Association and joined the Executive Committee of the National Governors Association.
  • Obama Admn: Ambassador to China [2009].
  • Republican Presidential Candidate in 2012.
  • Chairman of Washington –based foreign policy think-tank, The Atlantic Council.

This is one of those resumes that speaks for itself. In person, John is quite soft-spoken, affable and unpretentious. In his teens, he played the keyboard in a RocknRoll band [Wizard]. Later on in his life, he became a devotee of the motorcycle.

Jon Huntsman is quite impressive. I supported him to become the Republican candidate for the Presidency in 2012. We know that the nomination went to Mitt Romney.

I hope that if he is offered this job as the number two at the State Department, he will eventually attain the well-deserved position of Secretary of State. I hope that he runs again for the presidency. He will be young enough [60’s].

There is no doubt in my mind that Jon Huntsman will be a very important addition to the Trump Presidency as well as an incredibly effective partner for Sec. State Rex Tillerson. Both men are very close to ex-Sec. State James Baker III. Baker is an elegant, quiet, Texan who brooks no nonsense.

The famous Russian novelist Leo Tolstoy wrote:

“The two most powerful warriors are patience and time.”

Thank you, POTUS Trump!


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19 thoughts on “Jon Huntsman will be a Great Addition to Trump Team!

  1. Chia Cha

    I recomend book, now I am reading, called The Little Golden Calf of Ilf and Petrov. Because we all see that Bannon is now introducing good old NEP – (rus.) = Novaja ekonomičeskaja poljitika, (Soviet version of private entrepreneourship), Bannon him selfe even said that he was american Lenin.

    1. Chia Cha

      It was astonishing how this book even passed Soviet censorship, that is evidence how censorship is the most stupid part of bureaucracy. Lenin as lazy not-worker and bureaucrat later, he imidietly introduced capitalism back in 1922 as evidence that bureocracy is against people and democracy. But I am warning our american collegues that while cash is still legal, NEP will not work, there will be no return. Only Tito resisted until 1988. with NEP.

  2. Ron Sanderson

    Johns past accomplishments read like a menu at a great chinese restaurant. You want to order everything and share it with the table. Then pick up and pay the check.

  3. Embrey

    I am not in favor of empowering this man with the government. Let him come forth and explain his philosophy in front of American citizens. Let him answer questions. If he passes that test I will consider him.


    It’s a bunch of BS, NEP of Bannon simply means replacing the economy based on counterfeit private bank issued currency with one that is based on actual national currency which doesn’t require creation of debt in order to issue currency. As it stands now, and what most Americans don’t realize, we have a system in which the only way to get currency (red blood cells of any economy) to the market is to BORROW it into existence. The Rothchild’s federal reserve is the slave owner of America. That’s why they keep this propaganda going against Trump and all his cabinet members. Ask yourselves why is Osama(Obama) so concerned suddenly about Russia? Is he not a subversive communist ultra left winger (fascist puppet in reality)?

    1. Chia Cha

      Do not get me wrong, Banon NEP could work with peoples interactive Obama housing and Obama cars, and by abolishing cash, because unlike USSR, USA does control trade routes by military… But problem was cash. Under NEP state was giving money to private entrepreneur to build factory, work starts, foundation is there, and then bureaucrat and entrepreneur split money, fill their suitcases, one goes to Siberia other to Ukraine to drink, or whole community open more profitable vodka distillery in wood. Even class equality could not help stop such thing. Because you just hide money. Same is happening today with cayman islands, just not putting money in vodka distillery but on wall street. Stalin was killing such right away, but he was able only to move NEP higher to bureau, and even he had to accept world prices set by Rothschild while today Banon would set them alone, but he must have democratic and interactive preorders (Trumpcars and Trumphousing) if he wants to destroy state (meaning bureaucracy), and give rich people right to exist – mandate of people.

      1. Chia Cha

        Another private distillery is being open. Capitalists are stopping consumers to unite (for their money to have real worth) on equal base and democratic because always such pool is controlled by owner – capitalist of such pool. FB groups also have — owner of group, you cannot democratically remove him even 1M members of group for instance, would like that, there is not such option intentionally, even there is voting mechanism, that is capitalism 1 on 1, in capitalism those with least real capital (minority) controls everything because they own media, because in capitalism every media is owned by capitalist so every pool even on FB is going to be controlled by member of minority class as he also become capitalist in that moment even his group have 3 members. That is small entrepreneurial economy of africa, where everyone is trying to eat another one individually so that crime syndicate on power can eat everyone.

  5. Politijim

    I just lost all respect for you Steve. (Ok, maybe not ALL). But Huntsman is a quasi liberal wanting even more government control over every day life – including an insane notion that taxes would stop the weather from changing. Worse, he granted Drivers’ Licenses to ILLEGAL ALIENS and had a terrible record of policing immigration policies in his state.

    He attacked the libertarian and TEA party movements for more freedom and shilled for the Bush/Romney cabal against Trump.

    Sorry. You can’t sell me this lemon.


  6. One issue that I really believe is a major undercurrent of current politics is the AIIB bank, which I feel is good because it creates competition against the Western debt based printing presses. As far as Jon Huntsman, I highly respect any view of Dr. Pieczenik because of his credentials, and patriotism for the American republic. I’m just a working man. My first experience with the beginning of the truth movement, I lived in an apartment complex a neighbor claiming to be an FBI agent gave my wife and I a video of Alex Jones at the Bohemian Grove. My view at that time was that it was sensational journalism. That was about 10 years ago. Fastforward 10 years; I realize people like Jesse Ventura were speaking the truth. You really have to watch and piece clues together to get a “map” of what is going on.

  7. Petra

    Utah was glad to see him go. He put Italy’s nuclear waste in their land. He would go in his office and shut the door and read political books and let the staff run the governors office.
    Though I do believe he is a smart guy… His family made their money on Styrofoam. So don’t ever think he will be kind to the environment. He was clearly more intelligent than Romney in 2012 but, he does not connect with the common man. His father is capable of it. But, many times second generation wealth does not get how to connect. Because they did not build from the bottom up. Huntsman is one of those…. He is similar to Romney in the fact he will bend any direction to get to be in power.
    He is tremendously better than Paul Ryan… as for the future of the Republicans… get away from Paul Ryan. All men there will be pluses and minuses. Ryan has never built or run anything of his own making.. it has all been about what can I do to be president one day… Jon Huntsman will be good if he does or does not participate in politics. Paul Ryan is doing all he can do to claw at power it is a joke… Jon Huntsman would be a much better direction.
    Though Trump will reshape things in a way new men will arise that are not yet known to us. Maybe not even a thought to themselves now.

  8. Raymond Howard Carlson

    The primary issue on the “BOARD” is Ukraine! Why Ukraine? Because, Ukraine as to Syria and then Iran is the “PRIMARY TRIGGER” mechanism to initiate a nuclear war between the UNITED STATES, Russia, and China! As a result, this is the foreign policy that President Donald Trump has to get right.

    Since China is part of the “GAME,” it is essential to have correct relations with both Russia and China at the same time. Therefore, an intelligent diplomat is necessary for relations with China!

  9. Raymond Howard Carlson

    Dr. Steve Pieczenik M.D. Ph.D. please get back on THE ALEX JONES SHOW “A.S.A.P.” to discuss foreign policy issues (UNITED STATES as to Russia and China and the “middle east”)!

    1. Pixel

      I agree, but also – or instead of – – do it here, Steve, so you can finish your thoughts.

      I have lots of questions about the Fed. It’s key to so much. What are we going to do about it? What can we do about it?

  10. Chia Cha

    NMM, new mainstream media, cannot continue with pushing same old s@it stories about minimum wage, people in comments are starting to notice. We need male left parties. We have been decimated by Soros and liberal agenda.

    1. Chia Cha

      People need to develop class awareness. This illegal drink and drive (ready to kill) kitchen rat, because he was THE MANAGER, he got protection from “people”, had that been some real worker, who worked behind, they would be glad police get rid of criminal. People are not thinking in classes, they are polluted with liberal bias. Hispanics are dangerous because they find low working standards normal and acceptable, because dollaros worth more in mexico, where they can than those dollaros to own sun so he can invest and boss own slaves in Heheixho with those dollaros. Bloodsuckers multiplying.

  11. Patriarch (age 94 next week)

    Huntsman us a great choice

    Ted. “THEODORE ROOSEVELT” Malloch for EUNAmbassador is NOT.

    Hope Trump veroes this high living charlatan.

  12. Patriarch (age 94 next week)

    Huntsman is a great choice

    Ted. “THEODORE ROOSEVELT” Malloch for UNAmbassador is NOT.

    Hope Trump vetoes this high living charlatan.

    Do a search “malloch made false statements” for free viewing – this link freezes you out.

    1. Chia Cha

      Oho congratulation… wish 94 more to come. That is almost like anniversary of Bolshevik revolution, so cool… I wish had seen so much…

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