Is Hillary fit to be POTUS?

Is Hillary fit to be POTUS?

Hillary Clinton Overcomes All Odds to Become the Democratic Nominee for POTUS!

One Final Hurdle: Is She Physically/Mentally Fit to be POTUS?

This key question looms over her head: Does she have a glioblastoma [brain tumor] that would seriously impair her functioning as POTUS?


For the duration of HC’s run for the presidency, I have addressed her personality type as an inveterate sociopath, who will say and do anything to become the first woman POTUS. Clearly, neither the FBI,nor the DOJ,nor the Secret Service, nor any other internal security apparatus subsidized by our taxpayer’s dollars, has stepped forward to warn us that she is not morally, ethically or medically fit to serve our great country. So we cannot count on them to do anything other than to serve their own selfish bureaucratic interests at our expense.

Just yesterday, Hillary selected a Virginia Governor/Senator of little notoriety or serious merit, other than he is a loyal apparatchik for the Clinton Machinery.


I started  asking myself the usual questions about her choice.

Why did she choose another Senator [D-Tim Kaine] who is white,Catholic and supposedly speaks Spanish from a state which is nothing more than an extension of Washington D.C? Throughout the evening the dutiful Democratic machinery went into explanations that consistently used the following sentences:

  • He had extensive governmental managerial experience as a state legislator, civil rights lawyer, Mayor, Governor and Senator.
  • She felt personally comfortable with him.

In the parlance of psychiatry, the selection of Sen.Tim Kaine was highly overdetermined; meaning it was too good to believe that this unknown operational politician could really help her become POTUS.In contrast, he appeared like a potential candidate who could very quickly take over the POTUS position, if Hillary were to become disabled or incapacitated, for one or another reason.

Next, I went back into her sanitized medical history as contrived for public consumption:

  • Her primary care physician is Dr. Lisa Bardack,an internist, Chairman of the Dept.of Medicine at the Mount Kisco Medical Group in Mount Kisco, New York. [not a major teaching/research hospital like Columbia P&S or Cornell Univ. Medical College—both in NYC].
  • Past medical history includes deep vein thrombosis in 1998, 2009 and a concussion in 2012.
  • In Dec. 2012 HC suffered from a stomach virus after traveling where she became dehydrated,fainted and sustained a concussion.
  • Concussion symptoms including double vision which resolved “within months” [ambiguous] and required her to wear Fresnel Prism glasses [usually worn in brain tumor patients] .
  • Subsequent to anti-coagulation therapy her clotting disorder turned ‘negative’ [pretty impressive-almost too impressive].

There is one important factor missing in Dr. Bardack’s somewhat thorough physical exam clearing Hillary for the strenuous role of POTUS. As a former Neurology /Psychiatry Board Examiner, I would have asked the good doctor, “was a brain tumor” like a “Glioblastoma” [quite aggressive] ruled out in her condition, if not, why?


A history of repeated thrombosis in the brain in a woman age 50-70 usually means an occult brain tumor.There was no indication in Dr. Bardack’s report that Hillary was even worked up for a glioblastoma at Columbia Physicians and Surgeon Hospital where she had been hospitalized for weeks, if not months.

Hillary may not be medically/physically/mentally fit to undertake the strenuous job of POTUS and she knows this fact extremely well. Yet, she has subordinated all personal malfeasance and external impediments toward one specific goal: to become the first woman POTUS.

I do not wish her or her family any medical misfortune; nor am I denigrating her personal physician. However, as someone who has given lectures on medical/psychiatric illnesses in US Presidents [West Point, Ft. McNair War College], let me share my concerns about the following sick US Presidents:

  • President Woodrow Wilson was literally in a comatose state the last one –and-a-half years of his life; while his wife and Colonel House ran the USG.
  • FDR had the Secret Service confiscate any private picture taking of the crippled President; as well as the fact that he had a major heart attack publicly described as a ‘flu’ [sound familiar].
  • JFK hid the fact that he had a very serious medical condition called, ‘Addison’s Disease’, an absence of the adrenal gland which required him to receive, in secret, daily injections of steroids, amphetamines and vitamins. As a result of his medical condition, he was indecisive and/or psychotic which inadvertently lead to such international crises like the Cuban Missile Crisis and other failed overseas covert operations in Vietnam and Latin America [he was then assassinated by our IC].
  • Ronald Reagan had Alzheimer’s much sooner than anyone in his administration would admit [also assassination attempt by IC].
  • Cheney became increasingly erratic/ paranoid before/after his heart transplant [probably overseen by world renown transplant surgeon Sen. Bill Frist [R-Tennessee].

The list goes on.

I am signaling the concerned American citizenry of all parties that Hillary Clinton should be evaluated by an independent Board of Neurologists/Neurosurgeons before she tries to assume the office of our Presidency.That is the least she can agree to in a private/political life filled with deceptions,lies and Machiavellian deceit.Hillary owes that to her constituents in her party and to the citizens of this great nation.

If she is to rule, let it be with a clear conscience and not one impacted by the debilitating symptoms of a brain tumor [Glioblastoma] that will force her to commit some erratic actions like using a personal email server or constantly lying.


The great liberal/progressive intellectual Democrat, I.F. Stone, wrote the following:

“Every government is run by liars and nothing they say should be believed.” 

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29 thoughts on “Is Hillary fit to be POTUS?

  1. Ron Sanderson

    Very cool info. I will pass it on. Thank you Steve

  2. Embrey

    So I ask again Dr. Pieczenik, how many body doubles does Hillary have and which one is the real Hillary?

  3. Learn From History

    Wiki leak email of Huma describing her boss as “confused quite often”

  4. Learn From History

    Same vid as your Dr P different angles showing her face from front.

  5. Chia Cha

    I did not watch these videos, I hate this stuff. Women should not follow demon of personal success and should not follow it for so long. You get sick and you get cancer. US government and their colonial EU administration are propagating this demon on level of all administrative agencies. It is very f…. up one, it is modern one, it is in symbol of person carrying breifcase, like on toilet, like you are gaining something, and he is problematic because people who are unable to do one step more to follow him in full, will be unhappy, and are unable to recognise that they failed on that path, so it becomes even more troublesome. Whole system is based on him.
    You will make it, you, you, you. You, you, you means me, me, me. Me, me, me is source of every trouble. :))

    1. Really C.C.! What are you trying to say? It is so obvious that H.C. Is evil personified! There are 100 people who have died because they were associated with the Clintons, plus they have lied, cheated , and stolen. They are not true Christians, they are greedy, devious, and are Socialists who will cause America to go down further the nasty, filthy drain we are already up to our necks in. Am urgiing everyone to beware! Please read the books written about H.C. You will get a true picture of the mental, demented, sociopath who is running for President. Pity the foolish people who will vote for her just because she is a woman and is the Democratic candidate! God bless America… because we need it!

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  7. Michael Z Archangel

    Did you ever see the episode of Star Trek where the “people” had drugged and manipulated the president to keep THEIR agenda?

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  9. Furtive

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  10. Furtive

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  19. BillUK

    In one video she looks like she is auditioning for a role in a remake of ‘The Exorcist’! She looks truly possessed.

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  28. Some kind of brain ailment t is evident …
    The public has a right to know , thanks god bring on this Steve. Love your interviews. God help us all , Go Trump.. We can buy sons time perhaps with the work we are doing yo take back this de facto DC cabal called a government and re inhabit our de Jure Constitutionsl republic in international court. A divorce from the UN would be nice while we are at it . Sign for the referendum to leave ZuN at American Policy Center . Tom DeWeese gonna be blasting it out there soon . Share !
    Mary Carmel News

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