Iran’s Corruption is Disrupting!

Iran’s Corruption is Disrupting!

Iran’s Corrupt Mullah Society is Erupting and Falling Apart!

Several fine articles in the NYTimes by Thomas  Erdbrink, [1/1/18/,12/29/17] have underscored how the deteriorating economy of Iran has forced the youth of this majestic country to riot in both large cities, Tehran and Mashdid.

Right now, the official unemployment rate for Iranian [Shi’ites] youth is over 40%. The exact same number as in Saudi Arabia [Sunni Muslims]. This means that an overwhelming number of Iranian’s future can no longer be entrusted to either Ayatollah Sayyid Ali Khameini [Supreme Leader of Iran] or President Hassan Rouhani.

Despite the fact that foreign investments have been flowing into this talent-rich country with an unprecedented number of major construction investments; none of those ‘forty percenters’ will have access to those future jobs/projects.


Answer: Massive political/religious corruption engendered by Khameini’s righthand henchman, Iran’s Revolutionary Guard [IRG] General Suleimani. He and his military cohorts have mercilessly gobbled Iran’s commerce in full; leaving not even a morsel for the poor and destitute.

The IRG, as w/ China’s PLA, employ a completely fabricated front company called: ‘Khatam-al Anbiya’ to garner the spoils of war in the Middle East [Syria, Iraq, Yemen]. They also leech any foreign contracts [French Renault] that enter Iran.

This ersatz, highly profligate company translates as “Seal of the Prophet” [Erdbrink, 10/21/17]. Like the sickly Shah Pahlavi’s dysfunctional administration, this one created by Khameini’s father Ayatollah Khomeini is more perfidiously dystopic. Some history: I had unsuccessfully attempted to negotiate the Iran Hostage Siege with the senior Ayatollah.

Most revolutions in the Middle East lend themselves to appear as a religious factotum disguising a completely nefarious enterprise—with “Islamic Holy Water” sprayed over it. Another example: Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood was as corrupt as Mubarak’s former administration. Now, former General Sisi,is the new President of Egypt and takes his usual cut from any overseas and domestic businesses [usually American military aid]. Nothing much changes, except the different palms of greed that receive the dirty money.

I was very impressed by the Iranian youth on my trip to Iran several years ago. They had demonstrated an extreme intelligence as well as a strong passion for reform which would allow them to practice in any job utilizing their advance university degrees.  I realized then that if the IRG would take advantage of these highly educated, non-religious youths there could be a major shift in power.  I had forewarned my colleagues that the Iranian Revolution of the late 1970’s which had brought Islam into a historically secular Iran would eventually find itself once again—becoming secular—as it should be.
Now is the time!

In three days of protests, the Tehran University students demanded the death of both Khameini and Rouhani. Let me assure you that these were not idle threats. There have been sporadic reports that the IRG is being held accountable for their pervasive, intrusive back-handed business practices.

“Over the summer, several IRG officials were arrested on suspicion of corruption by the intelligence service of the organization itself….”

“More recently, Khatam-al Anbyia was sidelined in two major oil and shipping projects which went to bidders from France and South Korea.” [Edbrink, 10/21/17].

I would be content to see Iran turn back to its secular roots that had been embedded in a narrative where Jews prayed to both Darius and Cyrus the Great for having liberated us from the shackles of Babylon. I encourage the world to assist these incredibly brave youths to defy the mandates and forced ideological indenture of self-anointed so called “Holy Islamic Fakirs”.

The true Muslim leaders of the Holy City of Qom have insisted that both Khameini and Rouhani give these deserving children of God their chance for a day in the sun without covering them with the  false pretense of religious fervor. Of the 100,000 Muslim clerics in Iran, over 60,000 of them are located in that holy city—Qom!
This is what they have to say:

“Attack is the best defense!”

They also added:

“The employment of nuclear weapons is both ILLEGAL and HARAM!” [Proscribed by the Koran]


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11 thoughts on “Iran’s Corruption is Disrupting!

  1. Chia Cha

    40% of unemployment really deligitimizes any kind of resitance toward IMF and World Bank, done by Iran. Beside why would Iran have luxury to be out of bondage. Especially if they are doing it so badly. North Korea is only country deserving to be free. In North Korea 80% of people are equal. They do not have shoes. But they are equal. Imagine warlking down the 5 th evenue, and 8 people out of 10 are equal to you. That is not nothing.

    1. Chia Cha

      North Korea we can say is todays only National-soci@list country on world. They made it. They do not have capitalism, and they abolished marxism and intarnationalism, unlike Cuba. Yes it satrapical because it is Asian, but that is evidence that national-soci@lism is only way how can people have full independance and emancipation. As fully free people North Koreas were free to evolve in to their typical satrapical model, by own free will. We western-christian countrys would by having same right as North Koreans we would choose to evolve in to full freedom. In free market capitalism if you have 10$ have same rights as mexican with 10$.

      1. Abundanz

        One of 30,000 N. Korean escapees (1998 statistic) says, “The North Korean regime should not be allowed to exist.”

        You can find other horror stories from those freed people. Just check online.

        I might add, Chia Cha, NO ONE in their right mind believes YOU.

        1. Chia Cha

          Those who escaped does not like equality. Tell me why is wrong to be equal to 80% of people in your country. Is that better or it is better to be equal just to few percent. If you are equal just to few % then you have less human capital on dispossal. That sucks.

        2. Chia Cha

          Cuba is also not international. simply because North Korea is not international any more and there is no one around any more. Imagine being bureaucrat with hobby you like on Cuba, that is dream come true. That is freedom. You can be sure your kids will live like rest of society. No matter what. That is not nothing.


    The U.S. and its corrupt warmongering controllers has no reason to condemn Irans gov as the U.S. is under satanic Zionist control that has had the U.S. at war for decades for ISRAEL.

    People who live in glass houses should not throw stones.

    1. Abundanz

      You seem to have overlooked that ALL COUNTRIES of Earth are under stanic Zionist control.

  3. Our Champion President Donald J. Trump by The Power of our FATHER GOD Will help these Iranians See their new leaders take the highest office in Iran in the Coming 3 months and the people of Catalonia; both nations will have their new leaders and Freedom from tyrannical bastard sons who believe their god complex delusions!!!! In JESUS Name!!!

    In our nation the clintons are Coming down
    See below dates of their Falling and their pedophile counter parts
    Below link:

  4. Niels Larsen

    Steve writes: “I would be content to see Iran turn back to its secular roots that had been embedded in a narrative where Jews prayed to both Darius and Cyrus the Great for having liberated us from the shackles of Babylon. I encourage the world to assist these incredibly brave youths to defy the mandates and forced ideological indenture of self-anointed so called “Holy Islamic Fakirs”.

    Dream on!
    It is COMPLETELY UNACCEPTABLE that ANY American formulate ANYTHING at all that has ANYTHING to do with the proud sovereign country of Iran, which hasn’t attacked anybody since 1776. Think about how many the US has attacked in the same period! Steve is a wily bird and has done his fair share of harm with all his coups and what not, many of his nefarious dealings we don’t even know about. Steve is the living epytomisation of the WILD, childish, irresponsible and spoilled policy-vrafters in Washington DC. He lives in a fantasy world in Florida, not far from Disney world. He is WAY out, and never gets out, except when he goes to dinners with other Jews. As we can see from the result, people attending such gatherings inevitably comes away with typical Jewish preferencies and stereotypic mis-conceptions, which they over the gehacktes leber confirm each other in. So I recommend Steve to wear ear-plugs the next time he frequent such arrangements, or at least keep this stuff for himself, instead of presenting it to some of the worlds most advanced and informed people.

    1. Chia Cha

      They are not proud, they need help. They have 40% unemployment. In soci@lism there cannot be unemployment, not even in theory.

      1. Peter

        America should stay out of the middle east. We need to bring the troops home.

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