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21 thoughts on “Inverview w/Alex Jones Friday May 19 2017

  1. Chia Cha

    Again, people should learn, there are 2 classes, capitalist class (horizontal order of people whos material existence depends on success of military caste, which follows orders given by capitalsits). And working class people, whos material existance depends on results of goods and services they create. Acording to goods and seriveces they create, capitalsits will give them money (resuources) according to price determined by capitalsits on markets (markets are temples created for stupid people to believe that they are producing prices capitalsit are not controling even Wall Street is owned and controled by capitalists like every other marketplace is). We have also bureaucratic caste, whos material existance depends on will of bureaucrats above them, (they are also caste), military caste, same, and clergy caste, same. aristocratic caste, same. Working class we can also split on little captialsits (those who are not part of ruling oligarchy of captiaslits (class), workers (depends on stuff they create), city class people (they depend on work they create to other people directly), independent cratfsmans (they are workers who controls profit they make out of products but are not employing), engineers (workers who controling workers how to work), progresive city class people (those moving whole society forward, introducing new concepts of pillage) like artists, inventors, scientiests… But they will never tell you all that in school.

    1. Chia Cha

      Bureocrats are those who are keeping papers which are saying: yes you are that richer then person next to you. Papers which are enforced by force on terrain, and which represents will of capitalsits (their agreement they made among them self). Problem bureaucrats are producing to captiaslits is that bureaucrats are producing new problems all the time to create more jobs for them self as caste. They are keeping truth capitalits wants before military. So military knows how to divide pillaged goods they steal among capitalsits (but only those who are on power, meaning in deal which is deal able to enforce own will on one territory – have monopoly of power). Robert David Steele is also talking about bureaucracy. Communism is system where bureaucracy puts all economical activity under one company, in one vertical caste, lying there are no more captialists, even it is true they are not any more in horizontal but in vertical order now.

  2. Fivi Zogbi

    Steve Pieczenik: You are among the few to whom Alex Jones might listen and actually hear what you’re saying. In AJ’s show of May 21 he’s condemning Trump for making a hard firm step towards peace. Trump received the most luxurious, hospitable reception of any foreign leader. It is a clear sign from the Saudis that they want peace and those who distort, condem the action are no friends of the US. As for Israel’s perceptions of Trump going to the House of Saud first – Trump would never have done that if he did not have the green light from Israel. Israel has already had dialogue behind the scnes with the Saudis, the Hashemite king and Egypt’s Sisi. They all want to cool the rhetoric and they know they need to compromise for at least short term peace.
    The 81yr-old King Salman walked all the way to the bottom of the steps of the tarmac at the airport to greet Trump, followed by a luxuriant embrace and celebration of Trump and America. It is already a clear indication that prior agreements have been reached including with Israel, Jordan and Egypt. To diminish Salman’s outstretched hand reachign for the same peace the whole regions needs would be damnable and destructive.

  3. Fivi Zogbi

    In the same Alex Jones show of May 21, he quoted Roger Stone as saying that Stone felt nauseous when he saw Trump holding hands and dancing with the Saudis. The sword dance is a demonstration of the highest possible regard and respect for Trump and his entourage. Stone shows he’s not interested in true peace but in proving himself to be right. I now think Stone has used Trump as a surrogate for Stone to see himself as entitled to reside at the White House. The same goes to AJ who seems to think his support for Trump entitles him to dictate to Trump both policies and how they’re to be enacted. Neither of them was elected and they alone did not get Trump elected. It was the American people and it is for them that Trump seeks to rise above primordial hatreds and compromise to achieve peace.
    As for the criticism that Trump bowed to King Salman that’s an absurd insane allegation. Trump is much taller than the arthritic 81-yo Salman. What was Trump to do? Demand the King stand on a step stool? To do other than to bend over to enable the King to honor Trump with the medallion would have been the most crude, boorish and insane act of ingratitude in the face of such lavish honors bestowed by the Saudis on Trump as the US leader.

    1. Chia Cha

      Muslim Saudi Arabia is much more christian and american than orangegutan and republicans christian conservatives ruling america. Thanks to arab money you at least have few media in whole USA talking about issuses. Young Turks and Soros are becoming only real oppossition. They are only one speaking about generation of sold homleless whites. Only way to stop this system is really to stop breeding americans for them. And not working.

  4. Fivi Zogbi

    I still marvel at the compromises made by the Saudis. The patriarch, 81-yo King Salman, walking (somewhat hunched from his illness) to the end of the red carpet at the bottom of the steps from the airplane is a remarkable statement of respect for Trump. Then, Salman extended his hand to Melania to shake hands. Religious mulsims usually reject physical contact, including shaking hands with the opposite sex, just as Orthodox Jews also reject opposite sex physical contact, is an indication of this one, among many, compromises the old patriarch has made in full view of his people and all the leadership of the Saudi House. These are eloquent gestures that must never be ignored or distorted. Among extrmist Muslims, the 81yo Salman has behaved contrary to the strictest rules – all indications of the eager desire for peaceful resolutions. To disregard these clear signs of peaceful outreach would be criminally negligent for these actions how that Trump and Benyamin Netanyahu have partners for peace for the rest of the Muslim leadership now have permission to compromise to achieve peace with Israel and the Western world.

  5. Rosman Patterson

    This comment broaches a touchy dynamic. I will do my best to make my point in the spirit intended.

    Mr. Jones is extremely knowledgeable. When Dr. Pieczenik is answering Mr. Jones’ question, Mr. Jones interrupts frequently. The problem I have with that dynamic is it happens right as the Doctor is culminating his point. I understand that sometimes Mr. Jones may very well know where Dr. Pieczenik is going, but many of us who watch the show may not know what his final analysis is. I believe that when Alex Jones ask a question, Dr. Pieczenik’s answer may at times be more the viewer’s edification than Mr. Jones’. I mean, the Doctor is either teaching us and/or sending a message which needs to be heard.

    I am grateful for Infowars. It helped me put the pieces together. Thank you Dr. Pieczenik for your service and leadership.

    1. jt

      Absolutely! agree with you Rosman. I hate the continual interrupting. Dr. P has a methodical way of explaining his points, and Jones interrupts like some boorish impatient jerk.

  6. Fivi Zogbi

    @Rosman Patterson – I find it so frustrating that I can no longer watch Alex Jones’ shows. It’s bad enough when he interrupts some interviewee who is rambling, but Dr. Pieczenik is succint and is building a comprehensive explanation. Then just as Dr. P is about to make the defining statements or explain to us the ramifications of events he’s described, AJ has to keep cutting in – incessantly. I find it is utterly uncalled for. If AJ knows it all, then why bother interviewing anyone? AJ has likely lost a lot of followers for that reason and he’s also continually harping on Colbert whose absurd attempts at comedly should not be dignified with any mention at all.
    I just wish Dr. P should issue his statements on this site so there is a coherence absent the interruptions that cause a loss in the explanations.

    1. Rosman Patterson


      Alex Jones is a national treasure. Allow me to make both sides of the argument.

      “Rosman??? What do you mean national treasure? That is going to far. Are you trying to kiss his butt or something? Geesh.”

      I understand why some might think that. Either they are ill-informed or not very smart. When one understands colonialism, and the first American revolution, followed by the immediate attempts by the backers of the Bank of London and their parent conglomerate to take over American Financial system (issuing money, etc), Andrew Jackson’s total defeat of their 3rd real attempt to high-jack this nation, the housing and land buy-up of the antebellum period, the depression of the late 19th century, and finally The Beast of Jackal Island. . . . . .when these are understood and juxtaposed against modern illusion of wealth, power and systemic control – then one realizes why Mr. Alex Jones is indeed a national treasure. Are you willing to fight against all of that, and their myriad of systems, estates, societies, complexes and Rulers of utter darkness? If so, you Fivi Zogbi, are a national treasure too.

      1. Chia Cha

        Fivi is citizen of Israel, Alex Jones is never attacking sociali.t health care of Israel, sociali.t housing policy of Israel. Like Fivi. For such dual creatures that is ok, but for USA to have it, that is then sociali.m, that is forrbiden, that is teft. Many such wish everything bad for country they are sucking, namily USA, for them USA is ZOO to be exploited. Colony. Alex Jones is more dangerous to people of US then Ron Paul and Reagan. Alex Jones says that Texes already belongs to Mexico, that Mexicans are future. Workers of Alex will die when they get cancer, family of Alex will not, he will have enough mexicans.

        1. Rosman Patterson

          As I understand it, Alex Jones wants America to survive – as in American proper to survive. And, it is a fact, that if America falls Israel – the land of milk and honey; birth place of God Incarnate Jesus Christ – will be in grave grave Jeopardy. I for one do not want tp see that to happen. Caution you. My motives are my own – unknown.

          Now then, as it relates to the sins of the nations, is one sin worse than the other? I believe so. Does one God forgive any and all sins of those countries who turn away from them? Yes.

          Timing is almost everything. Willingness is the remainder.

          1. Chia Cha

            That is lie, no any kind of God’s Israel can depend on any human creation (like USA), that is like saying that God is not omnipowerful. Saying that we humans will liberate holy land for God is ultimate sin. That is puting human not equal to God but above God. Poor God you must have to liberate his own land. 🙂

      2. Fivi Zogbi

        Actually, I did not mean to be so harsh in my comments about Alex Jones. Alex has done a great deal to bring into the public consciousness many dangerous influences that had remained behind the scenes and hidden from the public. It took a lot of courage for him to do so at the time and his courage is still his defining character trait. However, Alex has been under such extreme pressures, that I fear he might be reacting too strongly online. His anger is fully justified, but it is hard to watch him go off into tirades even though these are justifiable and understandable reactions to such vicious attacks on him.

        1. Rosman Patterson


          I know your concerns. None of us are perfect. Least of all, me. Let us continue to push forward with truth, always.


          Well lets look at History. Israel has had many allies and defenders that were not, how shall we say, Kosher. Do you recall where Jesus was taken as a young boy because Herod was overcome by lust, greed and power? Or even when Nebuzarradan besieged the holy city itself, it was his master Nebuchadnezer who ordered a remnant to be left in the Land. And it is important to mention the entire terrible ordeal was ordered by God. It was not that the Babylonian King was simply superior, though militarily he was, but God lifted his protection from the disobedient, that through the consequences of their own abominable choices they would remember their first love. Nevertheless, God used Babylon indeed. Now, in the 20th and 21st centuries, the might of the U.S. military, which is raised up from and upon the backs of the U.S. working class (the slaves I think you call us sometimes) is of extreme importance to Israeli leadership – extremely important as you and the rest of the world can see. I said all that to say as it relates to my previous post: being in jeopardy is not equivalent to putting man above God.

          As an aside, do not completely discount us slaves my friend. Yes, we are in the clutches of the Deep State and deeper powers still. You are right about that, but all of us are not asleep, and many more are certainly not weak, or totally defeated.

          1. Chia Cha

            I agree.

  7. Chia Cha

    Wow. Vow, Wov… They are going 100% forward, no turning back. Summer is going to be hot. And only oppossition to this is not even democratic party, any more, but Soros him self, only. America is now becoming China, selling people to foreign investors. Those bonds are going to be good quality bonds. Alan Greenspan righty said that only growth in profits they had was because they removed any form of organized labour frorm equation.

    1. Chia Cha

      When this pass, Trump becomes orange Obama in that moment. CIA = Wall Street. This is international wall street law. In 1950es when income taxes where 92% and corporation taxes 60%, corporations would rather pay research and big salaries to avoid paying taxes in full, but now all goes to wall street to rise small bosses of the world, for them to suck up blood from all workers of the whole world and then connect blood to US network. Move of genius. Colonies are leading again by example. Crown is always right.

    1. Fivi Zogbi

      @Furtive – Thanks for the heads up. The page you linked is enlightening and I eagerly await the interview with Hannity Tues.

  8. Francesca

    Doctor Steve ,
    Is there any credibility to the story that Ag Jeff Sessons has exhumed the body of Antonin Scalia at the request of his family. Do you have any confirmation of that or is it propaganda?

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