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17 thoughts on “Live w/ Alex Jones to Discuss Hillary’s Coup

  1. Me

    Obama is an illegal president & the PTB are still in charge even if you remove/jail Hillary.

    Everyone knows Obama is illegal, therefore everyone knows are government is still corrupt.

    Why aren’t you addressing this fact?

  2. STEVE – If you and others are truly working closely with Assange then you surely know where he’s been since the raid on the embassy right? Seems he’s been moved? There are things of your story and the situation that do not align though. For instance, the effort by other media groups to use old video and photos to suggest he’s ok. Why are so many working so hard to take away attention from his absence? There has been a distinct change in quality of Wikileaks document since the raid. This is far more indicative of “poor quality” govt work (but most unlike the high level accuracy of Assange’s work. The bigger picture here suggests there may be an effort to buy time to allow for discrediting the contents of Wiki leaks documents via accessing and changing its contents. If so, we believe that Assange MAY NOT BE SAFE. There is also the failure to provide the promised Kerry documents, as expected days ago. Yet, Coincidentally, a plane left the London area and headed for a US CIA site around the time of the Raid. Kerry was also in London at this time. So.. If your able – please help get a proof of life video of Assange holding and reading from today’s newspaper. The lack of Assange places much question on the narrative of a Revolution that is claimed. Please know that we’d very much like to believe this narrative – but are having difficulty, given the facts and so many lies.

    1. Robert

      Assange is appearing on Saturday in an interview filmed 11/3/16. From the embassy. Relax.

      1. I just want to say, Assange is smart. He’s not going to pop up each time he dumps intel. He’s trying to stay alive something not easily done when it involves ratting on Clintons.

  3. John Terry

    I’m totally thankful for the counter-coup against Hillary, but there are two things that really truly need to be done in addition to leaking all kinds of emails & stuff:

    1. Somebody in the intelligence community needs to address the near-blackout and partial whitewash of all this leaked info about Hillary. Most people won’t get the information in your coup because the mainstream media will water it down, filter it out, distract, attach Trump, and in every way possible blunt the effect. Many voters are still clueless about Wikileaks and stuff.

    2. Rigged voting machines and central vote tabulating computers, federal judges striking down voter ID laws, bogus voter registrations, people bused in to vote multiple times in multiple locations under multiple names, etc.

    Without addressing these two major issues, Hillary the criminal might still win. Got any plans for that?

  4. Ann

    Dear Dr Pieczenik, thank you so much for these two videos from yesterday and today. I am so impressed, it seems like now finally the s**t is hitting the fan…

    God Bless you sir…and all the best for us !!

    Love ya,.

    Ann Watson

  5. Fred Mistele

    Dr. Pieczenik, I would like to ask you four questions.

    Can human nature be explained?
    What is the purpose of intelligence (intellect)?
    Is there a key to understanding life?
    What is the essence of humanity?

    The answer to three of them is the same. the fourth is the result of understanding the other three.
    Put another way, our differences are readily apparent, our commonality is not, but it is available if one looks closely. It goes beyond the lame statement that we are all human.

    If any of this interests you, I will gladly provide supporting information. If you already have it, I will close by thanking you for what you doing for this country.

    Fred Mistele

    1. Xangagnome

      No thanks.

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    1. Xangagnome

      Learn English.

  7. Mary Southard

    But Obama is out stumping for Hillary today!

  8. William Charles Fisher

    Mr. Piecyznenik thank you so very much for addressing this matter . We know from Wikileaks that Bernie Sanders was threatened , and that Seth Rich , Supreme Court Justice Antonio Scalia were assassinated . Most of the people I know believe , I have fallen off my rocker for trying to inform people about the leaks and all of the evil that is Hillary Clinton . President Obama passing legislation that is an actual attack on our democratic republic . They have already rigged the election andanipulated the public in believing the Russians are behind it all . What if there is a correction of a fractional flipping , and it is corrected , won’t Obama retaliate against against the Russians . How do we bring people into the light of consciousness (cognitive resonance) with so much division and ignorance , especially since that is what has brought us to this point ? Especially when the fifth estate is in collusion with what David Iickes calls “Arconic hybrids” , Clintons , and cronies ? What or how do we as citizens over come these obstacles ? Please for many of us who understand what is really going on , and appreciate the gravity of the situation we find ourselves in . I and several of my friends have been receiving telephone calls , when answered no one is there . We call the number and get a recording stating that the number is not in service . Not just the occasional call but multiple calls daily . Should we be concerned for the safety of our family’s ? For myself I want to help my fellow patriots , what can I do to help ? Please give us an idea what is the general plan ? Please extend my thanks to Julian Assange , all others involved in trying to right this situation, and thank you Steve Piecyznenik for your present and past service and honor . Please reply ! Sincerely , William C. Fisher

  9. windwipper


    My greatest concern in all this is the pedophilia and satanic ritual abuse HRC has supposedly committed. I want to know that it has all been shut down and the children are Ok.
    If it’s true, i want the Clintons imprisoned for this more than for any of their other crimes. Steve, what about the children?

  10. Donna m

    Steve….looking for your contact information. If you have not seen the clip please pull it up
    Obama told illegal reporter that illegals can vote and they will not be prosecuted!
    Isnt this treason? Can you please send this information to someone that can do something about it.

  11. Harold Warner

    Dear Sirs,

    Perhaps you can help my inquiry. As someone understands the importance of the so-called “alternative media” in today’s world, I do applaud the likes of you and other such platforms. I’m trying to decide, however, on the overall reliability of InfoWars, SteveTalks and others as news/media platform. For instance, there was the widely distributed interviews with Dr. Steve Pieczenik talking about HRC’s soft coup and the counter coup by many in the intelligence community etc. do I believe that there’s a possibility of that going on, absolutely. However, after making so-called “Breaking News” cycle on 11-3/4 with such statements, he then disappears, and no more to be heard. This makes me question the reliability of the information and the platform that publishes it. For all the corruption and collusion of the MSM, it behooves the alternative media platforms to get things right. This goes a long way towards me frequenting and becoming a partner with you and others. It would be helpful if you could shed some light on the matter. Thank you.K

    1. Sirs is Sir, I am one man with a website and a little bit of private life. I am experimenting with this new media called video but in reality, I am a writer. I felt that it was important to make the videos before the election because I believed that the country I loved was headed in the WRONG direction. Fortunately, some like-minded patriots got together and put a message out there. Everyone should do what they can to ensure our country stays healthy for the next generation. I am old but I still have a brain and a spine. BTW, I get paid ZERO for what I do and I basically fund the entire project myself. Mr Warner, I suggest that you take the time to learn the truth about the world you live in and I hope to help you in my small way. Stay curious and continue to learn the truth.

  12. Brenda Teagarden

    Dear Steve,
    We would like to hear from you again since we have the new President elect. I love listening to your videos and articles.

    Brenda T

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