In Defense of FLOTUS Melania!

In Defense of FLOTUS Melania!

In Defense of Melania Trump!

NYTimes Op Ed [2/7/17] Faults her for Being a Successful Business Woman!

Both Ivanka and Melania Trump are in the unfortunate position of being crucified by both major businesses and the NY Times for being successful business women. In particular, I want to address the case of Melania Trump. Her malfeasance according to the NYTimes Op Ed [2/7/17] involves:

“..her assessment of the damage the claim [that she had worked as an ‘escort’] has done to her earning potential is galling, and revelatory.”
WOW! WTH does that mean???
Let me understand what the Op Ed really says is that it is ‘ok’ to suggest that someone might have been an ‘escort’ or ‘prostitute’. However, the fact that the false claim should have had no monetary, financial, or emotional bearing to a former model cum business woman who happens to the POTUS’s wife is both patently absurd and unworthy of the once-prestigious NY Times.

Memo to dying NYT: None of the citizenry who elected Trump and his family to the WH care anything about his personal income taxes. Furthermore, we citizens understand all too well that the Trump business involves the franchise of the Trump name. If he were a Marriott, the same issue would remain for those of us who voted for him.The business of Trump’s business is the dissemination of his name as a brand which may or may not increase sales of condo units or hotel rooms.

Similarly, Melania Trump has a business which entails her name as well as her personae as a former model, businesswoman, and a well-known person. Do we really care that Melania is making money on the fact that she is quite stunning and intelligent?

The most relevant part of the Trump narrative does not involve any of his children,wives [past and present], nor his personal habits [whether he watches cable or TV] rather it revolves around one simple factor: CHANGE!
Trump was voted into power by those who want to change an antiquated, corrupt system where politicians like the Clintons, Bush family, and the Obama entourage seriously damaged our country’s overall welfare, both domestically and abroad. Such non-business politicos became millionaires, if not billionaires, at the expense of the American people.

How could the Clintons earn $1.8 billion USD in the corrupt Clinton Foundation? How could the Obamas afford several seven figure houses located across the USA when his salary was only in the six figures? Did the NYTimes ever delve into the miscreant activity of the aforementioned occupants of the White House?
I think not!
While the left wing media is busy attacking Donald for his perceived ‘xenophobia’, how is it that he married two beautiful women from Eastern Europe? Does the NYTimes consider Eastern Europe as part of a jingoistic narrative?

I think not!
How do you explain the simple fact that Donald does not drink alcohol nor take drugs? In contrast, Bill was a sex/drug addict. Bush Jr was a cocaine addict. Hillary was a compulsive liar and sexual predator. Obama was both a homosexual and a drug addict. Where is the so-called ‘fairness’ factor in NYT reporting?

I do not know Mrs. Melania Trump. However, I would grant her all the proper courtesy which is bestowed upon a First Lady:

  • Who happens to speak five foreign languages.  
  • Who happens to be the most stunning beauty we have been fortunate to have in the White House.

The NY Times clearly follows the precepts of the famous American satirist, H.L. Mencken:
“The theory seems to be that as long as man is a failure he is one of God’s children, but that as soon as he/she succeeds he/she is taken over by the Devil.”

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15 thoughts on “In Defense of FLOTUS Melania!

  1. Ronald Winn

    President Trump & the first lady are our last chance in the West to put matters right. This moment in time has to be the mother of all psychological operations. Have your psychological operations ever made America great or have they just made the elite wealthier. I trust Trump, who has put a few old soldiers in positions of power have sons & daughter who have themselves son & daughter who are expected to have a future. Has this older generation the knowledge [been there done it] the capability to reshape the next generation’s future? It is not the next generation but the one after that we need to prepare for. I feel that President Trump & the first lady are of this generation and can affect change. They are the only one’s who can. Is President Trumps shoulders broad enough to carry it through?

  2. Petra

    Jealousy is an ugly characteristic. Once again the media is only helping destroy themselves. And validate Trump. #MAGA. I have never prayed every day for a President. I pray for Trump and his family regularly. I consider them dear friends. For God truly has carried them. God bless them forever for their courage of what they already have done. The more the left and media attack the President and his family – The more it wakes people up. There is something so vital in human nature. It is the exact reason that Obama was elected… people stand up for the underdog. Trump could not have created this scenario.. But, he better use it wisely.
    The enemy within our nation is actually destroying themselves. Trump may not have to do a thing to help them. MAGA, MAGA, MAGA.

    1. Rose-Marie Weissman Fickler

      I feel exactly as you do and must admit that my family and I also pray daily for President Trump, his family and staff and the USA.

  3. Doug

    I’m glad we have Melania Trump as first lady and not Bill Clinton as first lady.

  4. HG

    We are so proud of our President and His Family.

  5. Steve from Brooklyn

    Even if she was an escort, who cares? A man with Trump’s wealth could be with any woman on the planet. Which belies the smear that he had to assault women to get their attention. But the hypocrisy of the Times is unrelenting, sitting in judgment of a woman who never did anything to anybody., only because they hate her husband.

    1. Chia Cha

      She was not, she was from small place, she wanted to see world, and Trump looks 90% like her father. 🙂

  6. Furtive

    The NY Times employees spoled unpatriotic brat echo never served their country in war or peace.

    No more elders with wisdom, merely hacks yearning for a tiltle & a pay increase.

  7. Fivi Zogbi

    Thank you for so effectively defending Melania Trump. She is truly and elegant woman who also appears to be very modest as well as being a loving mother. It is also such a pleasure to have such a beautiful and feminine woman in the White House. Mrs. Trump’s modesty and her willingness to support her husband quietly is so admirable in the face of all the repulsive characterization of her as anything less than the intelligent, lovely, elegant woman she is. Indeed, she is a role model but, tragically, her capacity to remind us what womanhood and motherhood and loyalty are will fall on such barren soil as the corrupted minds and behaviors of today’s women.

    The blindness of those who attack her with such vehememce and venom is such a tragedy for so many people. Still, Mrs Trump and Trump’s daughter Ivanka carry themselves with such dignity as they endure the vile jealousy and utter malice directed at them. Both women – feminine, intelligent, not grabbing the spotlight but, instead, modest in their supportive roles of POTUS. I admire them greatly.

  8. Chia Cha

    I have found her, this was house her house from 1984, built under communism. Luckily she was able escape to Alex Jones, Rob Dew and Daily Mail workers paradise called post cold-war USA.,15.2928907,3a,60y,353.2h,85.2t/data=!3m6!1e1!3m4!1sQ8QIKEmCE4tr77XF6KemeQ!2e0!7i13312!8i6656

    1. Chia Cha

      You democrat capitalists are filthy … If she were whore you would not know it… She lived as working class girl, i know being worker in capitalism means you are whore, slave and licker but she was not whore.

  9. KarWil

    The left are losers. They win only through cheating and degrading.
    I’m all for retiring the public’s demand FLOTUS be our indentured servant. She was neither elected nor is she salaried by us. Stop the indentured servitude of executive wives.

  10. Kym Strickland

    These smear campaigns against the lawfully elected President and his elegant magnificent wife Melania and his equally dignified daughter Ivanka, are only to be described as appalling and reprehensible. The level of venom that is spewed by these dying media outlets is unbelievable and needs to be addressed at some point. I have nothing but respect for these two beautiful ladies. They have carried themselves with grace, elegance and dignity. I for one hope that some of our youth will see what a real lady looks like, not the trash they see on social media and the TV with the never ending narcissistic need to take selfies to feel relevant. Where are all the so called feminists that promote womens rights? Any human with a brain in their head doesnt fall for this hypocrisy!

  11. There is an old saying in America, “It’s all over but the shouting.” Attacks on Melania, Ivanka, Barron, and protests against President Trump are “the shouting.” The Left have no power. They have lost the White House, Senate, Congress, Supreme Court, 1030 state seats and 2/3 of the Governor’s offices in the US. What else do they have left? The Democratic Party has been gutted and this leaves them with one last, very weak, tool: protest, whine, fuss and be cruel.

    So every time I read about the Left and their hatred of the Trumps, I laugh and say to myself I am so lucky to wake up every morning in a new country lead by Donald J. Trump. I’m so lucky to have such a wonderful First Lady, First Daughter, and First Family. This is great! Ahhhh….!

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