I loved the film “Deepwater Horizon”!

I loved the film “Deepwater Horizon”!

The Movie, “Deepwater Horizon” is a Political/Cinematic Winner for 2016! 

It deserves the Oscar for Best Film and Best Actor, Mark Wahlberg!

One of the many films that I did not receive this year to nominate for the Oscars was “Deepwater Horizon”. Nevertheless, I got to see it on Amazon.

It’s an outstanding film about a very tragic event in which the arrogant, greedy BP manager [British Petroleum], Donald Vidrine, played by John Malkovich insists that the Transocean rig supervisor, James “Jimmy” Harrell [Kurt Russell], start drilling for oil at a most importune time. Engineer Michael “Mike” Williams [Mark Wahlberg] is reluctant to follow through on Vidrine’s orders because a subcontractor, Schlumberger, did not pour the concrete foundation needed to stabilize this oil rig, located 43 miles off the shores of Louisiana.

This film is very carefully crafted [Matthew Carnahan, Matthew Sand] following the series of actual mishaps that were revealed at US Coast Guard hearings related to the Gulf of Mexico oil spill [and Macondo blowout] on April 20, 2010.

Eleven men died needlessly because the BP managers insisted on drilling for oil despite strong evidence it would be very dangerous if they would proceed. Over 210M gals of oil spilled into the Gulf of Mexico completely destroying the ecological system for thousands of miles.

I have always been a fan of the three major actors in this film: Mark Wahlberg [also Producer], Kurt Russell and John Malkovich.These three actors, under the excellent direction of Peter Berg [Lone Survivor, The Kingdom], provide an eerie dramatization of one of the largest man-made environmental disasters of the 21st century.

From the very beginning of the film, I was completely captivated by the fast-paced action which culminated in a major human tragedy. Yet, none of these culprits: BP, Schlumberger, Transocean were held accountable for the murder of the eleven men on the oil drill nor the horrific environmental damage that they created.

After watching the film, I suddenly realized that it was highly controversial at a time when  trans-national corporations of any type dominate  the world financial markets. Now, I know that oil companies like BP, Aramco, Shell, Citgo, Exxon will stop at nothing to make certain that they can extract the maximum profit from their particular oil well; be it on water or on land.

“Deepwater Horizon” specifically illustrates the point that committing murder on a very calculated basis is par for the course for these oil companies or their subsidiaries.Hollywood has no problem making films that highlight injustice occurring anywhere around the world. Usually, they are pretty good at it. However, in the case of this film, “Deepwater Horizon”, I have this gnawing feeling that Hollywood shied away from highlighting the underlying message how man can/will kill man as well as poison his own environment for a few lousy bucks.

The great British poet, A.E. Housman wrote the following:

“I, a stranger and afraid

In a world I never made.” 

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6 thoughts on “I loved the film “Deepwater Horizon”!

  1. Chia Cha

    Our benefactors are not so keen to not regulate and plan. By selling us eco-tokens tokens, clean sea would be capital then, but no, they refuse to name price of clean sea, even they lie how naming price on everything is way forward. Protected area, is called by private entrepreneur – business opportunity. Best way would be to build golf resorts in national parks invented by Roosevelt.

  2. Mrw

    You dont have a tip/suggestion link, so I am using this,

    Dr. Pieczenik, read this delicious report:
    “Russian Foreign Ministry: “Obama Still Has A Few Days Left To Destroy The World””

  3. Chia Cha

    I think we should put higher taxes on poor then rich, openly, not like it is now via tricks. Because we must say openly that being poor is bad for individual and society. We do not want to subsidize poverty, and punish success.

  4. Furtive

    Mark Wahlberg statrs in the phony Boston hoaxathon, “patriots Day”.

    He is worthless.
    Boycott him.

  5. Furtive

    Mark Wahlberg statrs in the phony Boston hoaxathon, “patriots Day”.

    He is worthless.
    Boycott him.

  6. Diane

    Dear Mr. Pieczenik,

    I do enjoy your writings and interviews immensely, but I would respectfully suggest that you refrain from movie reviews. I watched this one because of your review, and was truly underwhelmed.

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