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31 thoughts on “I am Over the Fake News! Fake Heroes!

  1. Chia Cha

    Glorious video, very important for proper moral development of incoming generations.

    1. Petra

      IF YOU ARE SERIOUS about taking down the swamp YOU WILL DONATE.

      1. Chia Cha

        I support all issues, only healthcare is problematic. Plus I do not see him wanting to give government land to those who need land for house, therefore making him one of those who wants federal government to be controler of land. I understand that capitalists think that capitalism would go down if everyone would have house and job, because then who would clean toilets, because there is no human beign who owns house in coastal city and is cleaning toilets for other. And yes, in all soci@list countries toilets were very dirty, but maybe it is time to robotized cleaning toilets or create different toilets.


    Agree 100%. In regards to Ollie North there is book by Terry Reed, Compromized , Clinton , Bush and the Cia, can be had on, it lays out the drug running by North and Bush Sr. and Bill Clinton and the murders that were done by this unholy trinity, it is a must read.

    I dropped out of the NRA about 20 years ago as it has been taken over by the deep state.

    You are a true patriot and a hero.

  3. Petra

    SO much truth…. so little heroes. God bless you. Dr. forever and ever.

  4. Wanda Woodward, Ph.D.

    I would like an expose on the Liberal indoctrination of our children via academia, media, politics, law to turn them into people who hate America and Western values and civilization, turn them into gender dysphoric frankensteins who question their gender because they lack the cognitive development, ego strength and wisdom to discern deception and evil disguised as good,, communist lovers, atheist destroyers of family values, lovers of muslims who will infest our country and destroy it and everything the Founding Fathers sacrificed to preserve, lovers of moral depravity and decadence, destroyers of decency and law and order, lovers of Orwellianpropaganda which seeks to pathologize all that is decent, good, and moral in the world. Obama, the Kenyan born, communist muslim EX-CIA operative, and his transgender partner, Michael Lavaughn Robinson, have signed a multi-million dollar deal with NetFlix which will give them the power and scope to infest our children’s minds with their diabolical world order intent on pathologizing normalcy and normalizing pathology. What about an expose on that?

    1. Chia Cha

      Zuckerberg knows that if he stops promising everything from Bible that his property would be taken right away and consficated by other member of western judeo-christian culture. Capitalists do not want such obstacle to exist ever again. Capitalists wants to reduce risk for them self.

    2. Chia Cha

      Although on other hand under social policies of Todor Zhivkov we can see that Bulgarian soci@lism even under Soviet model was supreme to capitalism: (from wikipedia): In the postwar era, and especially under Zhivkov, housing in Bulgaria improved significantly as more and better-quality homes were built.[21] However, many of them were cramped – the average home in Bulgaria had three rooms and an area of 65 square meters.[21] Housing remained one of the most serious shortcomings in the Bulgarian standard of living throughout Zhivkov’s rule. Residential construction targets in the Five-Year Plans were regularly underfulfilled. Consequently, families often waited several years for apartments; in Sofia, where overcrowding was at its worst, the wait was as long as ten years.”

      ————-Argggggghhhh they say EVEN 10 years, that was much better then this market soci@list mix s@it we had here, hey for free flat in capital city. While In capitalism you have to wait wait 40-50 years for your parents to die and then you can hope you brother or sister got cancer before so you can finally get flat. I am sorry, but communists in some aspects are way much more normal then capitalists. And people were driving cars in Bulgaria back then. Try repair bumber today in captialism. To repair bumper, bumper cost more then your old used car. And always that one with better car gets better chick. Capitalism is for idiots.

  5. Wanda Woodward, Ph.D.

    The basic questions which I, as a college student of draftable age, will ask the women marchers for peace, the ban the bombers, and the other assorted groups of pacifists are: Can we, as citizens of the leading country of the free world, be satisfied with peace? With the Communists professing the intention of world conquest, shouldn’t our goal also be one of world conquest – but world conquest for the free enterprise, republican form of government which enables an individual to express his talents freely, and advance on his own merits? Isn’t it about time that we admit we are in a war, and that given the nature and avowed purpose of the enemy, peaceful coexistence is impossible, and that we must either conquer or be conquered?
    — Student at Regis University


      Read THE REPORT FROM IRON MOUNTAIN, the official policy of the U.S. gov is WAR.

      1. FBernard

        The response of every group in power has always been acquisition and greater power and the only means to accomplish that is by war. There is no gov that does not use force to control its grip, and extract more, of its people. And war is the only means to expand territorial acquisition. It’s always been thus. Nothing exists or grows if not at the expense of “the others”.

  6. Wanda Woodward, Ph.D.

    Chia, you continue, on a consistent basis, to validate and confirm what I consider as fact which is that people in contemporary society are irredeemably, irretrievably, and irreparably separated by a chasm as big as the universe which forecloses forever the ability for the LEFT and RIGHT to live harmoniously due to mutually exclusive values and beliefs, traditions and customs between the Left and Right. The world has been taken over by insane, delusional people who appear to the world as well intentioned, but who have a pathological, delusional fantasy about humanity that is not based in bio-psycho-social reality. Due to a combination of fragile egos and narcissistic/sociopathic pathology, they live in a fantasy world and are censoring anyone who threatens their fragile egos and their delusional perception of humanity. As much I hate and loathe war, it is destined because either the Left will conquer the Right or the Right will conquer the Left. Rapprochement between these sides is not possible, and just because people with power, influence, advanced degrees, or prestige say that we must “unite,” that is never, ever, ever, ever going to authentically happen internally within humanity for those people who predict a happy ending are either liars or imbeciles. Any person who actually thinks these 2 sides can live harmoniously together is either an imbecile, living under a rock, or pathologically delusional much like someone who thinks a prostitute can simultaneously be a virgin, a wet object can simultaneously be dry, or a skeleton can simultaneously be alive.

    1. Chia Cha

      You can only watch with open mouth what capitalists are able to produce from left to consolidate their power. Left wing under communists are also most dangerous thing for workers there. The worse possible stuff which kills in open so many workers and it works and it produces profit for rich and communist elite. While I was talking with one comrade while I was in one horrible left wing party, we came to talk to former left winger former communist to his free flat here,16.4325306,3a,75y,74.17h,107.64t/data=!3m6!1e1!3m4!1sQrIRy861NbGGzztK6LJccQ!2e0!7i13312!8i6656 as he was hope of communist party to reform them self via liberalism in 1980es, and he told me that centre of interest for him are not any more workers, but he thinks that future is green movement, for them workers are not vechicle to come on power. I guess workers are not atheists and respect own people too much. He told me that for party to become serious we need ask money from Bill Gates, write some programs he would support (world bank etc…), we need serious secretarty on salary blah blah blah. Of course he is secret g@y. Left wing is needed for right wing to suck enslaved tribe more easily, (yes mostly on expense of own tribe), but right wing think that victims are not important to win war especially victims from your own tribe because victims for right wing are very natural. Therefore that makes only me to be that capable navigator which can guide people toward prosperity. Populism is only way, because at least under populism solution for majority works. Both left wing and right wing, they hate populists. Of course in communist party before there were only 30% of workers, and on higher position almost none. There was one whos parents were workers in politbureau that was most. Rule of working class comes only when every member of working class is richer then every member of capitalist class and bureaucratic caste. How to establish that, well it is easy, but how to explain that to everyone.

      1. Chia Cha

        For instance that gentleman up there running for Utah senate, he would be killed right away if he would demand free housing for workers, socialized health care, taxation on banks and wall streetm, full employment policy, intoroduction of progressive property tax on extra property, yacht tax. BUT in combination with abolishment of income tax (which is 100% anti-workers), closed borders, abortion ban, communist ban, 100% vauchers in all public schools, abolishment of national school curriculum, abolishemnt of income tax, intoroduction of progressive property tax on extra property, yacht tax, zoning ban… he would get killed right away. Therefore enemy is very detectible but knowledge is needed.

  7. SheepDog

    What’s up with the thumbnail? It doesn’t matter what puppet the army puts in place as long as he signs the right executive orders?

  8. Chia Cha

    Oopulism right now is only legal hope there is, and only populism can save US also, as second wave. In Italy populists intent to cut taxes and bolster welfare state. That or we all are going all to be exterminated by muslims and mexicans. Guys also wants to ban mandatory vaccinations. Republican economic policies toward white working class are hammer by which you get hit in head, and democratic feminist policies are final sickle by which they remove your head, as way to finally physically exterminate you as physical carrier of culture. This is last chance for west to invest in own people. After that is it over for ever.

    1. Wanda Woodward, Ph.D.

      Chia, you say some things that, in my opinion, make sense. Other statements you make baffle me.
      My primary concern in contemporary geopolitical and sociocultural society is really centered around 2 phenomena: 1. the phenomena by which there are 2 competing factions of Uber Elites who are at war with each other about the future of humanity and the global economic, business, political, governmental, technological, legal, academic, and sociocultural world systems, and 2. the systematic extermination by the Communist LEFT of Whites and White Christians on a global basis. The 2nd phenomena is just one of many objectives of one of those competing Uber Elite factions. Just about the only thing I agree with Macron, the globalist on, is when he said in his speech before the U.S. Congress, “It is a critical moment.” On that, I can agree.

      1. Janko Radas

        Imagine civil war between Holland and Dutch East Company (colonies). This is like that. Or civil war in Roman Empire. Soros have troops in Roman province of Egypt, while Trump have troops in Italy. Soros wants to come with Egyptians and exterminate everyone rebeling in Italy.

  9. Chia Cha

    There he goes. This is big, poor Weinstein. Now he should change gender and end up in female prison with Michael.

  10. Wanda Woodward, Ph.D.

    “It is harder to crack prejudice than an atom.” Albert Einstein
    We live in a time in which the leaders of the Western civilized world have, among other things, failed to take into account human nature and behavior, and that changing people’s ideologies, religious and sociocultural beliefs, attitudes, values, traditions, and customs, is about as easy as attempting to turn a ship around in two seconds. There is a pathological hatred in the world towards Whites, White Christians and, particularly, White males that has been increasing over the past several decades, and has reached a fever pitch in America and Europe, but nowhere more virile than in the Middle East where, for example, 250 Christian children were kneaded to death in a bread machine and the men were baked alive in an oven, but also in Africa where Black Africans target White farmers and their families by torturing them, then murdering them, and taking their land. Girls are being crucified to a kitchen table, then gang raped, and the father’s eyelids are cut off as he is forced to watch, then he is mutilated while alive.


      Reco the book The Committee of 300 by Dr. John Coleman a former member of MI6, can be had on

    2. Chia Cha

      But Wanda way you talk, you obviously are not free market. If you were free market then you would be angry on South African government for not allowing you to sell them new set of knifes to commit massacre little better down there, and that makes you soci@list on level of tribe. Which is good, any level of soci@lism is good. I am not for exterminating anyone because Bible is not allowing me that. But I am for brutal wars, enslavements and total cultural domination over lower forms, for destryoing them as any capable organized group able to go against any member of civilization. Apartheid toward all members which are not part of group is simply needed. I just do not understand do you think that black african person can ever become member of civilization. For instance I believe they can. But after 1000-2000 years of Apartheid. Problem is that many whites are becoming atheists, therefore they would also very soon need to systemized as threath to civlization. Harrison Ford as buddhist very soon should be banned from ability to be seen by kids on media, as wrong example and dangerous outcast. Even he right now is peacaful because he does not have organized group controling territory connected with some buddhist country right now, to security threat of first line. For instance Harrison Ford would be threat if he would organize some colony on Aleutian Islands. That is why we need, social points, secret police, my solution for trade, new caste system I would invent… Discrimination is basis of any progress.

      1. Wanda Woodward, Ph.D.

        Chia, I am free market, but a true free market, not crony capitalism in which corporations rape and pillage the world through these insidious, pathological collaborations with governments. I am also vigorously opposed to communism and the Blacks and Jews on the LEFT who have a pathological hatred for Whites, White Christians, and particularly White males. Additionally, I am vigorously opposed to the Fed and all these evil central bankers, i.e., Rothschilds who have kept humanity in economic slavery for over 250 years. Additionally, the Elite have been infested with Satanists, Luciferians, pedophiles, child torturers, child killers, sex traffickers, and human traffickers. All of this evil, psychopathological, psychopathic rot must be destroyed or it will destroy all that is good, decent, law abiding, and Godly in the world.

  11. John Dale Eyler

    Dr. Pieczenik, I’ve been payiny attention to your work for aboout a year now. Loved your piece on Lincooln. Loved the idea that the intelligence community waged a counter coup against the Clinton Bush regime. Good stuff. Oddly as someone who is expert at counter intelligence and mind games on a tremendous scale, you are by profession, untrustworthy. I would be encouraged if more people in your world were out saying similar things. Not pundits or journalists but former agents and military and high level beaurocrats. Why does is seem like only you are telling these otherwise obvious truths? Some of what you say is frightening, but that others aren’t also saying it may be even more frightening. I also once heard you say in passing to Alex Jones that Obama wasn’t that bad because he was one of ours. I think you were saying he was an invention of the CIA. That’s how it came across. Could you please offer me some clarity?

    1. FBernard

      @John Dale Eyler – You will find the good Dr. P often contradicts previous statements. Also, judge the content by the numbers and quality of those who take the time to write thoughtful, reasonable responses.

      1. Jason

        In the last year, Mattis learned how to read and write. He is no longer a moron and is now the second coming of Marcus Aurelius. Dr. Steve knows how to coach these guys up. The misdirection of the last 14 months has been superb. A phalanx of BS to feed a hyperbolic MSM propaganda machine, and pushing it deep into the redline till something breaks permanently. Meanwhile, behind the facade of this innocent looking book store, the Teflon Don is building genuine relationships with many world leaders and getting the job done.

  12. Chia Cha

    Inteligent thinking by gentleman, he thinks FED will lower rates, because military will not allow otherwise. Although I do not think this is end of dollar. Only what dollar needs to is to be cheap and there must be of it in enough of quanities. As long as workers of west are getting poorer in relative terms to rich of west, east will accept those dollars. Therefore it is important only to in right moment start new cold war so that rich of west must invest what they collected in west. And get east out of balance by cleaning Balkan and Middle East by replacing easterners living there with negro Christians.

    1. Chia Cha

      Only total moron can think that you can have northern africa controlled by muslims and dollar as reserve currency. You must be total moron without any culture and tradition to think that. For North Africa it is multiculturalism. For everything to blame d are cultural relativists inside corporations, who think customer is customer, and cannot recognize because of ideological reasons that cultural capital as free, exist. Free is not allowed. Nor they can accept any planning. Morons.

  13. Donna

    Regarding Oliver North, Cathy O’Brien writes about him in one of her books, it was either Trance or the Reasons for Natl Security one …. she said Bush and Cheney were laughing and talking about Oliver North and saying he likes “hotdogs.” Well, when the Pizza Gate info came out, we all found out “hotdogs” are little boys. That tells me all I need to know about “hero” Oliver North.

    If the Evil people in this country ever gain complete control of US, they know exactly where to go to get the list of people owning guns … the NRA. Scary.

    1. Donna

      I should have added … the government probably already has the list.

      1. Jason

        I was stunned when Ollie North jumped into the NRA. I wonder what nefarious scumbaggery he and his crew are planning to launder through the NRA. Will it be drugs, children, guns and cash? He will destroy them from within. Unless of course he is used as a puppet. To whom and to what end?

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