I had to tell the Truth in Fiction!

I had to tell the Truth in Fiction!

Yes, I did work in the Soviet Union back in the day.  I could not tell the truth about my experiences UNLESS I wrote it in a novel. I have a few hardback copies of Mind Palace in MINT condition.  Nice little piece of history for those who appreciate such things.  I will sign it and dedicate it.  A thoughtful gift for someone.


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5 thoughts on “I had to tell the Truth in Fiction!

  1. ChiaCha

    Andropov was real deal, had he stayed little longer (not died from sudden death), different flowers would grow today. Putting wife in to mental hospital is good sport practiced all over world in every system. Inheritance is just one reason, younger lover, other.
    If I were citizen inside USSR, i would have go cure my self right away for not feeling happy one second…
    Imagine you live in free society, and you have something against… ??
    You want to get rich, even you know if everyone try that, we all end up poor. That is system of printing press.

    1. ChiaChia

      Rebellion of capitalists inside Russia, even owner of one small real estate anywhere in world is agent of USA (of dollar printing press), any member of society which is upper then someone next to him in class any class position is agent of USA. Only hard core communism can make some resistance… Someone in Russia must be killed, or Putin or capitalists and capitalism.
      But because that is not going to happen (either of that). USA will win very soon. There cannot be global capitalist economy (meaning one economy) and two rulers. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BT4sK36cU3Y

  2. Furtive

    A little ditty about jack & diane… er…Hill & Bill…..


  3. Furtive

    Audio podcast

    Charles Ortel since February last year has been doing his own investigation of the Clinton foundation. (1997) He told Leid Stories he has found overwhelming evidence of “massive” charities fraud.


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