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11 thoughts on “Hollywood is a Snake Pit, Harvey is the least of it!


    Hollywood is a Zionist controlled cesspool that has contaminated America and this contamination will continue as long as Zionists control America , which seems will continue for the foreseeable future.

  2. Petra

    My huntch is that the made up Billy Bush tape on Trump was done by Weinstein and his henchmen…. This is Trumpites exposing who really is a true grabber – Hollywood’s casting couches… no doubt Trump was a womanizer and talks aggressive… But, there is a big difference between the two types.
    Trump knows Hollywoods tricks. And he could not disprove it during election time. Especially since he was a womanizer. No one would believe him. Voice technology is so elementary.
    A womanizer – women come willingly it is not the same a rapist… Clinton, Weinstein, Epstein and the lot are fifthly pedo-rapists…their day has come….their house is collapsing so fast. They do not have the character nor the strength to hold it up.

    p.s. … where did Trumps accusers go? The ones that came out during the election? That is right. They are gone… why are they gone because Gloria stopped paying them their acting fees.

    1. Chia Cha

      Trump is not rapist, he is just under siege by women. He is victim. Bill and Bill are on other hand are rapists. One is dweller other is slick. That is rape.

  3. Chia Cha

    This video from aspect of quality is really shocking. Not like Hollywood.

    1. Chia Cha

      I meant this one. I apologize. If Hollwood countinue loosing such talents then…

  4. Chia Cha

    I think in USA everyone should get in to democratic party and start demanding pedophilia to be legalized, to put that on agenda. That is best and fastest way to finish communism and democratic party once for all. Communism is not aplicable not even is space station, because on space stations on sorry of athests and muslims pedophilia will not be allowed. Therefore communism is not aplicable in space also.

  5. Chia Cha

    This is USSR on steroids. They are acting like elite is not pushing sexualization of minors in public schools. Are they insane?

  6. Chia Cha

    This is USSR on steroids. They are acting like elite is not pushing s@@ualization of minors in public schools. Are they insane?

  7. Raymond Howard Carlson

    Dr. Steve Pieczenik M.D. Ph.D. pick-up a book entitled “HOLLYWOOD BABYLON”! I have forgotten the author; however, you should still be able to find said book given the mentioned title. In said book, there is a picture of Lucile Ball getting it “doggie stile” from Stan Laurel (BIRTH NAME: Arthur Stanley Jefferson); and the book discusses Desi Arnaz (bi-sexual) getting “HEAD” from Cesar Romero, who was a “flamer” (promiscuous homosexual). As everyone should know, Cesar Romero played the “JOKER” on the original Batman series during the mid-1960’s. In addition, before Lucile Ball married Desi Arnaz, during the early 20th Century, Lucile Ball went to bed with all the “studio heads” to get major parts in movies; and this was a common practice for women to get parts in movies.

  8. Paul

    Well said sir. A sad truth about the human condition…

  9. Octavia TL

    We need people to protect us from the insidiousness of Hollywood and a government. Love it. Simple but true. Each person start with themselves and then we become an army.

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