Hillary Clinton: Pay Attention!

Hillary Clinton: Pay Attention!
Hillary Clinton: Pay Attention!
Two Female Ex-Presidents- one of Brazil [Dilma Rousseff] and the other of Argentina [Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner] Indicted!

Congratulations to South American Democracy. Very rarely, do we read about criminal prosecution of political leaders. Even more absent is the presence of women leaders in the forefront of corruption.However, now both Dilma Rousseff and Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner are implicated as the most corrupt duo in Latin America.

Thanks to the citizens and judiciary of both countries, these women are receiving their just desert. I believed that women, men, LGBTs and any sexual variation of the aforementioned are subject to corruption on a major scale if given the opportunity.
I could give very elaborate psychosexual explanations. Yet, let us just leave the reason to equal opportunity. Corruption knows no gender nor ethnic group. Witness our own political elite, both men and women, who flounder amidst the fallen dollars of bribes.
Politicians, by nature, are panderers. Panderers are incapable of creating their own reality without asking favors from others to which they become eventually dependent. Corruption is simply the financial instrument for enhancing that politician’s dependency. Neither Obama nor Hillary are/were immune. Not even the Holy Prophet, Bernie Sanders, is above such dependency.
There is within each of these people the need to feed their egos at all cost because they feel they are special and just.
Clearly, they are neither.
What, then, do we make of Trump, the self-proclaimed billionaire? His hands are not without stain. His continuous assertions of self-created wealth is, at best suspect, if not exaggerated.
Yet, each man/woman has to determine how much corruption they will incur to achieve their stated or unconscious goals. For a career politician, process and pandering is the basis of their métier. There is no way around those two facts. How much of each does a politician have to do, is strictly up to their moral, if that exists, conscious.
In the case of Brazil’s Dilma Rousseff, she was a harden terrorist from the day she nestled in her Bulgarian father’s Communist arms. She knew no limits to what she could or would do; even if that entailed killing innocent people or kidnapping an American ambassador. For Dilma, corruption of her soul was genetically/ideologically predetermined.
On the other hand, Lady Kirchner of Argentina had an incredible mentor in her former husband, ex-President of Argentina, Nestor Kirchner whose days of eating at the trough of mendacity started way before he was the former Governor of Santa Cruz Province.
This of course is not to say that both Kirchners did not have their own folie a deux fixation with illegal bribes and fraud. I do not want to take anything away from them.
Now, Americans have ex-Sec State Hillary Clinton, whose sole achievement has been prevarication at all times, occasions,even when eating her slop at the trough of corruption.She knows no bounds to her pathological personality.
She is, suis generis, a case of constant faux-pas, lies, and financial irregularities to such an extent that neither she, nor her enabling husband, Bill Clinton, are either concerned about the consequences of their respective actions because nothing has ever been done about their inveterate pathologies.
 As I have stated before, the Clintons are the landmark for American justice.
Will it accord itself accordingly?
Or, will justice assume a blind eye to their collective hauteur and incursions against this great Republic—past, present and future?
I have plead more than once for a modicum of justice to be meted out by the FBI, Attorney General and POTUS. If such may be the case, then the Republic will be saved in its entirety.
If either Hillary or Bill escape the consequences of their mendicant ways then travesty will enshroud the Republic for decades.This is a time when America must show its true self to the world.
Are we a just and noble country founded on laws that no one, neither king or POTUS, can defy?
Or are we a lame banana republic to which both the brave people of Argentina and Brazil can mock?
That is the question that the Republic must answer—once and for all. Justice must be blind. Yet it cannot be so impaired that it does not see the actions of Hillary and Bill flaunting their ways in front of our Republic.To all us veterans who fought more times than I can count, I pray that America, the beautiful, remain as the torch of justice in a world rapidly changing from bad to good.
Are we going to be part of that goodness? Or are we fixed in our own self-destructive ways?
Your silence is deafening!

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