Hillary “A Face in the Crowd”

Hillary “A Face in the Crowd”

Hillary Clinton: A Face in the Crowd!

She began in poor rural Arkansas from ignominious roots to ascend to political stardom trailing off into an eventual road of self-destruction.That particular narrative mirrors the story line of one America’s classical 1957 film entitled “A Face In The Crowd”, written by the Budd Schulberg and directed by Elia Kazan.

That movie launched a then unknown star Andy Griffith as the drunken drifter from the rural northeast part of Arkansas named “Lonesome Rhodes.” In time, he rises to great fame, fortune, and political influence, thanks to the efforts of Patricia Neal [a small town radio producer]. As I watched the film last night, I immediately thought of the two denizens of Arkansas who used their folksy, hypocritical palaver to ascend the greasy political pole of state/national politics.


In particular, Lonesome Rhodes, was a spitting image of Bill Clinton,a vagabond itinerant with no other history than the make believe storylines he had created in order to seduce an increasingly larger audience of believers.Clinton, like Rhodes, depended on the kindness of strangers, in particular Sam Walton, the former military intelligence officer who was in charge of Italian/German internment camps in the USA during WWII. From there,Rhodes/Clinton uses his homilies to steal the George H.W. Bush’s election to become POTUS.

Similarly, I then imagined Hillary as Bill’s comrade-in-arms who facilitated, encouraged, and pandered both his/her rise to the most senior levels of the USG. In reality, Hillary has not accomplished anything more tangible than a series of palavers emphasizing ‘togetherness’ and ‘more social welfare programs’ while committing all types of fraud and felonies.

Like Rhodes, Hillary does not believe in her own words. Instead, she curries favors with NYC bankers and wealthy donors to amass an incredible fortune based on nothing more than a stratified collusion involving pay-to-play schemes [Clinton Foundation].

Now, as I scanned the internet, I found that Marc Fisher, a reporter for the WashingtonPost had a similar insight to mine. However, Marc compared Rhodes to Donald Trump.

Let me quote from his interesting  analysis:
“Trump’s rule-smashing romp may have no precedent in the annals of presidential campaigns, but the template for his remarkable rise—and the potential for a hard fall—was laid out  … in ‘A Face in the Crowd’…   charming Arkansas traveler who soars from a filthy jail cell to the pinnacle of American celebrity and political power.”


“Unlike Trump, Rhodes has zero money before he captivates the public. But the rest of the story is a revealing and cautionary portrait of what happens when a  non-politician captures the American imagination, expresses the frustration and aspirations of the people, wins the hearts and trust, and litters the landscape with choice reminders that beneath his truth-telling lies a surly streak of contempt.”

“Like Trump, Rhodes offers a reminder that one person’s demagoguery is another’s populism. Add a dose of arrogance, and the result looks to some like a dramatic fall waiting to happen.”

Of course, what is missing in Marc’s discourse is the fact that Hillary has committed the ultimate sins of arrogance, contempt and criminality by violating our national security with her disdain for classified emails. Similarly, there is no question that Hillary is suffering from severe Parkinson Disease with it’s dangerous concomitant side effects-dystonia, lethal pneumonia, concussions. She tries to dismiss the whispers that are beginning to roar that she can never be mentally or physically capable to undertake the most stressful role of POTUS.



In addition, main stream media wants to leave out the fact that Trump was/is a very successful business man on many fronts.  His children are elegant, productive adults that have strong careers themselves.  Each acts as a spokesperson and testament to a very qualified American citizen who wants to “make America Great Again”.

Damn reality, Hillary proclaims!
My destiny… or nothing else!
That is the ultimate danger of sheer political ambition which is blind to the needs of our populace and our waning position in the international arena. Hillary is a Face in the Crowd that will re-affirm the incompetency of the past thirty years when so-called, ‘professional politicians’ ruled and ruined our country!


Thank you Budd Shulberg and Elia Kazan—both snitches at the right-wing HUAC committee hearings of the 1950’s, systematically denouncing their fellow so-called “co-communist conspirators”. These two explained their nefarious deed in the even more brilliant film that they created a few years later—Marlon Brando’s “On The Waterfront” [about snitches]!
Once Hollywood was a place where intelligent, thoughtful, controversial films were made.Today, like our so-called honorable elections/politics… that too has disappeared.

There is an old proverb that goes something like this:

“Age and treachery will triumph over youth and skill.”       

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15 thoughts on “Hillary “A Face in the Crowd”

  1. Patriarch

    Hillary’s “major” accomplishment

    Marc Turi’s legal defense team said if the DOJ was going to prosecute him for the arms shipments, his defense would necessarily reveal how Secretary of State Hillary Clinton was actually the driver of the entire [Libyan-BENGHAZI Arms Running] program.

    The DOJ tried to claim “national security” issues and keep the aspects relating to the U.S. State Department and Secretary Clinton under wraps during the pre-trial motions. However, a federal judge ruled a few days ago the defense was allowed to use the documented evidence Turi possessed to defend himself.

    The case was slated to begin trial on November 8th, the same day as the U.S. presidential election.

    As a direct consequence of that ruling, the DOJ announced October 4, 2016 they were dropping all the charges. The motive is transparently to protect Hillary Clinton.”


    1. Learn From History

      BOMBSHELL just dropped on 4chan by apparent FBI Insider – leak about Clinton Foundation involving the whole Government which is Why Comey has his finger in the (FBI’s)…leaking Dike which if it bursts would pit the FBI against the entire Federal Gov’t…read; Civil War, and/or wag the dog with Russia, which Russia doesn’t want, jail sentences for Treason, Comey must stop the FBI leaker or dire consequences for these crooks, I mean public servants….
      Link here


  2. Petra

    This election is not really about political plans at all. It is about how many ways a few people can steal votes, steal the dialogue, steal money, commit fraud, steal and sell America. People She will sell us just like she did Libya if her team is successful in stealing the election. She will not win it. If she is president it will be because she stole the system. She is stealing it right now. Her team and criminal partners are stealing it right now. WHAT CAN WE DO?

  3. Watchmen

    The left is about to have a field day with a 2005 audio clip of DJT https://www.washingtonpost.com/politics/trump-recorded-having-extremely-lewd-conversation-about-women-in-2005/2016/10/07/3b9ce776-8cb4-11e6-bf8a-3d26847eeed4_story.html to be honest that’s just the reality of life plus he wasn’t married, lucky guy gets the gals >.o

    1. Petra

      This is one of the best post I saw for damage control.

      “Releases (gun control by executive order) like this mean more to me than Trumps locker room talk. The leftists are dangerous and want to leave the good citizens of America unprotected. ”

      I am disappointed with what Trump said. What he said was Locker room or Green Room Talk – What was in the Podesta Emails needs to be a stronger topic by the media and the RNC needs to hold the media’s feet to the fire!!! If the RNC does not then they are the same Republicans that allowed the Lewinsky be the reason Clinton was impeached – not that he was selling Navy Intel to China. Move from the sensational to the serious media ASAP.


  4. Full Duke

    Well maybe Dr. Steve could stop his current sympathetic shilling (or paid duty) for the USG’s current campaigns against Russia and trying to overthrow and threaten Duterte for trying to stop his country’s drug trade, for a moment and lend us his expertise on how to derail Hillary.

    There seems to be a concerted effort to bury a few not-so-flattering documents from the Podesta Wikileaks dump regarding “nonviolent ETs” who want to give us “Zero point” energy – apparently a cornerstone of Hillary’s once thought to be non-existent energy plans.

    Search 1766 and 1802 wikileaks Podesta and read the discussion about free “Zero point energy” from “non-violent” aliens..I think this could paint Hillary truly a whacko that everyone (Except the Fox Mulder types) will run screaming away from. Looks pretty nuts.

  5. Furtive

    Leaky heart valve = a walking shuffling time bomb


  6. Dr. Baruch, MD

    It appears rational for Russia to back off on its \”no fly zone\” restrictions, at least, until after the elections. Thereby providing Trump, if the winner, time for detente. Frighteningly, members of the media are presently portraying Russia as the aggressor in this area of the world which might as well be the moon, without obvious immediate consequences to the USA.
    What say you Dr. Steve

  7. Jennifer Hess

    Sam Walton as in the man who brought us the Wallmart chain?! Correct me if I\’m wrong but didn\’t he also bring us SAMs Club?! A long time gold star member of our criminal establishment who was also a member of our intelligence community?!
    If so, then I didn\’t know of the connection between him and the Clinton Crime Syndicate.

  8. Chia Cha

    Do americans ever wonder how next draft would look like, this time jungles of Vietnam are going to be radioactive … 😀 People never lern, war is only economical category of capitalism.

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