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7 thoughts on “Here me! Monday’s Interview on Alex Jones!

  1. LB Zopa

    THE VOICE OF PIECZENIK: I’m not prone to timidity, nor am I prone to look to others for reassurance. I like to size up events with my own knowledge and intelligence. But listening to Pieczenik I realize how much we ‘common folk’ do not have either knowledge or intelligence about the realities in which we live. I now look to Pieczenik for both reassurance and warning when it is time to prepare for the worst.
    NB. i would add that it is not power itself that corrupts. It is the PURSUIT OF POWER that corrupts and the pursuit of absolute power that corrupts absolutely.

    1. Elsabeth

      LB Zopa, You and me both! I turn to Dr. P when I am feeling that all is lost, and I am always comforted by his confidence that “we” as he says, whom I assume are the white hats we know little to nothing about, know what we are doing, and this is regime change…and better, that all the bad actors are as he says, “irrelevant.” I agree that the behind the scenes reality is far far more complex than we know, and very few are wise and capable enough to know what to do. I have come to trust him more than anyone else in this current madness. His credentials are unparalleled.

  2. Chia Cha

    Dr. Pieczenik explained how nazis were also pagans, neither I did not it was so open. Devil is never sleeping. It is true, when you remove capitalist class you get fascism (red-bureocratic of Stalin and Mussolini, and black-militaristic Japan, Hitler). Only difference between Stalin and Mussolini was that Stalin was formal CEO of corporation (owners were secret inside cental commettiee), capitalist class was not kept as they have become employeese of bureocracy, while Mussolini kept artificialy class positions of capitalist class (they were allowed to keep profits for their personal needs, only). I am not so sure about this all because there no book about it. Big censorship from few is there about it. I would like to study all that, I need books.

    1. Chia Cha

      But we must say that all kids in USSR had needed medical care. And you did not have to worry about ending up on street if sick, old, unemployed, addicted, without inherited house or flat, in debt… Cuba is paradise for 90% of world s population in 3rd world. It is sick that in USA those who have two houses live of worker who must rent place to live. Therefore working class not demanding full blown communism, does not have anything. You cannot demand small pie of something, because then you get nothing.

  3. BillUK

    Just got a couple of your Books from the Vault Dr P look forward to ‘borrowing’ some ideas from the therapy book.

    1. Chia Cha

      Try this idea, especially because this is forbidden to be subject of any scientific study, EVER, in liberal (pagan) world. I guess human behaviour is not subject of capitalist “universities” therefore they do not study this. It is forbidden. West is going down from time of capitalism and with abolishment of feudalism. We need on-line democratic feudalism.

  4. Chia Cha

    Here in my country about 80% (i am guessing) of spending in health care goes toward drug addicts, alcoholics, smokers, gays, fat people etc… and their related ilnesses. One young drug addict cost (they all have hep C) like cover for 2000 average kids. In rich Sweden alcoholics are last in line on any list. Proposal of freedom caucaus to hike their premiums is not good solution, best solution is to take 50% of profits from companies who are producing cheap food, alcohol, from soros who funds promoting sodomy, from cosmetic industry and hollywood as they promotes veneral diesases, fast food industry— and that taxation must go directly to fund high risk pools. Those are externalities. If something is commercialsed and legal, there cannot be personal resposibility there. Freedom caucus is wrong.

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