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12 thoughts on “Hear Ye! on Alex Jones

  1. ChaChia

    Corruption inside capitalism is unlimited, because in capitalism every individual is allowed to have unlimited wealth, even criminal. Therefor incentive to be corrupt is unlimited.

    1. Tissiemoe

      If you have the knowledge of what is right and what is wrong in your society, and you have a conscience, then corruption is not an option. It is those without a conscience like sociopaths & psychopaths who have no problem becoming and being corrupt.

      1. Chia Cha

        Capitalism in system where if you have conscience, not you, but your dear kids will not have free flat, free medical care, free university and will have social life with those who does not have that either. You have conscience, but your conscience is giving you option to ruin your kids life. To give them chance. We all are good people. HA HA.

  2. Truly tremendous interview, Dr. Steve. I know of no other voices in the political landscape as articulate as yours. It’s really a blessing that you have shared so much with the American people. I don’t have adequate words to express my admiration for what you’re doing.

    Thank you,


  3. Watchmen

    Whats the tongue lesion all about?

    1. ChiaCha

      It really does not matter, she can be with half brain, and fully mummified and dead, with holes on forehead and spilling lava from her new Zika head, she will win. You americans will vote for her. Like I said it never happened in free market capitalist democracy that candidate with less money won election.

      1. Cha Cha

        This link above shows Chis Wallace smiling. It shows Publicum Americanum Maximum.
        In NK, head of country is still his grandpa, even he is dead, but that is normal because he is totem who is able to produce own offspring.
        But liberal-capitalism is fully brain dead system totally barren.

  4. Ernie Pozzi

    I just listened to your interview with Alex Jones about HRC health. You made a statement that was made during a training about JFK being unfit and eventually ‘had to go.’ On page 317 of ‘JFK and the Unspeakable’ a similar statement was made in front of a CIA assassin trainee. The premise of the above book is that JFK was communicating with Kruschev outside intelligence community for peace after middle crisis. Curious about your reaction to that possibility. After I left the bank I retired as a DCPS teacher best Ernie Pozzi

    1. ChiaChia

      Kennedy was killed because he was talking with USSR (as USSR was always the biggest exporter of oil, like today), behind back of others, who are inside of group of capitalist who rules USA. To get some better oil deals for him self (his own capitalists)…
      Kennedy wanted to be the king. That was no no. USA does not want kings. USA have collective leadership, and we have also collective leadership in my party, just in capitalism collective leadership is not formal, and I want them to become formal. For instance China have formal leadership (they are not secret and they do not have to hide them self behind FED and money). That is what i want for USA. But who knows maybe that would destroy USA, so maybe it is not better to listen me.

  5. Patriarch

    Very good interview.

    Here’s why Putin & Trump are rational.

    Bogeymen are in the eye of the beholder.

    Charlie Rose truly believes Putin hacked the DNC emails.

    A complete incompetent dunce.

  6. Furtive

    Born Garrison: “Weekend at Hillary’s”

    This cartoon was based on the classic movie, “Weekend at Bernie’s.” Two young men tried to keep their dead boss, Bernie, looking alive for various reasons. The mainstream media and the rigged DNC are doing the same for Hillary. Without them, her presidential run would have expired and, ironically, ‘Bernie’ Sanders would be the nominee.

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