Hear this from a Real Scientist!

Hear this from a Real Scientist!

The scoop from a Real Scientist on Vaccines.  Pay attention people! This is precious knowledge.

The problem with vaccines is they add an “adjuvant” to stimulate the general response, this is plus the specific killed virus or attenuated virus that actually directs the system. The general response is non specific. Alot of the material they are listing is for the non specific response. The aluminum is not for either but for patent purposes which I know Merck adds. I had a discussion with them over the cross reaction of the rabies vaccine with optic nerves.

The vaccines themselves will cross react with other molecules than just the viral surfaces because they look similar..it is called molecular mimicry…you can google that..there is a lot of that.  Therefor the vaccines are not that specific.

The DNA they talk and complain about is the DNA vaccines which actually worked quite well for our dog Koko for her melanoma.  She lived the longest in the trials.  Unfortunately, they have not been able to make a human equivalent.

All the stuff they list is the material that is added to keep any cells alive…it is called “gardening” and is a bit of voo doo as each cell has different nutritional needs…most use some “blood serum” in the media…it is very hard to get any cells growing and not mutating …in addition

one needs antibiotics to keep bacteria from growing in the media.

What is amazing is that with the right 4 proteins one can take differentiated cells ie skin into dividing stem cells.

Most cell lines come from tumors or embryos which seem to be able to replicate.

The cells then are used to infect with the virus to grow (human and animal need human or animal cells to grow)

There are no molecular techniques to make vaccienes without animal cells.

So I would say their hysteria over what is in the soup necessary to grow virus for vaccine is a lot of bs.

However, the alumina in the media is known as as I mentioned very clinical dishonest.

Vaccines in the US are generally not made here as a consequence of liability.

Hope this answers your question…

I can think of much better and cleaner ways of making vaccines but no one has asked.

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26 thoughts on “Hear this from a Real Scientist!

  1. Margaret Price

    Maybe your brother has a name? I’d like to know more…

    1. stasiarudolph@yahoo.com

      George Pieczenik PhD, professor at Rutgers

    2. Stasia

      George Pieczenik PhD, professor at Rutgers

  2. Ron Sanderson

    Why add a know brain toxin when you could just manipulate a safe substance instead.? It’s like adding gasoline to whisky just so you can claim you invented a new private labeled juke. Business is business is a bad approach in medicine .

  3. Karen Carlson


    Can you please, please PLEASE do your own videocast or podcast, even occasionally, even if they are short and only once a month? You have SUCH important things to say and so many times when you are on the cusp of making an important point and helping us understand something, Alex Jones – who I’ve followed for years and years and admire and respect greatly – cuts you off! AAHHHHHHhhhhhhh.

    I know he can’t help it but/and that’s why I’m begging you to seriously consider this request. I have no idea why Trump brought in all the Goldman Sachs guys. The optics from here look really bad. I came so close tonight to understanding it and then . . . . . Alex cut you off. I was beside myself. Oh, my.

    One more request. Unless there’s a reason you can’t do it, it would be very helpful if you could backtrack on as many Alex Jones segments that you’ve done and upload them here or somewhere else. I can’t search through hours and hours and hours of Alex vids to find segments of yours that I’m looking for.

    Sorry for the rant. I DO LOVE Alex but he can be absolutely infuriating, at times. Hahaha! Bless his heart. Who he is makes what he does possible.

    Thanks SO much for all you do!!!!!!!

    ps. Thanks, too, for once stating that you feel dual US/Israeli citizenship is a bad idea and should be ended. Many Americans agree

    1. Ian Thaddiam

      I logged in to ask the exact same thing. It’s great that Pieczenik has that forum, and I know he appreciates it and Jones, but Jones never lets him finish a thought… ever. It’s very frustrating. I, too, would love to see a return to video releases where the good doctor is able to lead a narrative and finish a complete thought. What Alex doesn’t seem to understand is the very fragmented result he creates in the viewers who are lending energy to a train of thought and trying to follow and then it gets clipped. And clipped. And clipped. It creates a fragmentation in the guest and audience and this is not optimal. Yes, please: a return to video releases, Dr. Pieczenik. That was extremely useful and helpful.

    2. Star Messenger

      I agree with you, Karen. Whenever Alex “shares” a microphone with a guest or co-worker, he can’t help from “butting in”. And his “input” is not subtle either. It is rather “explosive” in nature and very disconcerting. Many times his guest will lose his (pardon the gender bias, but all of his guests are male, so) train of thought because of Alex’ interjections.

      I’ve emailed Alex on this subject many, many times to no avail. I know being in this sort of business will make you “uptight” – if you weren’t that way, to begin with. As a result of Alex being Alex, I have to limit my “exposure” to him by going to another website to “chill”. I’m sure that I’m not alone on this issue.

      But I’ve noticed that his co-workers/co-anchors don’t seem to be bothered with his antics. And I do mean “antics” – look it up, he fits the bill.

      Another “flaw” in Alex’ nature is his massive ego. And it is massive. But again, I think for someone to get into this kind of business you would have to have an enormous ego, otherwise, the “blowback” that he generates with his bombast would deflate whatever ego he has. So, unfortunately, I guess we will have to put up with Alex’ antics…for now anyway. I like to think that Alex will mellow with age. But with this new round of emails released by Wikileaks (Vault 7), I think this new-found info will only add “fuel to the fire” that burns inside of Alex.

    3. Carla Ford

      Oh yes indeed. Ditto and Double.

  4. Chia Cha

    In capitalism product must be made as cheap as possible and sold for the highest possible price. Highest possible price is achieved by paying few undemocratically elected bureaucrats vast amount of money, and by playing golf with owner of competitive company. Why should anyone ask for vaccines to be clean, they do not care. Also what they do, even you would have to get 3 shoots from same producer, they give you 3 shoots from different because it is cheaper. It is called free market, producer choose everything. He does not even have to ask politicians also anything, any more.

  5. Fenella

    Good post Karen. I love AJ but yes his interruptions are annoying. I yell at my iPhone. However, his brain is on overdrive. He is way ahead of most of us. His language is incredible. I forgive him.
    I can margined myself being like that. His birthday is two days prior to mine. Not perfect AJ but a must have person on this planet

  6. Chia Cha

    This is good politician, Max Baucus, I made him candidate once for american dictator, and he was member already of american polit-bureau (12 members of super cogress) created by Obama for reduction of deficit. He could be something like Stalin, while Trump can be Kalinin, if Trump is refusing to be Stalin. http://www.huffingtonpost.com/entry/republican-obamacare-replacement-aarp_us_58bf4cf9e4b0ed71826809f0?

    1. Chia Cha

      About Trumponomics, he sounds like he was waiting all this time to become finally right… And he sounds right. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=edCA9wteFqc

  7. Chia Cha

    Death to the state, death to government, death to bureocracy, Rand s Paul proposal for health care is solution, it will be maybe even better then euro model… If 50M people would order Rolls Royce from Rolls Royce Motors Ltd., then price of Rolls Royce would be 10,000$, especially if you say you are going to order from them again after 5 years new model. That is freedom. Only problem is going to be will that consumer pool be democratically controlled or will it be owned by capitalist (facebook) for instance. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dJ-DHuYNRzs

    1. Chia Cha

      If pool is going to be owned by capitalist or bureocract then price of Rolls Royce would be even more expensive then what Rolls Royce is today. But I see Rand Paul is mentioning already democratic associations. Therefore this is going to be ultimate solution. This is totally anti-fascist. Thing you would order would not even to be made first, because if there is order every bank would give credit to develop mass production.

  8. Jin Wei

    Dear Dr. Pieczenik

    Since the inauguration, here in Denver, they have been spraying those unGodly geoengineering aerosols every single day. I have never seen this level of spraying. They are now spraying layers; sometimes 3 layers, covering the sky in a blanket of chemical soot. The People and President Trump are doing a great job working on the vaccine issue, but it seems the geoengineering program has accelerated. It is like they are in a race for time. They have permanently turned the sky a milky white on the horizon and the natural blue is being white washed like Hildabeast’s server. It is awful. At this moment, I counted 12 unmarked, unlit planes dumping aerosols. I work in medical, and I have never seen so many sick people with multiple variants of flus and colds. Who is behind these programs and how can we stop it? They are up to something and are racing to a destination that is definitely not salubrious. Please help.

  9. Rochelle

    Today, 3-8 I was driving northbound on the Hollywood freeway (LA) and nearly had an accident trying to count the chemtrails. I have NEVER seen this many at one time. Looked like a checkerboard. I was wondering “ISN’T ANYBODY ELSE NOTICING THIS?” absolutely scary.
    Re Jones – I wouldn’t have met Dr P if not for Jones, but it is SO NERVE-WRACKING to not hear the end of a sentence/thought! The interruptions =narcissism, “look at me” I’m relevant, I’m leading the show. I came to your website to view YOUR thoughts, presented as you see fit, much better comprehension for the listener than constant truncation. AJ is too big for anyone to tell him anything. If he really does want to continually improve, this sure would be one way we would all benefit from. Thank YOU!

  10. Chia Cha

    Or we can continue with republican and democrat fascists telling to majority what and how majority wants to buy. And choosing for them what on shelf they will be able to “choose”. So you “free marketeers”, if I own 99% of shelves (media space), I choose what you are going to able to choose from shelve. Plus if i control 99,999% of money (like we rich do) then I choose what price of those things on our shelves is going to be. And guy talking on our CNN is that our bought guy telling you what we have decided you will be able to have on shelve to “freely choose”. LOL https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lTh5viOjGfY

  11. E.H.

    Peanut allergies were very rare before they started putting peanut oil in vaccines. With the adjuvants, a certain percentage of people developed an immune response to the peanut oil and its residual peanut proteins. Some of these people later died from asphyxiation and anaphylactic shock due to the induced allergies from vaccines.

    Adjuvants are not really needed if there is enough of the target antigen in the vaccine, but the antigen is usually difficult and expensive to produce. We should be able to make the target proteins with genetically engineered bacteria and yeasts, but the FDA certification process is much more stringent for these generally safer and easier methods, the whole production line has to be certified, not just the vaccine (and vaccines aren’t even subject to the testing required of much simpler single-chemical drugs.

    1. Cogdissnormbias

      Are there any vaccines for a child that should be considered…..or does the dr. believe it is best to avoid them all? have a 6month old currently vaccine free but under pressure.

  12. Bully Wooley

    Why is it that when I click on:
    I get this:
    Your public IP address is blacklisted in stopforumspam.com

      1. Cogdissnormbias

        Are there any vaccines for a child that should be considered…..or does the dr. believe it is best to avoid them all? have a 6month old currently vaccine free but under pressure.

        1. Star Messenger

          Stay away from all vaccines. All are dangerous and damaging.

          My son was damaged by vaccines before we learned about how dangerous they were. We skipped all vaccines for our daughter and she is in perfect health. So you see, there really is no need for most if not all vaccines.

          Don’t let school officials, doctors, friends, family, etc. pressure you into getting vaccines. After all, if YOUR child is damaged by a vaccine YOU AND YOUR CHILD are going to suffer the consequences of your decision. All the others who encouraged you to get the vaccines will say “sorry” walk away and leave you to fend for yourself. People are great for that, ya know.

  13. Jane Carnell

    You are right, right, right about MANCHESTER BY THE SEA. This wasn’t art, it was suffering. Thank you for having the courage to give your dissenting opinion. Structurally the narrative was jumbled up. And the script was pretty banal. I would expect better from someone of Lonergan’s reputation. And Casey Affleck’s character– OY How much more could this poor man suffer? Not as much as I was suffering watching his mishegas!!

  14. Jane Carnell

    You are right, right, right about MANCHESTER BY THE SEA. This wasn’t art, it was suffering. Thank you for having the courage to give your dissenting opinion. Structurally the narrative was jumbled up. And the script was pretty banal. I would expect better from someone of Lonergan’s reputation. And Casey Affleck’s character– OY . How much more could this poor man suffer? Not as much as I was suffering watching his mishegas!!

  15. Dr. Pieczenik: regarding the statement that “There are no molecular techniques to make vaccienes (sic) without animal cells,” I draw your attention to the fact that some vaccines have been synthesized in prokaryotes such as E. coli, and plants as well as insect cell cultures have also been investigated for vaccine production.

    For some interesting out of the ordinary reading material in this vein, curious readers may want to check out Dr. Mary’s Monkey by Edward T. Haslam as well as Edward Hooper’s challenging book The River as well as perusing Hooper’s website Aids Origins, for some non-mainstream shocking histories of little known extremely dangerous medical research conducted in Africa and elsewhere.

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