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11 thoughts on “Hear some History INF 1986


    I would trust Putin and the Russians rather than the Zionist controlled U.S. government which has supported terrorists and in fact is the creator of terrorists ie Al CIADA aka ISIS and had been the agent provocateur in perpetual wars, along with Israel and Britain.

  2. Chia Cha

    When someone saw Gorby plan for Perestroika, he was told, that that plane will fly off without any problem, but place where that plane will land cannot be seen? And he was right, party just split it self. You cannot allow politicians to talk what they like, Gorby had to follow US model of controlling politicians because opinion is like azz, everyone have one, and everyon think it is his own. So party cracked from top till bottom. There must be order. Without military depth of soviet military it is obvious that soci@lism cannot sustain it self in any form. For instance we see that inflation is around 4% now, admitted by FED, but salaries are not growing, not even nominally. After they transfer 400 M people from South America in to USA. and 500M to Europe, wages will not go up for few decades I think. We can only hope they will do it as fast as they can. All all of them as soon as possible. So we do not bleed slowly. We have new model of imperialism in motion, give countries capitalism to destroy them so heavily that they must run from own countries to centre of capitalist exploatation to survive. You do not have costs of colonialism, but you get all you need to enslave. You do not lose money by paying own working class to go be colonists and by building them infrastructure in colonies, but you move colonies to you. That way center of exploatation is real center unopossed by infrastructure in colonies. Fantastic model. And every lefty will support that.

    1. Chia Cha

      Everything would go much more easily if people would just accept genial plans our elite planned so we all can be better off. Now I finaly see grand plan. Elite loves us so much that they want to protect us from knowing deatails too soon, which would have made us all lose. And we need slaves, and many of them. City with this move could create 3B people Empire. That is respectable number. Well this is central planning on level of greatest polit bureau central planners. I admitt I was wrong. Macron was right when he said that he is afraid of European civil war between counties who would accept new Empire and those who will be against. Empire is able to even destroy muslims (in Saudi Arabia females are allowed to drive, year ago)… Only problem like I said are muslims inside west, to those you cannot do anything. You can olny carve them and split them and put them in different groups. UK is doing that right now but is it going well, that is to be seen yet.

  3. Chia Cha

    When Tito was talking with Breznev in 1968. with other politburo members, playing cards, Breznev pressed Tito, how newspapers in Yugoslavia are attacking soci@lism, then Tito told him that he does not know, that he have free press. Then Tito asked how many officers in Soviet army are party members, Breznev told him that he does not know, then Tito told him that he will not talk any further as long as he does not get answer. Then Breznev sent someone to bring data. It was about 64%, then Tito said well at us, 100% of military officers are party members. Conclusion is therefore that you always must know how to you talk with different people. With criminals you talk one way, with prostitutes other way, but always with respect.

  4. Jean-Maxime Corneille

    unable to listen it on youtube, bizarre.

  5. Chia Cha

    Money cannot be only source of measurable hierarchy. You simply cannot allow to feed someone who will grow and go against you. Especially because americanism is higher then globalism. Globalism is degradation of americanism.

  6. Chia Cha

    All those stupid capitalists around wrold, and those petty in US also, should understand that US even if communist would be strongest country on world, controling world.

    1. Jason

      What good is strength without perception? The strength to do do what? Perfect the art of mind control? Become cyborg drones in the employ to new breed of vampire? None of your geometries include the “off the books” side of the great game. Transnational crime organizations don’t enter the equation? What about the men who can wield principalities like a sword or launch corporations at opponents like hand grenades? Let’s say your new system is implemented, have you already calculated the road to unforeseen corruptions yet, or is your solution timeless or infallible? Set it and forget it, and we live happily ever after?

      1. Jason

        Something hit me earlier today when discussing a young cousin with ADD and being autistic. Are the children developing an allergic reaction to the full spectrum deceit, chemistry and mind control aimed at them? The numbers are getting worse.

        1. DESERT FOX

          It is the chemtrails that the gov is spraying in the skies over America and the GMO in our food.

        2. Chia Cha

          Could be plastic in food. Corporation are more economical because there is no buying and selling between departments. There is no risk they must pay, because their class position is one. That is highest form of cooperation. I cannot hit on that. I will involve that in my solution. But for me biggest problem is how to sell. What to want.

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