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14 thoughts on “Hear me RAW on North Korea and Trump

  1. Chia Cha

    I hope North Korea would choose path of Denmark, in Denmark there are no poor people, becuase 20% of housing units are owned by public and are distributed among needed outside markets. And small business owners are richest on world because they have smallest private sector, and private sector is freest on world becuase society does not need to control it and meddle in, because it is not big. Logic always have something which is more important, and order will exist under any price. You just need to be balanced.

    1. Chia Cha

      While Sweden started with free market reforms unlike Denmark, Sweden now is slashing pensions, have muslim cheapener imports decimating salaries native workers by spreading fear and crime among natives (workers in fear accepts lower salaries for profits to rise) and rise of nazis. Market economy does not work. Costs are too big. Too strong private sector in economy able to politically impose own will on government is fascism by definition.

      1. Chia Cha

        Swedes like Finns (now 2nd league to Norway and Denmark), did not bail out Ericsson mobile phones, same how finns did not bail out Nokia, but they allowed their capitalists to sell those companies and take money in their private pockets. Sweden also did not bail out Volvo but they sold it to chinese, they did not bail out Saab and now Saab cars do not exist any more… At least americans were NOT that stupid. Because of bail out in 2009 US stil exist, but only half of it because capitalists did not allow more of bail outs for salaries to not grow. For instance liberal-capitalsits around Trump in cabinet would never allow infrastructure bill to pass, in that case they would go on 25th amendment. Capitalism is fraud telling us that your salary must be lower because for you it is better to have less then more. And the more you have less while have rich more, then is better because you will have less and rich will have more. And everyone thinks like that.

  2. Chia Cha

    Society with homeless on street or with people unable to pay bills is not christian society.

    1. Chia Cha

      Some say spiritual is more important, they say lets talk about ideals, let s talk about soul, humanism… Well but that is what really is dangerous and what is drag, and were Satan is really residing… Let s keep to things which are material and measurable among us humans so anything can be built. That is why capitalists want us to measure things in money, becuase majority do not even know what is really money.

  3. Jason

    It would be interesting to witness a stable Korean peninsula that manages to maintain formidable force structures of their own. Kim Jung Un would go from playing the “heel” to the “babyface” character who helps to stabilize the region as an additional counter to Chinese expansion through force. What happens to Taiwan if they are the low hanging fruit? I could be mistaken, but Russia and Japan have improved their relationship also. The rail system that will connect Japan to Korea to Russia to Alaska to Canada to the mainland USA? Mexico will gain some business that China will lose. A new relationship with Mexican oil is manifesting. President Trump is one of a kind. He surrounds himself with chaos so that he alone can offer peace. Only in America.

  4. Chia Cha

    Oh my God, look on this nazi wikipeida what they think about us, they even used words from one of theirs to describe us. Just look under Hitler how they praise him on other hand.

    1. Chia Cha

      Now lets look this nazi Adam, (ginger Adam just how real Adam was) how he is able to look so deformed, evil and angry in minute 22.20., so sudenly. No wonder ginger witches were burned like on industrial track in good old days. Yes process was corrupt back then, but that is why we Christians outsourced corruption to secret orders of Thomas Jeferson so we do not go to hell. HA HA HA.

  5. Chia Cha

    Best speech of Bannon in Italy, but I must say Bannon do not understand one thing. Capitalists will NEVER EVER rise salaries of bottom 80%. NEVER ever again. He can try explain them what ever he likes, but ideologically, and without soci@list international having army, that is impossible. Pope who is only Pope in history telling that poor people are not will of God, nor needed to exist, is getting attacked by Leo Zagami. Bannon was kicked out white house by capitalist Muncin and Cohen because he dared to try rise taxation on those earning more then 5 million. In 19th century, capitalists were killing sheeps of english farmers, legaly taking their land so they and their kids must work in mines and factories, 7 days per week, full 16 hours. People do not understand that with those members of minorities in white house, you cannot have white house taking care of majority. Minority is minority, minorty wants to kill all kids of majority so kids of minorty become majority. Capitalsits are minority. It is 80% vs 20%. You cannot win capitalism on field of ideas and ideologically, that is impossible.

    1. Chia Cha

      Capitalists are enjoying they are not majority. That is source of their security, that is their addiction, THEY ARE HAPPY they are not like you. And ideologically nothing can be done there, that is totally impossible. And the more they lower salaries workers would have even less capital (means and free time) to think how to violently (only way possible) try do anything. In Rome slaves tried with Spartacus, and today technology is such they need less and less those who are not slaves. Bannon is living in bubble, he is there only to win elections. Just like Ocasio which is now there to be used to for democrats to block Bannon. Any change is impossible, two headed monster sucks everything, only what will happen is that 80% will work more for less goodies. Only revolution which is possible is one in US. With US army workers revolution could make some change. USSR was backward country of peasatnts without naval power to control sea routes whos backward leaders after USSR had biggest growth of economy in 1950es and 1960es on world, started right away to stop growth and go back to capitalism. That is why revolution and monarchy will be needed.

      1. Chia Cha

        They have two thing they know they can press you, your wish for your kids to live. And now they are coming for you kids to press you to work for capitalists for even less. And system works that ways because Satan wants all kids to be destroyed as only way to kill us all. One catholic preist gave advice to my mother, if you want to get some money in front of bureaucracy, you must tell you are gypsy or serb, you must tell them you do not go to chruch and that you are f@g. That is only way for them to give you money. People get smart. No wall will ever be built. And only communists can change head of beast. This is nazism with racial tolerance because they learned in WW2 they lost because of racial theory. Nazism with delayed racial theory.

    2. Wilma Wombat

      You make no sense at all. Ever. Never ever. So it hard to tell you that capitalism has allowed you to be talking here.

      1. Chia Cha

        90% of americans are not twice richer then average. Therefore If it works for 90% then why it cannot work for 100%. To be twice richer is obviously enough as needed invcentive for population of USA. Some say that having rich minority is even drag for whole population because they are obviously against consumer society.

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