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3 thoughts on “Hear me RAW message to Prez Xi

  1. Chia Cha

    Chinese could build homes in US, so social security can rent them out for 200$ per month FIXED to workers.

    1. Chia Cha

      US banks can get exclusive rights to finance all such projects around world, and we in rest of world get’s Borg which can actually work. Inventive competitive capitalism cannot work without soci@lism lowering prices while doing mass production, i.e. and we do not need WW3, yet.

  2. Ed Kirchner

    Hi Dr Pieczenik,

    I recently read that the USS Wasp will be prevented from docking at Hong Kong. I also read, on The Common Sense Show. that the chinese have embeded soldiers on American soil. I think President Xi is very concerned with saving face among his people. I appreciate your nonviolent approach to problem resolution. I think we should slow down the receival of products entering
    the US along the Nafta super highway. When the products back up in Mexico and the Mexican government complains, we tell the Mexican government to patrol our southern border to prevent illegals from entering and we will resume receiving products.
    In an unrelated issue, can you explain the rules of engagement for our military? Before a sniper, such as Chris Kyle, can take a shot, The sniper must verify that they are firing at an armed enemy combatant. If the sniper fires at an innocent civilian they can be convicted of murder but if the airforce drops bombs and accidently kills innocent civilians it is considered colateral damage.


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