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16 thoughts on “Hear me on War Room w/ Own Shroyer! SyriaFalseFlag redux

  1. Chia Cha

    Israel is fact, and borders of Israel are fact. I this written in Bible. No one can change that. Yes muslims, pagans, atheists, all are trying to change that. I mean it is insane to watch everyone trying to tell how occupied Palestine is the biggest obstacle for world peace. On other hand looking Bibi how he thinks he will protect Israel because God cannot do it, is even more dangerous. That is insane also. Bibi is 5th columne, yes you have to kill enemies, he is right, but not as draft dodger or like someone who thinks he is doing God s work, that is nothing else then telling God you are more powerful then God. Neutron bombs are connecting people with God more, not Bibi.


    Agree with all of what you said and would add that in my opinion Trump has something in his past that the Zionists are using to blackmail him and that is why he is acting as he is.

    Thank you for your straight talk and for trying to keep us out of war, blessed are the peace makers for they shall be called the children of God.

  3. Chia Cha

    Ok I am also against war with Russia but that does not mean US should not kill Assad. Why always civilians must be killed. Let s kill some member of 1% for change and that is it. Assad now thinks he should take back whole Syria, he wants to spread war and drag US in war… He shold stop right now, he got enough already. Assad and Russians are now starting to act like trouble makers.


      You are a fool, Assad defends Christians in Syria and is a good and moral man.

      Who are you really, besides being a fool.

      1. Chia Cha

        Assad was weak leader, who now is trying to spread war and enslave other tribe who does not want to live under him, now when he surrvived. Assad made huge mistake to not kill all CIA operatives right aways, first day arab spring started, just how Algeria did same day. Now because of his weaknes and incomptence innocent civilians must pay. Enough of bloodshed. Kill Assad and end of story. He was so stupid, he did not even faked arab spring just how Jordan, Morocco, Tunis and Egypt did, without any bloodshed. He is weak inconpentent bloodthrsty satanists who wants to start WW3. Why he started to coperate with Iran, for no other reason then to spread war. And in moment just when everything stablized and division of Syria started. If you think only americans are Satanists you are wrong 😀

      2. Chia Cha

        I do not understand personally situation down there. But Assad is typical eastern dictator and Satrap. He does not care about anything nor anyone. People there need kings. Not soci@list dictators under control of KGB and China.

      3. Chia Cha

        ISIS is totally not relevant any more there. Now it is time for real diplomacy and everyone knows that. You do not want Assad to attack Kurds I am sure. Without solved Kurdish question and unified Kurdish state no Ottoman Empire can be built and Turks knows that. US wants controlable big Ottoman Empire 🙂

  4. Iggyb

    What is the name of that picture behind Dr. Pieczenik in the videos these days?

    Also, what are the chances Assad could have done this to keep US troops involved as they have been for awhile —– repeating a situation China faced in the 19th Century when several competing superpowers were trying to carve it up but couldn’t because they had to worry about each other?

    Is Assad worried Turkey or Russia or Iran will make him a puppet if these powers don’t have US boots on the ground (or Hussein’s Iraq on his border)?

    For that matter – do US troops being within easy kill shot range make it harder for Israel to go after Assad’s throne with Iran having to worry more about Saudi Arabia these days (and making overtures to Israel)?

    I doubt this is the situation —- but people are wrong that it is out of the realm of possiblity that Assad would have a reason for such a strike….

  5. Chia Cha

    Infowars talks against Chinese social credits which are going to be introduced in California. Obviously infowars wants that any drug dealer have more money then every law obiding Christian worker. Money cannot be only official measurment whos genes will have right to accumulate bigger chance to survive or get procreated, like it is now. Do we really want more muslim/mexican kebab stand owners and drug dealers compared to rest of us? That is 100% Obama model. Infowars should follow Trump model and allow public works just how Trump is now demanding from able bodied medicaid and food stamp recipient to work. Obama style capitalism is bad, because Obama wants more unemployed, because when bad workers are not working such are lowering salaries of those who are good workers (on propaganda market). Because capitalists earn more when bad workers are pretending that they want job of those good who already work – their role is more profitable. Plus you get females which are not under control of males, therefore females are free to lower salraies of workers even more. Capitalists are not idiots.

  6. Chan

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  7. Maxx

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  8. Iggyb

    Dr. Pieczenik, Alex Jones is going off on Gen Mattis and the generals around him for leading Trump into bombing Syria right now.

    You’ve noted the generals (and yourself) as getting Trump to run and into the White House.

    But, you have come out very strong against possible attacks against Syria (and against the Vegas attack attributing it to Trum)…

    So, what is the deal? —- Is Trump bombing Syria working against or with the generals you have describes as the necessary cabal at this time in the history of the Republic….?

    Things look confusing….

    And now – barring a lot of dirty big players going to prison between now and election night – the Dems and anti-Trump Republicans are going to sweep the mid-terms….

    So what is going on really?

    (P.S. What is the name of that picture behind you in the videos these days?)

  9. Onpoint

    Yes, what Iggyb ask. I think we would all like to hear?

    Please reply…

  10. First off, Putin’s “neo russia” is not the economic powerhouse that popular opinion would have me believe. Putin during the 2014 Olympic games, set standards in his own country that really made the “globalist cabal” angry. No homos, no pedofiles, and no satanists. Putin is apparently attempting to “regrow” his “neo russia” as population has suffered numbers loss since “parastroika, glasnosk, berlin wall” propoganda. At the time Reagan was celebrating the fall of the Berlin wall, i kept thinking to myself-ya, now communism may have open borders for people to leave or stay, and relocate to the US and abroad. The environmental movement was used as a cover story to set up the previous russian dictator in the Presidio in SanFransisco, CA and nobody noticed. Communism just changed headquarters is all, and it would seem that Putin is attempting to rebuild his country copying the western capitalist model just like the chinese have been doing for 30 years, and this is unacceptable to the globalist cabal of Brussels/EU.

    Second, russia is finding no fertal ground with the globalist occupied USA, and i don’t blame him one bit. The muslim brotherhood has invaded the positions of power in the federal government/obama administration years, so the “signals” coming from the US gov’t are totally confusing the world. The muslim’s have amerika right where they want her: wolf in sheep’s clothing. This is why Trump is having such a hard time restoring a constitutional republic of the united states of america. A second round of strategic strikes in Syria are nothing but slap on wrist for chemical weapons. The real question to be asked, is Assad to blame? I don’t think he is, personally, however, even if he isn’t at least Trump is maintaining stability in programs. At a time of great confusion, a strong leader that doesn’t change his mind every six months is really needed and for Alex to abandon the POTUS is very immature and disconcerting. He should be more mindful of the power of the microphone and recording, Several times he stated, “i am so mad (perhaps inbalanced) that i shouldn’t even be here (broadcasting)”, because having to back peddle on monday and take back his harsh anti Trump words is entirely embarrassing, and juvenile. The only “saving grace” for AJ is he has a small variety of men and women who are also liberty minded and pro USA/Trump, to defer to when he gets like this.

    I recommend people should listen to the 4/15/18 Jerome Corsi broadcast on youtube this past weekend, “cooler heads will prevail” and of course “doctor steve P”.

  11. RUTH

    Dr. Steve , I love ya and have listened to all you broadcasts but AI got to tell ya you went on and on about how great man Mattis is this last time but I remember very clearly how a few months ago you didnt have a good word about Mattis , how he wasn’t an intellectual and about the books he quotes etc. but now all of sudden Mattis is a good man for his part in the illegal unnecessary bombing of Syria . There was no reason to bomb Syria and you know it . So quit making excuses for it . Makes me start to question more of your broadcasts in the future .I still think you bring a lot of sanity and wisdom to the table but I will be more alert to you double talk next time . I expect the best from you because I think you are the best but lets stay consistent and be honest .

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