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23 thoughts on “Hear Me on War Room w/ Owen Shroyer!


    It is my opinion that the intelligence agencies of the U.S. are under Zionist control and so is Trump and that proof of this is the fact that Israel and the deep state and the intelligence agencies were all involved in 911 and got away with it.
    America is a captive nation of the Zionists and we have no hope in Trump, who I voted for, as he is compromised and under total Zionist control.

    1. Chia Cha

      But muslim, russian or chinese capitalists ruling us would be fine? Or equal partnership on equal foot with them would be solution for world peace. For instance we can have 1/4 influence in that just partnership. Or better they should have more because China have more population therefore from point of social justice they should have more? Simpy put, those who wanted to replace us with muslims should be killed and they are enemy numer one. Think of it as 80% of politicians on power today. We must kill all of them. While what you are doing is very selective, someone could say you are trying to protect big majority of globalists by yelling just in to some.

      1. Sam J.

        “…muslim, russian or chinese capitalists ruling us would be fine?…”

        Typical misdirection. Not having Jews run the country does not automatically mean Russia or China will run it.

        1. Chia Cha

          All alternatives like commies and nazis only allowed alternatives because they are not alternatives, simply because they are anti-christian. Therefore not viable. If you say that we need feudal theocratic monarchy, everyone would laugh. Even Israel is theocracy.

  2. Hell yeah. I’m bookmarking this video.

  3. Chia Cha

    For instance I would not even kill Soros or any other capitalist trying who tried to replace us with muslims. Blame is on us, because we have traitors among us who would sell own culture (many females who were not sure in to their family role, g@ys, many guys who were cultural atheists, therefore without culture…) because cost of replaceing us was not made very big to capitalists. We can only praise capitalists to showing us that degenerate societies cannot and should not exist. Alternative would be whole world becoming self conserved degenerate pagan aztec society stucky is hyper developed stone age. For ever. Weak and degenerate must go down. It all starts how you treat kids and roles of s@xes in society.

    1. Chia Cha

      We must kill only those who adopted their lies and politcians who promoted that vile lefty ideology. We must look their track record on legal immigration laws from 1962. Everyone who allowed immigration from muslim countries as equaly worthy as one from christian countries should be killed. Same with those who support “merit” based legal immigration where muslim/pagan/atheist engineer is better then christian g@y with aids. We see what is happening then, we get communist twitter, google and youtube blocking development of whole west and transfering technology to our paganic muslims and atheist enemies.

  4. Iggyb

    North-South Korea having joint Olympics is noteworthy but not close to game changing. They did joint Asian youth games not too long ago when they were held in the South.

    Overall, the swamp directed by DC needs to be drained.

    The citizens have lost faith in the government and too many key institutions. Trump’s victory demonstrates that. If we are to have a real republic, that can’t last…

    Trump won but he has a job to do. If big names do not go to jail and institutions openly reformed, he’s victory won’t mean much in our history.

    1. Chia Cha

      They want us and our kids dead. They only wants pagan, muslims and chinese alive. We are under muslim–chinese-mexican occupation. Coordinator is communist party of China and their globalist pagan atheist nazi-commie slaves inside US. Every atheist is in service of chinese communist party. There can be only one communist hyrarchy and there is only one communist dear leader. Every lefty is waiting for chinese army. Feminism in bureaucracy is best way to enslave society because feminists want to poison and destroy society in the name of power and authorithy above, because that power gives them power to destroy weaker (all outside bureaucracy) with only goal to abort all kids, not just those close to them. Marxism is needed sacrfice on altair of power given to those who should not be allowed to have power to destroy (kids and females). Marxism needs them to get perverted because chemically they cannot cope with that. That is total destruction of occupied tribe. It all starts with belif in merit and undiscriminate market based immigration (we will get good genes). Like genes do not have culture. Here are material evidence for my statement.

    2. Chia Cha

      Look this Mongol nationalist blaming Trump just because her only ONLY and ONLY goal it to import more or her Mongolic Mexican brother invaders and criminals to weaken and carve USA and give levrage to atheist nationalist chinese communist party. And her arguments are on level of total retarded idiot. I mean I do not blame her for anti-american tribalism, I blame bureaucratic marxism which lowers any level of arumentation so genocide can start being only way of communication among groups. Who can select this idiot to speak anywhere. This is not even like listening idiot, idiot who steal jar in shop would have better logic. They are waging war against any sane reason and discusion. This is Stalin’s no arugments PC policy on steroids. Their mexicans are above any reason just becuase politbureau of China says so. For them mexicans are even above US military, US republic and people. If USA wants to have ally in Asia, US must stop immigration from Asian pagan atheists countries like Thailand. It does not work. Marxism does not work. No one can respect that.

  5. Iggyb

    Big names have to go to jail as part of the swamp draining campaign. Faith in our institutions needs to be restored + the demonization of our culture and history must be sharply countered.

    The American people have lost faith in Congress, the Courts, now the FBI, the CIA, and more.

    Academia, the Press, and Hollywood and more have gained in attacking the core of Western Civilization and the nature of the Republic to the point things that were dominant on campus have gone mainstream — like — a person is racist for simply being White — DNA and genitalia have nothing to do in determining gender, Hate Speech is not covered as Free Speech, and so on…

    Even after electing a black man president twice —- half the nation has bought into the idea we are fundamentally a White Supremacist nation and voted for someone as uninspiring as Hillary.

    Trump’s victory might have turned the tide, but the major work is left to be done.

    The foundation of a Republic is its people — not its intelligence agencies and or any ruling clique of a small number of people.

    1. Embrey

      I completely agree Iggy.

  6. dltravers

    Our education system will be our death in the end. This is the last gasp attempt by some rational thinkers in the intelligence community to put an end to the madness that hit an inflection point on 911.

    As the education system cranks out the Hegelian training robots and the old timers die off and retire we will lose. Massive structural changes are needed but this is a good start. Thanks to all involved.

    Recent Korean events are a massive change and a sign that China is placing big pressure on NK along with Trump. Change will not come without the Big Powers arriving at a just deal for all freeing those poor souls in North Korea.


      China will never let NK be destroyed, and Trump is on a fools errand pushed on by the Zionist warmongers in control of the U.S. gov.

      As for the poor souls in NK, I agree, but what about the poor souls in the Mideast who Israel and the U.S. and Britain are destroying, millions of men , women and children have been killed by this unholy trinity.

  7. I remember after the election, but before Trump was sworn in, Dr. Pieczenik was on the Alex Jones Show. Mr. Jones was asking Dr. Pieczenik how would the globalist strike back. Even then the Dr. was making one of the points that he again saliently conveyed in the video above. That point was, and is:

    “They [the Democrats and the Globalist Cabal] have been eviscerated. We came in with a knife for their hearts so fast that they never saw it coming.”

    I remember that because it made sense.

    Last year was an ugly one…if political glory and media approval is one’s goal it was an ugly one. But for those of us who in one way or another desired regime change in America, 2017 was a beautiful year. A costly one, but no less gorgeous.

    Thank you Dr.


      The zionist global cabal ie NWO cabal has not been eviscerated, they are still in control and their game plan of death and destruction is still in force.

      1. Rosman Patterson

        I am sure there are many different ways that serious minded people – those who wish to make honest assessments of what happened and what is happening now – could analyze the 2016 election. Are the Zionist global elites very powerful? Of course they are. So are the Saudis, the European Bankers, The Tri-coms, Putin, the Military Industrial Complex, the Catholic Church, International Corporate Conglomerations, various families of incalculable influence, etc. However – and this is critical – though The Clintons, Bushes, Obamas and others who share their world view remain immensely formidable and very well entrenched, they and those who invested to back their form of empire building, no longer have the keys to the White House. That, my friend, is monumentally significant. It is epoch-making. Mrs. Clinton’s defeat cannot be overstated nor exaggerated. Even a blind man must see just how pivotal and systemic this change was, and will continue to be.

        As for your descent towards Zionists, and conversely your apparent empathy towards the seed of Ishmael, I’ll say this. To each is own Desert Fox. Everybody……you and I included……loves somebody…who is far from perfect.

        1. DESERT FOX

          I voted for Trump and quickly realized he is under Zionist control and so is the entire U.S. gov.

          The Saudis are under the control of the U.S. and Israel and Britain ie the CIA and the MOSSAD and MI6 and are nothing to an empty shell to be used by the unholy trinity as they see fit.

          Do some research.

          1. Rosman Patterson

            The US is a very broad term, and I assure you things are changing here, and everyone knows it. However how will that change benefit, or curtail the near east. That seems to be the primary concern here with you.

            Where many middle eastern nations, not all but most, are anything but industrial powerhouses or information hubs and they do not produce massive amounts of food for their own people, nor the world – oil and some minerals being almost the only interest in those places by international Capitalists – those same nations are disadvantaged more than ever before, in these times. Their lands by comparison are arid wastelands, their own leaders are too often despots, their militaries are third and fourth class and their belief systems differ in many fundamental ways from those of Western societies. Thus, because they in many cases are third world, and by nature and nurture are in direct opposition to the west. . .yes. . .they are mistreated. Stomped even, by many of the players you site above. But none of that changes the fact, that these present times are indeed a result of the not to distant past. And, as you surely must know, the innovations of the 1800’s which took place in US – not Norway, Djibouti nor Uzbekistan but in the US before your NWO was in its present form – paved the way for the very same NWO that you appear to rail against. The European Bankers who fought tooth and nail from the 1820’s to 1913 to get a central bank into the “US”, did so for many reasons. Not least of which were the blatant differences between the US economy at that time, juxtaposed against those of the middle east. There was no there there., The there was here. In the US. The resources, the minds, the manpower and the free society, friend. And that same there is still here in 2018. It is the American Spirit which sates in and saturates everything that is what you refer to as the US.

            We, American’s born here as were our great great grandfathers and theirs before them, are the US. And though sleep may have dimmed our blessed eyes for a generation or three, those who do not love us – and hate us for our gifts – will soon be met. You may not like what your perceive President Trump is doing. You may fear that his agenda will not bode well for certain nations. I understand why some may think like that. But America first. Not, England, not China, not Iraq, and none of the rest. We are cleaning our house first. After that, let the chips fall where they may.

            Proverbs says:
            A wise man stores up knowledge, but a fool says everything that is in his heart.

          2. Chia Cha

            Near East have trade routes.

  8. Chia Cha

    I am warning all those who are against Christian THE CULTURE, that even under you formally anti-theist multi-culti international anti-traditionalist crap you will not win. Culture always WINS.

    1. Embrey

      Even with a digital system, machine learning, artificial intelligence, countless billions of dollars, super computers processing at rates we cannot even fathom and the human element that has attempted to create a narrative in which the CULTURE is the problem and IF we could only go post-cultural we could reach the utopic future – even with all these factors they still cannot overturn what we believe.
      The response to their charade – Donald Trump. He is the human embodiment of all of our flaws BUT he is also the symbol of our unwillingness to cast aside what has worked for us and our ancestors for generations. Genetic memory is a bitch.

  9. Embrey

    Even with a digital system, machine learning, artificial intelligence, countless billions of dollars, super computers processing at rates we cannot even fathom and the human element that has attempted to create a narrative in which the CULTURE is the problem and IF we could only go post-cultural we could reach the utopic future – even with all these factors they still cannot overturn what we believe.
    The response to their charade – Donald Trump. He is the human embodiment of all of our flaws BUT he is also the symbol of our unwillingness to cast aside what has worked for us and our ancestors for generations.
    Note: I am reposting this comment minus one naughty word. My ‘comment has been awaiting moderation’ for some time now.

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