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29 thoughts on “Hear me on Trump/Syria Iran and DARPA

  1. Furtive

    Execute this criminal traitor forthwith:

    Begin @ 43 min

    1. Chia Cha

      You mean both of those sitting, on left and on right.

  2. Chia Cha

    US government support this? Islamic priest in every country tells only what government allows, islamic priests are always agents of governments where they operate unless country is unable to fund them by own money. That is esence of islamic ideology. Why is this allowed? On whos pay list this ideologue is? I guess Soros.


    Trump is a puppet of the deep state which is controlled by Zionists and as a result of this Zionist control of America we can look forward to perpetual wars in the Mideast.

    The U.S. and ISRAEL and BRITIAN created AL CIADA aka ISIS and they are not going to let anyone stand in their way of regime change and a greater Israel. America is under Zionist control and this will lead to our destruction.

    1. Chia Cha

      So what you recomend we do with enemies, to let them grow big and strong. And not help them understand swords can be dangerous and that it is better to be friends? Ok, so we and muslims kill all Jews we find, what then? We merge with muslims and we all become muslims?

    2. Patriarch

      You are a broken record. Only Hitler can repeat a lie & others will be gullible.
      Get lost!!

  4. Chia Cha

    Trump visits future of society. Of course left is going crazy. They cannot stand solidarity not based on anti-values.

  5. alex jones is too much, I can’t even deal with it.

    prayer dr steve for you. God bless America!


      Alex Jones is a Zionist operator and deceiver.

      1. I rebuke your comment as mere speculation and lacking of evidence sir, Alex Jones is a HERO! inasmuch as I can tells, he has been nothing but forthright with the American people.
        If anything I would dare venture to say that aforementioned American hero Alex Jones speaks against Islam, which I myself would much not to hinder him in that regards.

  6. Freedom at last Manifesting on Capitol Hill

    The days of the Washington yes man froth is over

    The American Christian patriots want Results; we Know what GOD was Invocated on 1-20-2017; HE Will have HIS Way in our nation and Bless the poor and afflicted!!!!

    A new company is Rising with The Mind of CHRIST
    A Joshua generation to Bring our nation into the promise land; a selfless generation who Seek eternal glory and who’s Joy is the Fear of YHWH ELOHIYM
    the days of the satanic few perching off the weak minded public is over!!!!

    The public is Awakening FATHER YHWH ELOHIYM

    1. Chia Cha

      Good policy, ditch any cooperation with Russia. Isolate Russia, starve them. Russia should understand that artctic is for civilized people. Siberia is something else. God is protecting Siberia from exploatation. It is not time for Siberia to have civilization. That is why God is keeping russians there. Therefore we should push China in to Siberia so we will be able to watch what would dear God do. Ants cannot behave 3D, their biological computer is working only in 2D. Same way we cannot understand God which is in 4th dimension. Ant cannot understand when he is hit from above, what is above. For ant there is only left and right. Dangerous people are those who have great logic connected with natural mathemathical skills. There is devil there. Such people are computers/animals, something like not dumb communists.

  7. Chia Cha

    I will now have to work on removing all communists from country, here. We must break their network on expense of civil war. Communists are more dangerous then capitalists because capitalist class is producing working class. While communists are good only for genetical experimentation. Genetical experimentation on those who are believers in party and bureaucracy are needed so we can find animal genes inside humans. Imagine that your morality is formed against God and religion while based on bureaucratic trend inside polit bureau. HA HA HA.

  8. Chia Cha

    If Russia wants deal, Russia must stop dreaming about baypassing USA in deals with Germany. No one in Europe will tolerate that.

  9. Chia Cha

    This is HUGE, HUGE. It is HUGE. This means one corporation, communist/muslim/mexican/chinese world order is over (same, and one champoo commerical for whole world is gone), how many kids are saved from veneral dieasases, plus jobs are returining on West. We now just have to isolate Merkel and Russia to lower their hubris and show them where they belong. Checkmate for NWO. Cultural victory is base of info war.

  10. Patriarch

    Trump psyched out the media: very clever tactic.

    The dumb tv anchors are autistic.

    In fact, Trump has protected Sessions & his swamp draining, by insulting Sessions lack of focus, so the Swamp dwellers including kingpin schumer would vouch for Sessins law & order principles.

    Now they cant criticize Sessions arrest strategy.

    “You can easily see the advantage of playing with a trump suit.

    if you play a hand at a notrump contract, the highest card in the suit led always takes the trick. If an opponent with the lead has a suit headed by all winning cards, that opponent can wind up killing you. She can just keep playing all her winning cards — be it four, five, six, or seven — taking one trick after another as you watch helplessly. Such is the beauty and the horror of playing a hand at notrump. You see the beauty when your side is peeling off the tricks; you experience the horror when your opponents take trick after trick.

    However, when the bidding designates a trump suit, you may well be in a position to neutralize your opponents’ long, strong suits quite easily. After either you or your partner is void (has no cards left) in the suit that your opponents lead, you can just play any of your cards in the trump suit and take the trick. This little maneuver is called trumping your opponents’ trick (which your opponents really hate).”

    1. Chia Cha

      KGB communist/(bureaucrat capitalist) Jetzin economy is doing same what communis/(bureaucrat capitalist) Jetzin economy was doing in Russia. It is same economy.

  11. Chia Cha

    Judicial system long time went 1. on side of money, how much money, so much of justice 2. they went on brown side 3. plus now they have own political ideology (bureaucratic capitalism – communism) the way how to make more money i. e. create own law… trump is elected democratically therefore he must starve bloated bureaucracy (justice is also bureaucracy), we cannot relay on justice system inside bureaucracy, rule of law is something totally different. rule of law is rule of judeo-christian culture… religion determines how we live, how we live determines laws, therefore trump while protecting culture he is protecing law against justice system which is 100% communist and outside culutre.

  12. Chia Cha

    Bureacuracy is on west is Roman system, and Roman empire was pagan. French revolution reintroduced back bureaucracy. Bureaucracy is creating it self and always creating new problems so they can hire their families and get even more money and jobs. In feudalism there were no bureucracy system was very efficient, because Western empires were able to spread them self way much faster before French revolution by looking ration investment/return.

    1. Furtive

      Sic indictments next wednesday

  13. Chia Cha

    From 2002. till 2005 democrats were penetrated fully by KGB. In 2003. contorling mechanism over economy was self abolished and economy started to be on auto-pilot. Republicans were under control of neo-cons who started auto-pilot, but democrats were nowhere, neocons forgot on democrats, meaning they were under control of KGB, because control if there is none, is always filled with any organised alternative there is. In that time only KGB was organised on US teritorry. Evidence is that Bush was one who had to left wing orange revolutions in central asia and ukraine… Whole east europe fell to KGB because of neocon idiots.

  14. Maleusmaleficarum

    Trita Parsi disagrees on your assessment of the likelihood of war with Iran. The director of the National Iranian America Committee believes that Trump pitched a tantrum when he was compelled to re-certify the Iran Nuclear Deal in April, and that he did so reluctantly to give his staff more time to find a way for him to deny certification in October and declare war.

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