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29 thoughts on “Hear Me on Trump’s Choices!

  1. Chia Cha

    Harley Davidson is what should be done among cars. Harley is Rolls Royce, but highly modular and customizble while with prices set for regular people. I think that without tax payers money that would have been impossible.

  2. Petra

    I don’t like the Supreme Court Pick. But, I am going to take it Trump covered his down side I just can’t see it yet. Possibly the Dems will have something to melt down about for the Summer and Trump will win on other things. These confirmations go on for a while and will give the press great material and obsession….


    The U.S. war involvement in Syria is illegal and immoral as is its involvement in Afghanistan and Iraq and Libya and Syria and Yemen and Somalia etc.. The U.S. military is a proxy arm of Israels IDF and points out again that the U.S. gov in under Zionist control.

    By the way Britain fought in Afghanistan for 81 years from 1838 until 1919 and then was pushed back into Afghanistan in 2001 via the Zionist attack on 911, this is our past and our future ie wars for Zionist bankers and drug runners.

  4. Chia Cha

    This is proper move in right direction. What else then to fully support this move. LGBT must ad P and become LGBTP. Everyone would be there if we would include and add ASBFFRLC also (abortionist soy boy femenizied feminist rentier liberal capitalists).

    1. Chia Cha

      I forgot SONPFVCBSTBTBCCSEFDLWOBEACCPE which would go for: supporters of no punishment for violent crimes by soon to be turning brown chemically castrated state employee demanging low wage open border economy and chinese communist party economy. After all is accepted, we can call make that short in to HIOBOMOMERKELOGU.

      1. Wanda Woodward, Ph.D.

        Chia Cha, I think, as far fetched as it may seem to those of us who are sane and are believers in God, the communists on the Left in America will be advocating the open and legal support for pedophiles, and for eliminating punishment for violent crimes, as you state above. Satan is the leader of the communist Left, so maybe after they advocate the legality of murder, they will then move to support the legality of cannibalism, so the murderers can eat their prey. Jerry Brown might be among the first to support these since he is certifiably, psychopathologically insane.

        1. Chia Cha

          Jerry Brown is westerner they would gladly accept. For left he is progressive, liberating us from opressive rules and boundaries only set to stifle free individuals. Left wingers are the most idiotic form of life, because they think that oppressive rules are only those which are told to be and decided by minority. Left wing (started existing from time of french revolution) is nothing else then unneded tool against rich, supported by rich because it does not work at all. I guess it is question of IQ.

    2. Wanda Woodward, Ph.D.

      Chia Cha, the communist Left in America are Cultural Marxists and advocates of Critical Theory, so they do not believe in any limitations or borders, including moral boundaries. It is a slippery slope, indeed, with these people. Where does it all lead when one removes all limitations and boundaries to behavior, thinking, and emotions? Ultimately, they are destroyed by their own pathology and I think of the Euroboros as the perfect symbol of that. Another symbol is the man with the black cape, two horns on his head, red eyes, with the legs and feet of a goat, and holding a pitchfork—-Satan. A more sophisticated version would be the body of Dionysus or Bacchus or Pan, although there are certainly beneficial aspects of these mythical Roman and Greek gods, so it’s not entirely accurate to depict them as strictly negative.

      1. Chia Cha

        Oh but you forgot that Satan have nice female chest always drawn on every pic. Just how Eva Braun was antipod for Hitler. She had male brain, while Hitler had feamle brain. They were example best functional examples evil aliens could put to create their own spieces afther they kill all homo sapiens (both those who mixed with neandthertals and those who did not)… seems that only whites mixed with neandthertals (good mathematics).

      2. Chia Cha

        In USA because of lots of plastics and GMO s there are many of feminized victims. Goal of Satan is abolishment of males. But even when females start to be only gender, genes can again after few thousand years do inverse recombination and produce males. God is keeping Russia and Siberia protected from touching. Because Russians are not so capable to destroy them self like those under efficient, productive and inventive capitalists. There is no difference between member of politbureau and members of captialist oligarchy. Those others are just more dangerous because they are more successufull in making their own plans come to fruition.

  5. Wanda Woodward, Ph.D.

    First, we must always remember that Trump ALWAYS calculates outcomes way in advance. You can bet that he has done so with Kavanaugh based on multiple factors, one of which is there will likely be profoundly important judicial/legal decisions decided by SCOTUS in the next 10 years, and many within the next 7.5 years under Trump. Here are the profoundly important future issues likely to be decided by SCOTUS:
    • The politicization of the American judiciary which Clarence Thomas has already foreshadowed: In the recent SCOTUS decision upholding Trump’s travel ban, Thomas said that “universal injunctions are legally and historically dubious. If federal courts continue to issue them, this Court is dutybound to adjudicate their authority to do so.”
    • Anti-trust and First Amendment issues particularly related to the censorship of mostly Conservatives by Youtube, Google, Facebook
    • First Amendment issues which relate particularly to issues of religion and LGBT rights
    • Second Amendment issues especially pertaining to rights of gun owners, age of gun ownership, bans of certain guns, and specifically states’ rights pertaining to rulings on issues regarding gun control
    • Sanctuary City legality or illegality
    • Illegal immigration issues that are appealed to SCOTUS
    • Deportation out of America of certain groups of people
    • Bans on the entry into America of certain groups of people
    • Trafficking of fetus body parts and issues that relate to child, human, and sex trafficking
    • Fourth Amendment issues of privacy versus national security

  6. Wanda Woodward, Ph.D.

    Do Trump and DeVos know about this? There are already schools taking out any reference to biological sex in the curricula and, instead, putting in all the textbooks the unscientific falsehood that gender and gender identity is exclusively, solely due to sociocultural factors. Now we have to worry about muslims infiltrating our school system with lies being told about this psychopathological, murdering cult called Islam.

    Vladimir Lenin: Give me four years to teach the children and the seed I have sown will never be uprooted.
    New Robert Spencer pamphlet on the Islamization of U.S. public schools now available
    JUL 7, 2018 Robert Spence

    My new Freedom Center pamphlet addresses the Islamization of our public schools.
    “Readin’, Writin’, and Jihadin’,” FrontPage, July 6, 2018:
    “The commitment to ‘multiculturalism’ that has now taken over K-12 education in America has been a godsend for Muslims anxious to use schools and textbooks to proselytize for Islam.” So begins the David Horowitz Freedom Center’s new pamphlet, Readin’, Writin’, and Jihadin’: The Islamization of American Public Schools, by the prolific Robert Spencer, Director of the Center’s Jihad Watch website.

    This sixty-page work is a quick read but a startling and crucial warning about the degree to which Islamic proselytization has already taken hold in our educational system and is accelerating.
    Spencer is the author of many Freedom Center pamphlets as well as eighteen bestselling books, the latest of which is The History of Jihad From Muhammad to ISIS(to be released August 8 from Bombardier Books). In his new pamphlet, he details jaw-dropping examples in recent years of a whitewashed version of Islam being presented in classrooms, textbooks, and special school events. He notes that the presentation of Islam goes far beyond educating the students about it to actively promoting it. No similar favorable attention is given in the classroom to Christianity or any other religion. Indeed, the anti-Christian bias accompanying the teaching of Islam is one of the most egregiously misleading aspects of this not-so-subtle proselytizing. Spencer notes that one textbook council reported, “While seventh-grade textbooks describe Islam in glowing language, they portray Christianity in a harsh light. … Islam is featured as a model of interfaith tolerance; Christians wage wars of aggression and kill Jews. Islam provides models of harmony and civilization. Anti-Semitism, the Inquisition, and wars of religion bespot the Christian record.”

    Concepts central to Islamic history and theology, such as jihad, sharia, and dhimmitude, are downplayed in educational materials (when they are covered at all), and Islam is depicted as far more tolerant, inclusive, and peaceful than actual history suggests.

    Spencer states that this serves a dangerous political agenda by dissociating Islamic ideology from terrorist acts carried out in its name. Some sources of this misinformation in schools go so far as to suggest that Islamic terrorism is justified, that Western exploitation, oppression, and aggression are to blame for such atrocities as the 9/11 attacks. The result is that young Western minds are indoctrinated into viewing their own values and culture with suspicion, while being dissuaded from understanding how fundamentalist Islam is a threat.

    Spencer concludes that the “self-hatred mandated by multiculturalism in American public school students for decades now has created a vacuum, which Muslims have shown themselves to be all too eager to fill.”

    Don’t miss this important addition to the Horowitz Freedom Center’s array of must-read pamphlets. Order your copy of Readin’, Writin’, and Jihadin’: The Islamization of American Public Schools here.

  7. Chia Cha

    Complicated situation on Balkans. Merkel anti-Trump pro Russian liberal capitalsits are now cooperating with Serbian liberal-democrat WWII nazi Chetink government which made Belgrade first Juden-frei city on world in 1941 (both president of prime minister of serbia are official chetniks officials, president is duke of chetniks). Russia is angry on Serbs because of that cooperation with Merkelogu stabbing russians in back. Germans are trying to sabotage chinese railroad also. So China is angry on Serb chetniks also. Because of that liberal German media is attacking Croatia that we are nazis to get warm to Serbs and Turks and Erdogan on expense of US in Bosnia, while Russia is trying to show it self as same protector of Croatia as USA is. At least 50%-50%. While Trump is attacking Merkel (rightly) for cooperating with Russia, backstabbing USA while Merkel proclaiming USA to be new USSR toward Germany. Sick l@sbian bitch must die. That bit@h really thinks Germans have right to think with own head. Of course US traitourous deep state is supporting Merkel and China while not Turkey. While Trump appointed abassador is very very supporting of us here protecting us from russian buying half of economy advocating soci@lism and state intervention against russians. Of course old communist pro-serbian traitors on power (deep globalist state) here are supporting more capitalism, more russia, blocking US LNG, supporting Merkel… Situation is to puke.

  8. Chia Cha

    Germany and Serbia are the biggest problem on world again. They want war between Russia and USA, and between Russia and China. They think they will get on top again with muslims if they are successufull in creating those wars. Old nazi tactic. Germany is now playing with Erdogan and serbian chetniks (WWII nazis) against China, sabotaging their rail road, and together with Turkey kicking out together Russia and US from Serbia and Bosnia. Russians are very angry. Merkel said that USA for Germany is today what USSR was to East Germany. Germans were not properly pacified obviously.

  9. Chia Cha

    When little girls were bringing flowers to comrade Stalin everyone was allowed to say they were girls and they were under 18.

    1. Chia Cha

      This news site is something I never could believe to exist. This guys are total resistance. Total number of genocide victims is bigger then all wars from 1815, and all that happened from introdcution of Frankfurt School and Hippie movement by capitalst owners of universities, and on West only. This guy is telling how it is. He is just forgeting to mention rentier capitalists in sector of housing and capitalist temporary gig jobs. Which intentionally created rich old and poor youth as way for youth to accept euthanization of old (while accepted compromise solution will be eutanazation of only of older middle class and longer life of old rich) :). Only much much more of soci@lism in sector of jobs and housing can stop total destruction. Nationalization together with workers coop-zation of big multinationals is seems only way how to stop this conspiracy of few rich capitalists. It can be done simply, if company is big coorporation, that means that company is public. We need simple law that public companies can be owned only by workers working in that company, one worker one vote. Taxation on such company can be set on 90% , half of those collected taxes can go toward such similar coop banks for money to not be fiat one and never pritnted again. NATO will not be able to operate without this reforms and Putin will be winner. Every worker salary by law must be bigger then any salary of bureaucrat and military person. Set on 90% of minumum salary. Allowed salaries only 2 times bigger then minimum. If you do not want to work, then you have 50% of minimum.

  10. Sam J.

    My apologies for being negative but there’s something that really bugs me about your videos. You have text at the beginning saying.”Steve Pieczenik, Talks”, then you have another text flashing “Steve Pieczenik, Talks”, then you have a preview saying “Hi this is Dr. Steve Pieczenik and this is Steve talks”, then you have the actual video and what do you say at the beginning? More of exactly the same thing you’d said and texted already. It’s really annoying. It reminds me of network TV which I’m physically incapable of watching due to “advanced revulsion syndrome,(ARS)”. ARS is condition that flares up when a person with common sense views modern TV.

    Now I know modern sensibilities are to just repeat the same thing over and over and over but maybe you could lose one or two of them.

    On a more positive note thank you for your great videos, insights and service to our country.

    1. Wanda Woodward, Ph.D.

      Sam, I thought I was the only one who stopped watching t.v. But I stopped because of the Establishment propaganda whereby they either put Blacks and Whites and muslims in t.v. shows and commercials, or put light colored Blacks in all the commercials. Why? So as to brainwash everyone into accepting a roses-and-cupcakes society of Utopian harmony between the races and cultures and religions, and to accept interbreeding between Whites and Blacks and muslims and Christians, so that a Black race will eventually become extinct and so the White race will eventually become extinct and the muslims will become extinct, and the Christians become extinct—-and so the IQs of the White race will decrease and become BELOW AVERAGE, and so the IQ of the Black race (current Average IQ is between 67 and 84) and muslims (current average IQ is mid 80s) will INCREASE TO BELOW AVERAGE instead of mentally retarded and borderline mentally retarded. This, of course, is the Elites’ plan to make greater profits. It’s always, ultimately, about the dollar sign to them.

      The Elites are playing a very, very dangerous game here. They miscalculate due to their profound avarice, naivete, and/or stupidity of the primal consciousness of humans, the primal instinct of survival of one’s own race, culture, and people. Blacks nor Whites want this to happen. Take a poll of 1,000 Blacks and ask them this question: Do you want all Black people to interbreed with Whites so that, over time, the Black race is exterminated? Take a poll of 1,000 random White people and ask them this question: Do you want all White people to interbreed with Blacks so that, over time, the White race is exterminated?

      I will give you three guesses as to the answers the pollster will get, and the first two guesses don’t count.

      If the Elites keep pushing this, I will tell you what will happen in Canada, America, Mexico, Western Europe, Eastern Europe, the Middle East, and Africa. There will be billions of different races who, in order to preserve their own race, people, culture, and way of life, will rise up against the Establishment, against the Elites, against the Uber Wealthy in their gated communities, and the outcome will not portend well for the relative handful of the latter against the hordes and hordes of people with pitchforks of those comprising the former. There had better be some “reorganizing” of the world order, as Merkel stated a few weeks ago, or the billions will reorganize it through force.

  11. Chia Cha

    President Trump is human in full sense of that world. Every move he do is of human or of how human should behave. He is free human who is on mission of creating situation better for everyone. Fantastic logic combined with inteligence, full sense for justice and honour, which can be result only of ability to notice injustice. And he is getting even better every day because he is able to cross his message more and more, by every passing day. He is only deserving protector of faith.

  12. Jason

    The James Comey open house and the Peter Strzok debacle are important to watch back to back. These guys are animals that can barely maintain their faux-human personas. If they were ever human, they surrendered that long ago. It’s like Old Yeller. You love the dog, but the rabies took over. It’s not a dog anymore. It’s simply the manifestation of rabies. The day that they are put down, along with the rest, will be a day to remember for all time. America as an entity was a drunk opioid dealer addict devil worshipping psychotic with no impulse control, and zero reaction time, with a nasty habit of self cutting when low. Perhaps through rehab, an exercise program, a move towards being honorable, and a few good self help books will get us ship shape again. National 12 step program?

    1. Donna

      Excellent, Jason. You nailed it.

    2. Donna

      And with no disrespect Jason, I would like to add that the frauds in the Deep State, the psychopaths who have made “devil worshipping” a trendy “cool” thing to cover their own criminal activities, make a mockery of the whole Luciferian thing.

      Lucifer never asked people to sacrifice their children for him. He didn’t flood the world. There are plenty of “Christians” and some famous ones, who are and have been part of the Deep State, and take part in those same criminal activities. It’s a fact, these criminals who have been running our country since 1913, come masquerading in a lot of different religions.

      1. Chia Cha

        Lucifer is first after Satan in Satan’s hierarchy. Satan – Lucifer – Asmodeus – Beelzebuub. Same like hierarchy of communist party. Lucifer must listen everything what Satan demands. There is not even one but. While Satan recieved order from God to be ruler of this world, with only intention to collect as many souls he can to put them in hell for ever. Satan is tyrless. Best way to go to hell for ever is to do sacrifice of innocent childrens. Therefore I do not get your point that Lucifer does not want childrens to be killed. Everyone who listen ruler of this world must go to hell for ever.

        1. Donna

          All I can say Chia Chia is do your own research. Not everything is black and white, there are a lot of gray areas. The Bible is a combination of myth, history, and it has been re-written so many times to coincide with current events.

          1. Chia Cha

            God is perfect, God would never allow his world to be distorted. God took care that Bible cannot be re-written. French Bible is is best translation of original writtings written by desciples them self, all written under direct influence of God. Therefore God cannot write lies. Satan is father of all lies, and best lies are combination of truth and lies. Partial truths are best lies. Why should desciples lie if they believed in truth. Plus whole Jewish tradition believes in happy ending of world, so why should they lie. Bible was rewritten with development of satanic templar order under instructions of their Grand Master and they were foundation of masonory. Servants of golden goat. But of course if they try to get Russia to finish and win, then whoe north american continent will be carved on 4 parts. It is enough to hit with one ICBM Satan Californian peninsula for Europe to get some fresh air from Pacific.

          2. Chia Cha

            But of course that they cannot stop trying, all servants of Satan must listen him. Especially because God gave order to Satan and Lucifer to work, work and work. So if you listen God you go to heaven, if you listen Satan-Lucifer-… then you go to hell. That is only game in town.

  13. Chia Cha

    Very good video. In 13 minutes Richard explaind how legally minority is able to one day decide that there are more genders then two, and why we all are going to accept that.

  14. Ronald Hamilton

    Hi Dr. P.’

    I think putin and trump agreed on a pipeline from ANWR to Russia to Koreas and China across AFG to the indian ocean. It gives us 15% energy control.

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