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31 thoughts on “Hear me on Trump Putin Meet Up!


    Trump is a Trojan Horse for the Zionist NWO agenda just like Helliary. Our elections are a farce , as we are given a choice between Zionist controlled operatives.

    A thousand Trumps would not equal one Putin , as that is like comparing a child to an adult.

    1. Petra

      Back up your claims… You keep saying the same thing…

      1. Chia Cha

        Putin must put faith on markets. He is believer. KGB atheists are best believers in human products. They think they as today capitalists, they are just long term communists on path to total victory. For them party must have solution for everything.

        1. Chia Cha

          Russian and Chinese did their reforms (Beria proposal for survival to leave colonies in eastern europe and central asia), while americans did not. They see it that way. That is new bed time story for party members. But then some are saying that Beria was english agent. I think Beria had to become monarch. Feudalism is only way forward, people do forget but major of free royal city in feudalism was not bureaucrat. Such concepts today are allowed only for elite cities.

        2. Chia Cha

          Communists are more stupid version of capitalists, they are village capitalists. Peasants. They trust balance sheet even more. We need to kill them all. That is first step. They were good only in one thing, to show who capitalism is weak and pathetic. I mean to keep arms race with capitalism of whole world for so long, that shows how capitalism is pathetic and weak system. Villiage idiots were able to do it.

  2. Chia Cha

    Great video. Just how China revitalized global capitalism before 2008, same way Putin will. Just this will be more sustainable.

  3. Chia Cha

    New cooperative farm erected by California government, with concomitant housing units in larger SF bay area to fight high prices of needed housing for millenials.

    1. Chia Cha

      Kennedy was trying to get exclusive oil deal with USSR against boys, Trump will now try with half of boys. What will other half of boys say?

  4. Chia Cha

    Thx God on YouTube. Youtube is monster detector. With democrats we get civil rights to have g@y weeding cake baked for us where ever we like. Plus we get to know that Switzerland, UK and Germany does not have innovation in medical sector.

  5. Imagine if Russian President Vladimir Putin had met (performs sign of holy cross on face) HIllary Rodham Clinton as President! He would have puked up one of those green phegm balls that she did last year.

    1. I apologize I shouldn’t mock another human, but I can say the HANDSHAKE wouldn’t have been as great!!!

  6. Raymond Howard Carlson

    Dr. Pieczenik please see my recent posts at your BOLG!


    Why are my comments being blocked.

    1. Chia Cha

      Either you use profane lanuguage, either you are depressive, or you are trying to sell something. Or combination of words is unrecognisable for program to sort in to allowed category. Ask DARPA.

  8. Furtive

    Natalie was comedy’s FBI informant

    Tom Clancy says:

    Putin fired Russian Railways vice president & money launderer Petr Katsyv, who 6 weeks later, in December 2015, made a personal offer to FBI Director James Comey to become an informer and provide the American’s with all the evidence supporting his hil-liary Clinton was involved in the money laundering.

    Negotiating this “snitch deal” between Petr Katsyv and FBI Director Comey, was Russian attorney Natalia Veselnitskaya—and whose efforts were successful as evidenced by US authorities dropping all of the charges against Denis Katsyv in May (2017) settling their case for $5.9 with no wrongdoing admitted.1.

    The “snitch deal” between Petr Katsyv and FBI Director Comey was done in Vienna, Austria, because she was not allowed to the enter the United States—but who mysteriously this past summer, was granted a special access visa that could have only been authorized by a top Obama regime official.

    While she was negotiating the “snitch deal” between Petr Katsyv and FBI Director Comey, she too was recruited to be an FBI informant—and as evidenced by her receiving a lucrative contract from the McCain Institute arranged by one of its senior directors named David Kramer who was a former US State Department official—and that just 8 days after her meeting Trump campaign officials, David Kramer2. arranged for her to meet with the Obama regimes former Ambassador to Russia Michael McFaul. She was photographed sitting behind McFaul in a Capitol Hill hearing as he testified 8 days after her meeting in Trump Tower.

    Upon being granted her special access visa to enter the US, she was stripped searched in London under orders from FBI Director Comey in order to make certain she was not carrying any incriminating FSB documents relating to Hillary Clinton’s crimes—and when entering the United States, she said that she was contacted by a British publicist named Robert (Bob) Goldstone who said he had arranged a meeting for her with top Trump campaign officials so that she could advocate for the repeal of a US law called the Magnitsky Act.

    1. Furtive

      TOM Clancy clarifies:

      2. David Kramer has been shown by the British High Court (In The High Court Of Justice Queen’s Bench Division–Claim no. HQ17D00413) to be one of only two people (the other being US Senator John McCain) to have possession of the fake “Russian Dossier” against Trump prepared by the former British spy Christopher Steele for Vladimir Yakunin’s shadowy private intelligence company Orbis Business Intelligence Ltd. using sources too incredible to believe by any normal person.

    2. Furtive

      Google 12-10-15

      “Law and Order in Russia
      The story behind the largest tax fraud in Russian history”

  9. Furtive

    Boris & Natasha 2.0

    Part 1:

    Natalia Veselnitskaya had become “embroiled/entangled” in the Hillary Clinton-Russian Railways money laundering scheme that led, in October, 2015, to firing its president Andrei Yukunin, along with his first Deputy minister of Transport , her HUSBAND, Alexander Mitusov.

    In 1999, they married when they both were employed by the Department of the Prosecutor General.

    In 2003, Natalia became a managing partner of a private Moscow law firm, Kamerton Consulting specializing in corporate & property disputes.

    One of her clients energy (oil/gas) transportation company SG-Trans OJSC, hired her husband as Vice President, after he was fired from the Russian Railways.

  10. Furtive

    Unable to post the remaining parts.

  11. Chia Cha

    CNN is developing in to only real opposition to government and system. Yes they are pedophilles but Jews in nazi camps had better medical care that what those republicans are planning for americans. There will be 250,000 prevetable deaths per year, that is more then nazis were able to process in their camps for 12 years of rule per year. Freedom is more effective concept. HA HA HA.

    1. Chia Cha

      David Brooks have too dark tan to talk like this. His skin will not be socially acceptable very soon. Why should white worker accept some dark skinned to leach of him, ALSO. That is one visible step too much, dangerous for rich whites if they want to stay rich, and for poor whites. If someone must die then it is better to start killing Jews then poor from your group. If I were Jew I would stop having public opinions if and when medicaid expansion is abolished.

  12. Chia Cha

    Maybe healthcare is way to destroy republicans, if it is true, this wall and healthcare, then Trump is sign from heaven. Because why would healthcare be his only broken promise, I do not see point? He said no cuts in healtcare. Without wall you cannot survive, you are done. That is base. Wall is even more important for USA to stay non racist and democratic.

    1. sagebrush

      You sound like mossad agent.

      1. Chia Cha

        Nope, I am of her Majesty. But thank you. Goal of every self-identified group (skin colour, religion, nation, tribe) is to kill kids of other self-identified group so their kids would survive because resources needed for survival are limited. And you must have organised group to survive, against nature also, to protect from wolfs comming at night in to village. This capitalist policies of importing cheaper slaves cannot continue, because they do not have foundation in reality.

        1. sagebrush

          You need to take English lessons.

          1. Chia Cha

            No I do not need. I think my English is best on world. You need to learn English if you need money. If you do not need the you do not need to learn anything.

  13. Dr. Pieczenik,

    I Release strength unto you as you have carried the burden and people’s desire for freedom in north korea too long. FATHER YHWH ELOHIYM is Moving Mighty to Remove this family off their throne Ending the nightmare we see with kim jong un!!!!
    HE Will Give you the pleasure like was Spoken before on your page here to see this regime change first hand being an intricle part in its falling!!!! HE is with you and the leaders of this nation Mighty to Destroy the many dark works of evil upon this earth!!!! HIS Strength is Resting stronger on you and others around you to complete this mission in north korea!!!!

    FATHER has Solidified the Russian-USA bond with Peace and prosperity Coming between us in the next 8 years as The people’s champion President Donald J. Trump will take on another 4 years come 2021!!!! The Prosperity is Pouring strong!!!!

  14. Chia Cha

    Germany is directly DIRECTLY responsible for destruction of Europe. Muslims are not coming to be here, they are coming to rule. They are filthy scum united with rich who have extra real eastates.

    1. Chia Cha

      First step always is that we must get rid of communists. Varoufakis, Merkel etc… They are islamic traitors. And this is how we can start.

  15. Chia Cha

    Police and thieves knows one thing very well. You never steal from thieves, you will always end up discovered. Only problem of this thieve was that she was driving Ford. Unusual class behaviour, I guess she just started working. You think they will ever stop black lady in new Mercedes S or SL? If you think that you are moron 100%.

  16. Chia Cha

    Varoufakis said that he respects Merkel because she is importing those who are lowering price of workers on workers marketplaces. Communists just want everyone under same hat, they do not care about equality. For them it is natural that they have more. And for them workers are racists and traditionalists.

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