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5 thoughts on “Hear Me on the #fakeNews 2 Distract from Disaster in Education!

  1. Joseph Chiara

    Extraordinarily important topic which get effectively no attention. I think this is intentional dumbing down of the American population and it has been going on for decades, and maybe now is picking up additional steam with all the distractions and addictive technologies which substitute for reality and critical thinking skills. A recent book on this is called Irresistible, which received very good reviews.

    1. Chia Cha

      I agree. For instance addicted to cocaine are inteligent animals. Nothing more, nothing less.


    Agree, please read the book THE COMMITTEE OF 300 by Dr. John Coleman, it can be had on and also please read THE PROTOCOLS OF ZION, to understand what is going on in America.

  3. Chia Cha

    America without fear from communism is hell on earth. It does not work. Therefore if communism is not in, we need to install fear from world war in to ruling class. Globalism is the most dangerous concept because in that model ruling classes all around world are fearless. Only way for ruling classes to really fear is to create real threat of world war for them. Ruling class fears more of WW then we are, that is why we have more capital then they have.

  4. Dana Brigham

    Well Steve you have now supported a member of the democratic party in North Carolina which crosses the line for me after defending a Watergate Cuban believing that the DNC was being funded by Communist funds.
    I like your other picks in Lake County and will pass the word but you might remember that
    Florida needs more of you than N.Carolina

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