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8 thoughts on “Hear Me on Iran/Irsael Fisticuffs!


    The basic cause of the wars fought for Israel by the U.S. in the ME is the control of the U.S. gov by Zionists and a Zionist NWO agenda .

    Israels control of the U.S. gov is going to be used in an all out attack on Iran at some point in time which will trigger a Russian response which will in turn lead to an all out war between Russia and the U.S., the handwriting is on the wall.

    Israels massacre of unarmed Palestinian men , women and children is a disgrace and indicative of the kind of gov that Israel and the U.S. has, that being immoral.

    Israel is destroying America.

  2. LBZ

    Stop calling him Bibi. That sounds too cutesy and if there is one thing that Netanyahu IS NOT – it is cute. He’s a mad snarling beast and I’d even say he brings to mind the concept of an insatiable vampire. Is Netanyahu from Vlad’s lineage, by any chance?

    1. Petra

      I like the Bibi it makes him sound like a little boy….not so scary at all.

      1. DESERT FOX

        Netanyahu is scary as he controls U.S. foreign policy as an agent of the Rothschilds ie Red Shield , which is dripping with American blood and the blood of millions of civilians in the Zionist caused wars in the ME.

    2. Chia Cha

      Vlad was Saint like Atila the Hun. They both at end of their life become believers. God loves little sheep coming home, so maybe Bibi will come also. This new modern wars are emotional wars, with goal to show to other side how little is needed for sanity and happiness to prevail. For instance American capitalists really cannot understand why others are still resisting if there is place for everyone for everyone to be happy in their system. And maybe American capitalists are really right.

  3. Jason

    Leaving the Iran deal has long been telegraphed by the POTUS. The global elite unionized for a purpose. That single interest of convenience now has it’s constituents at cross-purposes. Bibi has been granted his wish, and he will regret it. Bibi dove into an empty pool. Who in Israel will follow. The gods Isis, Ra, and El have left the building. Jesus revealed the true enemy when he whipped the money changers in the temple. From then on, Christianity was marked for death. Now, these entities will eat each other. Street justice at the elite level.

    1. Watching the reactions after President Trump left the Iran deal was like watching him win the election all over again….

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