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41 thoughts on “Hear me on Iran etc

  1. Chia Cha

    Smart people are smart only because they are sceintific. And smart people are scientific only because they describing things in a way for low intelgent to understand it also. Now I understand also. Science also have same mechanism. When you get hit by stone, you were hit by science, even idiot can understand that.

    1. Chia Cha

      There two types of univeristy proffesors, stupid ones and smart ones. Stupid one was my grand uncle, he was professor of economics, he was elected there because he was communist partisan. He would always examen students, by asking them to answer his questions until they would not know something, then he would say, aha that is where I was waiting you. Because he was stupid, and I guess he knew he did not know much. And there were other professors. One was big expert in field, such would ask you questions until he would find something you would know. Those are smart people.

  2. Chia Cha

    Communist proffesors on west are not yet in nautral science, luckily. We can say that cultural marxist proffesors aboished non nautral science as science. Atheist (communist) societies are against science because such could never accept for instance such discovery down there as such is politically incorrect science going against gender studies.

    1. Chia Cha

      Marc Faber decided he will not be capitalist any more. Therefore of course he is going to be banned for ever from every capitalist media there is. Luckily we have youtube.

      1. Embrey

        We live in a time when people have actually become repulsed by the truth. How dangerous is our time? Even George Orwell would be shaking in his boots. Reality is beyond what even he imagined.

        1. Chia Cha

          He is under good influence of asian culture which today knows you have products which are only for export only. People learned that by exporting lots of stuff worldwide I guess.

        2. al

          The only Truth is that that Swiss idiot is a Nazi and probably comes from a family of Nazi sympathizers. (probably where the family made its money).

          Adding to the hypocrisy, this white idiot then uses his mostly ill gotten gain and moves off to southeast Asia where he can sexually exploit the Asians.

          There is no doubt he is a neurotic and clearly a homosexual or other type of sexual deviant. He is Thailand because of the many “transgenders” there.


    Agree with Pieczenik completely on Iran and God help we the American people.

  4. Petra

    I agree…. BTW… Iran has had a Nuke since 2006… all this Nuke talk and lets stop him from getting a Nuke is a Charade….. They have had one for over 10 years… Verified by a top Nuke expert. This lets go to war so they don’t get Nukes is the stupidest PR stunt…… Out with the foolish Kushiner people… They are immature boorish hypocrites!

  5. Any particular reason my stuff almost never posts? I don’t post anything I would rather be hush hush, and it typically is not as wild as quite a bit of stuff that does get posted. I don’t have any sources to protect, it’s pretty much what I formulate, no concerns about whistleblowing or classification issues. I’m not employed by any spooky agency and am not utilizing any privileged information I’ve had access to, so I don’t have legal or non-disclosure issues due to speaking. And as I am not under any such employ, I don’t have to stamp my work if it corresponds to any other existing stamped material I am not privy to. And I can tell anyone such without sweating. Strictly over the counter stuff. Allowing posting is not endorsement or an unauthorized release. Whatever floats your boat though.

    1. And this posts. Ok, well most of my stuff never posts.

    2. Okey dokey, the stuff that has actual story based material just won’t post.

    3. Literally, any substantive comment does not get posted, only ancillary things.

    4. See if this gets through. Next in line guy almost got in the top, in 1981. Company store protection money mentality is in play.

    5. Must talk like two year old on subject specific stuff to roundabout antifungal inference, see acronym for last two? Rule of elimination I guess.

      1. Chia Cha

        Posts which are leaving emotionally too much impact on reader without solution, therefore without ulitmatly not giving due glory to USA in some form, cannot pass. Just how it should be. In Roman Empire you were able to write what ever you wanted, but there was not even one line written word putting glory of Empire in doubt. Yes you can put that glory in doubt, but only in sense, if it is obvious that reason is acheving more of glory for USA. Just how it should be. I mean resources are limited. This is ultimate program. Full DARPA. Without this no power can win future war.

        1. Not how it should be, the way you want, big, big difference. Rome wrote many things, some against Rome, but alas, paper degrades leaving few examples. Presenting a solution or not is incongruent with a pass on mine, more like key words, low tech. DARPA would be ashamed so low tech. Instant block/pass. Duplicate non posted post attempts got returned as duplicate, not likely an external block since a comparison occurs. More like watching simple puzzle solving. Like psychology voyeur, ring the bell, whatever, again, rule of elimination. For me to successfully post on a subject seems to require me to use non-typical terms. Other stuff makes it, for now.

          1. Chia Cha

            It is not bad program, it does not allow you to write private personal opinions which are leading people nowhere for no reason. Something like MSNBC, NBC, CNN and those Jeff Bezos CIA communist union busting g@y bulletins.

          2. Like saying in 1981 VP was almost P two months in, and magically same day VP became actual VP crisis was over. Or that stopping self sufficiency by a protection money group is a motive. Those kinds of opinions?

          3. It’s a simple key word filter. All it does is make it difficult to really comment, which is the whole idea behind having a posting section. Meaning that to purpose is not actual consideration, but the presentation of disassociated ramblings. Designed for psychological voyeurism of the psychologically detached, or so I would presume. I mean, whatever floats you boat, but not what the posting concept usually entails.

          4. So I take it that it is your filter? Designed to do as you said?

          5. Chia Cha

            No it is not mine, but I see that it does not allow not just some words, but some whole lines, some links also. Who knows, I am sure DARPA measured what effect what kind of line have one someone. Information is weapon.

          6. Not DARPA. Probably a set of “if, then, else” filters to sort and process, in order to isolate information he is probably interested in from that which he is not. He probably gets around a hundred or so posts a day, and only gets an alert to read selected posts. Keyword posts probably don’t get posted, but are further processed for relevance for offline reading. Items which have little or no keyword relevance likely end up visibly posted to the site. My guess anyway.

          7. Chia Cha

            No, no one can decide so fast will that post be posted, unless he is some central operator is looking while we type. But I do not think so. Try past someting you will post in box. Not write. I cannot get also how it works.

          8. It would not be an operator, it would be a computer program. It would do a quick scan when the post was submitted. It would scan for words, phrases, and links, comparing them to a list. If words were on the list, it would then process them further. Some combinations would send a post to one folder for reading, other combinations would send a post to a junk folder, while having no matching combinations would send a post to the public page. The simple computer program could do this in a fraction of a second. An “if, then, else” statement says “if this is found, then do this, and for all else do this other thing.” A series of these statements is a very simple way of processing information. It’s a set of logical steps. I wrote that sort of programming about 35 years ago when I was a kid, and I wasn’t very good at programming (I still am not). Do a search for “if then else statement” in a search engine, many explanations are available. Or “if then else statement filter.” DARPA computer programs are far more complex.

          9. Chia Cha

            This is more complex, they are not going by words, only, they are going by effects also. They are measuring effects lines (not words) have or reader. You cannot ban words, even yes some words are banned, buy you must ban words in context also. Therefore you are banning effect. And that is very very complex, program as such is of course very simple, but you need lots of works and measurments. It is mostly stupid work yes, but work is huge. Lot s of combination. And you must measure those combinations on people.

  6. Chia Cha

    Any ideology (economy) which is not going against traditional values can work. Jewish tradition is part of Christian tradition, therefore anyone going against Jews as Jews is against our own tradition. Yes there are groups which are economicaly exploiting that fact, but they are also going against tradition. HE HE. Such should be outcasted.

  7. Chia Cha

    We have evidence that we have new type of politicians in WH. Rex Tilllerson really is not politician. This wonderful lady, explained that in details. Even maybe he said it.

  8. Embrey

    Ask yourself why you have to leave your e-mail address to post.
    I know. Do you?

  9. Joseph Ausmann


    I am a Baha’i, and our statement that Iran protects Baha’i is a whopper of a remark. Please explain.



  10. Chia Cha

    One of my fan was concered about crime statistics of Chicago and inablity of system to cope with problem. Well I can tell there are always solution for any problem. Gestapo knew exact number of jews and communists when ever WH would occupy and enter any soviet village or town. They had more acurate and precise data then comrade Stalin. It is question of will.

    1. Chia Cha

      Advantage of soviet model was that you were able to use popular methods in peace time also. Therefore we can say that comrade Jezov was more popular. In time where revolution was under threat, from west, all minorities of western contries were seen as problematic. I like USSR because in USSR it was more dangerous to have telephone then not to have, unlike in USA, where if you do not have telephone that is more dangerous. For instance anyone in Leningrad who had telephone and had Polish like surname was taken out and killed. That is real social justice. Why should always those without telephone get killed. Obviously comrade Obama with Obamaphones was dangerous move in right direction concerning minorities.

      1. Chia Cha

        Free market capitalism is impossible without cultural marxism and identity politics. You think Soros is crazy person who does not know what he is doing? You cannot have free market and capitalism if you do not have one united market where culture is defined as trends set by corporate board members. I mean you can have it but always one with bigger and more united market will have control over whole and over all markets. That is so simple. If Bannon is going to support free market tea party conservatives then we are done.

        1. Chia Cha

          We need cowboy style conservatives, those who only think about cows as base, and on higher level economic nationalists.

          1. Chia Cha

            Real cowboy should be against those people in cities to have guns. If cowboys have guns, and people in cities do not, that means that those people who have guns have more firepower then those in cities. And as Mao said, power comes from barrel of gun. Power = culture. Therefore REAL non market conservative should support banning liberals and minorities from having guns in cities. President of NRA lives in city in Califoria, he is against base and he is not cowboy. He only wants to sell more guns to liberals and reduce leverage cowboy have.

  11. Chia Cha

    Hmmm, ah, KGB operative is right. Putin also plays culture card. Only american capitalist idiots can think that it is better to not expand core. You must expand core, Russians took Siberia, US should take Sahara. Russia have future and free clean space, while US have what, immigrants from terriotries not controled by US police creating Zimbabwe at home. There are only two processes, expansion or implosion. KGB operative is right. US capitalist idiots are acting like long term bonds are not existing in capitalism. Yes there are long term bonds also. Russians have long term bonds.

  12. Joseph Ausmann


    To follow up on your response about Baha’is being safe in Iran.
    “Iran’s Baha’is Attacked and Detained on Eve of Holy Celebrations”

    “As with most children his age, the boy had never been left on his own. So why did Iranian authorities with guns detain his parents, Kambiz Moradipour, an optician who runs a glasses store, and his wife, Sino Rasouli, a seamstress, with such violence? What was their crime? Belonging to the Baha’i faith.”

    Just recent.



    1. Chia Cha

      Liberlism really is brain cancer. Individual rights does not exist because individual rights are given and protected by ruling representatives of GROUP. You are talking about one person, like real brain dead liberal. What idiotic example. Indivudual human rights and similar bulls@it. He was targeted as member of group and that group was targeted as group. You cannot target group if you are targeting one individual. Real brain cancer.

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