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19 thoughts on “Hear me on Deep State!

  1. Timothy J. Wulff

    Dear Mr. Pieczenik,

    Thank you and those with whom you work for all you do. No words are adequate in praise and appreciation.

    Would you please consider publicly addressing (and hopefully reassuring us) the devastating issue of the nearly approved Constitutional Convention and the terrible threat it poses to all of our welfare?

    Thank you.

    Timothy J. Wulff

    1. Carol Ann Mace

      I worked with Convention of States and left because I found them all to be old Neocons who did not support Trump. It is frightening that our entire system is corrupted by Globalists and this could also be corrupted and their one way street to gun ban which they long for to enable the Globalists to
      start their war with the patriots of this Republic.

      1. Michael Tillman

        Carol, I’m theDistrct 82 Captain for Oklahoma. Can you elaborate on your statement please?

  2. Chia Cha

    AJ is biggest celebrity no one dares on world to say he is listening. YT = AJ… Even YT logo have same style and colour like that sign “ON AIR” on AJ desk. 🙂 Had globalist won, they would sell us security on street, right on clean air and water, and soon we would have civil war among them. In time when Rome was thinking that soon even Persia is conquered, Rome started to have 4 different fleets patrolling Mare Nostrum and civil wars.

  3. Iggyb

    I’d guessed, after Bill Clinton met Lynch just before Hillary was questioned, that the election cycle was going to be far more violent than it turned out to actually be, because the powers that be wanted to wear the American public out to the point even somewhat solid Trump supporters would be willing to see him go – via impeachment or whatever – just for quiet return.

    In short – that that powers that be would use a game plan they’ve used in other nations to achieve regime change….

    I was off base on the potential for violence during the election…

    ….but post-election is looking a heck of a lot like I’d wondered…


    That is the key to Trump surviving to the next election… Nixon didn’t survive his own re-election due to whoever he pissed off in whatever area of geo-capital politics…

    They’ll impeach Trump for jaywalking —— if enough Senators are not convinced it is in their best long-term interest to hint they won’t support conviction in an impeachment drama — Trump will be gone….

    That is what the uproar is about. That is what all the leaks are about. All the riots. All the media destroying their minuscule respect even more. The wide open assault on free speech.

    The other side believes if they control key social institutions, including the federal government, no amount of humanity can oppose them…..

    …so they are aiming not to win votes in the next election. They are aiming to convince enough Congressmen to vote Yes in removing Trump from office, and then with that scalp on their wall, the rest of the sheeple will just roll over and “obey”…

    ….Like the Japanese before Pearl Harbor, they are demonstrating they don’t have a bleeping clue what average America is all about….

    1. Chia Cha

      In any war you need to win media war. No one ever won any war without first winning media war. Media = space, you need space for trade routes to go. Trade routes = what is considered to be money. If you ask me HfP is the most dangerous, but right now they are only threatening mostly, and rightly, on healthcare, they would like to avoid war seems to me, but they are open in threats to not start one. Paul Ryan is biggest problem. Like I said someone must make him physically vital like Reagan is today. I think they were boyfriends when Paul was 9.

  4. Chia Cha

    I heard that in Norway minimum wage is 30 $ per hour, after taxation. And people do earn 50$ without problems. But for 50$ you must know language. One kg of beef is 50$ but one kg of solomon is 10$. Switzerland is also very good. They all are not in EU but citizen of EU can go work there legally. I am now starting private business but I feel like idiot knowing for such rates over there. That is reducing my entrepreneurial spirit and wish to compete. Therefore Paul Ryan must bomb Switzerland and Norway, to protect freedoms as they are playing dirty keeping our spirit down.

    1. Chia Cha

      Paul Ryan should ride horse on border of Russia with Norway and build wall there. Because Russian wages for workers are closer to ours therefore they are our allies now. We must protect our way of life at any cost. Why should I now work for some unorganized idiot who is such bad boss unable to give me 30$ for start. We must put law in place, ok you can hire people, but you must pay salary 50% higher then what median salary in government sector is. That way we would get rid off lazy, uninnovative and incompetent bosses parasitizing on markets.

  5. Hi Steve
    This is a link to a Robert Steel (former CIA). Thought you might want to comment on it.

    1. Chia Cha

      Paul Ryan is asking, how much is scalp of indian, he needs one to sell cigarettes in front of his small mom and pappa store. People here used to say: “You cannot pay me so little how little I can work.”… That is why he needs your scalp.

  6. serena

    Should we be worried about this?

    The Supreme Court Just Advanced A Lawsuit To Nullify The 2016 Election

    1. Chia Cha

      They are going toward war, they need your kids in army, plus no pedopshile is going down, system is system… Now we must know that not all branches are equally democratic, navy in time of war is very democratic, first target there is command bridge with big heads, they die democratically with workers down there. Air force democratic just not for colonels, as they do die because they are on planes, and army for workers is worse, generals are not working at all, they are like capitalists. Saving money to buy future position is best investment in to future. Bush junior was servicing long distance planes, on ground.

      1. Chia Cha

        Nazi revolution soon is going to be your only way forward for you guys. Just look that YT video. Those white super rich capitalists, are your only allies, because you will never get rid of them, therefore if you are white, go NAZI, demand of your white rulers obligation to adjust who is going to be killed, you do not want be one. Commies are too weak so that is only what you can do. Just do not go in to militias because they are there just to be drafted first. Demand bureaucratization of everything and nationalization of FED and go white 100%. Non soc. democrats and non libertarian republicans and all entrepreneurs, plus people used to poverty from other race, other races, poor wanna rich and semi-rich, rentiers, are all criminal elements… Unite with everyone else, protect your families. Put swastika on your lawn. Or emigrate. This nationalism is false and controlled.

        1. Chia Cha

          When people are choosing capitalism keeping their dreams that they will one day own slaves under them, then first you must repay debts to rich above… So is it going to be poor white kids with pre existing condition or some capitalist drug dealing gay hispanic, because one must go. There are no room for both, debts they put you on, (without asking you) must be repaid.

    2. Carolyn

      They keep talking about ‘proof,’ but all I’ve seen/heard is conjecture at best!

      It’s all so crazy!!

      1. vickey

        I think its beyond crazy – its insanity because the proof is being silenced. It seems to me, if the truth was revealed, it would set us free. We know, from Dr. Pieczenik’s testimony that it was his group who gave the emails to Wikileaks – not Russia. That would clear up that mess. We know this was done to stop Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama from taking over America, yet they still run free. Exposing the truth about their agenda and activities would enlightening people. Obama’s birth certificate was proven a forgery – which is a felony, which SHOULD have gotten him off the streets yet the felony is silenced. He remains on the streets, as does Hillary, to live as entitled criminals, free to run amok and destroy America. That nothing happens to these criminals causes me to be dubious about all sources – Left and Right. Nor do I believe that “with liberty and justice for all” carries one ounce of truth. I think we live in a terribly sick society.

  7. Furtive

    As the world turns, the globalists’ insurgency in the White House, pulls back Trump’s reins. SAD!

    1. Carolyn

      Yes, I’m not sure what to think about all this, as it seems so counter to what Trump has said (and I sense he’s sincere) that he wants to “get along” with Putin.

      I hope it’s in keeping with the old saying, “Keep your friends close, and your enemies closer.” Just an outward show to indicate the US is going to continue to be part of the ‘globalists’? But why? I’m not sure about this political maneuver, although I HOPE it’s precisely that.

      BUT, might Pence been acting without Trump’s approval on this matter? When I first heard it, I was SHOCKED!!

  8. Carol Ann Mace

    I listen to you on and I am grateful for your insight into this corrupt political world we all reside in. I believe President Trump is doing a great job but he needs to clean out all the NEOCONS and Globalists from his Administration. I disagree about Huntsman because he is a Mormon and they are Globalists. Proof is their not backing Trump in Utah but instead a CIA Globalist shill which they hoped would cost Trump Utah and thus the election. How can Huntsman be good for Trump when he supports this thinking. The churches have all been corrupted by money through illegal immigration and the Mormons are at the top of that heap. I am very disappointed because my family are all Mormons, but thank God jack Mormons who support Trump.

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