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27 thoughts on “Hear me on Change!


    Agree with all but Pompeo, who is a neocon warhawk and along with the other warmongers surrounding Trump may well lead America into war with Russia, which will be the destruction of both nations.

    1. Chia Cha

      And Pakistan and India would be winners, because of numbers and ability to survive. Rats would also become mutant. I wish such scenario to develop because people to evolve would have to be reminded by ongoing radiation all the time, that having free market capitalism and unlimited wealth (or communist atheist one party system) is simply danger to kids. Beside this is end of second civilization. Based on Roman law. Problem is this will go on some time. Half of Russia would be run over by China also, as China would not trust Russia in that moment.

      1. DESERT FOX

        The elites in U.S. think they will survive a nuclear attack because the military has underground bases through out the U.S. that they will go into, and by the way many of these bases are linked with underground tunnels.

        These bases are known as DUMBs ie deep underground military bases, it is a fact, you can research this.

        The elites are Satanists.

  2. Chia Cha

    Any changes are impossible because rich are allowed to inherit everything. Therefore even if 1% dies, they just give it their offspring. Top 20% of whites will possibly support their 1% rich because 20% would inherit little more also then others (afro-americans and hispanics), and there we go, we have systen of boiling frog. In Canada communist government tried too soon to rise doctors salaries with support of capitalists (only salaries being protected on west) from 400,000$ up, while of course reducing salaries of everyone around them (in agregate they would earn 10 folds by that move), those around them all accepted lower salaries but doctors refuesed to take more possibly because they are more inteligent so they saw what was happening. Doctors are used as showcare to non doctors why you failed in this system, you did not make right decision to become doctor. HA HA HA. Wealth accumulation under any price is capitalism. Jordan Peterson is blatant liar when he says that 40% of people are 1% in their life acording to their salary, and that is true, but he forget to mention that 98% of wealth in US every year is inherited. Therefore you look 1% by acumated weathy (inherited), because income is only 2% of weath. Which makes those who get in top 1% of income in one year to be 98/2=50 times porer then those are in top 1% in accumulated wealth. You would have be 50 years in top 1% to become 1%. We are being fed lies, therefore any resistance is futile. Simply money is going to degenerate via inheritance laws not to income earners and those who are better with money. Work is not supported at all politically.

  3. Chia Cha

    President Xi is mentioning in two and half minutes word soci@lism 7 times. My father is telling how having even one nation telling they are building that and not capitalism, even just as pro-forma stunt, is of utmost importance. That is not bad, they got half of world on their side with such speech. In Ruwanda they banned plastic bags and are building social housing, something totally impossible to happen on “west” today, in liberal cities especially. That info provided guy who is from Tutsi tribe and is learning german on university of Heidelberg.

    1. Chia Cha

      I mean that existet in 1930es and in 1960es in USA also, when soci@lism was strongest in world. We see those were only two decades when such were built on west, just because capitalists had to adapt. How capitalists were good back then. People do not understand that when capitalists are blocking market forces to work, it is duty of government to lower prices and introduce competition to capitalists who are unwilling to reduce prices and start working more. Captialsits without comepetition from some other sector (even government sector) are worse then communists. There must be competition. One house block for lower class lowers prices for middle class homes for 50%. In every city you do that. That is real competitive economy.

  4. Chia Cha

    Imagine living in country where there are muslims walking down the street. Even worse, imagine having passport of same country as some atheist do. I was talking with one member of extended family, she is pagan of some Bruno Grening ideology. And she told me how it is important to collect approval of all pepople, and that that is good because you get points for soul. I told her that there is no point of having points from pedophile, that you must cut his head off, but she could not agree with me, so she said something like bheee. And she have same passport as me! Why? She is nothing more then bag of meat with such unbiblical stance. Yes she have potential to not be one day, but every day chances are lowering. Therefore Is atheist or muslim bag of meat? What is point of meat if every meat rot? Just imagine dying as bag ot meat thinking that some other meat bag will save you…

  5. Michael Tuck

    Dear Sir…

    What do you know of the Senior Executive Services??

    I am just learning and KNOW You must understand Who and What they are.

    Please Share With USa your Knowlledge.

    A big thanks and You Sir are Appreciated.

    Michael Tuck

  6. Chia Cha

    Age of austerity measures and liberal capitalism is over. You cannot say, veterans should not have hosing because we must be save money. Or we must forget poor kids. That does not work any more… Conservatives must create own institution and learn how to fund them. They must learn that or all those idea will fall. Trump is not omni-potent.

  7. Chia Cha

    There is no any differences between MSM, any kind of any left ideology, liberal-capitalism, feminism and communism. They are everywhere same, news are everywhere same, unless of course you are on Saudi Arabia, Cuba, North Korea. It is so same that today in Iran females are wearing jeans, and you can buy organ legaly on every street corner. Saudi Arabia is only shiny example how you care about family values and governence even they have wrong religion. Saudi Arabia is far more advance then Israel also in social development. In desert they have growth of population from 20M to 30M in 10 years. Strong welfare state etc… American conservatives are galaxies away from Saudi Arabia because of their support of free capitalism.

    1. Embrey

      Saudi Arabia is a failed country.
      It may cost them only $10 for each barrel of petroleum they extract from the ground BUT they have failed to allow economic development to flourish. Therefore, they need crude to be priced at nearly $90/barrel just to keep the bread and circus illusion going and stop revolt from the people.
      American ingenuity has changed the paradigm by unlocking the shale reserves domestically. OPEC no longer can control the price of the commodity. American firms are printing money when oil is $60/barrel.
      Saudi ‘reform’ is a joke. They are holding on by their fingernails and they will fail.

      1. Embrey

        Our country does not fear Iranian aggression in a conventional sense. We, and every other major player are in the Middle East to oversee a ‘peaceful’ transition of power from the House of Saad to what is coming next.
        We ‘fear’ Iran because they are more stable than their Arab neighbors. Iran, Turkey and Egypt: are there any real countries in the region other than these three?

        1. DESERT FOX

          Saudi Arabia is a puppet of the U.S. and Britain and Israel and is a bunch of thieves held together by the above countries.

          Saudis are running our of oil and this is the reason for the Yemen war, the thieving Saudis want Yemens oil.

          1. Embrey

            Iran has control of Yemen. Iran is slowly tightening its grip on Saudi Arabia. Only your US, UK and Israel have a chance to save Saudi Arabia.
            Russia is not on the side of the House of Saad. Why do you think we must demonize Russia, Iran and Syria all at the same time. Russia stands between SA/Iraqi reserves getting to market by pipeline. The US and the EU would prefer to cut out the middle man (Assad) without having to negotiate with Syria (unless or until they control Syria). This is why the US is staying in Syria East of the river. LOCATION. LOCATION. LOCATION.
            While our deep state neocons are at it, why is it that Turkey is not demonized by the US/UK/Israel gang?
            That is an honest question. I really don’t see the upside to allow Turkish ambitions to foment unchecked.

          2. Embrey

            US and EU believe you control a country by controlling who governs that country.
            Russia believes you control a country by possession.
            When the stuff hits the fan which philosophy will win?
            Politics or Power

        2. Chia Cha

          Saudi Arabia is only real country on this world. They are theocratic monarchy, and only country which respects human rights in totality. And are not poisoning their own families. They do not have left. And of course that every country which cares about own people must be on verge of break down to fund social programs. Such are only good countries, only one which can be allowed to exist. All other countries, (yes USA also) are failed country as model. They are real soci@list countries. Those things which are must for decent life are almost free. That is why they are normal countries. Only problem is heroine addictions because of CIA.

          1. Chia Cha

            Heck in Saudi Arabia even water, their WATER is free there in that desert!! What is needed that must be free from point of use. Ok, If you want bigger car you do not need, pay, or if you want bigger house you do not need, then pay but what you need must be free. West is biggest industrial prison complex on world. People dies on west, while they type in calculator. Iran, Turkey and Egypt are capitalist s@it h@ole countries, like whole south america, and now joining them Italy, Greece, Spain, Portugal, Fly over america, plus coastal america (if you do not own real estate), Africa… And It is spreading in Europe like cancer together with Islam…

          2. Embrey

            Your hope at breaking world capitalism fails and is evidenced by your attempt to portray life for Saudis in the lower class as some idealistic Camelot.
            I respect you Chia BUT you must consult reality before attempting any convincing propaganda campaign.
            You don’t have the talent or, more importantly, the power to tell THE BIG LIE long and loud enough to change a thing.

          3. Chia Cha

            We are living under Kissnger population reduction program conducted via propaganda about free markets, economic effectivness, private enterpeneourship, privatization, resulting that cost of everything needed to survive is getting more and more expensive relative to average workers salary… Freedoms of average western worker (to travel, for vacation, to plan family is today much much lower then in USSR.) Only problem for Kissinger is that his plan is going so well that relative power of western captialists is weakening. Western capitalists could make it only if they would move all muslims to Europe to destroy them also together with west… But luckily there is Saudi Arabia which is protecting muslims people from vile capitalist freedoms. For instance freedoms of females to be slaves also 🙂 The more slaves and money you let slave owner (rich) to have, the poorer slaves are. Because then rich have more money to pay whipp holders and buy more even more cheaper slaves. Thx God for Chinese communist party and Saudi Arabia they are only thing holding this world from total poverty. Russia is also going through population reduction program also, Putin is agent of capitalists also. Average salary in UK is 2000 euros, that can only mean that in one generation UK will not have military manpower and that US is also gone. Which worker is going to have family with such salaries. It does not work Mrs. Kissinger. Biggest problem is that capitalists are not yet so insane to start touching food stamps and medicaid. I wish they were.

  8. Raymond Howard Carlson

    To Dr. Steve Pieczenik M.D. Ph.D.:

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    On March 22, 2018, between about 1:00 p.m. and 3:00 p.m., on or about where I was camping (behind said G.G. Check Cashing), there were three (3) strange vehicles parked next to the said location of my campsite! The strangest vehicle was a blue Nissan with license plate 7FGH038 (California plate); and said Nissan was had two (2) female passengers that were only at said WARNER PLAZA for a very short period of time! When said Nissan left, both girls were laughing with an “EVIL LAUGH”! Said Nissan was parked right in front of my said campsite! One (1) of the other vehicles was a “dark colored” Ford SVT Focus; and it was carrying four (4) passengers (two (2) female and two (2) male) that worked for ALL AMERICAN RACERS (“A.A.R.”)! I believe that all said passengers of the said Ford SVT Focus were members of The Roman Catholic Church, therefore, JESUIT AGENTS! The third said vehicle was a White Ford F-150 (Lariat 5.4 Triton) with Arizona plates (Arizona license plate BLE9426), therefore, most likely a C.I.A. AGENT; and said White Ford F-150 was parked right in front of my campsite!

    As stated in prior comments, there is a JESUIT AGENT (an Hispanic Roman Catholic) living in the room directly above the back door to said G.G. Check Cashing! HOW DO I KNOW??? Because, on several occasions, said Hispanic male was discussing, over the phone, where they (JESUIT AGENTS) were at concerning my destruction (amount of “SET-UPS” that were successful or not)!

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    There was a second vehicle (grey mini-van or S.U.V.) parked at said TIBBETT’S PAINT (2337 S. Birch St. Santa Ana, CA 92707); and the license plate for said grey vehicle is 5XKW073! This particular vehicle may or may not be associated with said Tina and crew!

  9. Rose

    Thank You Steve I love this collection of talks! very uplifting and positive!!Fantastic!!!


    This is to Embrey,

    As an American patriot I am opposed to any involvement in the affairs of others and oppose all the wars in the ME which are fought for Israel via Israels control of the gov via their Zionist dual citizen neocons.

    In regards to Turkey , Erodogan is a back stabbing S.O.B. and is doing the bidding of the U.S. and Israel in Syria, but this warmonger is underestimating Putin and Assad as when the time comes Turkey will be driven out of Syria.

    1. Embrey

      Probably to your surprise, I agree.
      Erdogan must be stopped. He is not going to pull back unless and until somebody bloodies his nose.

      1. Chia Cha

        Turkey is old imperial power with wast imperial experience. Emperor Putin will protect rights of Emperor Erdogan because they are colleagues. Emperor Xi told to Emperor Putin and Emperor Erdogan that they all are colleagues also, obviously. Trio now only needs India for America to start rethinking free markets and capitalism on eurasian land mass (it is happening in Germany already with america putting sanctions of firms importing free market (cheaper) gas from Russia). India will always look India and will not care about anyone. Only question is what does that means. I would be very glad to support new soci@list USA against evil degenerate capitalist nations of Eurasian land mass. Beside Catholic Church said that China is example of model society.

  11. Chia Cha

    China should buy all those free market companies in liberal-capitalist Old Europe, and old liberal capitalist Europe (France & Germany) should be filled with muslims much more, that is our duty. While USA and UK would introduce soci@lism and remain civilized and would have protected own working calss. Afd which is conservative nazi liberal-capitalist party should therefore then come on power in Germany and introduce much stronger liberal-capitalism (meaning total deindustralization of Germany, just how it happen in UK, with emphasis on small private entrepreneourship like in russia under Yeltsin)… After that China can start sending own army to stop bloodshed between liberal-capitalists and muslims in Europe… After situation is stabilized in Atheist (french are very atheistic, and germans are very paganic) Old liberal Europe with help Chinese investments, army and muslim terrorists then we can start killing feminist l@esbians finaly with help of our Abrahamic brothers. Russia in that moment would be able to give US Siberia to protect Siberia from China. And new soci@list powers of UK and US would be able to liberate Christians in Old Europe euro-asiatic pagan capitalist yoke. That is only way how I see this can develop. For old atheist Europe it is too late. They are very big enemies. Solution is Saudi Arabia and China.

    1. Chia Cha

      French are lnventors of the most horrible invention, they invented left… And left is the most satanic form of human existance. Left is feminism and atheism conncected with economy and 19 th century Darwinistic racism. Luckily our Saudi brothers does not have left, and Chinese communists because they have strong culture were able to kill sick and degenerate German-French-Russian snake and not go against own people. Cards are on table, we must stop pretending that european atheists are part of our civilization or of any human culture, or that they are humans at all. Pope rightly said that Queen in London is Christian ruler, and Anglican Church is respecting all saints. Therefore she is legitimate Biblical Ruler. Without left, even capitalism can have human face.

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