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25 thoughts on “Hear me on Brexit’s Impact and Middle East Disaster!

  1. BillUK

    Spot on as usual Dr P about Brexit, most of the media here is still fighting it, but we won!

  2. Petra

    Any fool can create a war…. brilliant! BRILLIANT! I have very personal ties to what happened in Libya. It is a crime and the criminals that did this and are still currently benefiting from this massive rape MUST permanently, permanently be brought down.

  3. Petra

    Let me be a more clear. Robin Copeland, a life long friend. Negotiated face to face with Qaddafi. She hand carried all of Qaddafi’s nukes out of the country. These nukes are stored in our New Mexico facilities. Qaddafi was NO threat. NO THREAT. Robin was murdered in DC by members of her own government on a night out with friends. She was a great, Great lady. My father ran her funeral. They were told Hillary Clinton may attend… well why would she she would have been smiling the whole time. Robin did not allow what she was doing in Libya. Robin’s father Jack Copeland was a top consultant to Tillerson. He even recommended Tillerson for the top Exxon job. Robin died in 2011… Benghazi never would have happened if Robin was alive. Nor would the total and complete fall out of all the mess that has happened with oil, gold, sharia law etc….

    1. Maggie

      I, and many others, have read her story. Thank you for reminding us of her name and tragedy. I would love for you to repeat her story in some venue so others may hear of her heroism.

      1. Petra

        I would be happy to.

  4. Chia Cha

    Dr. Pieczenik i support Wilsons doctrine of peoples self determination, and our way (of me and of Rand Paul and maybe others) toward on-line democratic corporate trans-national western only feudalism which will supplant governments and bureaucracies around world and free us from opression of rich who are rich without demoractic consent. But EU is needed as long as Rand Paul proposal is not adopted in USA. EU is needed if USA does not go toward bright future of collective commercial orders.

    1. Fivi Zogbi

      Wilson was a fraud. So was Churchill and all those in that satanic circle of power brokers who treated human lives with even lower regard than they’d have for chess pieces. Actually, maybe some chess pieces are more beautifully carved, less harmful, and thus more worthy of regard.

  5. Chia Cha

    Russian communist were biggest bunch of lazy do nothing propagandists. They never worked in their life. They are ultra capitalists, them self, they want only one corporation to exist, while all other corporations are forrbiden. So your life in totality is devoted to one corporation, full loyalty needed. And when you say truth, that they are one company capitalists, then you are rewarded to go to work to only profitable part of economy called GUALG.

    1. Michael Tuck

      I used to agree….then drank some stoopid koolaid,,and back to understanding You to be correct chia chia… good luck to us all

  6. Chia Cha

    I do not know how blacks in USA are trained, but in Africa every black person knows it is his tribal duty to kill white person if white person is without protection. International capitalists are communists. They need one coproration.

  7. Fivi.Zogbi

    Dr. Pieczenik has just described – succinctly but effectively – a series of tragedies that ma never be undone. Certainly the dead cannot be resurrected and bitterness may take many generations to overcome.

    But the greater tragedy will be if this summary and Dr. Piezenik’s advice is not heard by decision-makers. If decision-makers do not heed Dr. Pieczenik’s advice then people like us who are affected by such malicious stupidity and arrogance that has created all the suffering of the middle east must take action to force them to stop meddling in global affairs they’re too ignorant to comprehend.

    We too are now affected. In the past our region of the globe was the cause. Now, we’re also feeling the painful blowback of actions taken by arrogant, stupid and evil people.

  8. rms

    It is not “English”, but the “United Kingdom” composed of England, Scotland, Northern Ireland, and Scotland (and a few other bits).

  9. rms

    Scotland does not “have” to decide if they wish to stay in the UK or join Europe. There are some in Scotland, led by the SNP wants independence from UK to enable joining the EU, but there are others in Scotland who do not want that. I don’t know for sure how it will play out but it is not a “have” to decide. Some are just using the UK’s referendum to leave EU as an excuse to re-ignite the Scottish independence issue. And for joining the EU, it’s up to the EU to allow Scotland to join, should they apply; and not a given that EU will agree or want an independent Scotland as that would encourage other entities, e.g. part of Spain, to become independent and count on joining EU. It’s complicated.

  10. furtive

    The politics of REAL JOURNALISM!

    Time to boycott your bible, dear, THE NY SLIMES!

  11. Embrey

    I enjoyed your presentation. I come away with two questions.
    1. What will the British pound do versus the dollar and other world currencies post-Brexit?
    2. If the United States changes the Rules of Engagement in their ongoing conflicts in the Middle East will that decision change the outcome of these conflicts (changing them from eternal, un winnable conflicts and a drain of our treasury to engagements we can and do actually defeat our enemies on the battlefield)?

    1. Cha Chia

      You cannot defeat anyone on battlefield, you can only defeat enemy by having policeman on every corner. Or you can try go on full genocide (that includes population removal). Or you can go via balkanisation.

      1. Embrey

        With all due respect, I don’t accept your conclusion. A statement contains no inherent evidence. I would suggest that by changing the RoE in areas where we are already present and in armed conflict that actually killing those we are fighting would go a long way to erode the support they receive within their own country. For example, I believe moderate Muslims are in no position to remove the likes of ISIS from their midst because ISIS has monopolized lethal force there. If moderate Muslims see that ISIS is being defeated militarily I believe they will help us remove them.
        What say you?

        1. Chia Cha

          Well that what you say is some form of balkanisation. But I say that you must keep them weak and divided, until we all enter feudalism. Yes, USA can be big kingdom, but all others should be weak and divided. Feudalism is wonderful, superb, such connection of human with nature and quality materials was never achieved. Imagine democratic feudalism with modern technology and robots working underground for our ecological feudalism above. We must help tham get weak and divided. If they do not like it, then we should help them also to go kill each other until they accept how wonderful is to be weak and divided.

        2. Embrey

          Nice reverse logic. Your definition of being victorious in war is balkanization. I forget that you purport to not believe in free will. Thank you for your comment.

          1. Chia Cha

            Free will exist only in democratic feudalism.

  12. Raymond Howard Carlson

    Dr. Pieczenik you need to get on The Alex Jones Show A.S.A.P.; and you need to discuss what actually occurred in Syria recently (use of Chemical Weapons)! As EVERYONE should know, President Assad gave all of his (President Assad) “Chemical Weapons” to Russia and THE WEST; and these said “Chemical Weapons” were to be destroyed! Does President Assad actually have any “Chemical Weapons” whatsoever???? It looks like Syria does NOT have any “Chemical Weapons” whatsoever!

    Who has the “Chemical Weapons”??? Is it not obvious??? ISIS (intelligence mercenaries, created by THE WESTERN INTELLIGENCE COMMUNITY (primarily THE C.I.A.)) acquired said “Chemical Weapons” from Benghazi, Libya! It was THE C.I.A. and THE UNITED STATES DEPARTMENT OF STATE (headed by UNITED STATES Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton)! In fact, Hillary Rodham Clinton admitted under “OATH” to the “Select Committee on Benghazi” that THE C.I.A. and THE UNITED STATES DEPARTMENT handled any and all of Libya’s “Biological Weapons” and “Chemical Weapons” (SEE THESE SEGMENTS OF THE “OFFICIAL” VIDEO FROM “THE SELECT COMMITTEE ON BENGHAZI”: Former UNITED STATES Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton testified under “OATH” before “The Select Committee on Benghazi” that UNITED STATES AMBASSADOR Christopher Stevens went to Benghazi to do a joint “intelligence mission” with THE C.I.A. (See: Select Committee on Benghazi (Hearing 4 [A])” starting at about 1:16:42 to 1:17:55 (UNITED STATES REPRESENTATIVE Susan Brooks asking the questions))! Former UNITED STATES Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton testified under “OATH” before “The Select Committee on Benghazi” that the said joint “intelligence mission” was there for the transfer of Libya’s former weapons arsenal; and this included, but not limited to, WEAPONS OF MASS-DESTRUCTION (“W.M.D.’s”), which were biological and chemical only (See: Hearing 4 [A])” starting at about 1:43:14 to 1:44:39 (UNITED STATES REPRESENTATIVE Martha Roby asking the questions))! Where were these said W.M.D.’s transferred to???? All of the other weapons being transferred out of Libya, including “stinger missiles,” were ending-up in the hands of ISIS (intelligence mercenaries) and other “radical intelligence mercenaries” fighting against President Assad in Syria)!

    1. Raymond Howard Carlson

      EVERYONE NEEDS TO SEE THIS YOU TUBE VIDEO: “LIVE! False Flag In Syria” posted by The Alex Jones Channel (AUTHENTIC) on April 5, 2017!

  13. R.B>

    The middle east has been a hot spot for centuries and still is even worse, so why no ex army officer, like yourself for example, dont spill out the whole can of worms, and that hopefully someone will get the courage to stand up to them and deal with them. If this is not addressed, this planet will not see peace.
    The cia and zionists have got their fingers in the whole ‘terrorist’ agenda globally. Who will dare stop them? When?
    We go to war in the name of peace?

  14. Raymond Howard Carlson


  15. Raymond Howard Carlson

    EVERYONE MUST SEE THIS YOU TUBE VIDEO: “Sen. Rand Paul Questions Secretary Clinton at SFRC Benghazi hearing – 01/23/13” [UNITED STATES Senator Dr. Rand Paul M.D. (R. Kentucky) specifically asked UNITED STATES Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton: “Is the U.S. involved with the procuring, selling, or the transferring of any weapons to Turkey from Libya?” (at 2:22 to 3:15)!] posted by SenatorRandPaul on January 23, 2013!

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