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26 thoughts on “Hear me on AlexJones wednesday 16th

  1. Nini

    Hello Steve, listened to you with Alex J. Just wondering when Hillary gonna be lock up????! This women is a total crook!!! Laws and orders pls
    Love listening to you on YouTube too…

    1. Petra

      You have to take out her wall first…. Here is the start.

  2. Desert Fox

    The agent provocateurs on both the left and the right are under the control of the deep state including the mossad and mi 6 as they all work together for the Zionist NWO agenda.
    Orwell said it best, he who controls the past controls the future and the deep state is destroying the past and controlling the future.

    1. Chia Cha

      Every agent (shill) created by CIAis not allowed to do anything, for CIA to be sure that agent will not be able to do anything, he make that agent to say he is anti-zionist. When you are anti-zionist, you remove your self from tradition, culture and religion. How much they pay so everything other you say is seen as remote from western judeo-christian culture? Why you love Somalis?

    2. Chia Cha

      When you are anti-zionist, you remove your self from tradition, culture and religion. Therefore making your self barren. You are muslim and CIA. 🙂

  3. Chia Cha

    Kid of Soros must be r@ped with 2,2 meters long pike. Full lenght. 🙂

  4. Chia Cha

    This is good example, minorities supporting Trump are now biggest problem for left take over. What is needed is for minorities to say that they do not want to become majority. Then everything can stay nice and cool.

    1. Chia Cha

      Of course, white consumer class (as extension of white working class which is prerequisite) must be formed again. No working class (while factories are in China, no capitalist class), therefore only what is possible is back to plantation of south (fedualism, and aristocracy), or move to (fascism as rule of bureaucrats). This unnatural situation, those marxist capitalists created is totally artificial. To have mexicans colonizing USA via birth even inside USA plus immigration (all started by hipi movement and enforced by Reagan and Bush junior) is 100% human made.

  5. MRW

    Brilliant presentation.

  6. jim mccollum

    Thank you Dr. Pieczenik for telling America what those of Southern Civil War historians have know for years. Lincoln was everything you said and more.

    1. Embrey

      Sic semper tyrannus

  7. Francesca

    Dr. Steve,
    Brennen Gilmore was on the scene being interviewed by MSNBC in Charlotteville VA. could he have been involved? He worked for the State Dept.
    Daniel Hoffman, CIA station chief in Moscow recently retired, he publicly declared that he has seen no evidence of POTUS Trump or his campaign colluding with the Russian government. He made the statement the same day of the riots, is it possible that the Charlotteville riots were used to bury that declaration? You mentioned in your interview on Alex Jones this was AgitProp. Like they did on April 17, 2013?

  8. Rosman Patterson

    Thank you Dr, Pieczenik for you insights regarding root causes of the Civil War. For decades I have heard various groups decry the teachings that Lincoln was a just and compassionate man. His debates with Stephen Douglas appear to debunk the notion that he was not. However with a view to world affairs, as in Europe’s/Britain’s desire to maintain dominance over the Americas (the USA in particular) your comments about the Industrial Revolution, the Mississippi River and New Orleans were most helpful.

    Were I able to be given an answer to one question, I would ask you is one relevant way to look at the fundamental problem within all societies is the varying level of intelligence possessed by people? Notwithstanding that morality will always divide humanity as well, as we all have our personal degrees of judging right and wrong. But is it not also true that many average, smart and very smart people are subject to the machinations of the highly evolved and thoroughly educated? Hence will there always be injustice perpetrated against those who do not even know they have a need to defend themselves mentally, spiritually and emotionally? It is something I often think about when pondering how to help MAGA.

  9. Dr. Pieczenik,
    I hope you are writing your autobiography or that someone is writing your authorized biography. What an enormously productive and interesting life you have led. I honor that, and am grateful that you and Alex give your viewers your time and knowledge. You two are rebels and I love that!

    As for history, it is sad that most people have not read about the American Revolutionary War, the Founding Fathers, the U.S. Constitution, the Civil War, and WWII. It was not until I started reading the scholars’ works that I truly understood the importance of learning accurate history.

    Good doctor, please get your pen out, find a place of solitude and tranquility, and start writing your autobiography!

    1. Chia Cha

      Fascists are sealing doors. Fasicsm is legal from 1987. Now it is going to be open and in your face. Reagan made it official in 1987 by abolishing Fairness doctrine, giving full power to owners of media companies to promote only what market says is needed, while markets are 100% under their control. Therefore no public matter exist. Fascism stinks. Americans now already are lying like Russians where in communism. Trump legs has been cut off.

  10. Chia Cha

    This is FASCISM, this is why fairness doctrine was abolished, so no media will talk about this. It now size of Europe, (USA). Capitalism is full fascism, it was never free. Never. It was free for cowboys while they were talking land from Indians and owners decided it is going to be free. We as consumers do not have any chioce, you eat what they put on shelves, but who decide what will be on shelves, price decide. Who controls prices, owners of resources, and those are rich, and especially owners of money. FASCISM. This can end as end of this second civilization in nuclear war and with 1B people remaning. That is only way out of this fascism.

    1. Chia Cha

      Consumer associations and democratic guilds would never allowed products to be non recyclable and such to even exist. Who wants to eat high corn syrum, soy lecitine, transfats, GMO… NOONE, especially not owners of factoris producing that. Nazis had better and more advanced space program. And they would care about nature, Atlas rocket was German and rockets were invented in fedualism (Russian empire)… No capitalism is part of that. Capitalism is danger for invation also.

  11. Chia Cha

    Oh and yes, and move against bureaucracy will not also solve anything. We have removed bureacracy removed in Spain, Syria, Lybia, what we have there. In Spain 55% of adults younger then 35 fully unemployed.

  12. Chia Cha

    US should get economic sanctions of UN if US do not extradite Soros to Spain.

  13. Chris

    This is the same as the cultural revolution of 66-76 in China. They tore down the statues kicked them, then they came for the people.
    None of this could not have been done without softening up the base with cultural marxism first. European men have been feminized and conditioned to not fight back.
    This won’t end well for anyone…

    1. Rosman Patterson

      Clearly the right, patriots, nationalists and rural America is being provoked – maybe even prepared in a sense – to lash out when the next wave of social agitation is implemented. Personally I do not believe the more outraged and frustrated members of White America (the silent majority) will fully take the bait. Neither do I believe African Americans for the most part will participate in long term rioting. As I stated on twitter, there are two basic groups of African Americans: Black People and the other group that black people refer to as N_____. (As an African American myself who has been called both a N_____ and a Cracker because of my appearance and acestory, I can speak with unique authority on the subject.) Now for those who don’t know, a N_____ will walk by 3 KKK members, 2 neo-Nazis and 12 white supremacists holding signs that says “All N_____ Stink”, just so he can shoot one black person. Black people know this about N_____, and for the most part black people stay at home when trouble is brewing in the streets.

      There remains a few Trump Cards to be played. Perhaps the MSM, the LEFT, the neocons, Hollywood and their leaders can be publicly put to such shame and disgrace – as in unforgivably egregious and diabolical maleficence worthy of long term incarceration – and then their sycophants will be silenced, and we as a Nation can get back to the business of making money.

      1. Rosman, I appreciate your comments and candor. I am a White female, but I like to segregate people based on the triune brain theory. There is the reptilian brain, the limbic system, and the neo-mammalian brain. I argue that there are people who operate largely from the inferior reptilian and limbic system brain, while others operate from the superior prefrontal cortex brain. The reptilian and limbic system everyone uses, but some operate from it virtually all the time. This has to do with sex and aggression, but also flight or fight and hunger, thirst, etc., the basic survival psyche and is related to impulsive, violent, aggressive, non-logical, sensorimotor behavior. These people are unable to self-govern. The prefrontal cortex is related to consequential thinking, logic, reason, methodical thinking, discernment, planful thinking.

        I agree that Trump has a few more cards to play. I also believe Assange has incontrovertible evidence of crimes from people in the prior administration, up to the highest positions of power. Yes, there are cards left to play.

  14. Chia Cha

    I am not racists, but they really are committing genocide. They import muslims and mexicans, and they are keeping unemployment of youth over 50% on west if that youth is white. That “free” market price mechanism. Also market cannot be free. That is like beliving communists they will give you equality.

    1. Chia Cha

      Only way to stop this is Judeo-Christian national-sociali.m. Capitalists must serve culture, they cannot be above culture. Nazis had better ecology, better public infrastructure, better urbanism, better technology, better inovation per unce of gold, (some 1000000 times), less crime… I could go for ever. Nazis and italian fascists said to capitalists, we will give you orders for war, but politics is on us. Sod off. It was real anti-fascists society. Because it was not merge of economy and politics, it was real economy in service of cutlure, only culture was wrong.

  15. Leo

    Dr. S,
    Thank you for your courage to tell the truth. False flags are up and running under Trump. The USA is a covert military dictatorship of sorts.

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