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29 thoughts on “Hear me! Exit Steve Bannon, Generals, Pence and Barcelona!

  1. Chia Cha

    40% of GDP is too much. Spanish leaders are insane with their policies aimed at destroying spanish youth. Merkel policies without industrial base. Insane.

    1. Chia Cha

      On other hand, unemployment does not exist. Unemployment is social and pshycological invention of company owners for them to be called employers. Worker can aways work for other worker. There is always job. Employers are workers who are not stingy to get in deal with someone else. Agreement makes you stronger, two weak persons are always stronger then one strong.

    2. Chia Cha

      Parents have big role in this. Parents (slaves) are training new slaves.


    The deep state has taken complete control over Trump aka the Zionists are in the saddle again and we Americans who were promised change have lied to again so expect more wars and more deaths of American service men and women and more profit for the Zionist MIC.

    In regards to the violence in Europe this is NATOs OPERATION GLADIO in action aka NATOs assassins and agent provocateurs tearing down the fabric of society and the same thing is happening here in America and by the same controllers ie the Zionists in their drive for a NWO and who also control NATO.

    1. Chia Cha

      Operation Gladio was good and needed to repel soviet antifa leftard fascists and KGB agents from Italy.

  3. Chia Cha

    Germany is going old path, they attacked journalist for pointing in to only one point where nazis were wrong and that was anti-christian, pro-muslim behaviour of nazis. Germans are irreformable.

  4. Chia Cha

    They cannot get dockers, nationally!!! Dockers are harder then bikers, bikers are not young Putin boys of non idustrial Russia, consumers. Get dockers. Dockers are with purest workers consiousnes, untarnished by liberal capitalism totally… Pure are needed. Dockers are essence. If they get dockers of NY and Chicago also, it is game over. General strike on national level of dockers means it is game over for Trump.

    1. Chia Cha

      Dockers are only left from former working class. When ever capitalist owners are trying to put brown bags to replace them, then dockers react collectivly and in solidarity, using class consciousness they start killing brown bags right away. Same will happen with strike on national level, especially then when strike is on. I love dockers. They need to become national-sociali.ts. They are way out of this aztec pyramid.

  5. There has been an energy shift. There must be quite a bit of behind-the-scenes activity going on and the wilderness of mirrors must be quite dense. What is front-and-center is not where the most significant, consequential action is taking place. Still quite a bit of sleuthing and chess moves occurring in the shadows. If the public is guided to pay attention to Point A, then surely looking at Point Z would be more consequential. Nothing is as it really seems, particularly right now.

  6. Petra

    The American People must make themselves bigger than The Trump presidency, Congress and the 2016 Election. Our will is bigger than their back room deals… Thank God Bannon is back in the News business! MAGA with or with out TRUMP!

  7. Chia Cha

    Thank you Dr. P. This now is combination of glue and mud. Glue sticking generals constantly back in to mud is I guess their wish to be biggest drag queen in theatre. Why don t you just put some robots there, with wigs. McMaster could use one.

  8. al

    Dr. Steve,

    a while back you had a post congratulating Trump on surrounding himself with Generals.

    At that time I chastised you. Trump’s decision making was clearly flawed and a manifestation of his own defective psychology. Now I have been proven correct and you wrong.

    1. Chia Cha

      You are 100% wrong and Dr. P was 100% right. Why, well, choice was generals vs bureaucrats… Dr. P was right when he said that we need change from bureaucrats. Therefore you wanting bureaucrats would have been wrong 100%. That is what we are fighting against. Question is how to have workers doing job of bureaucrats. In feudalism such positions were filled with majors of free royal cities which were not bureaucrats, not military and not even aristocrats. That is model. Therefore I and Dr. are only right here.

    2. Furtive

      Trump has been threatened to stay the course or he will be removed by force or death.
      He knew McMaster is not a the brightest bulb in the military.
      At this point he should expose how he is being threatened, to protect his life.
      Mcmaster was forced on him. Get us lining his pckets with military contractors “gifts”.
      His legacy will be drastically altered unless he exposes the game of thrones of the Bush cartel.

      Trump is checkmated.

      1. Chia Cha

        Then Trump should resign. Obligation of Trump would be to say that hidden not elected private interests are not allowing him to work job for which he was elected. He should inform FBI about that and american people in public.

    1. Chia Cha

      Blacks are officially part of American culture. Mexicans are not.

      1. Herman Guerrero

        You right Mexicans already have their culture… now your becoming a part of it, and sooner than you that will be the Culture a Mexican American Culture.

        1. Chia Cha

          I do not think so, your goal is greater Mexico, until Denver and Vancouver. With support of China. I mean you already have that. Now it is only question will you get St. Louis, Chicago and Detroit (former french terriories) or that will go to Central African states of America. EU will be around NY and Boston.

        2. Chia Cha

          Right now only question is who will get Louisiana, Napoleon gave that to Spanish. Therefore that is yours. You just need 10 more years of capialists to get it. Problem for you is that Chinese would accept Vancouver in some kind of compromise with you, but we see that that is also yours on that map. Therefore you need to ally with Russia to repel chinese agression, and You need NY and Boston (EU) to formally recognize that, that will be done when Russia put preasure on (EU). CARA (Central African republics of America) will have to be recognised by you in return.

        3. Chia Cha

          Here is map. Of course you will be vassal state of China, and you will have imposed North Korean model on to you. Of course after WW3 between Russia and China.–ancient-maps-usa-maps.jpg

        4. Chia Cha

          F@g Reagan and Lydon Johnson erected from graves telling american people their vision for their globalist cultural marxist, free market, future. 🙂

        5. Chia Cha

          For mexican american culture to exist you first must become slaves. Drug dealers cannot become part of culture becuse such cannot be controled. Plus you like to steal. Black gave labour and rock and roll. I hate latino music, it is retarded.

  9. Chia Cha

    This l@sbi@n Hun b@tch with chipm shoulders and soros s dild@ in @ss is demanding to go back to asiatic steppes and unite with their pagan turco-monoglic aztec masters in steppes of eurasia. They are becoming much much worse then Russia.

    1. Chia Cha

      I am starting to enjoy this videos, and I am not even becoming machosist. English are real masters of this, americans are just village kids in back yard. This how you do it, they at least have some from right to talk in studio. And over there left have point, problem is us who are disturbed by terrorist attacks. Who gave us right to react so emotionally.

      1. Chia Cha

        I mean thay can joke around like this and export this warmology to others, because they are 87% white (2011). Evil, they are not even putting: For export only, label 🙂 Obviously crown is on path of getting 13 colonies back.

      2. Chia Cha

        This is path, British party which is not racists, and not anti-christian. Plus, he is allowed by system to be leader of right wing party wearing tie, and while not being f@g, anti-zionist and anti-jewish. That is civilization.In USA elite are too scared (retarded) to allow that.

  10. Offering an inside view.
    Barcelona (BCN) / Catalonia very complex. Internal takeover took place last year with a runaway government (made of infighting factions) using its vague mandate to go unilateral exit, unconstitutionally. Spain is a multi nation state, very particular case in Europe, and the correct solution for all of Spain’s “states” and their issues has to be via changing constitution and negotiate with Madrid. Many advanced smart people formerly pro ‘independence’ see now the problems facing them. Catalonia would need a navy air force and army and a real budget. And a real economy. It does not have this. No where near it. We all have to be realistic also. Who will China do business with? Madrid or BCN? Those are questions we need to keep in mind.

  11. sarah

    I am sorry to hear your analysis about Barcelona and Catalonia region. This part of Spain was more industrialized because during many years different kings and Franco regime invest there more than in the red of the country. And regarding terrorist attack, everyone should know that Catalonian secessionist politicians instigated Moroccans to come there as massive immigration because they won’t speak Spanish. That’s why Catalonia is the nest of yijadishm in Europe

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