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7 thoughts on “HC is Circling the Drain!

  1. ChCha

    Thing are getting more excited. Factory taken by government and given to workers, unlike Cuban model. People are getting more and more divided by class they belong. On those who exploit (take profit created by others) and those who are exploited by force (aka those who are going to die if they do not work for money they did not inherited like those they are working for).

    1. Embrey

      Q1. What profit was created by others? Only a good or service was performed by the worker. They were compensated by their employer. They contributed zero capital investment. Had zero contacts to establish the business model. Took zero risk that the entire enterprise would be profitable.

      Q2. If there was no money and you were on a deserted island with three other people, do you suppose those whose fate was the same as yours would take kindly to your ‘You are exploiting me’ bs? Regardless of the system, at the bottom of it all one must pull their weight.

      1. chhhhaaaa

        They need to spread war, to earn money, that is why they are promoting free market capitalism all around world. Unorganized people are capital for spreading of war and piracy and terrorism, of course only big and organized wins and they are getting even bigger. Like they are. Dividet et impera.

        1. Embrey

          Not an answer

  2. Raymond Howard Carlson

    Hi Dr. Pieczenik.

  3. Learn From History

    Interesting YouTube video

  4. Furtive

    “I dont recall” is old news

    Well pardon me.

    Your husband can do that.

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