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37 thoughts on “Happy Halloween!

  1. Chia Cha

    Therefore is system or is it is people. System which can recover it self, is evidence that there are people behind that system. America was recovered.

    1. Chia Cha

      I was hoping with Clinton she would start killing individuals and make out of US some european banana state colony. Therefore create out of US some normal country, just like every other country of world community. Self preservation capability of US showed that obviously US have right to exist. As we said, no country have right to exist, only to defent it self.

    2. Chia Cha

      America is unique concept where everything have that freedoms twist, I do not get what is that. I do not understand it. Freedom is when government says, go now and colonize that nature. You are free to do what ever you like because all around you is nature. We trust you would will be good because you do not have time to do anything else there then to survive. American freedoms are possible on Alaska I guess. Even USSR was allowing freedoms. After time you would spend in Gulag, people were free to settle in Siberia, they were even allowed to build own Synagogues, Churches, Mosques (even because of Stalin pro muslims policies there were not many muslims in Gulags). It was profitable to governemnt to have you free because military needed to develop infrastucture so others would not build own. Those are freedoms.

      1. Jason

        You seem to require an external master over your sense of self, and seem to believe that most others require the same. Too much time spent as cannon fodder to a government or vessel to wash bankers money through is oldest game of Eastern hemisphere. It’s an epigenetic curse at this point. Tacit approval through forfeiture of self to non scalar dogmas. American version of western hemisphere is accepting the challenge of creating new spaces by which to create new times. Monsters from the id are the only genuine adversaries. We bear that responsibility together. One cannot raise their “sales” and discover the new world without knowing which way the wind blows.

      2. You do not understand, because you do not understand what government is. Government is a fiction created by people and used by people, a system designed, implemented, and maintained by people, to whatever end they desire. There is no final stage of government which is the end of change and will last forever. There is no natural progression of government. There is only that manmade system which exists today, and only for so long as it is given some form of meaningful consent.

      3. Chia Cha

        You both have put that perfectly well. True 100%. I am astonished. Shocked.

      4. You misunderstand. When the US was founded, it was composed of pioneers. Pioneers are a people that do not need government to grow and thrive. When they got to North America, they defied government by spreading beyond government control, and they thrived. They created a government which favored self-rule over central control. Pioneers are innovative thinkers and self-regulating. These pioneers are what populated the land, people who had to make decisions themselves or die waiting for instructions. Natural selection, as it applied to them. So, for them, freedom is self-rule.

        1. Chia Cha

          That is why america is still different from rest of world. But your government has not yet adopted to that fact, therefore we do know is result better or worse? Unadopted government can problematic also.

          1. Chia Cha

            Question will government adopt to america or america will become just like every other nation. Compromise was found that government will control everything about economy with capitalism. But even that compromise is getting broken, now they want culture also.

        2. That is a question being decided now, whether the US specifically has a future as intended or does not. I don’t attach better or worse, but viable and unviable. As intended is my preference, but this requires a variety of conditions, and it requires the resolution as to those elements at odds with the intended.

        3. A while back, the elites were given a set of parameters by which they could maintain their position in things. Built into the equation were a set of parameters which, if violated, would trigger a series of events which would result in their destruction and replacement. Those parameters are inseparable to the equation. As such, the equation became separated from the elites. Those triggering parameters have been violated, and so they are on borrowed time. What is in place is a paradigm shift, with a designed outcome.

          1. Chia Cha

            This with Trump never happened on such huge scale in non violent way. I am astonished with capability of US system to hold this, without even one uniform on street. This is best change of system ever done. Those judges blocking laws seems like most problematic giving crumbs to democrats, but seems Trump is intentionally delaying on that, because with democrats unlike with republicans it is over.

          2. Overall, it is a smaller scale than Trump or just now. Sure, it is possible to provide an equation for larger scale (localized detail) situation, but when working with global criteria, smaller scale (overall picture) tends to be easier. With small scale accounted for, smaller scale is more manageable. The psychology of dealing with a huge demographic group can be less complicated and more resilient. Small pushes against more common behavioral tendencies can have a greater cascade effect, meaning the number and intensity of inputs to bring about an overall change are less, which makes an equation workable. Not propaganda, propaganda is a message. More like lying about a group to manipulate them into genuinely being mad at you and more active against you, to provide an energy input in order to animate your group against a real attack. Or, in the case of Japan about 80 years ago, cut off a resources until they start a war, which brings their ally you could not go to war with but you wanted to go to war with, to go to war with you. In that war, don’t take out the head, but start at the extremities and work your way in, destroying everything and allowing the system there to be replaced. Can’t get the League of Nations, destroy the area and get the United Nations. Very simple equations, but very capable. In one set of parameters, China would have developed a robust domestic market, but violate those parameters and it does not. China not developing a robust domestic market changes how it interacts with others. Those general but targeted interactions have ramifications. Combinations of ramifications have certain results. The elites lose control, and ask Gaddafi what happens when elites lose control. This is of course the simple explanation, but no magic, nothing mythological, just a certain grasp of logic and perspective.

        4. Chia Cha

          Wonderful. Yes but for vector you need to count vector not just in intensity, but in direction (maybe even in 3D), plus time of vector, plus lenght of vector (what ever that would mean). Then you can be sure. For instance Japan had to send fleet to Atlantic in 1940 to help British fight Germany, or/and help Greece against Italy with army, nothing else. I think that would have been way out of trap. But no one is guilty to Japan that they did not understand why Roosevelt is having obligatory public works to expand ports, railroad stations, warehouses. You cannot have market forces, if you own and control markets you cannot earn anything then (that is what is happening to US), you can only earn by producing risks for you self and others. That is real value, that is new invisible hand. Imagine had Japan sent those ships to UK.

          1. The tendency is to add more to an equation than is necessary. To get focused on “what if.” Basic group tendencies, key characteristics, simple pressure and simple response, those tend to be enough. Push and pull. If you know cause and effect, and weighted values, calculating offsets to force a path of least likely resistance is easy. Try startling a cow and pushing a cow in a direction, it isn’t easy. Startle a heard, set up push points, and you move a hundred where you want them with ease over a general timeframe.

          2. Chia Cha

            Yes you are right, but not 100%. We saw in Arab spring that one (what if) was needed. For instance in Tunisia arab spring started and it was successuful 100%. It was so successuful that nothing really happened (american ideological concept of respecting ownership structure of rich just prolonged status quo. In Algeria all agents are former, Algeria is more Russia and China today, then North Korea. Morocco and Jordan had most modern western political system on world – they were monarchies, therefore nothing was done there. Only in those client states of Russia and China there were some sucess, like Lybia and Syria. Egypt is back were it was. Algeria is not client state of no one. Therefore we see that model worked only on colonies of China and Russia. Obviously system had to be upgraded from time of cold war.

          3. The Arab Spring was not 100%, because parameters were violated. There was supposed to be a revitalized Middle East, under Islamic guidance, but not to instill a violent orthodox variety, and not to export such warfare to Europe and the US. Had the cascade been to put in a more moderate variety if Islamic control, one which acted against the more radical orthodoxy, it would have been successful. Instead, Russia, which has been treated very badly since Reagan left office, another violation of the parameters, understood the danger posed to its security to the point of likely being willing to engage in direct military confrontation with the US over the matter and to actively militarily stop the spread of the Arab Spring (by whatever variable would have been utilized) at a key point of consolidation. And to the point that elements within the US were likewise unwilling to allow the spread and instead stopped it. When I said a while back, I meant almost 40 years ago. Take a look at the wars fought. Cascading effects to bring wars, but the wars were wars of attrition. Because the elites just aren’t mentally equipped to fight wars otherwise. Getting to the point of war, yes, they could create a cascade effect, but not in warfare itself. These were fought force on force, war of attrition, or technological advantage against superior numbers. They are not equipped mentally to provide an Arab Spring type cascade effect. So they had to rely on someone of a different mindset, a particular mindset, to provide an equation, with a set of parameters for input influencing actions, and a sorting order to carry them out. They are not stupid mind you, they just can’t think that way, not for actual cascading effects within a war. Such a thing is different even from maneuver warfare. To have a cascade effect without having to have assets in place to force it in a certain direction the entire time. Their style is to meticulously plan and manage it hands on the entire time. To create an alliance structure beforehand. The difference is in setting up a set of heards of cattle, such that one heard moves down a path, spooking the new heard at the right time to get it moving, and successive heards placed along the line join in such a way as to shift the direction on to the next heard, keeping an acceptable pace, over and over again, until the overall heard reaches the intended destination, at approximately the appropriate time, from the appropriate direction so as for it to move into the fenced pen. Far less intense involvement in the carrying out, such that interchangeable parts could, but placement and calculating the timing being the thing requiring a specific capability the elites do not have. Violating the parameters changes the offsets, and if what would be intentional violations can be anticipated, the alternate path and alternate destination can be lined up.

          4. Chia Cha

            Of course that you can not have cascade effect (most cost effective) and active force redirecting effects on terrain in a way how it should be. BUT for that you need to have passive hedhoges made of needed local culture, which wave will never touch and adopt to it, redirecting effect in needed direction. And those cannot have material interest behind, or someone who will later (unite market), you need to have localization sometime also. Capitalists always tends to unite market they do not control which is lunacy and pure ideology. Cultural hedgoge must be endarged by the wave because wave must not loose effect, wave will redirect it self and get new energy by trying to protect hedhoge. Look how waves are forming around two rocks in sea. Therefore you need oppossite wave attacking headhoge. People are stupid, they do not understand (even those in delta force does not understad I think), that at night in nature if you want to get warm, and not die, you need to set two fires and sleep between. There is even word for that, between two fires in culture, but you will not read that in guides. Because of capitalist/communist mentality, two fires would make system work without us. Stingy aproach because of idology.

          5. Chia Cha

            Nor ideologically they can accept that energy from trying to protect culture is free, because capitalist/communist ideology say that everything must cost. Therefore free cannot exist, and because it must me paid we will be stingy, and create little effect. Obviously ideology can work only against another ideology. Typical lefty globalist mistake. Plus capitalists came out of kings, tehrefore they cannot go against monarchies. 🙂

          6. Chia Cha

            Only problem of US elite is how to divde profits in 100 years, or how to measure it. FED is distorting their own ablity how to count in next 100 years profits to be able to measure it. That is bad sign. Something has to be done.

          7. Chia Cha

            I they would have that problem solved (dividing future profits for venture to be countable), they would be able to put two fires in place. Therefore we are again on culture. Therefore on walls. Walls must be built.


    Disagree on JFK , the fact is that he was going to withdraw from Vietnam and eliminate the CIA and have the government print the currency as was done prior to 1913, see the late Col. L. Fletcher Proutys book JFK the CIA and Vietnam, can be had on

    Agree with the rest of what you said.

    1. Chia Cha

      Obamacare is horrible only because after you get policy you have to pay copays and deductibles. Abolish that and Obamacare could work perfect. I do not get why is 21,000$ for healthcare much if you earn 200,000$. Here it is free if you earn 0$, it is 1500$ if you earn 10000$, and it is 15000$ if you earn 100,000$. Here you pay 15% for healthcare, 1,7% for protection on work, unemployment benefit 0,5%. And 20% for retirement. And that is not even progressive as it should be. It is flat rate. Copays and deductibles are only problem of Obamacare.

      1. Jason

        Every day that you participate in that scheme another half hitch appears around the neck. For the sake of solvency, you must endure an Islamic invasion of males who will eventually destroy the prevailing culture. Also, the central bank finances the cycle of your demise. Future of pets is to be euthanized or hit by a vehicle, even the bipedal kind. Worm on a hook is free to the fish?

        1. Chia Cha

          Then we have to issue democratic money somehow. Gold is also problematic. Spain was importing so much of gold from South America that price of gold started falling so much, that desperate English started sinking every galleon sailing for Spain. Just to sink it. Beside if you have weak economy without too much investments in propaganda like Sweden had between wars, people would stop using gold and hold it. Rich would earn by doing nothing. And the less economy moves, the rich would have more slaves. And then someone with paper money would come and conquer them all and put them in slaves.

          1. Chia Cha

            Sweden had golden coins back then I think. In US one silver dollar coin worth more in $ then nominal value of coin. But nobody was holding it or selling it. Because of Hollywood and US navy.

        2. Chia Cha

          Beside that is old Europe. Old Europe will have to be liberated from muslims by US and new Europe. 80M of catholics eastern of Germany not taking them, US and UK would be enough to liberate whole Europe. Old Europe is right now on suicide watch.

          1. Jason

            I respect and enjoy your unique experiences and perspectives. I wish things were different for you and your countrymen. You describe in a way, the scene from “The Mechanic”, in which a naive young girl attempts suicide, in the hopes that not just one, but two cold-blooded sociopaths will come to the rescue. The problem for Europe is that they have slit their wrists a second time. The new deal will not be like old deal. I suggest that you save yourselves before the real devil shows up. God helps those who help themselves.

          2. Chia Cha

            Do not worry, girl is whore. And we are already drawn to be in Caliphate, there is no reason to attack your own territory. Plus party in Bosnia is going to be great. Yes Bosnia always takes lots of lives, but it is more interesting. Muslims can take hike and go to Belgrade so that neighbouring Gulen’s Ottoman empire can have better blood picture. Beside serbs are 70% turks in genes and they all are inbred caring only about genes.

          3. Chia Cha

            I would only come to US to develop my application but it is not polite to pull people for sleeves.

  3. Embrey

    Everybody ask yourselves why Paul Manafort was installed as Trump campaign manager. Think about it.
    Hillary is the bait, the boogeyman. We are supposed to react to her. We are programmed to be disgusted by her (or if you are a leftist you have been pre-programmed to be disgusted by Trump)
    The Bush/Obama nexus is where the meat is.
    Every time we get close to uncovering them another mass murder occurs.
    We are close to them now.

  4. AL Tru

    Bush Sr looked around the political landscape and found Bill Clinton, in order to continue the order out of chaos. Kissinger has stated that ” Trump is a unique situation; he has no baggage “. He cant be blackmailed or controlled unlike Pence.


      Kissinger is a sexual pervert and a war criminal, see the book Thanks For The Memories by Brice Taylor , can be had on

    2. Petra

      What is Pence controlled about? I don’t question he is I just want to know what it is.


    Kissinger is a war criminal and a traitor, see the book , the trance formation of America by cathy obrien and thanks for the memories by brice taylor, both can be had on

  6. Furtive

    Was Mueller “raped” by Poppy Bush?

    This is a “war hero”?
    War heros like him should be executed for TREASON

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