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60 thoughts on “Good Watch! Alex Jones Adam Curry and I discuss North Korea ETC

  1. Chia Cha

    I really thought US was on path of total self-destruction. But then came Trump… Dutch East India Company was stronger and richer then whole Netherland and we all know how that ended. Colonies of empire cannot grow expense of core. Google must learn that.


    The Zionist neocons use North Korea as a boogey man to continue supporting the insane MIC ie they need an enemy to keep the American people in a constant state of fear.

    To understand the games the Zionists are playing read George Orwells1984 where there is perpetual war for perpetual control and perpetual profits for the elites.

    1. Grumpy Granny

      After you finish that book, read The Protocols of the Elders of Zion. They vehemently deny its authenticity, but there are way too many dots that connect.

  3. Embrey

    Today’s broadcast was the most memorable, if not the most memorable, broadcast in years. The show started out on fire. Then came Adam Curry. Then Dr. Steve joined. Curry and Pieczenik were fascinating.
    Dr. P breaks down that the Nork issue is actually a Chinese issue (as it has always been). They are surrounded.
    Excellent segments Dr. P.

    1. Dr. Pieczenik is correct on the latest land grab by the PRC. I started mentioning these land grabs a few years ago. Let us examine some of the land grabs by communist China in the 20th century, and which continue to grow. Any person paying attention should be concerned.

      Kashmir Border dispute (China/Pakistan & India)
      The Daioyu Islands
      The South China Seas
      Bhutan-China border dispute
      Africa—–China has been in that country exploiting its resources

      Where is all this heading? Who dares confront China on all these power hungry moves?

      1. Embrey

        And never have a rapprochement with Russia because we wouldn’t want to be able to surround and subdue China.
        I mean, Congressional/Presidential campaign contributions would fall significantly if the Chinese and Wahabis couldn’t illegally make ‘untraceable’ donations through the PayPal or other processing service that thepoliticians’ have embedded in their campaign websites.
        Foreign policy for sale. Chia would call that capitalism.

        1. Chia Cha

          That is international capitalism. It cannot stand. Nor can international social.m. International anything cannot stand. Internationalism is nothing else then agreeing on priorities among nations, in what order they are going to delay wars among each others and/or cease to exist to emerge in one nation.

          1. Embrey

            For the 100th time, it is not capitalism. It is the marriage of industry and government. The government uses its bureaucracy and the tax code to pick winners and losers. Industry and large corporations lobby (bribe) the politicians to direct the bureaucracy to establish regulations that STIFLE competition and encourages monopoly. We call it crony-capitalism. It is actually corporatism and is sometimes referred to as fascism.

          2. Chia Cha

            It is fascist/communist economy yes, but it is capitalism because capitalist class is one whos will is enforced. Bureaucrats are just in service of capitalist class. Rule of capitalist class is capitalism. Capitalism is political concept manifesting it self in the way how ruling capitalist class (oligarchy) inside capitalist class wants. Economy is not capitalist you are right. We would have nazism/fascism/communism (it is same thing), if we would have will of military caste/bureaucratic caste enforcing own will on capitalist and working class. We would have feducalism if we would have aristocratic caste enforcing own will on others. You can have rule of one of two classes (working or capitalist) over other class and 4 castes, or you can have rule of one of 4 castes (military, buraucracy, clergy or aristocracy) over other 3 castes and two classes. One of those 6 can rule over economy, economy is always combination of 4 ways how to conduct pillage, but in different ratios: ways are sociali.m, capitalism, slavery and fedualism… There is nothing else.

          3. Chia Cha

            Material evidence for rule of one of those 6 is material evidences given by society to one of those 6. In China you have communists (bureaucratic caste) giving orders to capitalist class. They do not have rulling layer of capitalist class but they have capitalist class. They have working class also unlike USA which have abolished working class, as working class is class and class is horizontal order of people among whom you do not have exploatation. Among members of class you cannot have exploatation. When you work for owner of company, you are not exploating your co worker… My proposition is that you cannot have capitalist class with abolished working class, therefore capitalism as economy must end in USA. You get working class when workers are aware they belong to working class. Class consciousness. American capitalists said, factories are generators of working class consciousness, great we remove factories to china, no more problem.

          4. Embrey

            The concept in free market capitalism is upward (and downward) mobility. If you manipulate the system so that those on top cannot fall and those below cannot rise it is no longer free market capitalism.
            The successful ‘capitalist class’ in free market capitalism is not fixed, it is fluid and ever changing.

          5. Chia Cha

            Economy must be free from any intererence from those who can do it. Problem is that you control market if you are able to form any group able to control 20% of market. First who forms group, that group rules (controls economy – communication channels)… Free capitalism is possible when you new space to fill. Not yet controlled by controling group.

          6. Chia Cha

            To have upward mobility you need consumer working class able to alocate money to each other, for one to go up. Without working class that is impossible.

          7. Embrey

            That is where law comes in. The problem the US has been experiencing for a long time is that the politicians have been negligent and allowed the monopolistic companies to continue without breaking them up. Our capitalism works when we have honorable politicians. When we don’t, the robber barons pay them off.
            I think we agree that what you call international capitalism (what I call crony capitalism/corporatism) cannot stand.

        2. Chia Cha

          Only material evidence that we have rule of one of 6 six, is measure how much material resources members of one those 6 have in ownership (ownership = licence by society to hold part of exclusive right over needed material resouces)… What is needed is determined by communications channels owned by ruling class/caste. Therefore if average worker have bigger house and more expensive car then capitalist, then we have rule of working class. That is sociali.m. Economy can be capitalist but still if you have that case, you have political sociali.m. In political feudalism you had growing capitalism, but only when capitalist class had more resources in control, we were able to talk about end of feudalism. It is always i think around 50%.

          1. Chia Cha

            America was able to do goal of communists, to create clasless society for great % of own people by abolishing working class (class consiousnes of workers)… no working class no capitalist class – rule of bureaucrats, end stage before formal communism… That CEO of facebook becoming president of USA giving orders to capitalist class as formal bureaucrat – capitalist

  4. Chia Cha

    Now rebuilding of country can start. After this, someone from republicans should go also. I recommend Rubio. Soros should stay intact, because slaves who wants to become slaveowners are even worse then slaveowner. We need Hitlerjunge hunting his university professors and his NGO operatives on streets. Soros should now become financer of new our Hitlerjunge. Hitlerjunge should also pay redecoration of mosques via dynamits around Europe which are all built as bunkers for future planned civil war. Paid by Soros. Ngo operatives shoud go live in Saudi Arabia and over there promote sodomy.

  5. Chia Cha

    Communists hold power in Slovenia very much, and even Melania was born there, relations are still going down. Communists do not have any shame. They are just group of bandits thinking, we need to wait until USA goes down then we will be strongest capitalists, of course under wise guidance of Moscow, they are group without any ideology, while capitalsits at least have capitalist ideology. They are lowest scum there are. We need Hitlerjunge for them also. Poland is liberated from them and Poland is getting stronger. We need to remove all social-democrats from Europe. Lenin was also social-democrat before revolution.

    1. Chia Cha

      UDBA in former Yugoslavia is dissolved, they were operatives hunting communist directors of companies who would steal too much, for instance someone who would build 2 vacation houses over limit and buy new Mercedes 200D in row. Directors were allowed to steal only in reasonable amounts. There by hunting them UDBA learned how to steal so then they decided that capitalism is better, because you can steal unlimited. But KOS, counter inteligence is stil active and very operational. Those should be hunted.

  6. Chia Cha

    I was joking with one communist how Stalin was right in two things: 1. They were preapring to overthrow him. 2. Everyone else on his position would have been even worse. Then he told me perfectly serious, that there is one book, to read, titled: “It had to be that way”.

    1. Chia Cha

      This happens when marxists like Young Turks, (sold by Al Gore to Saudi Arabia) import too many pakis in your country. Some young girls then are sold as kebab. Youth must revenge. Cancerous gliphosphate of Monsanto is also their product.

  7. Petra

    After all this time. I still have not read the Art of the Deal. I am buying it today. But, I love Trumps ability to create a fire while solving a bigger problem… Sessions need to do his job or Sessions would serve well somewhere else and Trump needs to put in a new AG while congress is on recess. The will of the American people is much stronger than the foolish swamp dwellers. How they continue to expose themselves at every turn. They also so how they really are not very bright. A truly intelligent person does not squeeze so tight. The tighter you squeeze the more you loose control.

    1. Petra,
      I have read Roger Stone’s book on The Making of the President. It’s a good read and I recommend it, too. I am in the process of reading about 8 or 9 books simultaneously right now (my lifelong love affair with books!) but after watching this video, I must add The Art of the Deal to that list.

      Did you read that Congress passed some resolution prior the recess that disallows Trump to make any recess appointments? Bold and arrogant of them, yes?

      1. Embrey

        Apparently the Congress has decided that it can legislate the authority that was given to the Executive branch (President) – even if it contradicts that Constitution thingy.

    2. Petra,
      I also instinctively think that Trump knows that it is important to keep his base of supporters engaged and awake so they will pay attention and VOTE. This is why I do not have a problem with some of his bombastic remarks or his Twitter remarks. Plus, how would I know what Trump is really thinking if he didn’t use Twitter? I would be forced to rely on the pathologically mendacious MSM. People need to grasp the psychological/political benefits of having a president who keeps the pot stirred, episodically, to some degree among the populace. Overdoing it risks alienation of voters, yet underdoing it risks the support base becoming complacent and disengaged. I think Trump’s instincts are fairly good with respect to the balance.

      Can you imagine how dull things would become, and how many people would return to their vapid existence of watching Kim Kardashian drivel, Monday night football or these shallow shopping excursions for needless baubles and beads were a typical career politician president in the White House? Ugh!

  8. Chia Cha

    Hitlerjungen would have to deal with this also. This is joke. 😀

  9. del stead

    Not a good watch! An excellent watch…unmissable in point of fact! When is the media going to wake up? Especially over the most important point if China and India at war over the most precious of all commodities….water!!?…the old adage of ” knowing the price of everything but the value of nothing” never rang more true…great presentation again Dr P

  10. Furtive

    8-9-17 Coffee talk with the Patriotic White Hats

    1. Furtive

      8-10-17 Coffee Talk With Charles Ortel
      The Klinton Krime Klan fraud for Dummies

    2. Furtive

      8-12-17 COUP D’êtat begins in The USA


      HIL-liar-y McCain are terminal, but Obama Soros & the CIA are not & ARE ON THE MARCH AGAINST TRUMP.

      Watch “Ukraine on Fire”
      Oliver Stone
      Click Settingd for Englidh subtitles

      1. Chia Cha

        civil war – that is not bad, we need anti-bureaucratic revolution… plus facebook and google should support judeo-christian civilization not islamo-aztec-chinese civilization. we already said internationalism does not exist, intenationalism is good only for those who breed more then others.

  11. Chia Cha

    Only thing between us and them are bureaucrats and hate laws standing. What those people on beach could have do, if those muslims are protected by police. Citizen arrest was not option for those people also, therefore only what we can do it to let more of them so idiots believing marxist propaganda start feeling on own skin how Hitlerjungen is only way out. Hitler was able to put capitalists in service of society. Only problem with Hitler was that he did same what communists did, and that was that only only one political party was allowed. He had to have Christian Nationalsozialistische Deutsche Arbeiterpartei – CNSDAP also as regular opposition and keep democracy. He would have won.

  12. Chia Cha

    All videos from Dr Murdoch channel were deleted by Youtube. 🙁 His videos were very very effective obviously… I think I should ask Soros to invest in this channel as way for his kids to not get punished for evils they are beggining to continue and after he is gone.

  13. Somehow it is intuitive to know that INDIA is an unspoken part of the BIG PICTURE….it is all metaphorical.
    Is it ok to send DENNIS RODMAN over to Kim Jong In with an OFFER of free WIFI?? Or at least a deal on Wifi. I believe Kim Jong will break down and accept certain offers and this is partially because if you look at his face, he has FAT CHEEKS which betray his negotiable traits.

    1. he MUST RELEASE (kim jong un) must release all American PRISONERS before an offer of wifi can be effected

  14. Chia Cha

    Everything left from Rand Paul around world should be processed as food for pigs.

  15. Chia Cha

    This is communism 100%. This is insane. Plus China says they will protect N. K. I guess communists (crony/bureaucratic capitalists) they will not let us alone unless we all kill our self.

    1. Chia Cha

      Of course that this atheist (pagan), panmongolic aztec will support his racial brother from other side of Bering Strait. Minorities cannot ne allowed to become majority under any price, not in Europe, not in Northern America. Simple as that. Why should they?

  16. Chia Cha

    When Canada becomes new Chinese Mexico, then USA (if it preserve it self) will have moral highground to occupy Canada. Canadian minority inside Canada will welcome such move, and they will cherish new Trump government. I hope then Stephen Miller is going to be president, after Trump. And there will be two parties only, Republican traditonalist workers party, and Republican cowboy party of american entrepreneurs.

  17. Chia Cha

    Like I said, for bureaucrats ritual hierarchy (Satan) is above demands of common sense (economy on teritorry of USA), they need weak USA, so their colonies around world would worth more. This is war between USA and colonies of USA. Excluding China, which is not colony but is allied with colonies and 3rd world invaders. Problem is that bureaucracy is in USA controlled by globalists. Bureacuracy hates needs (impulse s from bellow) only impulse s from above are respected by them. Bureauracy of China and bureaucracy of USA are under same hierarchy.

    1. Chia Cha

      Austria is very very tidy country, Austrian bureaucracy is on level of Swiss today. We must donate somehow money to Heinz-Christian Strache and his Freedom Party. Austria already produced one leader who was prominent. Gestapo was also very effective. Austria could show us how to do it by respecting all human rights and without any bloodshell. We can have great example for our kids, preventing bloodshell on time. Orban and Poland cannot be offensive example because because they do not have muslims. To solve problem you must first have problem. This is prefect chance how to do it without victims.

  18. Chia Cha

    People does not understand magnitute of control conducted from one central point. And how markets and media space is controlled. Building of Trump Wall is going to be policy bigger in historical magnitude then fall of Berlin Wall. Much bigger, because with Trump Wall french revolution of 1789 ends, finally. American anti-bureaucratic keeps on.

  19. Chia Cha

    Only in US you have representatives defending and promoting crime. Ah and my english is way much better of this mexican representatives. Democratic party is much more communist then russian communists which were village nationalistic amateurs. Those democrats are ultimate commuists. They did more then Lenin would even dream to want or even dare. How many atheists they manufactured, how many yoga pagans, homos, feminists, single mothers, minorities, world monopolist international companie, filling all banks with government money, destruction of farming… USSR were village bandits.

    1. Chia Cha

      Now after american communists imported so many minorities, now Russian communists are becoming Alain Delon for american communists. American capitalists are selling american communists to mexican communists. Capitalists always earn no matter quality or substance even as Mexicans. Capitalism is monster with 9 heads. German capitalists are selling organisational capabilities of dying german people to muslims. No matter organisational society on german teritory will not exist any more. Capitalism is monster with 9 heads. You must cut all 9 heads in same time.

  20. Chia Cha

    Liberalism is mental disease. Liberals are robots. Marxism created robots called liberals. People with mental issues should not be allowed to work on universities. Heck, low level memers of democratic party should not be allowed at all to have jobs where they have contact with other people. Higer and middle level members should be shoot. Former low level members od outlawed democratic party could work as night shift janitors in our Hitlerjungend Nationalsozialistischer Deutscher Studentenbund facilities.

    1. Chia Cha

      I was thinking very deeply, and I made big mistake. I concluded that high level democrats should work as janitors. Those under should be shoot.

  21. desturbfan17

    i believe that north korea will do something but i believe it will be on august 21 win american are looking up at the soler eclipse that would be a perfect time to do so if was a evil leader like kim jung un i would attack on that date it is a old style of attack thay would use the eclipse like a trojan horse that i ideal action that militarys have done for 1000 of years the eclipse will las 2or3 minutes i would pop off a misel 15 minutes erly to be eline with the eclipse if i was kim ung un let me know what you think

  22. Chia Cha

    Societies where such events can be promoted are infiltrated by marxist terrorists (muslims). Islam is marxism. Trump must help such societies. Out of whole West only Israel knows that material facts shows that YOU HAVE TO KILL enemy (muslim), not hug them. There is really nothing personal in killing those who wants to kill you. They really wants to kill us, therefore why not to kill them? Zou will not kill them before government says: GO! But prepare and think while you wait. Hugging is really not needed while we wait because it gives wrong message to youth. We are only civilization where atheists can exist in theory. In communism you must believe what polit bureau (high muslim priest) says it is needed that seassion.

    1. Chia Cha

      We see how many people had red shirts among those Mao guards. Let s not forget that 50K americans just in Vietnam were killed indirectly by Mao, now they want to do it here on bigger scale. Those with red shirts would kill around 50M whites in USA in camps.

  23. Chia Cha

    Very interesting, in European news, word White Natioalists is banned, they use only nationalist. Because if we in Europe would hear White Nationalism, we would say: oh my God, why whites are protesting in USA, plus nationalism is good. Are american people under some kind tyranny conducted by minorities. Nationalism is liberation in Europe. To hear word white nationalism would be wake up call for all Europeans that something really stinks in USA if such people under siege in USA.

    1. Chia Cha

      Rubio is attacking “white supremacists”. Imagine who dares to open mouth. One who cannot even speak english. When bureaucrats in the name of controling class of capitalist class are commanding economy are ruling markets then people to put market value up before bureaucrats then you need to create own syndicate. And that syndicate is race. Race is solidarity you cannot get on rigged market. Therefore…

      1. Chia Cha

        That brown drug dealer is talking about white natioanalist killing one maoist, while people are dying everyday from obamacare (no money and you die)… or from drugs imported by mexicans… this cannot stand

  24. Chia Cha

    Putin is right about degenerate cultural marxism occpying Europe. Not even China have such communist pagan islamic pro-sodomy laws attacking kids.

  25. Chia Cha

    This is islamo-aztec&mongol alliance. This is another brown islamo-aztec. I am not racist, but why are they?

    1. Chia Cha

      HfP is site where journalists are working as slaves for nothing while that adiposed coffee tanned Arianna Huffington is talking about liberalism where you have full freedom to change gender… but not have right to have salary or chance to afford plastic surgery if you have nose like her.

  26. desturbfan17

    im not a democrat im a ron paul / donald trump guy i just had a deep ideal what true evil when looking at history im sorry if rube you the wrong way and im alex jones and rush sean hannity mark liven fan as well and again im sorry

  27. Quinberg

    Remember America is the threat not China. China is cool and awesome. America is the threat. America is a warmongering imperialist state.

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